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Aqua Teen Hunger Force | Pop-Tarts [ad]

  • Опубліковано 15 лис 2023
  • Meet the new food freaks. #ad
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    Aqua Teen Hunger Force | Pop-Tarts [ad]
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  • @stinkyman1535
    @stinkyman1535 24 дні тому +1081

    I love how the pop tarts are just fine with being eaten

    • @themask5493
      @themask5493 24 дні тому +84

      Yeah, they just accepted that they are tasty

    • @celestialstar5563
      @celestialstar5563 24 дні тому +77

      It's the opposite from the original official poptart commercials

    • @devinweathers7520
      @devinweathers7520 24 дні тому +12

      Life is hilariously cruel

    • @ubehappy
      @ubehappy 24 дні тому +3


    • @Hotlog69
      @Hotlog69 24 дні тому +3

      It be weird if they were.

  • @rhog45
    @rhog45 24 дні тому +755

    I would honestly love to see a pop tart branded episode to see how far they'd go with it

    • @SirChucklenutsTM
      @SirChucklenutsTM 24 дні тому +11


    • @darknight10000
      @darknight10000 24 дні тому +82

      They did an entire episode about Boost Mobile. They could write an episode about any product.

    • @natsukishirai
      @natsukishirai 24 дні тому +6

      ​@@darknight10000what episode was that I don't remember it

    • @Joeballs187
      @Joeballs187 24 дні тому +6

      I Wana see Carl do the deed with it

  • @Tmaster-pb5nt
    @Tmaster-pb5nt 24 дні тому +504

    I love how carl takes hot fudge pop tart back to his house.

    • @MightGuy15
      @MightGuy15 24 дні тому +139

      We all know Carl aint about to just eat it

    • @Irosicndosjnf
      @Irosicndosjnf 24 дні тому +73

      He gon’ luv her

    • @darknight10000
      @darknight10000 24 дні тому +67

      ​@@MightGuy15Well.... he's going to be eating in a couple of different ways.

    • @ZeepTheWocky
      @ZeepTheWocky 24 дні тому +49

      @@darknight10000 Knowing Carl, that definitely sounds like something he'd say and then crack up after.

    • @mr.l8723
      @mr.l8723 24 дні тому +47


  • @DanFloresII
    @DanFloresII 24 дні тому +446

    I'm just putting it out there, but that hot fudge Pop-Tart seemed like she REALLY wanted to get eaten.
    Good stuff, ATHF team. Looking forward to the new season.

    • @trentbrown500
      @trentbrown500 24 дні тому +50

      That's why everyone loves Pop-Tarts. They're easy.

    • @MightGuy15
      @MightGuy15 24 дні тому +24

      I guess to them getting eaten is the highest form of flattery or something. Maybe they go into like pop tart heaven when someone eats them and they think they are delicious.

    • @Yetta_
      @Yetta_ 24 дні тому +10

      @@MightGuy15yeah like that one episode in Rick and morty where an alien has to be killed by a warrior to go to heaven

    • @ImTheGuy
      @ImTheGuy 21 день тому +3

      ​@@MightGuy15Pop Tart Death Cult

    • @MightGuy15
      @MightGuy15 21 день тому +2

      @@Yetta_ Just thinking that kind of like their version of Valhalla, similarly to how The Vikings used to think they would go to heaven when they died in battle. I feel like company should elaborate on this!

    @ARTSONICFAN990 24 дні тому +210

    I love how Carl was like "Dibs" in Hot Fudge. Seeing that she's the only female member of the Pop-Tarts trio just makes the scene even funnier.
    I also gotta give Pop-Tarts credit for their Robot Chicken Ad.

    • @mr.l8723
      @mr.l8723 24 дні тому +17


    • @D0L0MITE
      @D0L0MITE 24 дні тому +17

      I can imagine Carl saying "i'm gonna make some 'hot fudge' of my own. Heheheh"

      @ARTSONICFAN990 24 дні тому +6


    • @AtariDad
      @AtariDad 24 дні тому +15

      I remember in the episode "Bible Fruits" he shot down the idea of being intimate with an anthropomorphic fruit woman because he has standards. Guess those standards must have slipped since then!

    • @JoelInoa-jw2yc
      @JoelInoa-jw2yc 24 дні тому +10

      ⁠@@AtariDad That ain’t the only thing he’ll make slip… If you know what I mean!

  • @Adylus
    @Adylus 24 дні тому +135

    Those Pop-tarts have a bigger animation budget than the first 11 seasons.

    • @JGdouble2
      @JGdouble2 23 дні тому +11

      ATHF weren't paid til they made 200 episodes

    • @gameguild2396
      @gameguild2396 21 день тому +4

      You mean 12 dollars?

    • @anothaninjaguy
      @anothaninjaguy 9 днів тому +2

      That's because they've got the budget of the 12th Season.

  • @jaydenweber9303
    @jaydenweber9303 24 дні тому +254

    Coming from a show where each character would die in a episode, this is surprisingly wholesome.

  • @Ondrix
    @Ondrix 24 дні тому +141

    That poptart is probably the first "good" meal Carl has had since his dad got him that square of Berber Carpet foe Christmas.

    • @MM-cj6kk
      @MM-cj6kk 24 дні тому +35

      It’s an industry term… Carl should be grateful… his dad had to pull a lot strings to get them to hire an eight year old!

    • @trentbrown500
      @trentbrown500 24 дні тому +17

      If only he dipped those delicious fiber tablets in the stool softener like Frylock had suggested. Or had learned to use those chopsticks.

    • @Kevin-wp1oe
      @Kevin-wp1oe 24 дні тому +12

      Slow down there, Aladdin

    • @Hotlog69
      @Hotlog69 24 дні тому +15

      @@Kevin-wp1oe Magic flyin' carpet is about to be magic flyin' dinner!

    • @tylerdw100
      @tylerdw100 23 дні тому +10

      You got boiled it until the glue gets soft if you want to eat that

  • @joshuamohlman
    @joshuamohlman 24 дні тому +81

    Aqua Teen will never be cancelled
    Aqua Teen won’t be dismantled
    Aqua Teen gonna be together
    Aqua Teen gonna be forever!

  • @CN100eg
    @CN100eg 24 дні тому +41

    Am I the only one who loved the way Frylock eating that pop tart? It's super adorable! Like he goes "nom nom nom nom!" 💖💖💖💖

    • @ZeepTheWocky
      @ZeepTheWocky 23 дні тому +7

      Feels weird seeing him lack table manners, since he's usually the polite one. He's literally scarfing the cinnamon pop-tart like a wolf.

    • @CN100eg
      @CN100eg 23 дні тому +4

      @@ZeepTheWocky True in some cases. But honestly... it's satisfying! And it's actually the first time that we see Frylock eating something on screen.

    • @supremestv
      @supremestv 20 днів тому +2

      @@CN100egmaybe that’s why he ate it like that

    • @JAYZ-47465
      @JAYZ-47465 12 днів тому +2

      frylock the BEST 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✊✊✊✊

  • @Kentrc11
    @Kentrc11 24 дні тому +18

    Booger would like a word

    • @KingKazuma777
      @KingKazuma777 3 дні тому +1

      Glad I wasn't the only one thinking this.

  • @Ethonra
    @Ethonra 24 дні тому +85

    This feels like a fever dream. I grew up with Pop-Tarts and ATHF. Seeing them together is wild for me. They handled being consumed surprisingly well. Definitely better than Ol' Drippy.

    • @Jobo9fi
      @Jobo9fi 23 дні тому +2

      “I grew up with Pop-tarts and ATHF” that’s why they made the commercial 😂

    • @Ethonra
      @Ethonra 23 дні тому

      @@Jobo9fi What are the odds? Lol

    • @One3673241
      @One3673241 23 дні тому

      @@Jobo9fi Guess they probably aren't as popular with the kids nowadays if they're trying to appeal to Gen Xers and Yers that grew up eating them.

  • @mr.l8723
    @mr.l8723 24 дні тому +25

    Of course Carl takes the female one😂 “long past the point of caring.”

    • @justincounts6001
      @justincounts6001 24 дні тому +3

      🖐️🍌:You uhh eating that pop tart today

    • @SomePkmnlovingdude
      @SomePkmnlovingdude 22 дні тому +3


    • @joshuaaltime8988
      @joshuaaltime8988 4 дні тому +1

      🖐️🍌: “let’s take a temperature, see if the fillings just right.”

  • @kailiahseekings
    @kailiahseekings 24 дні тому +68

    Pop Tarts and Aqua Teen Hunger Force isn't a bad mashup. I also appreciate the Slim Jim ads they used to air on television sometimes

  • @JNSStudios2
    @JNSStudios2 23 дні тому +15

    I’m still adjusting to the increased animation budget but if this is what can be expected from the new episodes than I’m hyped for more

  • @jhonmaverick9963
    @jhonmaverick9963 19 днів тому +10

    Funnily enough, the Aqua Teen's themselves started out as parodies of fast food mascots in Space Ghost Coast to Coast. And now with this commercial, we've come full circle... Beautiful

  • @SmeddyTooBestChannel
    @SmeddyTooBestChannel 24 дні тому +40

    these pop tarts have better animation than the actual show lmao

    • @JoelInoa-jw2yc
      @JoelInoa-jw2yc 24 дні тому +10

      I wouldn’t be so sure about that…
      Ain’t you seen the animation in the trailer for the upcoming season 12 of Aqua Teen? It’s on this exact level!

    • @OGMudbum
      @OGMudbum 23 дні тому +1

      But that's the beauty of aqua teen. Limited animations was what made the show funny.

    • @SupaIsDumb
      @SupaIsDumb 23 дні тому +1

      its an advertisement, what do you expect lol

    • @RedeyeRaccoon
      @RedeyeRaccoon 22 дні тому

      Yes, those new ATHF 2023 season trailers looks like they up'd the quality.
      Hopefully for the better.

  • @calebpribyl5152
    @calebpribyl5152 24 дні тому +43

    God this is giving me 2000s vibe from watching this ad!

  • @natoshabrown
    @natoshabrown 24 дні тому +29

    Strawberry was straight up evil. Cheering on the devouring of his Pop Tart friends. 😂

    • @SomePkmnlovingdude
      @SomePkmnlovingdude 22 дні тому +1

      They kinda wanted to be eaten'. I'm sure Strawberry will join them soon.

  • @Gundumb_guy
    @Gundumb_guy 24 дні тому +18

    Good for pop tarts for endorsing an adult cartoon like this! I’m literally buying a box next time I go shopping.

  • @ants7279
    @ants7279 24 дні тому +11

    This was a pretty bold move on the Pop tarts company they really are too iconic to care who advertisers them this was so lit.

  • @brainstorm623
    @brainstorm623 23 дні тому +8

    This is weirdly wholesome and I love it.

  • @ZeepTheWocky
    @ZeepTheWocky 24 дні тому +25

    The fact that the Pop Tart characters want to be eaten alive instead of fearing it like in the old "Crazy Good" campaign makes this ad very disturbing to overthink.
    Especially at the end where Strawberry happily watches the Aqua Teens DEVOUR Cinnamon like a pack of wolves.

    • @GentlemanCockroach
      @GentlemanCockroach 24 дні тому +2

      Considering their point is to go throughout the multiverse to get eaten, most likely they’re remotely controlling host bodies, and jump to the next during consumption

  • @Microfoot
    @Microfoot 24 дні тому +19

    Almost feels like a full circle moment with the original Space Ghost Coast to Coast Aqua Teens being advertising mascots

  • @max21214
    @max21214 24 дні тому +23

    This feels surreal, as if it was an interdimensional cable episode

    • @MarsBWilin
      @MarsBWilin 24 дні тому +4

      Surreal is the only word for it. I’m not mad at it but it’s definitely giving me a feeling.

  • @90sK1dFOr3v3r
    @90sK1dFOr3v3r 23 дні тому +7

    This was a good ad collab. ATHF still going strong. Now I want some Pop Tarts, it's been a while lol

  • @yaboi_muffmuncher
    @yaboi_muffmuncher 24 дні тому +14

    When I was in elementary school I stay up late asf on Fridays Saturdays just to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force on adult swim, I love this show!

  • @cuve_ae
    @cuve_ae 24 дні тому +12

    Guess I gotta go buy some pop tarts

  • @marcmanalli
    @marcmanalli 24 дні тому +11

    I'm sure the production team for the first season, being forced to have limited animation due to budgetary constraints, would have loved to have had the budget and animation quality for Aqua Teen Hunger Force that is commercial does. The writing is what blew ATHF up. Story is King.

    • @RedeyeRaccoon
      @RedeyeRaccoon 22 дні тому +2

      Those new ATHF 2023 season trailers looks like they up'd the quality. If that's what your getting at.
      Hopefully for the better.

    • @marcmanalli
      @marcmanalli 22 дні тому

      @@RedeyeRaccoon Nope. I was completely unaware of that but now I'm looking forward to seeing the new and improved animation for ATHF.

  • @Idiotmoronstupiddummy
    @Idiotmoronstupiddummy 24 дні тому +10

    Carl is going to smash that poptart

  • @enochlee3601
    @enochlee3601 24 дні тому +5

    These Pop Tart ads are getting better and better

    • @monkeycat48
      @monkeycat48 22 дні тому +2

      Funny how this commercial actually is pandering to adults instead of children. I've seen these commercials play on either cartoon Network Nickelodeon you name it. But never have I ever heard it play on adult swim or anything that plays with late night programming. Especially making some adult humor in this one. I don't have a problem with it I mean yeah I'm just saying usually these Pop tart commercials are kids but yeah I guess they decided to go another route

  • @lolanimation6436
    @lolanimation6436 23 дні тому +6

    That was surprisely wholesome!😊

  • @dh200adarchives
    @dh200adarchives 24 дні тому +8

    do you ever get the feeling the internet's gonna do something with the hot fudge sundae pop tart?

  • @cartooncentral263
    @cartooncentral263 24 дні тому +9

    Aqua Teen really got a bigger budget on the animation since the 2nd movie.

  • @AlexDeLarge1
    @AlexDeLarge1 21 день тому +1

    I think this is the first time we have ever seen an on-screen transformation by the Pop Tarts from their anthropomorphic living form to the edible form. I feel like if they were eaten without doing the little spin, they'd be full of horrifying gore like Frylock and Shake.

  • @Cawshes
    @Cawshes 18 днів тому +3

    Won't lie. I want a pop tart now.

  • @34Nor
    @34Nor 24 дні тому +7

    MEMO: To Whom it May Concern: Please let the powers at be know that this commercial did in fact convince me to purchase poptarts just now, and I would like 12 more seasons of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Thank you, and have a nice day.

  • @Kur0Gaming
    @Kur0Gaming 24 дні тому +6

    Remember when pop tarts were advertised for kids? Those kids all grew up. 😂

  • @magnetoonproductions9541
    @magnetoonproductions9541 21 день тому +3

    Way better than the Crazy Good commercials.

  • @SonicAndSimsFan
    @SonicAndSimsFan 24 дні тому +1

    A greatest crossover that I never knew I wanted in my life…

  • @AttemptedVoices
    @AttemptedVoices 24 дні тому +8

    You friggin' kiddin' me! Aw, someone should'a made DIS an episode, would'a been classic!

  • @michelleolivarez144
    @michelleolivarez144 8 днів тому +1

    I knew something was familiar with this ad. But I’m confused from how the poptarts went from being scared of being eaten. To enjoying it.

  • @nerdgeekman
    @nerdgeekman 24 дні тому +10

    The 2000s in 30 seconds

  • @1jdstarman
    @1jdstarman День тому

    I love this show!

  • @floreschris5574
    @floreschris5574 24 дні тому +3

    Looks like popin-tarts are back in style!

  • @joeaddison7120
    @joeaddison7120 19 днів тому

    So excited for the new season!!! Is it bad for a 50 year old man to be this excited for a cartoon?!!

  • @Rotastico
    @Rotastico 23 дні тому

    As disturbing as it was to watch them pick apart the Pop-tart folk, this ended surprisingly pleasant... unlike Pop-tarts' old ads lmao. I swear the old ads had Adult Swim written all over them.

  • @emberjean4230
    @emberjean4230 24 дні тому +6

    Please let this be like an actual TV ad....

  • @seandunnington8136
    @seandunnington8136 8 днів тому +1

    More animation in this than the entire show

  • @mikeyg9958
    @mikeyg9958 24 дні тому +4

    lmao the hot fudge sundae poptart threw it back.

  • @noone8785
    @noone8785 23 дні тому +3

    "Who frosted the house?"
    This isn't even slightly out of place for ATHF.

  • @sydneywilliams8795
    @sydneywilliams8795 24 дні тому +1

    I bet this ad would play in the mourning and afternoon considering there's no bleeps. Now I want to eat some pop tarts.

    • @DatDrawingKid011
      @DatDrawingKid011 10 днів тому

      No this aired at 12:00 am or In between 12 am.

  • @TheNightPhoenix
    @TheNightPhoenix 24 дні тому +5

    just watching hot fudge sundae twerking like that puts me in the mood for Pop-Tarts 🤤🤤😋😋

  • @monkeycat48
    @monkeycat48 23 дні тому +2

    Usually those pop tarts commercials are kid friendly. I guess they decided to go another route by adding onto adult humor

  • @KenofLyoko4
    @KenofLyoko4 21 день тому

    I Ike that they’ve really stepped the animation quality since the Plantasm movie. Aqua Teen will always be the greatest show Adult Swim ever produced

  • @skahler
    @skahler 22 дні тому +1

    Dude I'm legit hungry for pop-tarts now

  • @hexodude776
    @hexodude776 24 дні тому +4

    This is probably the only time where Frylock accepts sellout mascot characters

    • @ZeepTheWocky
      @ZeepTheWocky 24 дні тому +4

      No one can reject free Pop Tarts.

  • @Mankey619
    @Mankey619 23 дні тому

    Now I’m wanna eat me some Pop Tarts.

  • @tammyjej
    @tammyjej 22 години тому

    Perfect timing for the weekend return of Aqua Teen Hunger Force

  • @jimmyrobot3170
    @jimmyrobot3170 22 дні тому +1

    Watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force without the purposely crappy animation is uncanny

  • @blackmesacake5361
    @blackmesacake5361 24 дні тому +1

    This was fantastic!!

  • @joshevans3575
    @joshevans3575 23 дні тому

    This commercial collab with ATHF is better than the ones from my time in the 200’s in my opinion. Rick and Morty should do a pop tarts commercial as well, and I saw a cameo of anthropomorphic pop tarts riding in toasters 😂 in Rick and Morty.

  • @sunshinecookie18
    @sunshinecookie18 24 дні тому

    This makes me want to buy poptarts

  • @TheToastPeople
    @TheToastPeople 23 дні тому +3

    Good for Carl, I hope he eats well

  • @jesusalvarado9086
    @jesusalvarado9086 22 дні тому

    Now this is crazy good. 😆

  • @spicytaco8561
    @spicytaco8561 24 дні тому +1

    OK this should be disturbing but pop tart commercials are back. Yum!!

  • @themask5493
    @themask5493 6 годин тому +1

    It's kinda funny how no one even touched the strawberry one 😅

  • @BugsyFoga
    @BugsyFoga 24 дні тому +1

    I was literally binging aqua teen earlier 😂

  • @5050TM
    @5050TM 24 дні тому +1

    I gotta be honest. I wish the poptarts were screaming in pain like the good ol days 😂

  • @WhoodaHell
    @WhoodaHell 24 дні тому +3

    At least they have the decency to not have faces while being eaten.

  • @steadyeddynumber2.
    @steadyeddynumber2. 21 день тому +1

    the fact they tried to recreate seasons 1 to 7s intro got me rollin on the floor

  • @DemonicAdj
    @DemonicAdj 24 дні тому +2

    I'm amazed Carl didn't take the bat to them like he did to the hippies.

  • @daaft
    @daaft 24 дні тому +3

    if i get this ad i won't skip it

  • @Gorys64
    @Gorys64 23 дні тому +3

    I love this, now do a Metalocalypse Pringle commercial

    • @ZeepTheWocky
      @ZeepTheWocky 23 дні тому +1

      It'd be really hilarious for Superjail to get a Poptart commercial.

  • @SherlockHolmesAnime
    @SherlockHolmesAnime 23 дні тому +1

    The only ad that isn't cringe or toxic.

  • @kerplop
    @kerplop 23 дні тому +1

    That was disturbingly wholesome for an ATHF clip.

  • @mchawk315
    @mchawk315 24 дні тому +4

    I personally was always a wild berry man.

  • @mathieuleader8601
    @mathieuleader8601 24 дні тому +3

    Carl gets up for a midnight snack craving a Hot Fudge pop tart opens fridge
    Carl says *TONIGHT YOU!*

  • @nicoleriggins27
    @nicoleriggins27 24 дні тому

    I love those pop tarts meet aqua teen hunger force Thanks Adult Swim 🎉🎉🎉

  • @dvontechappel1579
    @dvontechappel1579 24 дні тому +1

    Funny how they wanted to be eaten when Poptarts were always terrified of a toaster. Heck I’m surprised the Aqua Teens were eating them when they were eaten in the end of their movie

    • @ZeepTheWocky
      @ZeepTheWocky 23 дні тому

      It's like a dog-eat-dog type of thing.

  • @duberandgirandplushiesandf10
    @duberandgirandplushiesandf10 24 дні тому +1


  • @coosarider5990
    @coosarider5990 24 дні тому +2

    I kinda miss the old commercials

  • @moonwulf7561
    @moonwulf7561 23 дні тому

    This has somehow become my new favorite thing. I’m not sure how to feel about that... 🤔

  • @lordfriedrick7911
    @lordfriedrick7911 11 днів тому +3

    We all know what Carl is gonna do with that female pop tart...

  • @jonathanthecoolkid
    @jonathanthecoolkid 23 дні тому +1

    ATHF was the last show i was expecting people to make a commerical with

  • @glorimation1111
    @glorimation1111 24 дні тому +1

    Ain't no way they aired this on tv lmao 😭

  • @supermegashowofficial
    @supermegashowofficial 4 дні тому +1

    The way the cocolate one swings her hips when she says "wanna try?" Good golly I'm gonna be thinking about that for weeks.

  • @SlimyTheNekoslime
    @SlimyTheNekoslime 5 днів тому +1

    We need more than 5 episodes from ATHF.

  • @otakulife3278
    @otakulife3278 22 дні тому +1

    There better be a pop tarts vs toaster strudel special

  • @jpfizzle1
    @jpfizzle1 23 дні тому +1

    They should start a heavy metal band

    @BNNSSS 23 дні тому

    My favorite snacks and my favorite show, all in one… did I die?

  • @kobra6660
    @kobra6660 23 дні тому +2

    This just as good as the slim jim commercial

  • @destructivecriticism3734
    @destructivecriticism3734 24 дні тому +1

    I think it woulda been more in the aqua teen spirit to have them suffer and scream horribly while being eaten (kinda like 'ol drippy) and I'm frankly disappointed this didn't go that route, but I doubt the people at Kelloggs or whatever would have liked that much so here we are.

  • @MM-hn9cq
    @MM-hn9cq 18 днів тому +3

    I wonder how oreo flavored poptart would rap. Thats my favorite flavor.

  • @DevDabs420Official
    @DevDabs420Official 24 дні тому +5

    This is oddly clean for a athf ad.

  • @dudenuke1015
    @dudenuke1015 24 дні тому

    This is a masterpiece

  • @dr9gonkid20
    @dr9gonkid20 24 дні тому +1


  • @Yooberish
    @Yooberish 23 дні тому

    I love this so much.

  • @bugsbunny8691
    @bugsbunny8691 20 днів тому +2

    What was carl carrying off the girl poptart towards his house for...?

  • @aussienimbat9988
    @aussienimbat9988 5 днів тому

    the fact that Carl grabs the female one is just so him