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Amon Amarth - Jomsviking (FULL ALBUM)

  • Опубліковано 22 лют 2024
  • ARTIST: Amon Amarth
    ALBUM: Jomsviking
    RELEASE DATE: 03/25/2016
    US Store: www.indiemerch.com/metalblade...
    EU Store: eu.kingsroadmerch.com/metal-b...
    01. First Kill (00:00)
    02. Wanderer (04:21)
    03. On a Sea of Blood (09:04)
    04. One Against All (13:09)
    05. Raise Your Horns (16:46)
    06. The Way of Vikings (21:10)
    07. At Dawn's First Light (26:22)
    08. One Thousand Burning Arrows (30:12)
    09. Vengeance Is My Name (36:02)
    10. A Dream That Cannot Be (40:44)
    11. Back on Northern Shores (45:07)


  • @VividMac101
    @VividMac101 2 роки тому +301

    One of Amon Amarth's best albums in my mind. Every single song here is top notch.

    • @GodEmperorofDune1986
      @GodEmperorofDune1986 2 роки тому +15

      Can't believe it's from 2016. Time flies.

    • @Beertagne
      @Beertagne Рік тому +1

      Hell yeah

    • @Big_Buddy_Nubbs
      @Big_Buddy_Nubbs Рік тому +6

      Twilight of The Thunder God and Jomsviking both *Chef's Kiss* Perfection

    • @gonzalonieto2495
      @gonzalonieto2495 Рік тому

      Northspain 🇵🇲 Man's, Warriors at The Everywhere !!! 🇵🇲 !
      P.d - Songs Of Odin Bendice, 🇵🇲 inside Of ValhallA! ! ! !

    • @gonzalonieto2495
      @gonzalonieto2495 Рік тому

      @@Big_Buddy_Nubbs I'm Ready for!
      Your Opinión.!!! ⚔️💀🇵🇲 🇧🇻🇫🇮🇸🇪🇩🇰 !!!

  • @davem9921
    @davem9921 2 роки тому +90

    Can not even begin to say how happy I am that I found this band.

    • @filipmatjasec1909
      @filipmatjasec1909 7 місяців тому


    • @earthedice
      @earthedice 7 місяців тому +1

      It's amazing how a death metal band about Vikings can make one so happy, but these guys always perk me up.

    • @liambredeche7
      @liambredeche7 4 місяці тому

      Same; no matter how much melodeath I listen to, Amon Amarth will always be my favorite. \m/

    • @user-ur3vq9vx3l
      @user-ur3vq9vx3l 17 годин тому

      Agree 💯

  • @MordredXIV
    @MordredXIV 2 роки тому +560

    Hi, welcome back. We all know this isn't your first time coming here. ;)

    • @markthedark595
      @markthedark595 2 роки тому +12

      Nope sure aint. This and TOTTG are my favorite albums from AA.

    • @tylerstoumbaugh9584
      @tylerstoumbaugh9584 2 роки тому +9

      Every time I drive alone (my so doesn't care for viking metal)

    • @kirilkirilov6241
      @kirilkirilov6241 2 роки тому

      You know it, brother!

    • @davem9921
      @davem9921 2 роки тому +10

      This actually is my first time here :) after indulging in twilight of the thunder god I had to check out there other albums, this band fucking rocks!

    • @randomplaces597
      @randomplaces597 2 роки тому +4

      I just arrived?

  • @laurettadelmar2781
    @laurettadelmar2781 3 роки тому +224

    Listened to these guys about a year ago and thought 'nah this is too heavy for me'. Now I can't stop listening to them! Show's how time changes and matures your music taste. I still like all the stuff I've been into - this is just a heavy addition and I love it

    • @paulleberre7658
      @paulleberre7658 3 роки тому +2

      moi français

    • @ognjenmilenkovic3050
      @ognjenmilenkovic3050 3 роки тому +14

      same here, i wasn't quite of a death metal fan, until I started listening to Amon and several other bands

    • @jeffreyclifton9928
      @jeffreyclifton9928 3 роки тому +15

      You think this is good? Go check out literally every single one of their albums. They're all masterpieces. Amon Amarth has literally never released a bad album, or song.

    • @laurettadelmar2781
      @laurettadelmar2781 3 роки тому +7

      @@jeffreyclifton9928 I’ve listened to quite a few more as well as this one and I have to agree. Everything they make it sick

    • @disasterpiece51119
      @disasterpiece51119 3 роки тому +6

      @@ognjenmilenkovic3050 they are a Viking Metal band

  • @Jrockilla137
    @Jrockilla137 3 роки тому +126

    Wakes up to 15 full album Amon Amarth releases *bliss*

    • @ki-td5yb
      @ki-td5yb 3 роки тому +8

      Best day ever.

    • @paulleberre7658
      @paulleberre7658 3 роки тому


    • @alejandropedroborobia8934
      @alejandropedroborobia8934 3 роки тому


    • @alejandropedroborobia8934
      @alejandropedroborobia8934 3 роки тому


  • @Abyss_Watcher
    @Abyss_Watcher 2 роки тому +94

    I'm a sucker for a good concept album, especially one that tells a story. This is one of my favorite albums, period.

  • @kulrigalestout
    @kulrigalestout 3 роки тому +475

    December 10th, 2017
    In the comfort of his own home, after fighting cancer for years, my father died. I didn't know what else to do when I found his lifeless body that desolate and frigid morning, so I blasted One Thousand Burning Arrows. Soon after that I called everyone I knew to get some idea of what should be done, but first I ensured he had a send-off for a King. As much as he disdained my taste in music, he always appreciated when I forced my favorite songs on him and demanded that he listened. Now he dines in Odin's hall; there, he'll drink his fill.

    • @issam3546
      @issam3546 3 роки тому +41

      May he rest in peace my friend your father dines in Valhalla

    • @gunnysteele9670
      @gunnysteele9670 3 роки тому +30


    • @Theak47forall
      @Theak47forall 3 роки тому +19

      Respect to you my friend and my sincerest condolences. May he rest in power.

    • @kleberaraujo290
      @kleberaraujo290 3 роки тому +21

      Bro, my sincerest condolenses. That he dines in VALHALA. Respect from Brazil.

    • @geekymetalhead5112
      @geekymetalhead5112 3 роки тому +15

      *Grabs my rum* Let me pirate crew drink in honor for your pop

  • @martuck9373
    @martuck9373 2 роки тому +87

    Few years ago I would have never listened to that genre but now I finally found something’s I can enjoy again

    • @chrisk8760
      @chrisk8760 2 роки тому +6

      fck good band!!! THE WAY OF VIKING!!!

    • @paulleberre7658
      @paulleberre7658 2 роки тому +2

      je suis français

    • @martuck9373
      @martuck9373 2 роки тому +1

      @@paulleberre7658 ok I also speak french mate

      @FUCKINGENIOUS 2 роки тому +1

      Welcome to the family, everyone arrives fashionably late.

    • @martuck9373
      @martuck9373 2 роки тому +1

      @@FUCKINGENIOUS better late than never 😉

  • @brunogentilmartins2934
    @brunogentilmartins2934 2 роки тому +21

    Começando o ano com um som de alto nível. 🤘🏼. Feliz 2022 para todos vocês e para suas famílias.

  • @Slypapa7
    @Slypapa7 Рік тому +15

    If I listen to it out loud, even years later, the hair on my arms can stand up! The music gives me goosebumps - the best music!

  • @HARV1991
    @HARV1991 3 роки тому +35

    I always listen to at dawn's first light when I'm on my way to the gym in the morning.

  • @jeremymoravc7257
    @jeremymoravc7257 Рік тому +14

    I've listened to many hard death metal and when I heard these guys it blew me away and now Amon viking music has me rocking to it daily the Vikings will raise and reign again respect

  • @barteks9417
    @barteks9417 3 роки тому +34

    One of the best Amon's albums. Hail to the Odin!

  • @a.p.4890
    @a.p.4890 2 роки тому +10

    First Kill is so good. The earl's right hand man and the bard. Amazing

  • @mithoviel
    @mithoviel 2 роки тому +32

    At Dawn's First Light is the most Iron Maidenish song I've ever heard by Amon Amarth. This album has only grown on me more with time.

    • @541Stakk
      @541Stakk 2 роки тому +12

      Is that cause At Dawn's First Light you Run for the Hills? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @janahausknechtova544
    @janahausknechtova544 2 роки тому +3

    Amon Amarth....luxusní muzika!!!!

  • @spiritlink9654
    @spiritlink9654 3 роки тому +19

    Always look on the bright side of things. If you can’t comprehend this, polish that which has become dull until it begins to shine! Sending love & light out to everyone who sees this! ❤️😊 Just dropping by to spread some positivity!
    Btw Love you Amon Amarth!!!

  • @elliottpaine9259
    @elliottpaine9259 3 роки тому +86

    The more I listen to this, and other melodic deth: Insomnium, Kalmah, Belakor, I think..... man there is nothing like this in the mainstream metal community. Some people can't get past the vocals, I couldn't put this stuff down due to the guitar and got used to the vocals.

    • @123Suffering456
      @123Suffering456 3 роки тому +18

      Was the same for me back in 2009. Disliked the vocals but loved the guitars and eventually got used to the vocals. Now I really like them actually.

    • @chetia666
      @chetia666 3 роки тому +4

      Belakor is one of the best in this genre

    • @ThatShitGood
      @ThatShitGood 2 роки тому +2

      That was exactly my case with melodeath, but by the time riffs got me totally addicted to the genre and now i'm a sucker for harsh/clean mixed vocals in the genre!

    • @elliottpaine9259
      @elliottpaine9259 2 роки тому +1

      @@ThatShitGood AGREED \\m//

    • @jonnahearn8735
      @jonnahearn8735 2 роки тому +12

      honestly, I have a harder time with clean vocals than this.

  • @emm_4595
    @emm_4595 3 роки тому +51

    The story arc of this album is quite sad when you think about it, a boy gonna astray to become an outlaw after killing trying to protect the person he loved, dwelling on the past his whole life. Only to return years later to find out the person he loved has moved on and just wants to be left alone.

    • @logandisterheft637
      @logandisterheft637 3 роки тому +9

      Really the story of my life . :( - minus the killing part , but going astray for sure .

    • @antonteodor6305
      @antonteodor6305 3 роки тому +7

      At least he dies an honourable death at the end

    • @awolfinhumanshape2623
      @awolfinhumanshape2623 3 роки тому +15

      _Don't forget he dies fighting in the end._

    • @Fwufikins
      @Fwufikins 2 роки тому +12

      @@antonteodor6305 An honorable death yes, but dealt at the hands of his own father. An extra dollop of cruel irony, that he would dwell on the past his whole life... only to have his past be the very thing to take his life away.

    • @obannon7740
      @obannon7740 Рік тому

      hoes will be hoes

  • @DinuBee
    @DinuBee 8 місяців тому +6

    I'm a big fan of Amon Amarth's old albums, but this one is their best in recent years.

  • @Brynngar1983
    @Brynngar1983 2 роки тому +11

    From the United States. In this Blasted hellscape of the last 6 years this music makes me feel i can carry on. Thank you.

  • @stoitsis1
    @stoitsis1 Рік тому +5

    I knew before Raise your horns, At dawns first light and One thousand burning arrows but I was today years old when I found out that they were from this specific album. Decided to listen the whole album and thank God for doing so! Great album.

    • @ML-od7sz
      @ML-od7sz Рік тому


  • @ronallanbaran1891
    @ronallanbaran1891 2 роки тому +9

    arguably, one of the best amon amarth album...if not the best

  • @N4CR5
    @N4CR5 6 місяців тому +6

    Haven't listened to AA for 8-10 years, but this goes HARD. I think one of their best albums.

  • @user-jx4et2hh1c
    @user-jx4et2hh1c 2 роки тому +18

    Шведы и Финны непровзойденые мастера дэт и дум стиля, настоящие ВАРЯГИ! ОЧЕНЬ КРУТО! ВОКАЛ РВЕТ, НА ЧАСТИ, СВОИМ НАПОРОМ, БЭСТ!!!

    • @georgyk6252
      @georgyk6252 Рік тому +1

      Финны не варяги

    • @Oreo_Raccoon
      @Oreo_Raccoon 7 місяців тому

      @@georgyk6252 русские тож

  • @davidbooth6470
    @davidbooth6470 9 місяців тому +5

    I had a massive favourite band but this for sure is my new. What a band. They are amazing

  • @SuprCheeser666
    @SuprCheeser666 3 роки тому +22

    best album they ever came out with :-) , me & my girl wake up to At Dawn's First light every morning & pillage the day lol

  • @kaibowman4803
    @kaibowman4803 Рік тому +37

    It took me quite a while to realize that the album cover depicts not the protagonist, but his father standing above him in his final moments. Our protagonist uses a sword for every song on the album, only his father wields an axe.

    • @RareAries323
      @RareAries323 2 місяці тому +2

      Damn that's heavy...the sword...the axe...the album art... The music... The concept of the art.

  • @bizzhat
    @bizzhat 3 роки тому +29

    this sounds like early Amon Amarth - been waiting for such album eagerly :3

  • @DopaminedotSeek3rcolonthree
    @DopaminedotSeek3rcolonthree 3 роки тому +25

    I carved a [poor] Helm of Awe into my axe to this.
    Is Good.

  • @mass2048
    @mass2048 2 роки тому +13

    This brings me the greatest pleasure.

  • @Dobryi44
    @Dobryi44 3 роки тому +13

    я лично считаю что это самый крутой альбом за историю группы очень в катил ....лично мое мнение Но с петь с Доро ПЭШ это шедевр это бомба

  • @desolatemoon7377
    @desolatemoon7377 2 роки тому +5

    The first 30 secs of the song already has me pumped.

  • @usersless
    @usersless 11 місяців тому +2

    Amon Amarth is my favorite metal band of all. 🌋

  • @tingtungtan6313
    @tingtungtan6313 3 роки тому +204

    I shared this album to my friend Keith...... Now his name is Kiiplani the northern widow maker.

  • @errorinn8834
    @errorinn8834 Рік тому +3

    This Album, the gym, people start starring. Unleashed the beast

  • @victorramosgoulart6810
    @victorramosgoulart6810 2 роки тому +7

    Sua voz em, On a Sea of Blood.. vai imperar !!

  • @jaheembianchini7819
    @jaheembianchini7819 3 роки тому +63

    Finally grew a beard after listening to this 🐻

  • @xaviermakoof
    @xaviermakoof Рік тому +3

    Toujours au top.. toujours grand, Amon Amarth .. toujours un son surprenant..les mélodies sont rigoureusement élaborées..une chanson= un succès. Ça c'est Amon-Amarth..BRAVO
    Ans thanks for your musique excellente..merci
    Bonne Route..Camarade !!

    • @paulleberre7658
      @paulleberre7658 Рік тому +1


    • @xaviermakoof
      @xaviermakoof Рік тому

      .....🦉.... Pour AMON ⚔️ AMARTH 🛡️...si je Peux me Permettre ? 🦒 Il y a trop D'Album, Toujours au Top, mais trop de Chansons 🎼 🎸🤘

  • @metalhawk9184
    @metalhawk9184 3 роки тому +9

    Альбом бомба!Спасибо!

  • @danielrosengrenolsen3036
    @danielrosengrenolsen3036 3 роки тому +13

    I cannot not bang my head when I listen to this. Absolute beast of an album

  • @NotiFawkes
    @NotiFawkes Рік тому +6

    It never ceases to amaze me how powerful johan's lyrics are and his ability to tell so many epic stories time and time again

  • @phat80
    @phat80 3 роки тому +36

    My favourite song is "One Thousand Burning Arrows".

    • @paulleberre7658
      @paulleberre7658 3 роки тому +2


    • @ffarkasm
      @ffarkasm 3 роки тому

      Ye, definitely.

    • @chetia666
      @chetia666 3 роки тому +3

      reminded me of embrace of the endless ocean

    • @Araxeus
      @Araxeus 3 роки тому +2

      Me too,
      Raise Your Horns number2 :)

  • @mcrocks536
    @mcrocks536 2 роки тому +12

    Probably one of the most epic breakdowns of all time is on this album...one against all has blown up more than one set of speakers.....

  • @user-fr7bd3ct8k
    @user-fr7bd3ct8k 2 роки тому +28

    Охрененная группа, музыка классная, вокал вообще прет, круто😤 Молодцы шведы, все альбомы крутяк!!!

    • @Nikita_Klimov...
      @Nikita_Klimov... 2 роки тому

      Добро пожаловать в Вальгаллу,в деревянных кубках ждёт медовая брага!!!

  • @martindedic4517
    @martindedic4517 3 роки тому +5

    Super. Excelentně fantastický Full Album. 👹🤘🤘🖤

  • @Malpheron
    @Malpheron 3 роки тому +650

    01. First Beard (00:00)
    02. Bearderer (04:21)
    03. On a Sea of Beard (09:04)
    04. Beard Against All (13:09)
    05. Raise Your Beards (16:46)
    06. The Way of Beard (21:10)
    07. At Beard's First Light (26:22)
    08. One Thousand Burning Beards (30:12)
    09. Vengeance Is My Beard (36:02)
    10. A Beard That Cannot Be (40:44)
    11. Beard on Northern Shores (45:07)

    • @skinfelloff
      @skinfelloff 3 роки тому +71

      The beard jokes never get old for me.

    • @Malpheron
      @Malpheron 3 роки тому +11

      @@skinfelloff Me too. I could not help myself.

    • @ZombieShitHolocaust
      @ZombieShitHolocaust 2 роки тому +30

      It is funny because the meaning of the titles don't change.

    • @vincem3748
      @vincem3748 2 роки тому +42

      *Album: Jomsbearding*

    • @jeffreywarcher
      @jeffreywarcher 2 роки тому +20

      How the fuck is this not at the top PINNED and upvoted a million times?

  • @Heidenspross
    @Heidenspross 3 роки тому +13

    thank you viking brothers! sharing your music as true skalds should, braggi bless you!

  • @alexxhhee.8198
    @alexxhhee.8198 2 роки тому +7

    Que chimbaa!!! buena música para mis oídos a full volumen !!!!

  • @peteraugust5295
    @peteraugust5295 3 роки тому +31

    Its crazy how music needs some time to settle in. For this reason I have stopped giving opinions about music right away. When I first heared this album I was disappointed. I felt like it was over the top. Now i think is is freaking awesome.

    • @Araxeus
      @Araxeus 3 роки тому +3

      Heard this album for the first time today.
      Loved it ;)

  • @seanogr8044
    @seanogr8044 2 роки тому +6

    Been listening since fate of norns, never gonna stop keep it coming lads🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • @diannaarrow8419
    @diannaarrow8419 3 роки тому +15

    The Way of Vikings🔥
    Back on Northern shores🔥

    • @lemmyhead8578
      @lemmyhead8578 3 роки тому

      Back on Northern Shores!!! A tale of defeat that ends with the ultimate victory.

    • @magnusjonsson7714
      @magnusjonsson7714 3 роки тому

      @@lemmyhead8578 U reed all story good ;) Jomswikings are from mounty Norway.

  • @LucasOliveira-rc9im
    @LucasOliveira-rc9im 3 роки тому +6

    Alguem ai do brasil ouvindo esse grande metal nordico em 2021?

    • @davidlnk1116
      @davidlnk1116 2 роки тому

      Acá hermano de argentina!! Buena música

  • @fatimapalacios2292
    @fatimapalacios2292 3 роки тому +22

    A dream that cannot be is really cool. Doro never makes this song cheesy.

    • @BigMuff75
      @BigMuff75 2 роки тому +2

      Don't mess with our national treasure Doro. Or molten cheese will be ladled into thy ears for an eternity. Death by cheese, it shall be! :D

    • @fatimapalacios2292
      @fatimapalacios2292 2 роки тому +1

      @@BigMuff75 Doro Rules.

    • @BigMuff75
      @BigMuff75 2 роки тому +1

      @@fatimapalacios2292 It's a great tune.

    • @-xrampagex-1465
      @-xrampagex-1465 2 роки тому

      One of my favs from this album as well.

    • @derrevolutor6347
      @derrevolutor6347 2 роки тому

      i think doro destroyes the vipe, but its my sole opinione i think

  • @goth9ever
    @goth9ever 3 роки тому +6

    I was really struggling to grow a beard for so long, then i played this and it now reaches down to my toes

  • @OliverHado
    @OliverHado 7 місяців тому +1

    I've seen these guys live in a small club. Talk about hard working. You can smell the sweat . Always good and authentic.

  • @pochita_do_futuro
    @pochita_do_futuro 3 роки тому +7

    I got chills in the very first seconds, the album didn't even give me time, bruh

  • @wesleylindsay6973
    @wesleylindsay6973 2 роки тому +5

    Played very loudly when practicing hema!🤘🤘🤘

  • @PabloRusto
    @PabloRusto 2 роки тому +9

    Идеальный саундтрек к соло буханию!
    Вскоре ты почувствуешь себя Уберменшем, как пить дать!

  • @kylemanocchio5044
    @kylemanocchio5044 Рік тому +3

    My favorite Amon Amarth album.

  • @2da_ClaudioKelm_02Prsn
    @2da_ClaudioKelm_02Prsn 2 роки тому +6

    When they come to Argentina to perform this albun I didn't know what to expect... when the day come, everything was clear.
    It was a great show, and I've got a really good memory for my life.

  • @madcogwheel8336
    @madcogwheel8336 2 роки тому +1

    the crows in the picture make the whole thing so much better

  • @7evenncsmusic981
    @7evenncsmusic981 2 роки тому +2

    Hello. The song is very good and sincere. A beautiful movie screen saver. Thank you Good luck and more success❤️😍😍

  • @senserasetheband9016
    @senserasetheband9016 3 роки тому +28

    Let the metal flow! \m/

  • @januszjankes6423
    @januszjankes6423 3 роки тому +7

    🤘👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹🤘 Zajebisty fantastyczny mocarny potężny album petarda ogień moc petarda super super

  • @ladydarkness8112
    @ladydarkness8112 2 роки тому +3

    Great work music

  • @xiaohuli27
    @xiaohuli27 5 місяців тому +7

    I was drunk one night and decided to buy this album (because the artwork is so cool). Listened to it countless times and is one of my favorite AA albums, but why does it seem rto rank so low in "best to worst rankings"? It doesnt have one bad song on it

  • @user-im9ce6jl8d
    @user-im9ce6jl8d Рік тому +3

    Наконец-то справедливость восторжествовала, ебучие рекламные вставки в прошлом, я могу спокойно слушать отличную музыку...

  • @sawomirsapinski2251
    @sawomirsapinski2251 2 роки тому

    Amon rozpierdala system!!! Koniec tematu!!!!

  • @jakejackson4987
    @jakejackson4987 3 роки тому +6

    Great running music

  • @yusufsetiawan9455
    @yusufsetiawan9455 3 роки тому +20

    Thank you Metal Blade Records !!!

  • @NocturnusLP
    @NocturnusLP 2 роки тому +6

    amazing album!!!

  • @lovetooftenisonlyadream4919
    @lovetooftenisonlyadream4919 3 роки тому +6


  • @TheFirestorm2012
    @TheFirestorm2012 6 місяців тому

    All the albums are good, but this is the one I come back to the most

  • @neminiparco4178
    @neminiparco4178 3 роки тому +18

    In one hour listening my beard has grown 6 inches.

  • @leonidlv8396
    @leonidlv8396 Рік тому +3

    Хорошая музыка!!!

  • @Oreo_Raccoon
    @Oreo_Raccoon 7 місяців тому +2

    Amazing album!! "Way of Viking" - my new work out song 💪

  • @cardinal9009
    @cardinal9009 2 роки тому +7

    Amazing for workouts

    • @onlinealias622
      @onlinealias622 2 роки тому +1

      Thats how I got into metal. I was at the gym in college listening to rap during my workout and spotify randomly recommended this album to me. I was like "Viking metal? Fuck yeah!" and then had a super beast workout because i was fucking hyped. After that I couldnt go back :)

  • @vinceshinkevich8546
    @vinceshinkevich8546 3 роки тому +6

    I want a metal opera on this.

  • @wickedskatestreet666
    @wickedskatestreet666 2 роки тому +229

    my neighbors threw a rock in my window to hear this better

    • @inigo5460
      @inigo5460 2 роки тому +6

      how the fuck does a plain comment like this get any upvotes? i mean this joke has been murdered 10 years ago.

    • @antoniomena8928
      @antoniomena8928 2 роки тому +9

      @@inigo5460 STFU

    • @inigo5460
      @inigo5460 2 роки тому +3

      @@antoniomena8928 ok zoomer

    • @schade80
      @schade80 2 роки тому +6

      @@inigo5460 People calling others zoomers have been murdered 10 years ago.

    • @inigo5460
      @inigo5460 2 роки тому

      @@schade80 i am your mom

  • @ferorozco7547
    @ferorozco7547 3 роки тому +40

    Its amazing how this album recieved a lot of bad reviews.. for me it's on my top 3 of all the discography. Amazing every song after song, how can makes me feel in some battle ground on the XIV centuary.

    • @a.p.4890
      @a.p.4890 2 роки тому +3

      I haven't listened to their whole catalog yet but I keep going back to Versus the World, Oden on our side, Surtur Rising and Jomsviking. These are the ones I keep going back to and listening over and over.

    • @VividMac101
      @VividMac101 2 роки тому +9

      Yep this album is easily one of their best, not one bad song to be found here.

    • @codinghusky5196
      @codinghusky5196 2 роки тому +7

      Never found much sense in heeding music reviews? Movie / book reviews make sense; it's kind of "am I going to devote hours of my time to this" question. Product reviews make sense, it's like "am I going to spend (often considerable amount of) my money on this". But music... I mean, it takes a total of 3 minutes of scrolling through a free youtube video to check out whether YOU are going to like it or not and make a fully informed decision whether to spend money and time.

    • @ejokurirulezz
      @ejokurirulezz Рік тому +2

      it's just way less heavy.

    • @Komsan473
      @Komsan473 Рік тому +3

      @@codinghusky5196 I didn't even realize people reviewed music. It seems too subjective to review objectively

  • @tomdab8279
    @tomdab8279 Рік тому +2

    In My opinion this is the best album AA.... Awsome⚔️⚔️⚔️

  • @klessarkein4061
    @klessarkein4061 2 роки тому +3

    The Way of the Viking intro and melody = Golden Axe Wilderness music

  • @drpotion3059
    @drpotion3059 3 роки тому +5

    Best song in my opinion it raise your horns

  • @I_Come_From_Rlyeh
    @I_Come_From_Rlyeh 3 роки тому +7

    weird comming back to this after so much technical brutal slamming death metal..... nice

  • @johnnyfuckingmetalplaylist1489
    @johnnyfuckingmetalplaylist1489 2 роки тому +2

    My favorite album by them, besides TWILIGHT OF THE THUNDER GODS

  • @Lusor_Elges
    @Lusor_Elges 3 роки тому +6

    There are many songs called wanderer, i personally like this one the most but ensiferums wanderer is just, you cant describe it i dont know anyone who can hate it :)

    • @antonteodor6305
      @antonteodor6305 3 роки тому

      Amon Amarth's Wanderer is far deeper in the meaning of the lyrics. It often makes me cry when I listen closely.

  • @eduardosantiago5327
    @eduardosantiago5327 3 роки тому +6

    i start 2021 with this!

  • @user-gj3qr4gd3c
    @user-gj3qr4gd3c 6 місяців тому

    Группа отличная!!!!альбом потрясающий мощно,убойно классно🔥🖤🖤🖤🖤🔥👹👍музыка оболдено!!!песни замечательные🤘🤘🤘все очень здорово и великолепно!!!

  • @sveneckhoff8042
    @sveneckhoff8042 2 роки тому +1

    Waiting for see you Live in Valhall !

  • @bambrmihalich4244
    @bambrmihalich4244 2 роки тому +2

    Отлично, как обычно 👍🏻🤘🏻☠️

  • @angiepotter6041
    @angiepotter6041 Місяць тому

    I love how this is not an album; it's the story of a man who had one hell of a life from the get go, from start to finish, The way of a true Viking to the end. This is a man's legacy and tales of honor, bravery and heroism! (Ok, there is nothing to implement the hero thing but it tagged onto the end of my sentence well enough it's staying now.)

  • @aadyagupta9465
    @aadyagupta9465 2 роки тому +4

    Feels great listening to this at 4 am XD

  • @orientacionescolardrs7498
    @orientacionescolardrs7498 2 роки тому +1

    I like so much this band and orbit culture too.

  • @olegvayzmin5253
    @olegvayzmin5253 3 роки тому +2


  • @alexeykozlov2506
    @alexeykozlov2506 3 роки тому +14

    Metal! 🤘

  • @boxant
    @boxant Рік тому +2

    Great work!

  • @user-wy8nk1se2k
    @user-wy8nk1se2k 3 роки тому +1


  • @terrysmith3310
    @terrysmith3310 2 роки тому +2

    Best album for powerlifting

  • @samuelalejandrorioslopez9754
    @samuelalejandrorioslopez9754 2 роки тому +2

    Metal Never Die