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    Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare
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  • Zerox
    Zerox 4 роки тому +2


  • DJ Collin
    DJ Collin 4 роки тому +1

    The whole album is a tribute to the rev. Not the song. The actual tribute song to the Rev is 'so far away'.

  • Trying Guitar
    Trying Guitar 4 роки тому +852

    Avenged Sevenfold was the band that got me in to Metal, love that band

  • Chris Klema
    Chris Klema 3 роки тому +426

    A severely underrated A7X song that I'd recommend is "Critical Acclaim"

  • Luís César Viana Gomes
    Luís César Viana Gomes 2 роки тому +269

    anyone: "guitars cant sing"

  • Joel MacDonald
    Joel MacDonald 3 роки тому +21

    They weren't just a band. They were best friends. They grew up together, and that's why the loss of The Rev hit them so hard.

  • ParadigmShiftz
    ParadigmShiftz 3 роки тому +1

    "I have a thing for little girls."

  • Nathan Graves
    Nathan Graves 4 роки тому +68

    The Rev died due to an enlarged heart back in 2009. He helped write a lot of lyrics for that album and wrote all of the drum parts but died before recording started, so they recorded the album in his honor with Mike Portnoy (The Revs favorite drummer) on drums. Fun fact for ya, they incorporated Jacobs Ladder into the video because it was The Revs favorite movie. The drum kit at the end of the video was The Revs triple bass kit from the 2008 Taste of Chaos tour.

  • Septimus
    Septimus 3 роки тому +214

    "I dunno why solos and just hearing intricate guitar parts make me so happy bro"

  • Grim
    Grim 4 роки тому +178

    Avenged sevenfold is my number one favorite band. Can't be better.

  • Jeremy Lenjau
    Jeremy Lenjau 3 роки тому +125

    Those drums are on fire, of course, it is the legendary Mike portnoy from dream theater who played it..

  • Arianna
    Arianna 4 роки тому +215

    "Ooo that's a funky ass voice though" yeah that's what I thought in the beginning of listening to him and now I think hes one of the best voices I've listened to in my opinion

  • Justin Garrett
    Justin Garrett 4 роки тому +2

    This band is legit one of the bands that is high on my list of bands I have yet to see live that I want to see. Their songs "So Far Away" & "Victim" helped me get through a death.

  • Titanium Gaming003
    Titanium Gaming003 4 роки тому +158

    The whole album was written before jimmy passed away, they added in So Far Away and changed some lyrics in songs, but Nightmare was kept the same because Jimmy loved the song the way it was.

  • Carol Harris
    Carol Harris 4 роки тому +4

    Avenged sevenfold has such a depth behind each one of their amazing songs! Synester gates is the best guitarist in my opinion. Those solos of his are gold! That was him bashing his head on the door.

  • Andreia Santos
    Andreia Santos 3 роки тому +6

    They're such a talented band. M. Shadows is one of the best vocalists in Metal imo. Synyster Gates is hella talented and crazy in a good way. The whole band rules! The melodies, the groove, the riffs, the lyrics in their music... <3

  • Brandon Jennisch
    Brandon Jennisch Рік тому +7

    The guitarists in this band are some of the best in the world how they harmonize with each other is perfect

  • Swedish Spring
    Swedish Spring 3 роки тому +364

    Expert level? Synyster gates (the lead guitarist) is beyond expert

  • Storm Angelus
    Storm Angelus 4 роки тому +110

    I personally fucking LOVE the bassline of this entire song. The drums are sick, but that damned bass, though.... UNGH! That's bonin'-the-wall kind of awesome. XD

  • Deltakilo321
    Deltakilo321 4 роки тому +23

    Synyster Gates dropping jaws like always with his solos.