Exciting Surprise While Digging at Night! with

  • Опубліковано 27 лют 2023
  • Large Quartz point attached to matrix
    Location: Zigras Mine - Avant Mining @AvantMining
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  • Ry Gregory
    Ry Gregory 4 дні тому +7985

    Looks like the crystal is excited to see you too.

    • Nina
      Nina 16 годин тому

      You took it out of my mouth 😂

    • Jay Em
      Jay Em 18 годин тому

      Glad I wasn't the only one thinking it 😂

    • Aditya Pandey
      Aditya Pandey 18 годин тому

      Wdym bro 💀

    • will b
      will b 20 годин тому

      It says, I been lost down here for a hundred million years 😅

  • That's a Bingo
    That's a Bingo День тому +245

    Sounds like a family being introduced to a newborn baby for the first time

    • DimFM
      DimFM 17 годин тому

      Pretty sure everyone here has their virginity intact

    • Fabulous Beast
      Fabulous Beast 18 годин тому +1

      😂🤣 i got those vibes too

    • OddManOut Parisien
      OddManOut Parisien 18 годин тому +2

      It's a boy

  • Pan Thomas
    Pan Thomas День тому +1788

    For those asking why, it is because quartz only spawns at night.

    • Rainbow Cake
      Rainbow Cake 16 годин тому

      Oh like minecraft^^

    • Zen Zen
      Zen Zen 16 годин тому

      Is it worth anything?

    • bonzetto85
      bonzetto85 17 годин тому

      Yeah, it's a common thing in Hyrule

    • The GrandElderTurtle
      The GrandElderTurtle 18 годин тому

      Require a light level of 0 to spawn damn random features

    • ParanoidPumpkin
      ParanoidPumpkin 18 годин тому


  • Hankage Hill
    Hankage Hill 20 днів тому +9423

    the squad vibes are utterly sensational here

    • hapi champagne
      hapi champagne 19 годин тому

      That would be awesome to dig out yourself to keep ❤

    • sunkid86
      sunkid86 День тому

      choir practice went mining

    • Nanex_77
      Nanex_77 День тому

      ​@The Dude hilarious 😂 things going downhill really quick

    • T-rexual
      T-rexual День тому

      They're totally on the same page haha

    • Hankage Hill
      Hankage Hill День тому

      @Evie Rice vibe check failed

  • SomeOddNarwhal
    SomeOddNarwhal 19 годин тому +21

    I aspire to have the same levels of excitement for life /living. They're just so excited and wholesome

  • CompleteStranger
    CompleteStranger День тому +85

    You guys ever think about starting a crystal lovers choir? Those harmonies were 😙🤌

  • Nico Schultz
    Nico Schultz 2 дні тому +2128

    “They’re not rocks, they’re minerals Marie”-Hank

    • Basement thing
      Basement thing День тому

      @DJ 808 Audioviz obviously her and Skyler were made for eachother Skyler is still much worse though

    • DJ 808 Audioviz
      DJ 808 Audioviz День тому

      @Basement thing no i liked Hank but hated Marie

    • Basement thing
      Basement thing День тому

      ​@DJ 808 Audioviz hank was a good character of course it was just you

    • DJ 808 Audioviz
      DJ 808 Audioviz День тому +1

      Did you smile when marie found out Hank was killed or was it just me?

    • Luis Peludero
      Luis Peludero День тому


  • megan marts
    megan marts День тому +78

    Mama nature sure does create some beautiful art for us to enjoy!

    • megan marts
      megan marts 18 годин тому

      @BeeLoweJenkins nope. I ment mother Earth.

    • chaoticmoss
      chaoticmoss 19 годин тому

      @BeeLoweJenkins no.

    • Sapphire
      Sapphire 20 годин тому +2

      @BeeLoweJenkins No, no they did not mean that.

  • violinfire24
    violinfire24 День тому +8

    Their collective "oooooh" is so cute!!

  • Kieran
    Kieran 3 дні тому +1760

    They all sing in harmony every time a chunk falls away

    • Muahahah
      Muahahah День тому

      quartz is a natural synchronizer, it's a key ingredient in modern technology

    • KingXIII
      KingXIII День тому

      Almost sounds cult like lmao

    • A Random Guy
      A Random Guy 2 дні тому +1

      ​@Davidnot really.

    • Angie
      Angie 2 дні тому +1

      Hahahaha they do too..that's funny and cute

    • Ivania
      Ivania 2 дні тому +5


    HBBILY День тому +4

    You guys should host excursions or experiences. I’d love to do this.

  • Raktim Mazumder
    Raktim Mazumder День тому +10

    Crystals are priceless and eternal.

    • Danny Vegito
      Danny Vegito День тому +1

      ​@Johnnie S. Verton real nice way to shit on his statement

    • Johnnie S. Verton
      Johnnie S. Verton День тому +9

      They actually have a price and that price happens to be very low 🤣

  • Cheese Grater
    Cheese Grater 2 дні тому +726

    Bro really found a large soul gem

    • Adrien Carette
      Adrien Carette День тому

      Damn but he need to put a soul in it it is not charged

    • Nchum Moran
      Nchum Moran День тому

      Really I saw this type of stone many times but I didn't collect any.. 😅

    • Бывалый Тип
      Бывалый Тип День тому

      За Обливион!

    • Raymond Yu
      Raymond Yu День тому

      This is how DIABLO IX was creacted

  • Ben
    Ben 22 години тому +5

    I wish I had friends like this.

  • Alethea Husted
    Alethea Husted День тому +3

    Where can I go digging for my own crystals? This piece they uncovered is so beautiful. ❤

  • Black Water
    Black Water День тому +741

    Best group of people to hire for a live studio audience.

  • Leo
    Leo 22 години тому +3

    Man you are fearless! All those ghosts in the background would've had me running.

  • Shaun Mason
    Shaun Mason День тому +8

    He sure knows how to cup the balls. 😮 clear as day🎉

  • s1nn1ngz
    s1nn1ngz День тому +1364

    something about a group of people excited for the same thing is so wholesome

    • Crystal Ceja
      Crystal Ceja 21 годину тому

    • Ryan-Micheal Rowley
      Ryan-Micheal Rowley 22 години тому

      The comment section is a shining example of the opposite

    • Jason Bradley
      Jason Bradley День тому

      Yes especially when it’s 100% faked.

    • LetoZeth
      LetoZeth День тому +1

      That's why you're watching thing faked video of people "finding" a cut and polished quartz crystal.

    • xsterawesome
      xsterawesome День тому +1

      ​@Pullet Broof wholesome isn't the word I would use to describe a strip club, but to each their own.

  • Cher B_SoCO
    Cher B_SoCO День тому +1

    Outstanding find!! Can we just talk about the harmonies of the "Rockhound Choir"? 🔥 🔥 😊

  • asser m.
    asser m. День тому

    i fucking love the coordinated ooohhs and general excitement. wholesome and really funny to people who arent into rocks

  • Swiftwalker
    Swiftwalker 2 дні тому +467

    Like a collective birth. ❤

    • youtube
      youtube День тому +4


    • Mia Love
      Mia Love День тому +2

      Ikr !? Happy Bdayyy Wonderful Collective Beings ❤🎉💎🔮

  • PalmBeach Grown
    PalmBeach Grown День тому +1

    Damn, I didn’t know Chris D’Elia was a rock expert

  • Jessica Cabrera
    Jessica Cabrera День тому

    That is beautiful. What a blessing.💙😇😇💙

    NEMO NOBODY 5 днів тому +656

    The "oooohh!"s are cracking me up for real. Awesome find!

  • JJ Dodds
    JJ Dodds День тому

    This video is awesome! The group's excitement, and enthusiasm. The synchronized OoOo's, and the penis shaped Quartz crystal. This video has it all! Lmao 🤣

  • Luna Agent
    Luna Agent День тому

    They travelled to the nether to get that quartz irl? Mad respect.

  • Coppulor
    Coppulor 4 дні тому +311

    loved the way the backup singers harmonized during the "whaaaaaattt" parts

  • A Sasquatch Named Miguel
    A Sasquatch Named Miguel 21 годину тому

    I love the collective of woos eatch time they dig up more of the crystal lol. Its adorible

  • rickypen
    rickypen День тому

    It's a grand soul gem! Capture a human soul in it and recharge your weapon (or resurrect an ally if you're in the mmo version)

  • Angnina Angpu
    Angnina Angpu 6 днів тому +603

    Funny how they laugh all together at once "oohhh... Wow.... OooOhhh... What...." 😂😂

    • KingXIII
      KingXIII День тому

      Almost sounds cult like lmao

    • Denis
      Denis 3 дні тому


    • Kasha
      Kasha 3 дні тому

      Ooooooooh 😂

    • ejot
      ejot 4 дні тому

      Those arent laughs

  • Fx Royale
    Fx Royale День тому

    Love my crystals. Wonderful piece of clear quartz. Though it was tigers eye at first.

  • Lvke Lavish
    Lvke Lavish День тому

    Hank in heaven rn:

  • ChiChi
    ChiChi День тому +104

    I'm not into rocks but it was so wholesome to hear them cheering all excited. ❤️ Congrats on this finding. 💯👏

  • Gabrielle West
    Gabrielle West День тому

    This is why I love people mining for gems. It's a treasure to find something that big

  • Wesley Buccini
    Wesley Buccini День тому

    That is beautiful!

  • Jacqueline Gonzalez
    Jacqueline Gonzalez 6 днів тому +453

    That is beautiful! I've never seen one 'out in the wild' before, LOL.

    • Miss Missy
      Miss Missy 2 дні тому

      @Colin Tate
      U nailed it. I have a scattered 🧠

    • Napolian Solo
      Napolian Solo 2 дні тому

      @Miss Missy I didn't know that. It sure made him a better actor though. I like to watch el cameno again and again.

    • Colin Tate
      Colin Tate 2 дні тому

      @Miss Missy Huell is unhappy after reading your scattered reply

    • Miss Missy
      Miss Missy 2 дні тому +1

      ​@Napolian Solo
      omg, I can't even think of it right now. I laughed at your comment until I realized I freaking forgot.
      Great show.
      I am sure you know this but Jessie was supposed to only work the first season. That was in his contract. Imagine doing your role so fantastic that you last the series.
      His buddies too.
      Heisanburg, yay. just came to me. (spelling wrong I'm sure)
      take care

    • Napolian Solo
      Napolian Solo 3 дні тому

      @Colin Tate Say my name.

  • TidusZecht
    TidusZecht 18 годин тому

    I get excited for stuff like this cause it's cool af

  • TheSpokenOne
    TheSpokenOne День тому +2

    Angel: "That looks like a big crystal di-"
    God: "Ssh ssh, I don't want them to realise, pfft" 😂

  • Alicia Stone
    Alicia Stone 2 дні тому +113

    Need an update video!
    Can't wait to see it all cleaned up😊
    What a cool find.

  • Charles Savary
    Charles Savary 19 годин тому

    “But their hopes were dashed when three butterfly nets suddenly zoomed down on Quinn, Nancy, and Gordon. And their frivolity immediately gave way to despair when they saw the van for the lunatic asylum parked a few feet away, thus, bringing their fun excursion to an abrupt close.”

  • J. W.
    J. W. 22 години тому

    Wow! Such gorgeous finds. 😍

  • Alejandro Ferrigno
    Alejandro Ferrigno 5 днів тому +202

    I want to see somebody use a pressure washer to dig up a bunch of these

    • Mountain Nomad VFX
      Mountain Nomad VFX 3 дні тому

      @Sev Depends.
      Limestone is much softer and can take a power washing without much bother as long as you don't go crazy.

    • Sev
      Sev 3 дні тому +5

      Probably would mess up a lot of the crystals creating imperfections

    • sirkingpinjr
      sirkingpinjr 4 дні тому +8

      Air spade!!! Wayy wayyyyy faster

  • Soft paws
    Soft paws День тому

    Woah, that quartz looks cool in person 😮

  • andyroo moris
    andyroo moris День тому

    That's a beast 🎉

  • Detective Andy
    Detective Andy 2 дні тому +79

    It looked so black and dark at first, then you pull it out and its clear and white! Amazing! (1 Day later, I should've known the pervs would come out of the woodwork with my comment 😄)

    • Detective Andy
      Detective Andy День тому +1

      @roadArt it morphed colors right before my eyes!

    • roadArt
      roadArt День тому

      Yeah that Crystal was dying to get some light pouring through it to reflect its true inner beauty

    • Kartik
      Kartik День тому +1

      What do you mean Lil bro 🤔

    • StanicSzn
      StanicSzn День тому


    • lkporter1989
      lkporter1989 2 дні тому +6

      Yeah it was a BBC at first... big black crystal....

  • DrHappytriggerman PHD
    DrHappytriggerman PHD День тому

    I wish I could be this excited about life as they are about a rock

  • Jayden Donkey
    Jayden Donkey День тому

    Congrats, that's actually beautiful

  • Christopher Stoker
    Christopher Stoker День тому +22

    Mother nature’s sense of humor 😂

    • STPbasss
      STPbasss День тому

      I saw it 😂

  • Albert Baysa
    Albert Baysa День тому

    Finally some legit diggings right here!

  • Rebecca Metzger
    Rebecca Metzger День тому

    Where on earth do you find things like this?
    It's like the best thing!

  • Chef Ugly
    Chef Ugly 5 днів тому +245

    Another episode of : digging up stuff I buried yesterday and acting surprised when I find it.

    • demonsluger
      demonsluger День тому

      @Jorjie yeah totally coudnt be a pal. if its on tiktok its fake.

    • Jorjie
      Jorjie День тому

      It's actually a real find. This is originally from tiktok and a professional geologist tiktoker already reviewed this

    • Red_Phoenix05
      Red_Phoenix05 День тому

      I don't know whether or not it was placed here, but quartz crystals (among many others) grow in that beautiful shape naturally. they can be incredibly smooth uncut, their lattice (I think that's the term) is extremely straight and pretty strong, yet slightly flexible. bending it actually creates an electric current, and an applied current does the reverse. it's how lcd screens work, and it's pretty neat.
      (I replied this because many people seem to think it's been cut, but it looks very natural, regardless of if it was placed there or not.)

    • KingXIII
      KingXIII День тому +1

      @Aliyah A Exactly. Conveniently placed right below the surface lol

    • Aliyah A
      Aliyah A День тому +2

      ​@KingXIII you hit the nail in the head!! It looks like it was freshly planted & digged up for likes . Too many fakes out there, you can't believe everything or everyone. 😅😂😂😂

  • WiseBrewMedia
    WiseBrewMedia День тому

    Clean! Wish I could find something like that!!!!

  • Mikki B.
    Mikki B. День тому

    Fantastic crystal find👍🏼

  • unacceptable Sister Peter
    unacceptable Sister Peter 3 дні тому +183

    High level geo nerding right there.
    Congrats on your find

  • Bat Saengchareun
    Bat Saengchareun День тому +1

    Wow we did a great job of placing it didn’t we lol😅

  • Enigmandius
    Enigmandius День тому

    Motivational listening music for when I get dressed in the morning.

  • Sunflower_chickens
    Sunflower_chickens 2 дні тому +425

    How neat! As a kid, my grandparents would take us to Arkansas and we would dig for crystals! Brings back memories!

  • Zeth
    Zeth 23 години тому

    The way the group went OOOOOOOOOOOO was just hilarious😂

  • Pastor Slant
    Pastor Slant День тому

    Yall like a whole choir.

  • Pono
    Pono День тому +8

    That's seriously a phenomenal crystal

  • Ryan Anggoro
    Ryan Anggoro День тому

    the excitement got through me 😆

  • Big Puff
    Big Puff День тому +1

    That's my spellcasting focus!

  • Don Coladangelo
    Don Coladangelo 2 дні тому +11

    Find you something that makes you as excited as rocks make these folks 😂

    • Dcyphrz
      Dcyphrz День тому

      Honestly, I wish I could. Good for them.

  • realitynowassigned
    realitynowassigned День тому

    I wish I could be that excited about literally anything

  • Natalie Shanahan
    Natalie Shanahan День тому +1

    The noises they make, ooooooooh😂 shiny ❤😊

  • Thistle_baby
    Thistle_baby День тому +4

    Me when I find a precut and polished rock that I totally didn't bury

  • Josué Neufeld
    Josué Neufeld День тому +6

    Dude found a grand soul gem

  • Jay1R
    Jay1R 18 годин тому

    They're Rock's, Hank!

  • JohnBelwell
    JohnBelwell 3 дні тому +250

    The crystal is so glad to see you again, it thought you burried it alive

    • Zack
      Zack 2 дні тому

      @this time look it up, im not a geologist

    • Little Jackalo
      Little Jackalo 2 дні тому +1

      ​@Alphonse nicholas crescenzo derrrrrp
      Did you just allude to the fact that you think that crystals don't form in a smooth and geometric form? Do you really think that a crystal needs to be cut to look like that? Bwahahaha

    • Juan Monagas
      Juan Monagas 2 дні тому +1

      ​@Alphonse nicholas crescenzo its a natural quartz, quartz belongs to the hexaplanar crystal system and thus forms like this

    • Tom G
      Tom G 2 дні тому +1

      ​@Alphonse nicholas crescenzo Appearently you don't know anything about crystals...
      Yes that is how they form naturally! That is not cut to such shape. Likely deposited there long before man...

  • Svetlana True FAM Tisaj
    Svetlana True FAM Tisaj 19 годин тому

    What a beautiful crystal😍

  • Twisted Secets
    Twisted Secets  20 годин тому

    I swear this makes me want to get into a profession where I go down into caves deep into the earth ....I want something like that

  • Ah Jodie
    Ah Jodie 3 дні тому +4

    Wow, what a fun video. I would never have thought that was behind that little spot! How cool! I love everyone's reaction too!

  • Mortal Kombat
    Mortal Kombat 22 години тому

    That’s such a good find. 😂😂😂

    YASWANTH KADIRI 22 години тому +1

    If you cut the video. . It's a group of Wolves. . Chilling 😂😂😂

  • Ferrie Loof
    Ferrie Loof 3 дні тому +261

    They're not rocks, Marie, they're CRYSTALS!!!

  • Slingshot99
    Slingshot99 20 годин тому

    They sound like my neighbour's dogs howling at the moon. 😂

  • Michele L
    Michele L 21 годину тому

    That is spectacular!

  • T-rexual
    T-rexual День тому +6

    That's a wild ride, what a find!

  • Mary Feehan
    Mary Feehan День тому

    Very smooth, looks carved already

  • T-ROD Shader
    T-ROD Shader День тому

    That’s beautiful

  • Dylan Sorensen
    Dylan Sorensen 9 днів тому +150

    A video on signs to look for when crystal hunting would be dope, glad you guys had fun

    • tubeonline629
      tubeonline629 3 дні тому +1

      ​@Kevin Monahan
      People usually look for them in areas known to grow them. I don't know where this video was made, i do know that people find alot in Arkansas .

    • Kevin Monahan
      Kevin Monahan 5 днів тому +13

      I've been digging in the sand in my backyard all day and so far only found dog shit so there must be more to it than just look for sand

    • EastW88d Redd
      EastW88d Redd 5 днів тому +6

      @Palapalmaoo 😂😂

    • Palapa
      Palapa 7 днів тому +12

      Just gotta look for some sand looking shit and start digging I guess

  • Mon L
    Mon L День тому

    You should tell us what kind they are when you dig them up on your videos

  • Adam Stampley
    Adam Stampley День тому

    You have to do this at njght, while the crystals are sleeping.🙌

  • 大槻利喜男
    大槻利喜男 3 дні тому +15


    • g.h.p
      g.h.p День тому

      من فکر کردم شغال هستند که زوزه میکشند 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • pizzafrenzyman
    pizzafrenzyman День тому

    Not bad for a night's work. Almost museum quality

  • Nancy Martin
    Nancy Martin День тому

    Does the mining choir also chirp in when his grinding level goes up?

  • Tasfia Zahin
    Tasfia Zahin 5 днів тому +92

    I love geologists, they're so pure

    • TTTenshi_exe
      TTTenshi_exe День тому

      Bruh… they are not geologist, they only buried a quartz and they forgot that raw quartz does not come cut and polished...

    • Constantine
      Constantine 4 дні тому +1

      ​@WubaLubaDubz Discipline is when you hate doing something but you appear as if you love doing it. No hate just food for thought.

    • Lexi Ashy
      Lexi Ashy 4 дні тому +3

      On a staged video?!

    • WubaLubaDubz
      WubaLubaDubz 4 дні тому +2

      @kylebluch 💀

    • kylebluch
      kylebluch 4 дні тому +7

      Nah it rocks

  • Maura de Abreu Tarot
    Maura de Abreu Tarot День тому

    A real question: Is it normal for the crystal to come out like this, with perfect cuts? It looks polished.

  • Joseph Longmei
    Joseph Longmei День тому

    Reminded me of those suddenly appeared recent shorts where it showed some asian people finding rocks and trading it for bucks.
    Miss them😆

  • ju lia
    ju lia День тому +338

    When I was younger, my grandfather would bring these crystals from the countryside to decorate his house. He showed me and asked me to look for shapes and images in the natural cuts of the crystals. I remember once we found a chapel and something like a heart.

    • Captain Snappy86
      Captain Snappy86 23 години тому

      Check out the mud fossil theory.

    • Kugelblitz
      Kugelblitz День тому

      ​@Gyp Rosetti why do you say that?

    • Gyp Rosetti
      Gyp Rosetti День тому

      That’s such a lie

    • Sven Bodali
      Sven Bodali День тому

      Remarkably wholesome, thank you for that

    • Yukkynukkls
      Yukkynukkls День тому +6

      What a beautiful memory

  • Kawi
    Kawi 21 годину тому

    Awesome find ❤

  • Naiya Devine Cominos
    Naiya Devine Cominos 20 годин тому

    How beautiful.

  • if you like piña coladas.
    if you like piña coladas. 2 дні тому +46

    I 💚 how excited y’all get together lol

  • TK Reikon
    TK Reikon 23 години тому +1

    Where do you find these in nature? Always wanted to know?

  • Tim Csont
    Tim Csont 20 годин тому

    If that is quartz, depending on grading, this might cost almost $10K

  • Mermaid Naya
    Mermaid Naya 2 дні тому +15

    Such a gorgeous clear quartz ✨

    • Jason Bradley
      Jason Bradley День тому

      …. That was buried in the dirt by the same people who found it so they could record it and make plebs say “such a beautiful rock”, and believe nonsense.

  • PlumaDePrimavera
    PlumaDePrimavera День тому

    They are like crows seeing something shiny… same though XD

  • Pork McBeans
    Pork McBeans День тому

    I wish I still got this excited about anything 😂

  • Antzman 5040
    Antzman 5040 2 дні тому +130

    Whilst the team was super excited, Jenifer remained quiet as her temptations overwhelm her thoughts with other plans