BBC Order And Disorder Episode 1 Energy

  • Опубліковано 12 кві 2016
  • Many thanks to Professor Jim Al-Khalili.


  • Fighter Abhi
    Fighter Abhi 3 роки тому +8

    Prof Jim sounds like the scientfic version of morgan freeman, his ability to tell the scientific facts like a story is amazing and powerful. Love him ❤️💐

  • goerizal1
    goerizal1 6 років тому +4

    khalili gives all of his most elucidating lectures in a voice that seems to give the audience a somewhat vicarious conspiratorial participation that makes these such a great learning adventure. thanks for these posts.

  • Jessie A
    Jessie A Місяць тому

    Hands down my favorite documentary presenter. Prof Jim deserves an Emmy or something.

  • Tesayeke
    Tesayeke 6 років тому +25

    Love all your documentaries Prof. Jim ...Good, useful and Fun

    • Blue Lotuses
      Blue Lotuses 2 роки тому

      ["12/12/20, Wake up time, Humans Eternal Nature is Solar Symbiosis. Got mutated along the way by invaders wanting to harmess energy off all Sentinent Life Forms.
      Aging and death are more of these mutations. Can heal faster than ever in these Times of Transparency, Awakening. Krystal River Host in charge. (Ultimate Warrior)"]

  • Beck Novaes
    Beck Novaes 5 років тому +6

    Insanely great documentary. I've watched twice! By the way, all documentaries by Jim Al-Khalili holds the same quality. It would be nice by having this didactic in the school.

  • tvittori
    tvittori 6 років тому +1

    What an incredibly interesting docco. I always had problems wrapping my head around entropy but this docco explained it perfectly. Thanks for posting it.

  • Praduman Yadav
    Praduman Yadav 6 місяців тому

    This is fantastic episode ❤️❤️
    For which study on physics
    I am mechanical engineer
    I am enjoy this episode 🤩❤️❤️

  • JasonJason210
    JasonJason210 6 років тому +66

    I've started watching all this guys documentaries. All of them,, so far, have been really good! Great stuff to fall asleep to.

    • RiverNickels
      RiverNickels 6 років тому +6

      i sleep to documentaries too :)

    • illumiNOTme
      illumiNOTme 6 років тому +6

      Peter Gerry - lmao I thought only I did that.

    • Earl Ledden
      Earl Ledden 6 років тому

      Same here. I just got a little sick so I'm watching during the morning. Amazed how much I missed!

    • Som Tube
      Som Tube 6 років тому +1

      Ian Swartz we are not alone ahahahaha

    • Jessica Falstein
      Jessica Falstein 6 років тому +1

      can you put the link for the radio programs here Mr Jones? thanks in advance.

  • Hypatia4242
    Hypatia4242 6 років тому +6

    I love this, but I wish there were a lot more documentaries on mathematics. Particularly a good one on Boltzmann. And Gauss.

  • Adam Mangler
    Adam Mangler 7 років тому +23

    I like Jim Al-Khalili, he's quite personable. His presentations are generally quite factual and useful.
    Thanks for the post.

    • B
      B 3 роки тому

      I'd say they're very factual, rather than "quite" factual

    • Chris Murphy
      Chris Murphy 3 роки тому

      @B I'd say "they are factual"

    • BillAnt
      BillAnt 3 роки тому +1

      @DB < Even before reading the replies to the original comment, I had the exact same thought as you did. "Quite" is not quite good enough, he's darn accurate. ;)

  • tolmolkebol
    tolmolkebol 6 років тому +2

    the entire 'thermodynamics' course of one complete semester, taught in less than an hour!!

  • rvsteve583
    rvsteve583 6 років тому +1

    this is the first video i have watched from this guy. very good, this stuff will make you smart if you are breathing. now, time to watch all the others.

    GIANNIS LYMPEROPOYLOS 6 років тому +8

    this man makes the best science much effort so much knowledge...expreriments the exact way that they were conducted many years even centuries ago and sometimes in the exact same place...he is just brilliant...!!!and you can clearly see the different approach ...different culture between the british and american ones.....the american one would have gun... bullets ....demolition bats!!!i dont say that its wrong i just spot the difference....Brian Green or Sean Carroll are excellent narrators with a great sense of humor and the same applies to all the others....Philiipenko has so much passion in order to transfer transmit all this great knowledge down to the public....anyway....britain had always what i call the '' empire'' syndrom and couldnt really be just a part of a biggrer...greater thing...perhaps not even europe...!!!most of the times they have their own uniquie way of doing things...sometimes...right...sometimes ....wrong....but always special!!!!

  • Molly Streames
    Molly Streames 6 років тому

    I like prof Jim's documentaries if you've seen one type of these you've seen most of them never much new in them but at least we get the history of jim

  • Agent X
    Agent X 4 роки тому

    Love it! Thanks a lot.

  • Captain Calculus
    Captain Calculus 6 років тому +3

    Fantastic video, thanks for the upload!

  • Nabil Asi
    Nabil Asi 4 роки тому

    This is one of the best documentary about enery & thermodynamics but i think it missed one of the most famous equation e=mc2 which is the concept of energy and matter

  • Mario Jacob
    Mario Jacob 6 років тому

    Very good documentary. With one issue you can't stay awake after 2 hours.

  • M N
    M N 4 роки тому +1

    22:52 is an amazing presentation.

  • William Houston
    William Houston 4 роки тому +2

    Here is one of his good books: Life on the Edge. Read it and then re-watch.

  • Jeffery Rowan
    Jeffery Rowan 6 років тому +1

    It seems to me that the world is going from disorder to order. Two particles impact each other, the fast one slows down and the slow one speeds up. eventually all particles will be moving at the same speed. That sounds pretty orderly to me. Heat is disorderly, it is at odds with it's environment.

    GARY MOORE 6 років тому +6

    That's why I watch wen I get into bed,they make me fall asleep,not cause there boring mi enjoy listening.

  • rosedragon108
    rosedragon108 6 років тому

    hi thanks for this - in two parts.
    please consider uploading in HD so can show to my group, ty !

  • Wylie Coyote
    Wylie Coyote 6 років тому

    Thanks, these are very cool.

  • Elvira López
    Elvira López 6 років тому +1

    Thank you Jim! Great!.

  • Amaan Hameed
    Amaan Hameed 6 років тому +3

    He was describing it 100% logically and in a beautiful flow.. till he said " the evolution harness this flow and make it in to useful work "... is it me or any one also sense this illogical derivation?

    • Sven
      Sven 6 років тому +1

      there is no meaning to life, but even some of the most studied among us cannot accept this...

    • Ariel Ramirez
      Ariel Ramirez 4 роки тому +1

      His explanation for "order from disorder" is the steam engine, the chocolate bar, etc. life is full of beautiful examples of order, witch this nonsense can't explain.
      Documentaries mix some facts with many hipotesis, but they don't tell when one ends and the other begins.

  • J T
    J T 4 роки тому +1

    38:56 does this mean that theoretically if you had a hot piece of metal levitating in a vacuum it would never cool off? anyone know?

    • Lakshit Pande
      Lakshit Pande 3 роки тому +2

      No. To figure this out, one has to look beyond the kinetic theory. A hot metal cools down by losing translational kinetic energy to neighbouring objects, but that's not the only way. Excited atoms of the heated body radiate energy in form of discrete masless packets called photons. As excited atoms emit photons, they lose energy and (slowly) cool down. For the record, that's how Sun's radiation reaches the Earth, and the way Microwave ovens work.

    • namop Moopa
      namop Moopa Рік тому

      Bruh how does the suns energy get to earth if it cant pass through vacuum

    • J T
      J T Рік тому

      @Lakshit Pande thanks!

  • Michael Engher
    Michael Engher 6 років тому


  • Cheeseatingjunlista
    Cheeseatingjunlista 6 років тому +1

    The description of Leibnitz is interesting, the core beliefs he is deemed to have derived all by himself are very, very close to the philosophical position postulated by Pythagoras c500 BC, which is then carried thru Plato etc - this underlying notion that mathematically defined rules reveal the glory of God permeated the whole European thought at the time

  • Ali Veli
    Ali Veli 7 років тому +1


  • Fandom guy
    Fandom guy 6 років тому

    45:52 Unless zero energy universe is correct, in which case the universe can last forever because all energy would equal nothing due to universal balance, meaning no entropy would take place.

    • Reckless Abandon
      Reckless Abandon 3 роки тому

      Entropy and energy are two distinct concepts. Energy is conserved, but entropy refers to the ability of the energy to do useful work. The universe began with an extremely low entropy, which is the reason the early universe was so simple. What makes it so confusing is that on Earth entropy does not increase, it has been decreasing since it was formed over 4 billion years ago. This doesn't violate the second law, it's just that we continually receive high energy, low entropy photons from the sun every day, which are used by plants to photosynthesise, creating a store of low entropy for the entire biosphere. At night, the waste heat from every biological, geolological and atmospheric process is radiated out to space, in the form of high entropy infra-red radiation, far more than what we received from the sun. What remains is the order and complexity of the biosphere, and now increasingly the highly ordered creations of human beings, everything from your favourite movie to the General Theory of Relativity, are all highly complex evolved systems, but nothing would exist if not for the basic entropy deficit, driven straight from the nuclear fusion in the Sun's core. The overall entropy of the universe is increasing, but not everywhere, especially on chemically favourable rocks, at a favourable distance from a stable star.

  • edgeeffect
    edgeeffect 5 років тому

    It really gets me in the Boltzman bit... Jim's a pretty crappy one handed pianist... and yet he can still play the 5th way better than me...
    (And he does some really good drawings in Science of Islam)... Jealous? Me? Never! ;)

  • Luke Harrison
    Luke Harrison 9 місяців тому

    Very interesting.

  • Ariel Ramirez
    Ariel Ramirez 4 роки тому

    His explanation for "order from disorder" is the steam engine, the chocolate bar, etc.
    life is full of beautiful examples of order, witch this nonsense can't explain.
    Documentaries mix some facts with many hipotesis, but they don't tell when one ends and the other begins.

  • Sherlock Holmes lives.
    Sherlock Holmes lives. 6 років тому +5

    I like to think that Jim Al-khalili is far more intelligent than me.

  • Home
    Home Рік тому

    Genesis 1 states, order was imparted to disordered energy. I guess the imparted order had a purpose in a time based creation.

  • Chris Hilsden
    Chris Hilsden 2 місяці тому

    "All forms of energy ar destined to degrade and fall apart" Not so.Unless we are looking at a scale of probably many millions of years there seems no prospect that the seas and oceans will relinquish the amazing, unceasing power which they display all round the world every day. Making use of it, of course, is a major challenge.

  • En el nido (Nest)
    En el nido (Nest) 7 років тому +6

    Music by Alex Menzies IV ; Sound design by Daniel Nolan and David Smith

  • John Mifsud
    John Mifsud 4 місяці тому

    I have the Schaum series titled "Thermodynamics for Engineers" and there is no mention of Boltzmann, even in the chapter on the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. As an engineer then I surmise that what he did was mostly useless practically ?

    • frogga rana
      frogga rana 4 місяці тому

      does your book include any statistical mechanics ?

  • Bob S
    Bob S 4 роки тому +2

    Boltzmann was obiously bipolar.

  • Adam Spears
    Adam Spears 4 роки тому +1

    Hot will ALWAYS flow to cold because true isolationism is non-existant.
    EVERYTHING that radiates thermal energy is connected at all times, to at least 1 external body.
    This is what drives the natural process through the whole universe toward equalibrium; aka maximum Entropy.
    Once the universe reaches maximum Entropy, potential becomes non-existant.
    The derivative of Entropy (S) divided by the derivative of time (t) is greater than, or equal to zero.
    Its the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.
    Its the reason why manufacturer's of machines, air conditioning units for example, must always struggle to make higher efficiency units.
    Its also the reason why you must repeatedly vacuum clean your carpet, to strive to maintain a clean house.
    Entropy. The Arrow of Time. Or as in statistical Thermodynamics, its Hidden Information.
    Listen to Leonard Susskind. He is remarkable on the subject of Entropy as Hidden Information!

  • Paul Safe
    Paul Safe 5 місяців тому

    Entropy is not going from order to disorder, that's a wrong idea. There are certain materials that put together into a close system they tend to order themselves in time.

  • jesuisravi
    jesuisravi 6 років тому

    things get worse? Not necessarily. They may just get less complex.

  • Post Hole Digger
    Post Hole Digger 6 років тому +3

    Dr Al-Khalili,
    If a glass is dropped on a hard surface and breaks into pieces, why is that disorder? What else is the glass supposed to do? If the glass was supposed to break when it hit the hard surface, but instead bounced to the moon; that would be disorder. It seems to me that the action and position of each piece of broken glass could, in theory, be understood as an addition of force vectors defining action and reaction acting upon the glass and the hard surface. If a bomb or a star explodes it is because the forces containing the explosion were overwhelmed by the pressure from the explosion. If the explosion occurred and the star was supposed to fly apart, but didn't; that would be disorder.

    • Mike Bellamy
      Mike Bellamy 6 років тому

      Totally incorrect.. Boltzmann showed what order means.. Its simple, mathematical and quantifiable.. An ordered state = an improbable state..! The glass is improbable because there are vastly many more other arrangements for those atoms of silica than in the form of a glass..

    • Post Hole Digger
      Post Hole Digger 6 років тому +1

      Mike Bellamy,
      Every single arrangement of "atoms of silica" is, in fact, vastly different from every other arrangement. of "atoms of silica" and is therefore in an improbable state. The glass is just one arrangement that is recognizable to the observer. Or put another way, one unique arrangement among many arrangements. Calling some arrangements order and other arrangements disorder is a philosophical opinion; not a natural law. The commonality of all of the silica arrangements is that they are the result of physical and chemical laws that brought them to their final form. This is true regardless of their particular physical condition at the time of observation.

    • Mike Bellamy
      Mike Bellamy 6 років тому +2

      Boltzmann's equation is NOT PHILOSOPHICAL.. You are only revealing colossal ignorance of the subject. The silica in the FORM of a wine glass is a MACROSTATE (produced=ordered by a specific mold). Whilst it does have a large number of microstates being different silica molecular arrangements possible from that same mold these are very much less than the possible arrangements without the mold. Which is WHY any specific wineglass is uncommon in the universe ie improbable = low entropy.

    • Post Hole Digger
      Post Hole Digger 6 років тому

      Mike Bellamy,
      A man made mold simply provides another set of forces that form the silica into a particular shape. As the shape is magnified it becomes apparent that even these molded forms are vastly different from each other and are unique. In fact, if something is magnified to a high enough power, it is virtually impossible to tell if the object was made from natural or artificial processes. When looked at from this perspective, each wine glass is unique and therefore uncommon not only to every other wine glass, but also every other combination of silica atoms. The final form of anything, including the entire universe, is still the result of the forces that brought it to that state. A glass dropped on a hard surface and broken into pieces is also the result of the forces that brought it to that state. The fact that one form is useful or familiar and the other is not is an emotional opinion.
      Calling a star functioning similar to our sun "order" and a star exploding as "disorder" is a value judgement and has nothing to do with what is happening to the star. The actual state of an object has nothing to do with an opinion formed by an observer. What actually would be extremely improbable would be if there were two forms that were exactly alike on every possible level of observation. If that happened it would truly indicate a state of disorder due to the improbability of such an occurrence. Since each form of anything is unique, at some level of observation, If certain particular forms are viewed as a state of order and other forms viewed as a state of disorder, then that is a value judgement; which is an emotion.

    • uhilz
      uhilz 5 років тому

      the order-disorder thing is an often misunderstood point of entropy and thermo, mostly because it's not the complete story. To truly grasp entropy you need statistical mechanics. The fundamental assumption of statistical mechanics says that any microstate is equally probable to any other. To specify a microstate is to specify the position and momentum of every single particle in your system. In macroscopic systems, you see the issue: there's just too many to count, and you can't hope to measure the position and momentum of every single particle. The way around it is to try to figure out how many microstates are in each macrostate. A macrostate is specified when the temperature, pressure, volume, and particle number are specified. But a single macrostate can be achieved by many different microstates. Thus the most likely macrostate is the one that corresponds to the most number of microstates (recall the fundamental assumption). therefore the reason the glass is of higher entropy when broken is because there are more ways to arrange broken glass than fixed glass. You're correct to suspect that you could know more by treating force vectors on each individual atom in the glass, but since that's beyond our knowability, we treat the situation statistically. Stat mech is the best we can do under our ignorance (but it's worth noting that the ignorance is much more fundamental if you delve into the quantum statistical mechanics, since position and momentum are fundamentally unknowable to a particular degree). Hope this clears things up. I recognize your comment is months old but hopefully this provides more info.

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones 5 років тому

    Wow...amazing what I don't know.

  • Ibrahim Elhadad
    Ibrahim Elhadad Місяць тому

    Upon what gave the scientists the direction of transformation this definition?
    (Moving from what is so called order to what is so called disorder )

  • Rolf Degen
    Rolf Degen 5 років тому

    "There is a strong consensus among cosmologists that the universe is flat and will continue to expand forever" (Wikipedia). How can this be true if the second law of thermodynamics (everything becomes more shitty over time) is true? Don't cosmologists give a damn about the second law of thermodynamics?

  • M N
    M N 4 роки тому +1

    Sadly, Boltzmann killed himself.

  • Lucas Pierce
    Lucas Pierce 6 років тому

    Ask yourself this if all energy is conserved, then how would things decay into nothing if you can destroy it or create it from nothing and if entropy is to increase then how can there be a maximum. Another thing is all particles are entangled 'already' sense the big bang that's the essence of superposition, they are seemingly different expression of the same thing the underlying oneness of all things. The zeroth law doesn't allow temperature to reach zero point without increasing surrounding entropy flux at a boundary limit of the ZPE field, but as it interacts with its environment it to goes to non-zero. So as things cool down they must heat up as they can never be truly closed from a environment. Partonic sub-quantum pixelation of granulification dynamics allows a bidirectional transfer of heat/motion/energy within an entangled fractalized reality. Sustaining ZPE for long durations could produce energy thats proportional to it's (boundary size × time) × (plank mass × speed of light squared) or something like that!?...

    • namop Moopa
      namop Moopa Рік тому

      Whats this rambling ? Go read a science book

  • Thomas Bingel
    Thomas Bingel 4 роки тому


  • KurtB
    KurtB 6 років тому

    Can someone explain this to me... if entropy always increases... Let's say I have a giant box in the universe, nothing outside can influence it, and I load the box with either A) wispy hydrogen; or, B) iron dust, and we wait. Box A will create a star after gravity gathers the hydrogen, and box B will take the random, disordered iron particles, and great a sphere of solid iron, possibly a neutron star if there's enough of it. I cannot see how either result is MORE disordered than the random hydrogen, or the iron dust.

    • Hypatia4242
      Hypatia4242 6 років тому +1

      I think the answer is once compacted into a star or ball, there is no future in which, given the current physical laws of the universe, it can do anything else. It has reached it's final state. There is neither a heat based or new order based arrangement it can achieve.
      It's been a long time since I had physics, so we might need an experimenter to comment too :)

    • KurtB
      KurtB 6 років тому +1

      Thanks! I think you are correct. I've thought about it a bit after posting... here's my lame theory. For the iron, each particle has potential (height) energy relative to the future center of mass. As each particle falls into the ball, it loses energy, liberates heat. Eventually the ball of molten iron cools into an isothermal mass, thus the energy of the system goes from high (potential) to low (heat distributed via IR and other radiation). So if we think of it as an energy system, that might work.
      Same deal with the hydrogen. It has nuclear binding energy. It collapses into a star, is fused towards iron, energy radiates away. Eventually, the star cools into a brown dwarf or whatever; again, the energy of a system is reduced, leaving the cinders behind with no ability to do much of anything.

    • Atlor Merjo
      Atlor Merjo 6 років тому


  • frogga rana
    frogga rana 4 місяці тому

    26:15 "as hot things cool their entropy increases" no, got that the wrong way round , as hot things cool their entropy decreases. It did not bode well he repeated the common error thermodynamics, movement of heat, whereas thermo is heat, dynamics is work

    • frogga rana
      frogga rana 4 місяці тому

      furthermore, who is the target audience ? why give an equation in differential form? the more readily understood Clausius equation is entropy S, equals Q, the quantity of heat transferred , divided by K the temperature of that transfer in Kelvin so S = Q/K

  • The Casual Front
    The Casual Front 6 років тому +6

    We all come here to fall asleep to this

  • Googol
    Googol 6 років тому

    I just don't see how gravity fits into the "order to disorder" thought pattern.
    I still think the Big Crunch is a viable theory ... our obeservation is that the expansion of the Universe is expanding but it's just our observation. We don't understand our observations quite yet, do we?
    What if the red-shifting of galaxies and stars is due to an energy absorption effect of Dark Matter?
    Or what if Dark Energy is the Universe's battery, storing entropy until the Universe is so dispersed that gravity will overcome it?

    • JasonJason210
      JasonJason210 6 років тому

      Interesting points, especially your first one. Also, I would add that dark matter has some effect on red-shifting...since gravity can interact with light. However, the influence is too small to explain what we observe.
      But we should be careful. While it's fun to speculate, if we choose not to go along with the mainstream scientific view, or at least a recognised challenge to it, then we are at best guilty of crack-pottery; and at worse, guilty of religious belief. One thing scientists do consider is the possibility that our understanding of gravity may be incomplete. They openly admit this when trying to explain dark energy.

    • Googol
      Googol 6 років тому

      Adding : Religious belief counters the venting of open minded speculation. Religious belief wants us to uphold any status quo presented to us. :)

    • Nautilus1972
      Nautilus1972 6 років тому

      What are you on about? Only dark matter can be responsible for the expansion of the universe.

    • Molly Streames
      Molly Streames 6 років тому

      Dark energy cautious dark matter is different

    • Thomas Drowry
      Thomas Drowry 6 років тому

      Gravity is negative energy, it creates order out of disorder, the total amount of energy in the universe = 0

  • R K
    R K 2 місяці тому

    Watched all of it 58:59

  • The Casual Front
    The Casual Front 6 років тому +1

    BBC docs are old but why are they always just filming a presenter walking around. Attenbourgh is so good because he is the invisible hand

  • sarvesh nanjee
    sarvesh nanjee 4 роки тому

    What is name of the music at the beginning?

  • My Best Partner Official
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    How is it possible ?

  • j en
    j en 6 років тому

    i see order in the dispersed energy, not the collected energy of... say a hot iron brick slowly cooling, because the vibration is NOT ordered, whereas objects at rest are ordered.

    • Mike Bellamy
      Mike Bellamy 6 років тому

      I suggest you get a good thermodynamics text book.. you are way off in your opinion..

    • j en
      j en 6 років тому

      thanks. recommendations? also, how am i wrong?

    • Mike Bellamy
      Mike Bellamy 6 років тому

      The best recommendation I can give is Wark 'Thermodynamics' but ONLY the original 1966 1st edition. Do not use the latest edition because it will not help you. It omits the derivation of the Clausius equation from the Boltzmann equation in order to tow the line of the current paradigm (universe made itself in spite of 2nd law which is wrong).
      You are wrong because you do not understand what Ludwig Boltzmann's equation means. You must understand no object above absolute zero temperature is "at rest". Increasing disorder is the tendency for systems to move toward equilibrium. Equilibrium is the state where both the momentum and position of atoms is evenly distributed which may be summed up as the most probable state or state of maximum disorder. NOTE: It is not correct (as the paradigm asserts) to say entropy increase is completely specified by the dispersion of energy (momentum of atoms).. it must encompass BOTH momentum AND position. This is why there is so much confusion.. Entropy is NOT measured completely in terms of energy dispersion alone. Probability is the key measure which Boltzmann discovered and precisely what is equation reveals.

  • Loocianum
    Loocianum 6 років тому

    From the memory of Boltzmann
    1.38064852 × 10-23 m2 kg s-2 K-1

  • Captain Calculus
    Captain Calculus 6 років тому +1

    is the log the natural log or the common log?

    • Susan Bikram Thapa
      Susan Bikram Thapa 6 років тому

      natural log

    • ZapOKill
      ZapOKill 6 років тому

      log is log, thats how log works, x*log = log ... i know ... not exactly but kind of :D... at least the asymptotic behavior

  • Lucas Pierce
    Lucas Pierce 6 років тому

    'can' is 'can't'!...

  • Atlor Merjo
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    • dubmeisterdeluxe
      dubmeisterdeluxe 6 років тому

      Wouldn't that be 0.001?

    • Atlor Merjo
      Atlor Merjo 6 років тому

      dubmeisterdeluxe yes that's what I meant

    • Carl Jefferies
      Carl Jefferies 6 років тому


    • Goreuncle
      Goreuncle 6 років тому

      +A Merjo
      ...the edit function is there for a reason, you know?

  • Kieth Ennis
    Kieth Ennis 7 років тому +1

    i like miss kassell

  • R Taylor
    R Taylor Рік тому

    Too much filler. The show seems more interested in showing off their graphics arts skills.

  • Daniel Hall
    Daniel Hall 6 років тому

    I don't like entropy. How do we rid ourselves of it? I believe the answer is in my signature. Web search, "OurName4Freedom." Yours, DanielHall4Freedom.

  • Amaan Hameed
    Amaan Hameed 6 років тому

    intelligence can not be created through a flow of entropy.

    • Reckless Abandon
      Reckless Abandon 3 роки тому

      On the contrary, intelligence is the effect of a continual entropy deficit, which has been lowering the entropy of Earth, at a more or less constant rate, for over 4 billion years. It drove the first life, evolution, and finally lead to a highly intelligent species, which is now the greatest creator of information on the planet. How it happened is complex, but the basis point is that solar photons have high energy and low entropy, which means it can do work, transform one state to another, plants photosynthesise storing the low entropy for animals to eat and continue to reproduce. At night, the waste heat, is radiated to the cold of space, keeping the Earth's temperature constant, but far more entropy is radiated to space, than what came from the sun. What are fossil fuels but an ancient store of very low entropy fuel, which means they can be used to create many different products.
      Look up non-equilibrium thermodynamic systems, life was inevitable once the initial conditions were in the right zone.

  • Nick
    Nick 3 місяці тому

    word-play & hearsay.

  • جحخ خحج
    جحخ خحج Рік тому

    نهايتك مثل باوتزمان
    انا متأكد ان امك من أصول يهوديه

  • Thomas Drowry
    Thomas Drowry 6 років тому +4

    This programme is so slow, typical BBC, lots of fancy camera work but takes an hour to explain something they could have said in 5 minutes.

    • Goreuncle
      Goreuncle 6 років тому +5

      +Thomas Drowry
      Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
      Also, compressing it all in just 5 minutes would not only break the format of these documentaries, it would turn them into fast-tv garbage.
      Imo, BBC got the formula right, the trip/storytelling is as important as the destination/story.

    • Thomas Drowry
      Thomas Drowry 6 років тому

      Yes, these programmes are quite good, I was thinking more about the awful BBC Horizon series, which have gone downhill in recent years.