«We'll get through this. We have no choices» - how artillerymen are fighting near Bakhmut

  • Опубліковано 13 жов 2022
  • «I’ll probably miss this place at home», a senior artillery technician tells us. We hear this phrase through the sounds of tank shots. Fortunately, ours. The brigade we came to visit had been working near Bakhmut for more than a month. Now it’s the most difficult section of the front. Unlike other positions, where the Ukrainian army has moved from defense to offensive - here they are still defending, and the Russians, whose basis in this area are mercenaries from the groups like Wagner and Liga, are endlessly trying to break through the Ukrainian defense here, in one place and in another. From a military point of view, there is not much logic in this now, but artillerymen explain these attempts to attack by the fact that the Russians need wins somewhere. This brigade is trying its best not to give Russia any wins. And all it at a high cost. A week ago, two artillery crews were knocked out due to shelling, the best fighters were killed, and this is what their comrades, who are almost all wounded, have to live and fight with.


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    Incredible video footage. The differences between the two fighting forces always comes down to the people engaged in the battle.
    Much like a winning sports team, the winner has many attributes, and abilities and usually more than the team that loses.
    In Ukraine today, it's quite obvious just who is winning, and why. This video clearly shows the winning people. The winning team, the side with the most attributes, and character.
    As hard and gritty as war surely is, it is the Ukrainian Freedom Fighters intelligent, tough, and patriotic defense of their homeland that has them winning this war.
    There is not an enemy that can withstand these Ukrainian Armed Forces. We know you're working incredibly hard, you constantly show us how much it means to you.
    You have inspired the free world, we all see you. We all support you, great help has already arrived, and it is game changing please trust. Even more help is on the way.
    You carry the Ukrainian Flag in tremendous honor, please know it is also been recognized now as a international symbol of strength.
    Ukrainian Armed Forces,.........the Heart of the Lion carrying the Tip of the Spear!
    God bless each of you everyday, in every way.
    Glory to God,
    Victory for Ukraine,
    Rise Free Nations!

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    Wow that was really showing it like it is!! The poor guys just look so tired and sad. Was heartbreaking to watch. I hope they get rested soon. And I really hope they realise they are all courageous heroes to us in the free world, even if they got taken from Izyum before they had a chance to bask in the glory!! Stay strong my friends, the world is with you!! You are the heroes 🤟🏼🇺🇦❤️🇦🇺🕊👍🏽🇺🇦

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    Классика картины жизни на фронте, из уст, почти мальца!
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