Denver Broncos vs. Miami Dolphins Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Week 3

  • Опубліковано 23 вер 2023
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  • Scruff D0g
    Scruff D0g День тому +6771

    The greatest offensive performance from a team in a single game I’ve ever seen. 10 TDs, no turnovers, 726 total yards, 7 TDs from running backs. This was just surreal.

    • NewAgain
      NewAgain День тому +212

      fire Sean Payton. Dude been overrated.

    • Justin B
      Justin B День тому +303

      8 TDs by running backs, both Mostert and Achane had 4.

    • The Nobody
      The Nobody День тому +138

      Poor Brandon perna

    • IDAWG
      IDAWG День тому +219

      And tua completed every pass in the first half and an 88% completion rate overall

    • Blockinglowtier
      Blockinglowtier День тому +60

      ​@newagain9964 Payton dosent call defensive plays this is Vance Joseph's defense .

  • Mutt
    Mutt День тому +380

    Not a dolphins fan, but I’m glad they scored 70 while at home. Gave the fans a once in a lifetime experience

  • Gareth Johnson
    Gareth Johnson День тому +265

    The speed of the dolphins is just insane. Hill, Mostert and Achane are so fast. Dolphins going to win a lot of games this year, and this was without Waddle as well.

    • No¹
      No¹ День тому +9

      Yeah especially Hill seems to just have that extra one or two steps on defenders in acceleration that is the difference between getting tackled and making it past that first defender or two

    • Lee Cowell
      Lee Cowell День тому +6

      Waddle is fast too along with Tua reads. He is really quick as well. Notice that he doesn't run for mileage? But he's elusive.

    • le khoa
      le khoa День тому


    • Gabe Nunn
      Gabe Nunn День тому

      Honestly thought I watching this in 2x speed

    • Anndy
      Anndy День тому

      Legion of speed

  • Robert Alvarez
    Robert Alvarez День тому +92

    I arrived in Miami with the Dolphins winning back to back Super Bowls including going undefeated. I have never seen an offense like this. Amazing.

    • Lee Cowell
      Lee Cowell День тому +1

      We had season tickets in that era. Totally different kinda game back then everything was about defense & running the ball down the other team's throat with bullies like Zonk.

    • Monty Muslet
      Monty Muslet День тому +1

      Defence today was impeccable

    • Wayne Johanson
      Wayne Johanson 23 години тому +1

      Imagine if Marino had this offense. He would have won a Super Bowl.

  • Josh Siegfried
    Josh Siegfried День тому +72

    Kevin Harlan is a national treasure, his genuine excitement and calls are amazing

    • Bryan Smith
      Bryan Smith 23 години тому

      I think the Dolphins are stuck with that idiot Romo next week

    • Judas The Pious
      Judas The Pious 23 години тому +3

      yeah.. I wish the nfl don't gets forced to use female commentators like in other league (nba, nhl) it's very annoying hearing women commentating a physical sports game

    • JeRon Washington
      JeRon Washington 23 години тому

      I don't like Kevin Harlan, he's annoying, he's obnoxious, and he needs to calm down and relax

  • GladeSucks
    GladeSucks День тому +23

    This was the best offensive performance I’ve seen in my lifetime. Every single player gave it everything they had, Tua read the field perfectly and had an astounding 88% completion rate, both running backs did exactly what was needed of them and more. If Waddle wasn’t out, we could’ve seen an 80 point game just by shortening the time needed each drive

  • Lycan4647
    Lycan4647 День тому +3197

    I'm not even a Broncos fan but man.... watching this game made me wanna cry for them 😭

    • Brent Davis
      Brent Davis День тому +62

      Naw this a good ole L

    • William Animations
      William Animations День тому +60

      This is why Homer Simpson never liked them

    • Faded
      Faded День тому +49

      The fact that there were still some in the stands after the 3rd quarter is mind blowing

    • Stephen Lucido
      Stephen Lucido День тому +34

      Now the Broncos know how the Giants feel after their loss to the Cowboys in week one!

    • Ian Gordon
      Ian Gordon День тому +100

      I’m a Broncos fan. I wish the Dolphins scored 100. It’s time to purge everyone. Scorched earth on the coaches.

  • Thomas Dougherty
    Thomas Dougherty День тому +30

    Y’all better remember this moment because this is one of the greatest offensive performances in nfl history

    • kvernon1
      kvernon1 День тому +1

      I don't think we'll need any encouragement remembering a performance like this!

    • Quinton Bailey
      Quinton Bailey 23 години тому

      It was more of a defensive performance than an offensive one....

    • Gustavo Alejandro Herrera Hernández
      Gustavo Alejandro Herrera Hernández 23 години тому

      ​@Quinton Bailey Sure, in special cuz it was 70 points in a game.

  • nox corvus
    nox corvus День тому +27

    Unbelievable. 70 points. Dolphins have been building momentum last few years, looking better every year

  • lakerskid2013
    lakerskid2013 День тому +19

    Patriots fan here, and giving major props to Miami for this performance, doesn’t matter who the team they face off against. The fact they scored 70 points is absurd, and it’s only the 4th time ever in NFL history a team has scored 70 points in a game. When I saw on ESPN that they had the ball in Denver territory at the end, I thought for sure they would’ve at least tied the all time record. Tua is showing he could be an MVP candidate this season as long as he stays healthy of course. Also I think Achane is an underrated pickup for them in the draft.

    • Lee Cowell
      Lee Cowell День тому

      Someday the Fins will play Denver out there and those fans WILL remember this day and what the Fins did... AND NOT DO. Karma is a strange thing...

  • Jamie Aguilar
    Jamie Aguilar День тому +48

    Kevin Harlan has the best voice for play by play in sports. Him calling these plays makes it even better!

  • Tuco Salamanca
    Tuco Salamanca День тому +22

    Dolphins fans at the game today definitely got their moneys worth on those tickets! WHAT A GAME!

  • Moose
    Moose День тому +3935

    Everyone better cherish this moment because I’m not sure if we’ll ever see 70 points scored in our life time again.

    • RoboNinja
      RoboNinja День тому +178

      Yea the record is 73 and Miami today scored the most points since 1966. Only 3 teams had ever scored 70 before. Bears scored 73 in 1940, Redskins with 72 in 1966, and the 1950 Rams scored 70. It certainly doesn't happen very often. After seeing the Chiefs up 34-0 at half I was thinking will 2 teams score 70 pts today? But the Chiefs have slowed down in the 2nd half.

    • Mario Martinez
      Mario Martinez День тому +213

      I didn’t watch the game but when I saw 70 as the final score on my espn app I thought my phone was tripping.

    • Den Man
      Den Man День тому +23

      Same haha@Mario Martinez

    • Albert Lopez
      Albert Lopez День тому +19

      Well I sure the Broncos had a good week of practice. The first dolphin touch down says it all about this game

    • James Prall
      James Prall День тому +42

      With the new rules, I’m sure we will see it again

  • Bryson Francois
    Bryson Francois День тому +48

    As a dolphins fan, Im happy Mike decided to take a knee there. Real class and rerpect.

    • Shawn Christianson
      Shawn Christianson День тому +4

      Yup real classy scoring 70. What a great guy. Nah, I really like Mike. He seems like a great dude but get real. There was no need for any starters to be in halfway through the third.

    • Lee Cowell
      Lee Cowell День тому +1

      Yep a class act there... Tell you what had that been New England in their heyday they'd be going for the record. Someday we'll play Denver out there and those fans will remember this day you can bet on it the world is full of karma, folks.

    • J M
      J M 23 години тому +1

      You just became a phins fan

    • Bryan Smith
      Bryan Smith 23 години тому opposed to Belichick drop kicking extra points and running up the score.
      Good vs. Evil.

  • Victor Marin
    Victor Marin День тому +42

    Ive been a Dolphins fan ever since i went into my first Fuddruckers in South Florida as a 5 year old and saw Marinos Jersey on the wall in 95 and asked my dad who was that man. The colors and pictures fascinated me. Its easy to say there have been many years of torment, still may happen lol but this is easily the best Dolphins team ive ever seen and the most excited and hopeful ive been, I almost wanted to shed a tear during the game.

  • Michael Wacher
    Michael Wacher День тому +12

    I wasn’t quite sure if Tua was for real or not after last season, but he is our man for hopefully the next 10 years. And what a fun 10 years it will be. He is on fire. Finally finally finally we have a bright future. I’ve waited for this for many decades.

  • Kesha: I am single
    Kesha: I am single День тому +32

    Wow, Great , very big performance from the dolphins, what a fiery attack, impressive, incredible , awesome 🎊🎉🔥🏈

  • Javian Johnson
    Javian Johnson День тому +5

    My goodness! We really need to talk about how much of a dominate force Miami has looked in these first few weeks of the season 🔥

  • BaronBrrrrett
    BaronBrrrrett День тому +444

    This game was absolutely something else. That's one of the BEST offensive performances ever.

    • Motorcycle Cowboy
      Motorcycle Cowboy День тому +3

      Absolutely! I was thrilled watching this. The last game that was this exciting, for me at least, was the Giants vs Saints game where Brees and Manning went to war.

    • Veena Raja
      Veena Raja День тому


    • Dr. Bees
      Dr. Bees День тому +7

      Don’t forget worst defensive performance

    • jjx
      jjx День тому +1

      W lucky star

    • Only2Genders
      Only2Genders День тому

      Broncos country, let's ride.....

  • happyhapley
    happyhapley День тому +24

    It's not like Russell Wilson had a bad game, but it was Miami's day. Good move to belatedly take Tua out early in the 4th quarter, because he is the main key to their success. Denver should've done the same with Wilson. Finally, I believe that when you have a chance to challenge historic records, you should go for it - unless there is some risk.

    • carsonc29
      carsonc29 День тому +2

      to be fair, lots of Wilson production was after the score was outta control..not to take anything away from him, he had some great throws..but if the D isnt stepping up, then you have to

    • BaronB
      BaronB День тому +10

      ​@carsonc29no one steps up to 70 points. D lost the game again

    • kvernon1
      kvernon1 День тому +2

      The risk becomes your team's & coach's reputation if you are intentionally running up the score. Yes, the Dolphins COULD have scored more points at the end but chose not to. This is called CLASS, something you can't buy at any price.

    • Skibo
      Skibo День тому +3

      @kvernon1 these players get paid millions to play football. Broncos defense simply should have stepped up. If there’s a chance for a record I truly believe you should go for it bc u never know if that opportunity will come again

      CMLAFLAMME День тому

      The highlights made him look a little better than he did. A team doesn't get to 70 points unless the opposing teams offense is going 3 and out a lot. Wilson couldn't convert on 3rd downs most of the game. Highlight doesn't show all those.

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim День тому +5

    One of the most perfectly executed gameplans I've ever seen and without waddle hats off Miami

  • Eyan G.
    Eyan G. День тому +10

    Fins dropped 70 and had a chance to go for the record but showed mercy😂..that itself speaks volumes about McDaniels, job well done💯

  • Blue Balled Media
    Blue Balled Media День тому +5

    I've never seen a score like this in pro NFL. What a beatdown. I'm actually kind of sad for the Broncos. Wow

  • rgman2858
    rgman2858 День тому +3

    That was the most thorough dismantling of a team ive ever seem in my 37 year's on earth. They broke their ankles their hearts and their will. Well done boys well done

  • BravoSixZer0
    BravoSixZer0 День тому +927

    The most impressive thing wasn't that the Dolphins put up 70 and set/broke records today. It was that they did it WITHOUT Waddle.

    • Xavier Wren02
      Xavier Wren02 День тому +43

      Yeah that’s amazing alone. Not having one of your most important players and still dominating just shows that Miami is great even without waddle. Hopefully he will be back soon and they will be better then ever!

    • Belleza🔥
      Belleza🔥 День тому +2

      What was the record? 🙄

    • Belleza🔥
      Belleza🔥 День тому +1

      Most yards they're up there in 2nd but not #1
      Most points in nfl they're 3rd

    • Fabreeze1993
      Fabreeze1993 День тому +5

      What record(s) did they break lmao? They decided to not break the record that they were 3 away from

    • Josh Jackson
      Josh Jackson День тому +2

      Yeah but adding achmain and the number 0 really helps waddle and Tyreek. They are really fast and can catch too

  • MrRJLitt
    MrRJLitt День тому +7

    I wanna see footage of the Miami locker room after the game. This was legendary.

  • MarkTaylorAuthor
    MarkTaylorAuthor 23 години тому +2

    They don’t just have talent. That play calling was insane. Super creative

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia День тому +2

    Never seen anything like this in on my life. Absolutely incredible to watch an nfl offense hum like that. Looks like a college game when an fbs team plays an fcs team. What a special game for all nfl fans

  • craps 48
    craps 48 День тому +6

    Now that’s a team in sync. Give big credit to the D and offensive line.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith День тому +4

    With Tua being 12/12 and up 11 points, they ran 2 FB sneaks. That's insane to me. And still scored 70.

  • lil Sebastian
    lil Sebastian День тому +865

    I’ve been a Dolphins fan for 30+ years and this is the best team we’ve had in my lifetime as a fan.

    • jason billy
      jason billy День тому +30

      Good for you and I truly mean that coming from a raiders fan I hope y'all win the Superbowl 💯

    • Jay Art
      Jay Art День тому +11

      Same here. And that's saying something when you consider Marino! We've been suffering for over 20 years and now we get to enjoy a great team with incredible leadership. I can't imagine how this year turns into 9-8 or 8-9. We'll see the real test next week!!!

    • Ash
      Ash День тому +2

      Ricky Williams likes this

    • Gee
      Gee День тому +1

      Same here…

    • Conway Twitter
      Conway Twitter День тому +9

      Yeah, if tua stays healthy, yall making a DEEP playoff run.

  • Uwel
    Uwel День тому +6

    WOWSERS!!! This team is so good that it reminds of the Dan Marino’s team of the ‘80s!
    Congratulations DOLPHINS!!!

    • Lee Cowell
      Lee Cowell 23 години тому

      Marino didn't have the RB's that this team has so what happened was they couldn't hold the ball long enough for the defensive to rest thus the other team outscored us in the 4th quarter. Marino really only had one great year in 84.

  • أستغفر الله
    أستغفر الله День тому +7

    Wow total team effort
    Tua is on another level
    Dolphins are coming hard at everyone, I feel like this offense is UNSTOPPABLE..

    • peggy mitchell
      peggy mitchell День тому +3

      The Buffalo game going to be good

    • أستغفر الله
      أستغفر الله 23 години тому

      @peggy mitchell fact
      I can’t wait bro
      I feel like the Dolphins are just gonna bully everyone lol 😂 especially the way they played today!

  • WillyK
    WillyK 23 години тому +1

    As a lifelong Chiefs fan this was one of the most enjoyable games I've ever seen.

    𝕹𝕴𝕮𝕶𝖄 𝕳𝕮 День тому +2

    As a eagles fan, this was a good game to watch even the Dolphins destroyed Broncos.

  • Elias Null
    Elias Null День тому +2

    What a time to be a Dolphins fan! What a game!! #finsup

  • d c
    d c День тому +3

    Miami is just one of those teams you want to see succeed even if you're not a fan

  • hh0lmes
    hh0lmes 23 години тому +3

    Watching this felt like watching a season highlight reel not single game.

  • The Boxing Boy
    The Boxing Boy 23 години тому +2

    This is the Tua people know is in there and I want him to stay healthy because if he does than he can be a special special player was absolutely unreal to happen in a NFL game.. the dolphins put on one of the Greatest offensive performances in a single game ever

  • Paul Stevenson
    Paul Stevenson 23 години тому +2

    My dad loved the dolphins he was 70 and just passed away a a month ago I really hope they win it all this year. And that shovel pass made me say wow

  • Dragon Lord Katana
    Dragon Lord Katana День тому +4

    70 points scored😲 That's unbelievable

    KAILAN BURGESS День тому +396

    Being a Miami Dolphins fan since age eight this is quite unreal. Glad I lived to see it. Hats off to the Miami coaching staff.

    • Louis
      Louis День тому +7

      Indeed!! I would wished my old man was still around to see that. He would have jumped inside the television screen to celebrate 😢. Oh well.

    • Ben Vargas
      Ben Vargas День тому +3

      my dad and i have been dolphins fans our whole lives and it was the craziest game me or my dad have ever seen in our whole lives. it was amazing

    • Hiitsstriker
      Hiitsstriker День тому +4

      As a patriots fan, how did we keep them to just 24? HOW?!

    • Michael Coughlan
      Michael Coughlan День тому +5

      @Hiitsstrikerbecause our defence is good but our offence on the other hand is a different story 😂

    • Danny Doak
      Danny Doak День тому +1

      Born in 93 its been tough what a day

  • Cordisme
    Cordisme День тому +4

    You know it’s a good game when there is a straight 15 minutes of highlights😂

  • John19 76Rome
    John19 76Rome День тому +1

    Impressive performance from the Miami Dolphins 😮😮😮

  • GrammarPD
    GrammarPD 23 години тому +2

    Absolutely love Cheetah’s celebration with the fans 😂

  • Richard White
    Richard White День тому +5

    This game reminds me of playing madden on easy mode. Amazing

  • Samuel Troy
    Samuel Troy День тому +4

    Tyreek Hill needs to be praised for his cardio. that man is a cardio machine. granted he has time off when the defense is on the field, but he's non stop sprinting every offensive possession

  • Paul Patton
    Paul Patton День тому +492

    70 points in a game is INSANE 🤯

    • Mike Foehr
      Mike Foehr День тому +15

      I had to watch the hilites because i thot the score was an error

    • John Doe
      John Doe День тому +2

      way things are going by 2043 it will be typical every sunday every game

    • Krusty Madrid
      Krusty Madrid День тому +4

      @John Doe way things are going, there will not be NFL games by 2043

    • Monroe Grady
      Monroe Grady День тому +2

      It was the broncos bro

    • Evan Productions 102
      Evan Productions 102 День тому +2


  • Kortney May
    Kortney May 23 години тому +1

    I'm not even a fan of either team, but you watch something special when you see it, great job dolphins!

  • Ove Rendum
    Ove Rendum День тому +1

    This is the best Dolphins game I've seen !! Second highest gamescore in NFL history and biggest score difference 🐬🐬🐬 Fins Up 🏈🏈

  • Jack Hummell
    Jack Hummell День тому

    Been a dolphin fan since 2007 and this game was by far the most impressive game I’ve ever seen them play

  • Michael D
    Michael D День тому +3

    I was hoping to see this with the Chiefs today because we was 41-0 at halftime but then took out all the starters and fell off quick 😅

    • Brandon
      Brandon 23 години тому

      It wasn't 41 to 0 at halftime

  • Nathan Niedzwiecki
    Nathan Niedzwiecki День тому +644

    The fact we got this historic record-setting game is great. The fact we got it with Kevin Harlan on the call makes it even better.

    • Winston Christopher
      Winston Christopher День тому +26

      Soon as I heard Kevin Harlan was calling the game I knew it was gonna be good

    • Mike Edwards
      Mike Edwards День тому +28

      The fact Waddle didn't play was even scarier lol

    • Nicholas Smirz
      Nicholas Smirz День тому +15

      Kevin "I'm Calling Both Games" Harlan

    • BaronBrrrrett
      BaronBrrrrett День тому +7

      For real. Kevin Harlan is an outstanding announcer

    • Falk Firebeard
      Falk Firebeard День тому +5

      Kevin Harlan is my favorite. Dude is just electric.

  • roman legionhare
    roman legionhare 23 години тому +1

    I do wish they had gone for the record. But it is great to see the Dolphins good again.

  • Rocco Cavalier
    Rocco Cavalier День тому

    I’ve been a dolphins fan growing up in New England because my family moved there and this MORE than makes up for the suffering I’ve been through for my whole life no matter how the season goes 😂😂

  • David Ha Tran
    David Ha Tran День тому +3

    Not to take away Phins credit, if Broncos defense keeps playing like this, they are going to have a pretty high draft pick next year. Offense gives away balls while defense can't even hold to 3 points, even 70 points makes sense. On the other hand, Phins are the team to beat now in the AFC, even more than Chiefs!

    FLO_GROWN GNOME День тому +1

    we are the record no matter what. What a Legendary game!!!!

  • Sully
    Sully День тому +1

    So happy I didn’t miss todays game! Dolphins were out standing!

  • Flembeled
    Flembeled День тому +881

    I don't know what to say but.. I've officially lived to see a 70 point game

  • Jamaul Jeffries
    Jamaul Jeffries День тому +2

    Being the Miami dolphins fan is finally starting to pay off😂😂🎉

  • E S
    E S День тому

    As a Bills fan, I have irritating admiration for our greatest rival. As a football fan? Holy hell, that was incredible. They nearly made NFL history! As it stands, beyond insane game and well done Dolphins.

  • Michael Land
    Michael Land День тому +2

    5:30 "What a play by the Denver defense!" -direct quote from this game's highlight reel

    • kvernon1
      kvernon1 День тому +1

      "One Shining Moment"!

  • Jack
    Jack День тому +4

    As a Buffalo Bills fan and a football fan,I am happy to see Tua is healthy. I am not very happy about,how accurate he is….uh oh 😅

    • mc gamer 🤭
      mc gamer 🤭 23 години тому

      u guys won today, as a commanders fan i gotta give y’all the props, y’all seem like urselves maybe u gnna compete w the dolphins for the bowl😌

  • CT
    CT День тому +7

    Can everyone give Tua the credit he deserves now? Remember everyone bashing on him til now, even after he proved himself. Saying he’s lefty, too short etc

  • Elias Patino
    Elias Patino День тому +392

    Can we take this chance and appreciate that we all lived to see a 70 point game

    • Vidsofthe_Day
      Vidsofthe_Day День тому +7

      For real 😮

    • keawe tarawa
      keawe tarawa День тому +43

      Should have been 73 for all time record - but mcdaniels felt sorry for them lmao

    • zymbotictoot
      zymbotictoot День тому +5

      Amen brother. Fins up !

    • Bean With Shades
      Bean With Shades День тому +16

      ​@keawe tarawaYeah screw them broncos' feelings.. I kick the field goal if it was my call 💪

    • Frank Nowakowski
      Frank Nowakowski День тому +4

      I got to see it in person one of the best experiences I’ve ever had

  • supreme2005
    supreme2005 День тому +1

    The first quarter and a half was a decent game, then complete and utter domination

  • Julio Martinez
    Julio Martinez 23 години тому +2

    Well done from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  • DUGout TV
    DUGout TV День тому +1

    I understand what the coach was going for, but setting records is what sports is ALL about!

  • MARO
    MARO День тому +1

    That end around to Achane play was immaculate.

  • William DeFeo
    William DeFeo День тому +1

    Kevin Harlan as the commentator makes it so much better. Well done Dolphins.

  • ghostly10562
    ghostly10562 День тому +263

    I have never seen a Dolphin team, so in sync. Even back to the Marino, Clayton, Duper era

    • C Woo
      C Woo День тому +9

      Truly, they worked as a unit. Quick on their feet. Quick thinking. Brilliant.

    • knowledge lawrence
      knowledge lawrence День тому +6

      They played great my team the Broncos need to tighten up we already 0-3 😢

    • Mike Foehr
      Mike Foehr День тому

      Back in the 80s

    • Talkball
      Talkball День тому +2

      @knowledge lawrencena ain’t no tightening that up they gotta fire an hire some new folks

    • UK Prince
      UK Prince День тому

      Like basketball in Mike’s handcheck era It helps in football now where you can no longer hit hard etc

  • Mizer
    Mizer День тому +338

    As a Dolphins fan this is unbelievable. I never thought I'd see the day that we had a real offense again. Not since Marino and the Mark's brothers have they been this good.

    • Motorcycle Cowboy
      Motorcycle Cowboy День тому +8

      Yeah, we've had some big games over the years, but they have been surprising with the type of offense and disarray we have been under for some time. This, feels good. I'm still in awe after watching this game. Absolutely insanity.

    • TheOne_96
      TheOne_96 День тому +1

      yall beat the broncos relax 💀💀💀

    • Jeshua Armas
      Jeshua Armas День тому +8

      @TheOne_96and the pats and the chargers

    • Wikked
      Wikked День тому +13

      @TheOne_96you’re acting like it’s easy to drop 70 on a team, this will never happen for a long long time

    • jay gee
      jay gee День тому

      @Jeshua Armas beating the Pats is no big deal…maybe 5-10-15-20yrs ago it would of been

  • Rzar
    Rzar День тому

    That was nuts! Usually only see scores like this in college.

  • FrostyxMeBoi
    FrostyxMeBoi День тому +2

    This is a game I’m gonna kick myself for not getting to see. I’ve got to start getting sundays off 😅 I can only imagine the rest of y’all’s hype, must’ve been like that Texans game years back where at halftime we were up crazy #s

  • Micah Givens
    Micah Givens День тому

    The fact that all TDs were scored on offense is insane!🤯

  • Kyle Kennedy
    Kyle Kennedy День тому +1

    The 99 yard TD return was crazy too.

  • iBeWood
    iBeWood День тому +863

    The Dolphins just scored more offensive touchdowns in one game than the Steelers will all year.

    • Psych and Son
      Psych and Son День тому +73

      How we out here catching strays bruh 😮

    • Sebgaming420
      Sebgaming420 День тому +16

      @Psych and Sonbecause our offense is terrible lol

      STATELESS День тому +4

      @Sebgaming420 itll be ok , long way to go

    • Taiafiafi Williams
      Taiafiafi Williams День тому +2

      Than the last two seasons combined

    • Richie Snow
      Richie Snow День тому +7

      @Sebgaming420 Yall play my Raiders tonight. Your offense will start clicking tonight, i promise lol

  • ryan sileo
    ryan sileo День тому +2

    This offense is magic

  • customexhaustshop
    customexhaustshop День тому +2

    This is our year dolphins fans, i feel it in my fins.

  • WiFi
    WiFi День тому +1

    Mike McDaniels is so underrated i miss him on the 49ers. 😢

  • Diet Bleach
    Diet Bleach День тому +2

    I've never seen 70 points on an NFL scoreboard before. Wow.

  • Staei
    Staei День тому +1

    Hill cheering in the crowd after the first TD was one of the funniest things i've seen in a while.

  • thelegoboy8732489
    thelegoboy8732489 День тому +225

    It’s so refreshing to watch this game as a Steelers fan and actually see a team put up offensive points on the board for once.

    • Ben Santiago
      Ben Santiago День тому +10

      I'm from Pittsburgh I can appreciate what you said the Steelers offense is so inept this year so far .Hopefully they can somehow come out of Las Vegas with a win.

    • Aaron 4 Tv
      Aaron 4 Tv День тому

      @Ben Santiagohonestly not even just this year bro are offense isn’t consistent and we dont have high scoring games

    • Tiffany W, Dev
      Tiffany W, Dev День тому

      As I watched these highlights, I was resigned to believe they will never win another game with Coach T and Canada thinking it is 1975. Watching this hurts me deep in my soul as a Steelers fan...

    • Jeff Rhorer
      Jeff Rhorer День тому +2

      I agree 100%. Nice to see points scored. Raider Fan

  • Josey
    Josey День тому +2

    This is one of the craziest weeks of football ive ever seen.

  • Graham Gill
    Graham Gill День тому +1

    Looks like Achane enjoys his job. Hope he can keep up a decent pace against better teams in the next few weeks and maybe secure a regular role even when the Dolphins get some bodies back. Would be nice if the Dolphins injuries helped them find a bit of a gem out of a player they didn't expect to be a big deal (at least at this point).

    • Malachi Israel
      Malachi Israel День тому

      you can’t put him on the bench i don’t care who comes bac. he’s a home run hitter

  • Saul Speaks
    Saul Speaks День тому +1

    That no look pass was so so so sweet.

  • Ted Unseth
    Ted Unseth День тому +1

    It's great to see my childhood team look this incredible since Marino's rookie year. The crazy part is my twin bro was always a 49ers fan. Fast forward to today and it feels like the best 2 teams in the NFL is Miami and San Francisco. I'm pulling for a rematch that I've waited 40 years for. LOL

    • Alvin Reyes
      Alvin Reyes День тому

      With the two head coaches of these teams being really good friends!

  • Levi Lively
    Levi Lively День тому +3

    I like how Hill said Tua was as good as Mahomes and accurate af and he got reemed for it. Safe to say Hill wasnt lying.

  • RoboNinja
    RoboNinja День тому +243

    Most points scored since 1966. Crazy. That no look flip at 3:35 is insane.

    • blaed dittman
      blaed dittman День тому +4

      Hasn’t happened in almost 60 years I’d say it’s definitely rare

    • Coach Sipping Jamba Juice Out Of A Straw
      Coach Sipping Jamba Juice Out Of A Straw День тому

      Is that NFL and AFL?

    • plush
      plush День тому +7

      Tua man what a pass if mahomes did that everyone would be posting it and talking about it tua is that guy

    • NestorJH
      NestorJH День тому +2

      @plushi was thinking the same.

    • RealPikaman1
      RealPikaman1 День тому +2

      and he used his off hand too

  • TheRealPrimeOne
    TheRealPrimeOne День тому

    As a Bronco fan,I knew that it was going to be tough to beat the Dolphins. I didn’t think we’d get 70 dropped on us. Miami’s offense looks lethal and they didn’t have Waddle playing today.

  • HarrisonLovesMemes
    HarrisonLovesMemes День тому +7

    I was at this game, and it was INSANE.

    • J M
      J M 23 години тому

      No you wasn’t. Stop

  • tjslam26
    tjslam26 День тому +3

    Miami defense also came through with big turnovers.

  • Saidu Jeremy
    Saidu Jeremy День тому +1

    The amount of speedsters Dolphins got omooo 🔥🔥🔥

  • mohamed diallo
    mohamed diallo День тому +355

    The dolphins had one of the greatest offensive performances of all time without jaylen waddle.once this team gets healthy they will be incredibly hard to stop

    • Ahwarya-ahla Banyamyan 🦁
      Ahwarya-ahla Banyamyan 🦁 День тому +15

      Not really. Don't let high powered offenses fool you man. Always remember the 2013 Broncos (ironically) and then consider what happened to that offense at seasons end lmao. All it takes is a power running game and a effecient passing QB to defeat Miami

    • MoonRaacks Korhonen
      MoonRaacks Korhonen День тому +10

      @Ahwarya-ahla Banyamyan 🦁 san fran

    • Doc Holliday
      Doc Holliday День тому +20

      @Ahwarya-ahla Banyamyan 🦁 I like how you said that's all it takes, but made no mention of the defense that is supposed to actually stop the dolphins offense lmao. They can Pass and run the ball. The broncos offense with peyton manning was an obviously pass heavy team like all of peyton mannings teams. Seahawks just had to sell out on stopping the pass, and they did. When the patriots tried to do that to us we ran it down their throat. Our rbs had 8 tds today running and recieving lmao
      Go sign up to be a head coach mr thats all it takes.

    • zay
      zay День тому

      ​@Ahwarya-ahla Banyamyan 🦁exactly the good thing about this game is you can win through a multitude of reasons you can't just rely on one thing everything has to function like moving parts.

    • Casey Jones
      Casey Jones День тому

      Pius its still hot as devils toenails in MIami... opponents are always in the sun there, so the fatigue factors help big time.

  • Georgi Tsvfaceoff
    Georgi Tsvfaceoff День тому +3

    I cant believe they didnt go for that field goal and make it the NFL record 😂😂

  • Tanzi J.
    Tanzi J. 23 години тому

    dude seeing 70 points after what i think is years is actually nuts, i wish they just got to 80 that would've been insane, that was almost if not football history

  • BigSwo2909
    BigSwo2909 День тому +2

    Watching this game gives me hope that the bears might be able to score 17 points vs the Broncos next week. Then again this might not age well.

    • Lee Cowell
      Lee Cowell 23 години тому

      I have nasty feelings about coaches that quit one team and move to another like Peyton did there. You don't see that happening out of great coaches. Tomlin, Belechick, Shula, Landry.. none of these great coaches changed their spots.

  • Jake Large
    Jake Large День тому +148

    It takes some offenses 3 games to get over 700 yards but the dolphins literally got it one game and made it look so easy. This offense in just 3 games has looked absolutely stunning it’s kinda scary lmao

    • Sparky Pluggs
      Sparky Pluggs День тому +9

      Tua at the point guard

    • Michael Guerrero
      Michael Guerrero День тому +5

      Dolphins are possibly Super Bowl contenders.

    • Mario Martinez
      Mario Martinez День тому +10

      Miami was scoring basketball points .

    • Alondray Benjamin
      Alondray Benjamin День тому +4

      My Steelers struggling to put together 700 yards for sure 😢

    • AKM
      AKM День тому +2

      @Alondray Benjamin i can't stand it. 🤧i get so jealous of the dolphins

  • Cal The Konqueror
    Cal The Konqueror 23 години тому +1

    Not only is this the T-3rd most points ever scored by an NFL team, but it is also the most scored by an NFL team since 1965!

  • JaZZ Dragonz
    JaZZ Dragonz День тому +1

    3:35 was the most magnificent play i’ve ever seen

    • Summer Vibes21
      Summer Vibes21 23 години тому

      I didn't even know what happened until I seen the replay it was beautiful!