How I Met My Polar Bear

  • Опубліковано 22 лют 2023
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    Fun fact: Polar bears are one of the only animals on earth that actively hunt for humans

    • Miltank
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    • [ImJustChill]
      [ImJustChill] 24 хвилини тому

      lol this reminds me of the video where a guy tamed a whole polar bear, so except that one i guess.

    • Ggalways 39
      Ggalways 39 26 хвилин тому

      Black: fight. Brown:play dead. White: pray to live

    • BIGDAWG 91331
      BIGDAWG 91331 Годину тому

      ​@Kratosrrt Prolog or otters

    • PhaserFelix
      PhaserFelix Годину тому

      Ah sorry mate, I am laughing too much while running away from this polar bear, so I did not even notice that it was hunting m.....

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    This bro needs a netflix show

  • 𝔸𝕔𝕚𝕕_𝕋𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕤_𝔹𝕝𝕠𝕠𝕕🍷

    The sad part is that polar bears are much more dedicated to take care of their kids than the seals taking care of theirs

    • Quack u
      Quack u 40 хвилин тому

      @Erykuh Graves I had a stroke reading that

    • FishEpicGamer
      FishEpicGamer 3 години тому

      ​@Erykuh Graves Godzilla had a stroke trying to read this and friggin died

    • FishEpicGamer
      FishEpicGamer 3 години тому

      ​@k'n_0fficial! The hell you mean by that they are saying it happens in real life already

    • k'n_0fficial!
      k'n_0fficial! 4 години тому

      @MSMT-Rox no, i was talking who care more to their kids , not polar bear taking care of a seal.

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    The way how seals move just makes me want to cry

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    Damn it's so cute I'm already crying it's so cute...

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    If only the world was truly as wholesome as this was. ❤

    • Mia uwu
      Mia uwu 4 години тому

      Bro the baby is being neglected multiple times by its own specie wdym wholesome💀

    • letsChaos24
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      if life of seals were as fun like other animals
      when they get born they drink 24/7 until they get fat enough and then the mother leaves and lets the baby seal starve and when the baby seal is near starvation they go in the water to hunt for fish
      btw they dont get near water til they are near starvation wich makes them easy prey for predators

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    So f*cking wholesome

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    it actually made me start crying because of how I can relate but in a different way

  • chamilion
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    Next dhar man video be like:
    Big seals reject random baby seal drinking their milk and then instantly regrets it

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    bro was having a whole feast

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    Awe the polar bear is such a great adopted mom

    • M. C. Slammer
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      @Arthur Morgan btw the rdr games and GTA 5 are my favorite games. Can't wait for GTA 6

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      @M. C. Slammerlol😂

    • M. C. Slammer
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      @Arthur Morgan because he thinks he knows everything

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      @LegendaryGaminghow do you know it’s a boy

    • LegendaryGaming
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      He ain’t getting milk

  • Larry Ward
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    Fun fact: bears usually only attack humans if they feel threatened, their Cub is in danger, or they're just plain hungry and they could also smell you from miles away so by the time you actually see it has probably been stalking you for hours but as any other animal does if you save them they will attempt to repay it because they're mammals and they're smart

    • Chernobyl United
      Chernobyl United 3 години тому

      Not the polar bear, polar bears actively hunt humans

    • brasil
      brasil 3 години тому

      ​@melonmaneven if it's a big amount of food, u dying if ur getting closer to his son's by accident

    • Марина Румянцева
      Марина Румянцева 4 години тому

      Кто то: мужики не плачут. Мужик на этом моменте: *все в слезах*

    • Dutch Van Der Linde
      Dutch Van Der Linde 6 годин тому

      Polar bears will attack on sight.

    • SpooderMAn
      SpooderMAn 23 години тому

      Polar bears activly hunt humans even breaking into their homes

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    This makes me uncontrollably warm inside

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    This is to fucking cute and wholesome

    • Deeggs
      Deeggs 6 годин тому

      I- yea I don’t get people this is just a hilarious Video to me

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      Paty Sanchez 7 годин тому

      Ti is cute and the best

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      Army Men 8 годин тому

      ​@cheemran I know it isn't the cleanest of things to say, but let him be. Your comment won't change nothin

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      ​@cheemran no

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    Makes me think of the manga “Polar Bear in Love” lol so cute

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    Bro is having the best time in his life 💀

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    Why is this so adorable? WHY IS THIS SO FUCKING ADORABLE?! WHY?!

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      Yeah I mean, u should see em in the wild

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      Cool your beans bro

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    bro why did this actually make me cry

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    this is so cute very beautiful it made me cry

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    Bro literally accepts the fact that its his mom now💀😭

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    Why is the baby seal too cute I’m gonna die 😭😭
    Edit: wow I haven’t got so many likes
    Edit 402 likes Wow

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      I was going to cry I'm holding it

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      Princess Heart 19 годин тому

      But, Baby seals are too cute & so Delicate 🥹🥰

    • Princess Heart
      Princess Heart 19 годин тому

      Polar bear have nipples to give milk to their babies? Adult seals have nipples, Why is our history class in highschool doesn't teach us this??? 😂😂😂

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      😔🥺😥😖🎑они же там

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    This is enough to make a grown man cry

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    I love how cute it is I saw tears in the baby's eyes , so adorable...😭😭

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      @denji it would be so fun if I BEA-

    • denji
      denji 17 годин тому +1

      Bro if i was that polar bear i would have killed it no matter what

    • average-art
      average-art 18 годин тому

      Also.... It's saddening cause of what we humans are doing 😢

  • Виктория Грушевская
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    Как это прекрасно 😍

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    Omg so beauty❤️I love watching seals drink milk from polar bears😍😍😍my favorite part when seal get throw off ice🥰🥰

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    Seeing that seal cry made me cry😊

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    My heart melted

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    Such a humble bear😊

  • Alex Barron
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    If you didn’t know, I watched a natural geographic show about the life of a baby seal and its mom. Seals despise other babies getting their milk because it hurts and they only want their baby to have it. The moms will have to leave for food which takes them atleast a day. Sometimes they don’t come back due to predators. Luckily, in this system since they all mate and have kids almost at the same time, they have like a daycare system where the kids kinda sit in small pools of water and play. That sometimes doesn’t work and usually some mothers don’t come back and leave many to die. This animation is exactly how seals act, sometimes they hit even harder. I hope y’all don’t get to down by this but this is nature. Have a blessed day ❤️🦭.

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    Bro I am crying right now

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    The way that the little cute thing cried I would instantly hug it❤

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    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ que amable fue el oso

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    A mother is always a mother😊

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      ​@S4 Gamingtranslate

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      ​@S4 Gaming @Fllopa is saying mom and Africa mom
      @Gabi is saying I'm a sucker

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      ​@Gabi приколько

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      ​@Kanniesh the Best until he goes to get milk

  • carlos paz
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    He’s so cute

  • im NOT on la break
    im NOT on la break 3 хвилини тому

    Heres A fact:Polar bears actually are more dedicated to Taking care of their young then most animals
    And showing here this ones Polar bear saw the injurie and tear of the seal and decided to let it be

  • The spider in ur room staring at u 0-0
    The spider in ur room staring at u 0-0 21 годину тому +275

    this made me cry from the baby seal shedding tears 🥺

  • Goku black
    Goku black 4 години тому +1

    Sad thing is seal parents will actually abandond the pups before they are even ready to feed themselves most don't survive| I almost cries seeing it cry

  • 5 годин тому

    When the adorable cutie cried that made me cry

  • Rose bella
    Rose bella День тому +239

    This made me cry because the baby seal tearing up is just cute and the way the polar bear cared for the little guy so adorable 😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤

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      Mantap 👍👍👍

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      ​@Riquetonbro finds a bread falling sus.

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      I just thought it was sus

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      So cute bro

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    Why this actually make me cry?

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    He/she is so sweeet❤

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    Todos lo despreciaron pero el oso lo quiso ❤

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      @Gabriela Rodrigues Sim

    • Soreign
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      @Sterling French She said that everyone treated him bad but in the end the bear wanted him.

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    Wow i definitely love watching a seal get milk from a polar bear

  • John
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    Woulda sent lil bro to the man upstairs if I was that polar bear

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    Ok this is to cute 🥺

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      Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    strangely wholesome animation...

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    Bro casually testing the milk competition 💀💀💀

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    I’m sending this to my friends without any context

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    Imagine being a seal like that😢

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    the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my lifeee 🥺🥺

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    YOOOO my guy was going all in 😂😂

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    The end is so adorable

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    It’s so beautiful, i’ve looked at this for 5 hours now.

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      Say jk rn...

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      Insane cap

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      IKR I can’t stop watching it

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    so sweet

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    He needs blood, HE NEEDS IT ALL

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    El oso es muy amable ❤️

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      si muy lindo no se si hablas español o no pero esto es muy lindo

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      @ANTRONY ni q fueramos

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      @MasterdamXD mentira bro

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      me dieron ganas dr llorar 😭😢

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      ​@don cangrejito cómo que no ?

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    This made my cry

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    bro was milking everyone💀

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    that made me cry lowkey

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    This is so awkward but cute ☺️

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    This made me cry

  • Ritaf Feigles
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    😢 it is sad that seals don't even take care of their own kids but a polar bear cares

    • bird boy 223
      bird boy 223 День тому

      That polar bear would have streaded that seal into peces

    • GardenGoodies
      GardenGoodies День тому

      No they look after them for a little bit , but when the pup is a few days-weeks old they’re abandoned

    • Miko_Games
      Miko_Games День тому

      @Corvus Elizabeth yay Ty for explaining to them

    • Corvus Elizabeth
      Corvus Elizabeth День тому +3

      ​@Gaming with rose Alhakami you know in real life seals don't take care of their babies right? that's what that person was talking about, that in real life seals don't take care of their babies but polar bears in real life take care of their babies.

    • Ada Jara
      Ada Jara День тому +2

      I think if it was real life the bear would eat that little seal

  • Tyrannomaximus
    Tyrannomaximus 38 хвилин тому

    Soon after, the polar bear ripped the guts out of that baby seal

  • Moon Star
    Moon Star 22 години тому +170

    To be fair (about the part where the polar bear gets angry at first), having a kid randomly latch onto you during a nap is something to rightfully get mad about. That being said, it was very cute.
    EDIT: Okay let's make this clear, I didn't blame the starving baby for being hungry with no other way to feed, but something randomly starts feeding from your you know what while your napping and ofc you're gonna get startled and mad about it at first💀💀💀

    • Moon Star
      Moon Star Годину тому

      @Giang Nguyen I understand that, I'm just sayin its startling🙃

    • Cookie
      Cookie 2 години тому

      ​@average-art I'm a female and don't plan to have kids but if a random little kid tries to yk do that then I would be very very uncomfortable with it and would push them off so yes I would get mad.

    • Victoria Vuong
      Victoria Vuong 2 години тому

      ​@average-art yea, its not my kid??

    • Giang Nguyen
      Giang Nguyen 4 години тому +1

      Well it wouldn’t be a problem if the parent wasn’t so neglecting and horrible so don’t blame it on the baby. And baby’s don’t know any better the poor seal probably thought it was their mom so they just did what their instincts told them to do when they are hungry.

    • God of Discord Mods
      God of Discord Mods 14 годин тому +1

      @average-artYes as a human having something latch on to my nipple that doesn’t produce milk you might understand I could be a bit freaked out

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    Such a cute seal 😊

    SHELLY PRICE 5 хвилин тому

    Looks so cute and crying so cute ❤️

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    this is weirdly wholesome-

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    Poor thing, all he wanted was the “special” latte

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    Weird yet wholesome😂😂😂

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    Ok that was wholesome

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    That is so cute, I always made me cry.😢😢😢

  • Daniel Presnell
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    That polar bear irl would have salutered the baby

  • SinisterBoo
    SinisterBoo  2 години тому

    In the wild the polar bear would sadly eat the seal this is literally what they eat

    SARINA 4 години тому

    SO CUTEE😭😭❤️

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    ok now that's adorable

  • Happy Bunny 🐰
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    He just wanted some milk and at the end he got some

  • -{boba_x_yia-
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    Seal just want sum milk that’s all 🥹

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    aaaawwwww it's so cute and sad❤😭

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    I dont know how to feel like bro is so rare and so cute at the same time 🤡

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  • Dennis Ng
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    Seals finding their mom be like:
    Edit:Thanks for 213 likes!! You guys r awesome

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    Bro was on a mission 💀

  • Dylan Allum
    Dylan Allum 13 годин тому +66

    I love how polar bears actively hunt for humans but don't hunt for anything else much because it gets rid of the idiots who kill the world

    • keltorthegreat
      keltorthegreat 7 годин тому

      Im only human after all

    • 1
      1 7 годин тому

      Actually seals are the most animals that are actively hunted by polar bears

    • Demetrius Davis
      Demetrius Davis 7 годин тому +1

      ​@Ricardobr14 crazy when people value animal life over fellow human life

    • 1
      1 7 годин тому

      Its abit different than u actually think

  • Cheeseborger
    Cheeseborger 3 години тому

    Bro drank everybody’s milk 💀

    AHMED ANBARI 4 години тому +1

    oh its so cute

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    That’s so wholesome

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    thats enough youtube for one day

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    AHHH my poor heart!!! This is so sad and the seam time so cute!!

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    The cutest thing I've ever seen

    • Antonya Sima
      Antonya Sima День тому

      @ALiEN 8GAMER Now i see ur being mean. i just said what my grammar is like. But don’t try to get out. Don’t change the thing we were talking about

    • ALiEN 8GAMER
      ALiEN 8GAMER День тому

      @Antonya Sima I didn't understand anything what you said. Learn grammar kid

    • Antonya Sima
      Antonya Sima День тому

      my grammar bad, but my humor and personality better.

    • Antonya Sima
      Antonya Sima День тому

      @ALiEN 8GAMER happy about? did someone ask how u feel abt this? I jusr maybe told ya to not be innapropiate. And exactly, @unknow is right , how do u want tp eat? Huh? Tell me, like theres no more stuff u can do abt it.

    • ALiEN 8GAMER
      ALiEN 8GAMER День тому

      @Antonya Sima yes. I'm not so happy about it tho

  • Emily Tancredi
    Emily Tancredi 6 годин тому

    I nearly cried because everyone kept kicking the little seal pup😢😢

  • Jade West
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    Aww he's a hungry little guy 😢😅😂