Behind the Scenes of the Maynard, Kim & Krist Interviews

  • Опубліковано 26 сер 2022
  • In this livestream I give a behind the scenes look at these two latest interviews with Maynard James Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle & Puscifer), Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Krist Novoselic (Nirvana) & Jack Endino (Skin Yard, Music Producer).
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  • Tom Brown
    Tom Brown  +110

    It's amazing how when these people realize the type of interview you're giving them how they suddenly relax and seem to actually enjoy your interviewing them.

  • 3LD
    3LD  +199

    My God, Beato has been absolutely killing it with his recent interview line-up. Thank you! Who would you guys like to see him interview? I'd like to see Sparks, AKA Ron & Russel Mael

  • MGsteveR

    Rick, your humility is a big part of your appeal to all of us. You say that you are not “On their level”, but artists sit with you and open up to you precisely because you are on their level. Absolutely fantastic stuff!

  • Patrick J. Murphy

    Amazing work, Rick! An interview with Jerry Cantrell would be fantastic too.

  • Magnum Muscle

    Suggestion, Rick: sit down with Michael Beinhorn (and Adam Kasper) and go through every song on Soundgarden's about recording equipment used, techniques, instruments used, getting the performances out, mixing, Chris' vocals...all of it. That record in particular needs a thorough analysis and documenting. You could then make it into a series for other artist's records.


    You have one of the best channels around man. That Krist/Kim/Jack interview was probably the best thing I have ever seen followed closely by the Maynard video. What a week for your channel! You're the man Rick!

  • stratfanstl

    Two themes that struck me across the musicians in these recent interviews... Even discounting the effect of rose-colored glasses looking back through time, these artists seem to convey a laser-like focus on exactly what they found important -- MUSIC. None seemed hung up on fame, notoriety, money, etc. -- then or now. They also all conveyed that they listened widely and had a detailed understanding and appreciation of the CRAFT of writing songs -- in and out of their main genre. I have not listened to Tool much at all and even after listening through 4-5 tracks on UA-cam, it still hasn't "clicked" with me but I could listen to another hour of conversation with Maynard. KInda the same thing with Kim and Soundgarden -- I love Black Hole Sun but haven't clicked with many other songs in their catalog but Kim sounds exactly like the kind of person I would have wanted in a band -- open-minded, straight talking, perceptive. There's a REASON people like this are associated with the art that can (and does) still stop people in their tracks 30 years later and MAKE them listen.

  • Mister Arcane

    Man I'd love Rick to sit down with James hetfield...that would be epic.

  • GU lillywhite

    I would love love love a ‘What Makes this ALBUM Great’ format in tandem with your artist interviews!! That would be KILLER!!

  • xoch
    xoch  +18

    Rick u are the Sean Evans of the music community. I haven’t seen anyone else get musicians/celebrities as comfortable during interviews as the two of u do :)

  • Metalingus

    I would love to hear an interview with Ben Shephard. The guy seems very reclusive, but he had such an impact on soundgarden’s later sound. One of my favorite bassists. His solo album is worth a listen too. Plus, it’s hard to find too many interviews with him.

  • Andy McPherson

    Rick, it is time for the Tom Scholz interview. It will need to be 2-3 parts. And then we can move on to their second album at a later date.

  • Shot From Behind

    Rick, man, your channel is one of the best in the realm of music. I like the direction you're going. Take us there.

  • Robx0711

    What I have noticed is that all these interviews with famous artists seem to lead to another connected interview..which to me means Rick is well liked and well respected and these people are passing the torch. Thank you Rick and I think Dave Grohl and Danny Carey are on notice!!

  • Shannon Bayley

    Loved all of these sit downs with Matt and Maynard and Chris & Kim. You're killing it good sir! If you could get Trent Reznor on.. That would be EPIC!!

  • Joe Soldezzo

    I love you Rick Beato. What you’re doing should be seen by hundreds of millions across this planet. please keep it up 🙏

  • Paul Jansen

    I saw the Maynard interview...and totally loved it!!! What a guy he is!

  • Tony S
    Tony S  +7

    Love for you to continue the 90’s guitar vibe, Stone Gossard, Jerry Cantrell, Dean DeLeo, Ed Obrien or talk to some more aussies like Bernard Fanning, Daniel Johns, Neil Finn (Kiwi, but we claim him)

  • Jolene Cacciatori
    Jolene Cacciatori 21 день тому +1

    Your interview with Krist, Kim, and Jack was INCREDIBLE! Great questions and content for fans across the globe. I think an interview with Incubus would be awesome! Aerosmith would be great too. I bet Steven and his band would have some great stories to share.

  • Jam Project

    I see Kim and it’s like looking at an uncle or extended family , that’s how much this bands music has meant in my life , thank you Rick for being the premiere music UA-cam channel 💫