Dream SMP: The Revival Book... EXPLAINED

  • Опубліковано 13 січ 2022
  • Dream SMP: The Revival Book... EXPLAINED
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  • KianKSG
    KianKSG  Рік тому +355

    these are some of my theories! Let me know what you think below!

    • MrCommentGod
      MrCommentGod Рік тому +6

      *Good theories*

    • ✨Blitz_Cuby✨
      ✨Blitz_Cuby✨ Рік тому +7

      I think drista is cannon

    • lolbenedict104
      lolbenedict104 Рік тому

      This explanation and theory make very good sense, it's a very possible and predictable thing, but it might not happen due to that, good theory tho

    • Elitebike9988 Alt
      Elitebike9988 Alt Рік тому

      @✨Blitz_Cuby✨ same

    • Lux Max
      Lux Max Рік тому +1

      Mabey the only permenent way is the other book

  • Michaela
    Michaela Рік тому +503

    Theory: The blueprints that were given to Ranboo by Bad were for the prison. Then one day, Sam found the maps on Ranboo and thought that he was planning to break Dream out. So, he locked him up.

    • Random Dragon
      Random Dragon Рік тому +14

      Ooooo. This is a good theory

    • Burrito Man
      Burrito Man Рік тому +38

      I was thinking more along the lines of dream somehow controlled ranboo and that's how the blueprints were in the place techno found them

    • Kazzoey
      Kazzoey Рік тому +1


    • veitrinNextD
      veitrinNextD Рік тому +3

      Its this vid outdated or sometin cuz THERES ALOT OF THEORIES I GOT SUCH AS "How Did The Maps Of The Prison Go Where Dream Stands Infront Of Techno In The Mountains?) well Cuz its impossible that dream already put the maps on the mountains cuz the prison doesnt exist yet ya know why because its actually ranboo(controlled by non another Dream) Ranboo was controlled and put the maps in the mountains and as dream, dream weaponized ranboo such as blowing up the prison so tommy could stay in the prison and then get experimentend on

    • Vee Donda
      Vee Donda Рік тому

      It was confirmed by Bad on twitter

  • FAIL Mighty
    FAIL Mighty Рік тому +533

    I hope there is more Dream POV lore to come, that will help us understand his character's intentions way better.

    • Moon
      Moon Рік тому +3

      Same !

    • Yash Agri
      Yash Agri Рік тому +3

      Is 0:07 drem pov??

    • aTacoThatGames
      aTacoThatGames Рік тому +6

      @Yash Agri yes a short clip of Dream talking to Sam about how the prison should be built

    • Yash Agri
      Yash Agri Рік тому +6

      @aTacoThatGames thanks i already found it but still thanks :)

    • MonkeyBanjo7
      MonkeyBanjo7 Рік тому

      holy mother! lets go the lazarbeam in the dreamlore. (as well as vik but still) awesome. Wait didn't hbomb used to be of boomerville. surprised picachua face.

  • Midnight Blitzer
    Midnight Blitzer Рік тому +302

    Can Punz revive as well? Maybe Dream might fake defeat by dying only for Punz to revive him then claim that with the revival book he is truly immortal, and nobody would know Punz was helping.

    • Batoon Ayana Gabrielle
      Batoon Ayana Gabrielle Рік тому +12

      Yo this actually a nice idea 😦

    • TheStorySaurus
      TheStorySaurus Рік тому +26

      I would agree, but would Dream give Punz the revival book? I guess he probably would, just in case he died, but still.

    • Midnight Blitzer
      Midnight Blitzer Рік тому +16

      @TheStorySaurus they are experimenting together so perhaps. And Punz was in front of a lectern.

    • Inkfeather1
      Inkfeather1 Рік тому +21

      @TheStorySaurus Dream doesn't have the book anymore but can still revive people. So giving the actual book to Punz so that both of them can revive people would actually make sense because Dream doesn't need it anymore.

    • TheStorySaurus
      TheStorySaurus Рік тому +13

      @Inkfeather1 Well, the revival book isn't specifically the book, its the info in the book. And would Dream give anyone, even Punz, his most guarded secret?

  • NicoTheCinderace
    NicoTheCinderace Рік тому +94

    I love how even in Dream's lore video, he still finds a way to bully Philza.
    I'm just sitting here laughing.

  • Herlena Night
    Herlena Night Рік тому +301

    Maybe he is killing people over and over again, not to find a permanent death but find a way to make himself immortal instead. He always shown he sees himself as a God, the only thing stopping him from being a God is being mortal. So mastering who to bring back alive, might also help him master how to stay alive.

    • FunAngelo2005
      FunAngelo2005 Рік тому +14

      And the SMP will aventually become his purgatory

    • sardar
      sardar Рік тому +23

      And when willbur posted the cannon lives on reddit a while ago he put a ? On dream’s cannon lives. So this means maybe when dream killed them and revived them he might have got a cannon life

    • Brian Buenrostro
      Brian Buenrostro Рік тому +8

      I mean wasn't bbh immortal before his life was tied to skeppys

    • jeck jeck
      jeck jeck Рік тому +6

      Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Dream the homeless?

    • jeck jeck
      jeck jeck Рік тому

      And its people his toys to torment:)

  • HarioHD
    HarioHD Рік тому +623

    We have seen some form of lore from dream in the past, but that was only at the beginning of the smp around l’manburg. It’s cool to see another look at dreams pov!

    • ChrisPBacon9010
      ChrisPBacon9010 Рік тому +1

      I would recommend technoblades pov

    • Vivek Tripathi
      Vivek Tripathi Рік тому +1

      @ChrisPBacon9010 why

    • Code_ Breaker
      Code_ Breaker Рік тому +6

      @ChrisPBacon9010 why? It's not like we can see through Dream's Pov if we watch The Blade-

    • Vivek Tripathi
      Vivek Tripathi Рік тому +7

      @Code_ Breaker tecno covers different lore and dream diff but watching dream's pov will be something next level. what do think? I am gonna watch both btw

    • veitrinNextD
      veitrinNextD Рік тому

      Its this vid outdated or sometin cuz THERES ALOT OF THEORIES I GOT SUCH AS "How Did The Maps Of The Prison Go Where Dream Stands Infront Of Techno In The Mountains?) well Cuz its impossible that dream already put the maps on the mountains cuz the prison doesnt exist yet ya know why because its actually ranboo(controlled by non another Dream) Ranboo was controlled and put the maps in the mountains and as dream, dream weaponized ranboo such as blowing up the prison so tommy could stay in the prison and then get experimentend on

  • CosmicXD
    CosmicXD Рік тому +176

    it was unexpected but, it's the lore we needed to understand his intentions

    • veitrinNextD
      veitrinNextD Рік тому

      Its this vid outdated or sometin cuz THERES ALOT OF THEORIES I GOT SUCH AS "How Did The Maps Of The Prison Go Where Dream Stands Infront Of Techno In The Mountains?) well Cuz its impossible that dream already put the maps on the mountains cuz the prison doesnt exist yet ya know why because its actually ranboo(controlled by non another Dream) Ranboo was controlled and put the maps in the mountains and as dream, dream weaponized ranboo such as blowing up the prison so tommy could stay in the prison and then get experimentend on

  • dizzydreamaway
    dizzydreamaway Рік тому +62

    Theory: Dream controlled Ranboo to get the prison blueprints from Bad (since he's a guard), then used Ranboo to place the blueprints in the chest hidden on the mountain where he later directed Technoblade to retrieve them

  • T.M.K Grasak
    T.M.K Grasak Рік тому +79

    It's interesting how much the Wither is tied into this SMP. It almost references the quasi-lore people made on the Wither in Minecraft's story, how it was an accident from the ancient builders trying to learn how to cheat death. Now it's interesting because we have the ancient builders from Minecraft theories where they were completely vulnerable to permanent death so they tried to find ways to revive people, and on this SMP it shows how in the present day of Minecraft's lore it is nearly impossible for the players to die permanently(Unless it is Hardcore Mode, but that is a thing I want to see more theories about on Minecraft's lore itself) so Dream is trying to find ways to make players permanently dead. Based on lores and theories, it has come full circle...

  • Misherop Tur
    Misherop Tur Рік тому +165

    I think he had to kill them multiple times to get read of their 3 canon lives but your theory is also pretty good

    • lythd
      lythd Рік тому +16

      its the fact that he did various different special ways, not just simply killing them with an axe. they are all unique and special methods of killing. it could be for cinematics, but i think his theory is definitely plausible

    • MonkeyBanjo7
      MonkeyBanjo7 Рік тому +1

      holy mother! lets go the lazarbeam in the dreamlore. (as well as vik but still) awesome. Wait didn't hbomb used to be of boomerville. surprised picachua face.

    • veitrinNextD
      veitrinNextD Рік тому +1

      Its this vid outdated or sometin cuz THERES ALOT OF THEORIES I GOT SUCH AS "How Did The Maps Of The Prison Go Where Dream Stands Infront Of Techno In The Mountains?) well Cuz its impossible that dream already put the maps on the mountains cuz the prison doesnt exist yet ya know why because its actually ranboo(controlled by non another Dream) Ranboo was controlled and put the maps in the mountains and as dream, dream weaponized ranboo such as blowing up the prison so tommy could stay in the prison and then get experimentend on

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy Рік тому +23

    I’m really glad this wasn’t an “Oh, lets give c!Dream an angsty backstory to explain his actions!” And it was actually a “Yeah ok this character just is evil so he can be evil, let’s give him a montage where he’s continuously killing people to find out something with no remorse.”

  • Sceptile Swordsman
    Sceptile Swordsman Рік тому +17

    If Dream was trying to find out how people can permanently die, than it would make sense how Vikk and Lazer aren't in the after life, however we don't know what killed them. I think the only way that would make sense would be through wither roses or withers, because it would completely destroy the soul, and it would explain why the decorations in the secret lab.

  • RagingRhino101
    RagingRhino101 Рік тому +83

    instead of looking for a way to kill someone permantly, he may have been making surethat the book worked in all scenarios so that himself or any allies aren't lost because they died in a specific way that they presumed would work

    • FunAngelo2005
      FunAngelo2005 Рік тому +1


    • jeck jeck
      jeck jeck Рік тому +5

      It could be both.

    • Safyra
      Safyra Рік тому +2

      I think it may have actually been both, first making sure the book works in all kinds of scenarios which later morphed into searching for a scenario where the book wouldn't work, a natural progression

  • Fangirltothefullest
    Fangirltothefullest Рік тому +25

    We know Ranboo was building something in secret too- often his tools were deliberately very low on durability when he'd start certain streams and he confirmed this was on purpose. Perhaps the things BBH gave Ranboo weren't blueprints for the prison but for something else Dream wanted him to build.

    • I am a girl
      I am a girl Рік тому +2

      that's actually a really good point.

  • RandomDude 1st
    RandomDude 1st Рік тому +43

    I'm thinking of the smiley face as an activation chant, like Winter Soldier in the MCU. Like activating the winter soldier program, Dream activates a program in Ranboo's head to do specific things. Like the rules that flashed in Ranboo's head.

  • moon-friend
    moon-friend Рік тому +32

    I love how they put vik and lazar in the official loar😂

  • Leoh 👑🎗️
    Leoh 👑🎗️ Рік тому +6

    The fact that Bad is on Dream side explain why he is the only one to ear Dream scream in the prison and why he doesn't share that info too much: he was not supposed to be this close to the cellule.
    Dream had info coming to him in the prison and he was doing whatever he needed to do in the prison
    (Something telling me that it's connected to the egg)

    • everything cult
      everything cult Рік тому +1

      I think the egg will come back in it didn't really end

  • Monica Skrzy
    Monica Skrzy Рік тому +17

    It also would be very in line with Bad's Badlands mentality to help Dream since Dream became the underdog - helping him get out would cause chaos which advances the Badlands' control over the server.

  • Zradrron
    Zradrron Рік тому +18

    Conor was locked in the prison and nobody realized that he was missing, maybe Sam is working with Dream and Conor was locked as another person to test the book on.

  • aha aha
    aha aha Рік тому +13

    Can't wait for the plot twist where Dream actually created Ranboo due to the revive book-

  • Majorskulz Samz
    Majorskulz Samz Рік тому +21

    I have a theory.Hear me out I think ranboo might owe dream his life as I think dream created his other side.If this so called lab is where dream does everything who's to say that dream didn't make ranboo's unknown side as a means of controlling him.Also Ranboo loses control of himself upon seeing that smile .what if that was how dream designed him.
    TLDR what if dream created ranboo

    • Your mom
      Your mom Рік тому +1

      Wait that’s actually a really good theory

  • Eragona
    Eragona Рік тому +25

    My theory is that: Dream will tell Tommy that it was Ranboo's fault that he was imprisoned and then killed. He will try to convince him that Ranboo is a traitor and turn Tommy against him.

  • Axolotl
    Axolotl Рік тому +25

    There’s only one way of dying that I think the revival book doesn’t work on, and that’s the void. I know the end is off limits but it doesn’t mean dream can’t break bedrock in the overworld/nether

  • Rudrodeep Chatterjee
    Rudrodeep Chatterjee Рік тому +16

    About the blueprints thing...that would be useful for the TNT explosion in the least...and Bad was hired as a guard after the incident. So I really can't find it right. But, this theory does give a reason as to why Sam imprisoned Ranboo.

  • SirNeverLand
    SirNeverLand Рік тому +20

    We all assumed Tommy bribed Punz with riches before heading out to fight Dream with Tubbo, but now it seems like that was all planned!
    Interesting :D The video was uploaded 8 hours ago as of writing this, so seeing your response already is impressive!

  • casuallyprish
    casuallyprish Рік тому +16

    Wow, these theories actually make sense to my two brain cells... Its amazing that there's Dream Lore, but the fact and way you managed to explain it is just excellent. Good job!

  • Oriansenshi
    Oriansenshi Рік тому +6

    my theory is that all those deaths were dream working through all their cannon lives so that he could actually kill them and revive them with the revival book.

  • RosieRing
    RosieRing Рік тому +4

    Dream: Says trigger words from the book
    Ranboo: Ready to comply

  • Roshni Britto
    Roshni Britto Рік тому +6

    Dream SMP characters have 3 canon lives so perhaps Dream is trying to remove their canon lives so they are completely dead as if he removed 1 or 2, they are still alive, but it is easier to kill them. Dream also seems to want to know how powerful the book is and find loopholes in the book that can give him an advantage over others. Maybe he can manipulate the number of canon lives a person has as seen by Wilbur. Although, this could also not be true as will has been there for about fifteen years. So he could possibly be more used to death. Also, I have theories on where it could have originated. And I think I know where to start. It could have come from DreamXD as now he has some lore given as he made foolish immortal. He has his own revival book so I believe dream can turn himself and his allies immortal. Plus, given all the time he had, he may have been able to figure it out and granted it to punz. Maybe he can use loopholes to get the ability of canon killing people so it's death note and revival book. So basically, god book. So here it is. Sorry it's too long, I had a lot to say.

  • NeonBunnies
    NeonBunnies Рік тому +5

    There's also another option: Those aren't prison blueprints. All you need is a tour to be shown the prison and if Ranboo did have the blueprints all this time, why not act with them by breaking Dream out of prison? Plausible explainations could be Bad's encounter with the Egg or revealing photographs of a key character. Why and what Bad would give to Ranboo in the form of maps will ultimately remain unanswered, but will definitely become important later

  • Secretly the villian
    Secretly the villian Рік тому +4

    If Badboyhalo is actually a double agent for Dream, that answers one question, but raises another.
    It tells us why Bad was so lackluster in his attempts to fight Dream and techno during their escape, because he wanted Dream to escape. But this does raise one huge question that is tied in with Pu nz.
    Ate Dream and the Egg connected? If Bad is Dreams ally, then both he and Pu nz being mind controlled by the egg seems like to big of a coincidence.
    I know Dream said that he "didn't like" the egg when Bad first showed it to him and Sam, but we have remember; Dream is a liar.

  • Y K
    Y K Рік тому +3

    What if the “crime” that awesamdude accused Ranboo of was the bombing. And maybe Ranboo actually has more than 3 lives but every time the revival book is used one of his lives disappear. This could explain why he died from awesamdude during the escape

  • JaneCJanimations
    JaneCJanimations Рік тому +2

    Maybe Punz knows how to revive, and it is kind of a precaution if Dream happens to die, so Punz could just revive him.

  • Sam I am
    Sam I am Рік тому +8

    I believe that it’s a possibility that Ranboo actually a sleeper agent and that dream is it necessarily taking over him he’s just giving him orders that Ranboo is carrying out in that state as well as one bad boy halo passes in the maps those aren’t necessarily blueprints those are wanted posters or some sore of building plan because we know bad boy halo was on vacation and had no idea how someone could’ve gotten the blueprints

  • Taske
    Taske Рік тому +2

    My theory is that since dream always think that he's a god, he has been controlling ranboo so that he can get ranboo to give bad the blueprints to ranboo, so ranboo could break dream out of prison so than dream can have control over everybody on the SMP, since he sees himself as a god, which would make sense because dream only has one canon life left, and if he's going to use his las canon life, why not use it on being control over everybody?

  • Aloe_
    Aloe_ Рік тому +12

    I was literally thinking about the “kill them different ways so the revive book works for a bunch of deaths” thing

  • StMp
    StMp Рік тому +7

    Let's hope there will be more Dream lore streams, I'm interested to see things from his point of view

  • Leenia_N
    Leenia_N Рік тому +4

    I have a theory to why BBH gave the blueprints to Ranboo
    Cuz we know Ranboo was most likely being controlled by Dream when given these blueprints, he was prolly the one who put the blueprints in the chest where Techno and Dream first met.
    You know that weirdly tall mountain that defys all physics and gravity. I believe that Dream gave the coords to Techno in prison and the coords let to where Ranboo was told to put the blueprints at.
    Remember, we actually dk if those are the blueprints, so Im not sure on this theory. But it did cross my mind and thought to share if someone hasn't already!
    Anyways hope y'all have a gud day/night! Don't forget to take care 💜

  • SuperGamer
    SuperGamer Рік тому +3

    Wait... Maybe... Just maybe Awesamdude found out that Ranboo blew up the top of the prison and kidnapped Micheal to as leverage against Ranboo so Ranboo could tell him why he blew up the top of the prison, then Ranboo probably said he doesn't know what Awesamdude is talking about so Awesamdude arrested Ranboo and maybe that's why he was in the prison?????

  • Mallory Wiley
    Mallory Wiley Рік тому +1

    Theory: Dream's time in prison was to set Sam up as a fall guy for something big in the future. He is now someone who tortures others and kills them to get what he wants. When he needs other on his side, he'll pretend he changed in prison, and prove by taking down this "new villian". Not everyone would agree however, and this would start a new even BIGGER war on the server. Another chance for him to rise to power.

  • Kamil Szczepaniak
    Kamil Szczepaniak Рік тому +2

    I think dream also took control over ranboo when There was prison break so now dream controls life of someone techno really likes thats why he took off armour and didnt run during prison break

  • 🌿「Peppermint_ 」
    🌿「Peppermint_ 」 Рік тому

    I like your theory for bad and ranboo. I honestly think it might have been bad’s visit to dream and he “felt bad” so dream had probably asked bad there because he didnt want dream to be too sad in there showing actual empathy.(and dream just kinda manipulating him) or it could just be their still partnered up like you said

  • Dragonized
    Dragonized Рік тому

    Dream might be looking for any deaths that you can’t be revived from so he could avoid them as well, and so he might pretend to ‘accidentally’ slip one of them to someone, then when they ‘kill’ him with it, he gets revived and kills them while their back is turned. This could be a strategy of murder, or a test of one of his ally’s loyalty and then getting rid of them if they fail

  • Sienna Bouras
    Sienna Bouras Рік тому +3

    During the shulker box deal with Foolish, Enderwalk Ranboo said that he had the ability to make people do things for him without them knowing that they’re helping him.
    We can assume that Dream can control or has a very good connection with Enderwalk Ranboo.
    I would say that the dream smile message was a way for Dream to call Enderwalk Ranboo so that he could visit him and know where to put the blueprints.
    Then, still in his Enderwalk state, Ranboo would go convince Bad to give him the blueprints to the prison.
    I think the prison breaking apart is how Ranboo feels when he is switching to his Enderwalk state while awake or when it is taking complete control over him.
    We also know that Ranboo starts Enderwalking when he is sleeping. Therefore, we can assume that Ranboo caused the tnt incident at the prison at night, during an Enderwalk.

    • Clownpiece enjoyer
      Clownpiece enjoyer Рік тому +1


    • Sienna Bouras
      Sienna Bouras Рік тому

      There is also the question of if Dream could find so much use in Enderwalk Ranboo, why did he let him get killed?
      Well in this video we see Dream testing out many ways to kill people, possibly looking for one that is permanent, and using the revival book. I’m pretty sure that stabbing isn’t a permanent kill that the revival book can’t handle to bring back.
      Therefore, I think that Dream let Ranboo die because he knew he could bring him back if he needed to, but also to make the others think that he has no connection with Ranboo whatsoever

  • ask
    ask Рік тому +2

    Your videos always make my day Kian, keep up the awesome content! :D

  • Debater45
    Debater45 Рік тому

    I think that Dream's goal whit the book could be the power to not only revive a person but also take over their minds completely. Think about it one of Dream's main problems has been the fact that his alies have not really been loyal they are almost always mercenary's that just wan't money and can turn against him for example Sapnap. Dream has also had experience whit fully taking over someone's mind and knows how usefull it could be.

  • kade
    kade Рік тому

    I've fried my brain trying to think about that shady map deal with Bad & Ranboo, it really does seem like the prison blueprints. That would mean he was a secret accomplice all along. But why would Bad betray his job as a prison guard and his friends by giving those away?? He was so guilty and heartbroken after the escape that he started on the whole applejuice thing. Maybe he's been keeping this a secret for so long & it's overwhelming him? Or maybe he was controlled like Ranboo. I don't know what to think lol

  • Zheng Lanxiang
    Zheng Lanxiang Рік тому +1

    Hello guys:) Alittle late but heres my essay abt my theory after all these stuff thats happened, a follow-up from the lst vid.
    First of all, I wanna addres the timeline issue, whether or not the part where Vikk and Lazer were kidnapped were before or after Dream's imprisonment, and I think that it is quite safe to say that it was before, as evident from the obsidian box that Dream had used to kill them to test it out.
    So now that thats confirmed, here is the part that doesnt align with that. Tommy's death. We now know that the tnt placed on the day of the prison lockdown was intentional (Dream had probably controlled Ranboo to set the tnt there) and afterwards, Tommy got locked with Dream in the rpison. Now, what is Dream's motive from there on? We dont know. Dream, at that point, already knew that the revival book was a real thing, that worked, and hence didnt have to test it out on Tommy .Yet, he claimed that he was 'basically a god' after Tommy was revived and acted as if he himself was surprised it worked. Was it to make Tommy think that he didnt try it out before? That is rlly the best answer I have for that.
    My theory, whcih is kinda a follow-up from the last one, is that the point of Tommy's death was just a theartics. it was just to scare Tommy away from him. TOmmy himself said that he was scared of Dream even punching him and is so paranoid when it come to Dream. Of course, he would wnat to distant himself AWAY from Dream and leave the battling to the others, which leaves Dream to have fewer enemies that are willing to engage in combat with him. How did Dream know? Probablyy from asking Lazaer and Vikk about it.
    Next. Where is Vikk an Lazer rn? Are they dead or alive? Or are they still kept in that labortary? If what Kian's theory is true, that Dream is hidding there, does that mean that he is continuing to experiment on the 2? Unless of course, he found a way to officially kill them w/o being able to revive them. (and on a completely different note I wanna know what their limbo is like, considering their cannon character isnt well-established at all:))I personally think that Dream has found a way to kill someone wihtout being able to revive them. We know that Dream plans ahead for at least a year, he must have been the one to give Tommy and Tubbo the note when he was 100% sure he could kill someone without being able to revive them.
    Why? Why did Dream need to find a way to kill someone without being able to revive them? Is the way Ranboo died a way to not be albe to revive them? Schlatt? I dont think so, plus what will Dream say to Techno when he needs to revive him. Dream also didnt seem to want to 'let go' of Ranboo just yet, and I dont think that what we saw was Ranboo during his Ender-walking state. He says that he cant remember a thing, like he was asleep, but that place was a horrible place that would scare him, the bad memeories of what he did during his ender-walking and the place surrounded by water: I would assume that is his limbo. Maybe him letting Dream out is his biggest fear, and his limbo is Dream's prison disspearing with Dream standing there face to face with him. Phil said that Ranboo's limbo is very sad, and i have another theory that the block dream was stnading on was his representation of his good memories, but he can never ever reach them, even when he jumped he would get hurt by the water and return to his block, but this is getting wayy too long and my thoughts are all over the place, till next time:)

  • Zenoric
    Zenoric Рік тому +3

    considering that the time at the start was set to when punz tower existed, im guessing lmanberg still existed too. so when it focused directly on the wither skull maybe it was linking towards the destruction of lmanberg

  • JamItsOnline
    JamItsOnline Рік тому +2

    good vid kian, honestly i really hope dream gives us more about his own story

  • Kunarastar
    Kunarastar Рік тому

    Well, a theory might be that Dream isn't looking for a way to make someone un-revivable, but seeing exactly what he can do with it. Cause this video makes Dream's reaction to Tommy's revival weird, cause although he may not have gotten information on what death is like from Vikkstar and Lazer, he knows it would have worked on Tommy.
    So Dream may have been trying to do to Tommy what he did to Ranboo (and possibly Wilbur), which is to take control over him. Dream controlling Tommy does match a lot Dream's actions, from his obsession with the discs to removing Tommy's support during exile so that Tommy relies only on Dream.
    Though judging from Tommy's behaviour and Dream's reaction, it doesn't seem to have worked. That would explain why Dream went for Tommy after escaping, he wants to make sure it works this time, as well as vent his frustrations out on Tommy. Tommy has to be his ultimate puppet, cause if you control Tommy, you control the server.

  • NimbusTTP
    NimbusTTP Рік тому

    I think that Dream killing Vikk and Lazar multiple times is him taking out all three of their canon lives. We can see him killing both seemingly with their axes, he drowns Lazar, kills Vikk with the anvil, and blows them up with the end crystal. After that they’d supposedly be completely dead. Dream then revived them with the book, bringing them back to the lab, then he kills them with the firework crossbow so they can’t escape and tell everyone.

  • Alana Mariyam
    Alana Mariyam Рік тому +16

    So, based on what I think is going on:
    Dream and Punz want to test the Revive book. But, they need to kill someone for it. So, they capture someone, or, two people: Vikkstar and LazarBeam as test subjects. Since they aren't people who others would notice. I don't really know what they're testing, but based on my theory, they are trying to duplicate the revive book. As you can see two books in front of the glass cage Vik and Lazar are in. It could be something to record their mental and physical condition, but whatever. Now, what is up with Ranboo? So, basically, I feel like Dream took over Ranboo in his Enderwalk and got him to go to Bad and give him a map. Where this map leads I don't know, but this is all I think what happened. Sorry if it's wrong or stupid :)
    Also, I don't know if this is same or different as your theory. Cuz, I wrote this as a comment in Dream's video

  • AK-Firestorm
    AK-Firestorm Рік тому

    maybe the one permanent way of death is falling into the void? the end is off-limits, but maybe dream will try to deal with xd and get it open for whoever he wants to kill. the void also seems like the one death that's set apart from the others, that it’s unnatural and only supposed to be accessed from another dimension.

  • TheWoofalo
    TheWoofalo Рік тому

    I think dream wanted ranboo to die so he could only have the part of ranboo that serves him since ranboo's ghost has said he feels free meaning if he revives ranboo his free part will die and the part that serves dream will come back.

  • Desert Sandfly
    Desert Sandfly Рік тому +1

    I'm honestly surprised that the Dream SMP is still going. I mean the lore is definitely not over yet. However, the hype around it has died down and most people just moved on. Especially since technoblade's latest stream on the Dream SMP was the final.

  • astr0stars
    astr0stars Рік тому

    A thought I have is if Ranboo is connected to the revival book, what if if XD dropped/lost it in the End and Ranboo found it? The Ender Dragon can respawn and in the montage of Dream killing the duo, there's an end crystal and the End is supposed to be blocked off from visiting in the SMP

  • Orion1540
    Orion1540 Рік тому

    Most of this sound plausible. The one thing that I think is wrong is the "blueprints" that BBH gives to Ranboo. It's been said multiple times in Awesamdude's streams and BBH streams that Bad doesn't know about the inner details of the prison nor does he know that Dream knows which is why BBH blames Awesamdude for Dream's escape.

  • arlo975
    arlo975 Рік тому

    i really think it was smart to use vik and lazar cuz it gave them a canon reason to disappear, at first it just looks like the were temporary additions that would stay there for a small time then leave, so them disappearing was nothing to worry about, but now it kinda doesn't make sense that tommy, the guy who liked vik so much, never even questioned his disappearance

  • i guess my names' Riya
    i guess my names' Riya Рік тому

    I just realized Lazar and vik CANT be permanently dead yet, because wilbur nor tommy ever saw them in the after life, nor did wilbur ever mention them arriving by train then immediately being picked up again.
    We can conclude that unless this was just a really bad oversight, that means that experimentation stopped before wilbur was killed, and vikk and Lazar are still alive somewhere, probably being kept in a regular security prison and kept in check by punz. That or they were murdered some time after wilbur was revived

  • awesomeleozejia
    awesomeleozejia Рік тому +2

    The blueprints were given to ranboo who then placed it in that chest for techno

  • Hol White
    Hol White Рік тому

    Theory - Sam want Tommy to stay in the central area of the smp for a reason he thinks that if dream goes after Tommy he might have another chance at capturing him

  • BlueStar
    BlueStar Рік тому

    I think dream let ranboo die because he had served his purpose and dream didn't need him anymore as his plan was already set in motion and could revive ranboo at anytime if needed

  • Nhdbfhbjsggb Gggbb
    Nhdbfhbjsggb Gggbb Рік тому +2

    I think the 2 hearts ranboo lost are his 2 sides and the other one is his main life dying

  • Pixelevee
    Pixelevee Рік тому

    Is it a possibility that Punz knows whats in the revival book? Because we see Punz watching Dream revive Lazerbeam and Vikkstar.
    This could also be a precaution for if Dream loses his last cannon life, as Punz could then revive Dream. This would make sence as we can see that they are still working together after Dream escapes prison, so it would make sence that they were never against one another.

  • Joanne N
    Joanne N Рік тому

    You know personally I don't think Dream's full-on 'mind-controlling' ranboo. There's evidence that the enderwalk state is actually sentient, i.e the "I am you" talk and the fact that Enderboo actually has to visit dream in order to communicate with him, when logically, if dream could just straight-up control ranboo, why go through the effort to bring him into the prison to communicate? And why would there be a 4th memory book of it was just dream?
    Anyways really excited for this lore to play out :3

  • Maya
    Maya Рік тому +1

    Here's what I think: You said that Ranboo could have something to do with the revive book... a lot of people say that Ranboo could have something to do with Tales from the SMP which could have something to do with the revive book (He could have something to do with Tales because 1. He is black and white which could mean the inbetween and the other side and 2. He has memory problems, just like karl so some people guessed what if he also used to time travel but forgot everything from time travelling too much. I could say more but the comment would be too long lol.). Also, when you said Ranboo had the blueprints, what if Dream controlled Ranboo to put them on that mountain or whatever (yknow, for techno) to break him out...

  • Shreerang Gaidh
    Shreerang Gaidh Рік тому +1

    I think it was dream controlling ranboo to put the maps in the chest where technoblade and dream first met.
    I think ranboo became close with awesamdude and learnt of quackity's plot to get techno in the prison
    He's also a part of the syndicate and knew techno could easily get out with the stasis pearl
    So dream controlled ranboo to get information and lead techno to the maps which he got off BBH after infiltrating

  • FirTool
    FirTool Рік тому +1

    I don’t especially agree with the idea that this is before D went to prison. In prison, dream said he didn’t even know if the revival book worked and was surprised when Tommy was revived. My way of thinking this is that dream went somewhere with Punz and Dream wanted to test with the revive book more. Maybe to see if it had some side effects or something. This will probably turn out wrong tho, but hey. Still, good video!

  • Storm 7
    Storm 7 Рік тому +1

    / dsmp
    Ranboo actually has something called the enderwalk where basically his enderman side takes over or something. He doesn’t have any memory of it afterwards and we’ve never seen it on a stream from his POV (except maybe the beginning of the lessons stream). Though it is confirmed that he was ender walking during the final disc confrontation. We don’t know much about ew!Ranboo and it could be that Dream just found a way to trigger it and ew!Ranboo actually *wants* to work with Dream and Punz. The smile triggers his enderwalk state and so does fear. That was confirmed by c!Ranboo himself on a stream where he talked about his experiments on himself and the enderwalk. Though maybe ew!Ranboo isn’t evil as he left a pretty nice message for normal!Ranboo after he wrote in his book: “What am I?” before ending the lessons stream. Maybe Dream can control him in some way since he has to have some sort of connection to DreamXD who is literally a GOD and his home is the end. The end. Where endermen come from. Maybe EW!Ranboo just wants to go home and is working with Dream and Punz to do so. Maybe Dream said he’d help him get to the end if he helped them and so. Or maybe DreamXD can control Ranboo since he’s half enderman. Maybe he taught Dream how to do so. Maybe Ranboo has been revived once before but was dead for such a long time that all of his memories had faded and half of him became white. Like if DreamXD wanted to see what the books did and just tried them on an enderman he found. Maybe Ranboo is an experiment by god himself.
    The place where bbh gave Ranboo the blueprints look to be outside the Bee&Boo hotel which happens to be where he also remembered one of his lessons in the Lessons stream. “Don’t reminisce on what you’ve lost for it will weigh you down” he got it right when looking at that exact spot.
    Also notice how in the disc finale stream as Dream is being taken away to be imprisoned he stares down Ranboo and Ranboo looks back up. They also talked about this in a letter ooc stream.

  • Vk Potter
    Vk Potter Рік тому

    I think that Dream is doing all this revival stuff because he wants to be immortal with the revival book, making him the legitimate most powerful person on the server.

  • Avyri
    Avyri Рік тому

    Okay, but, like I can't be the only one worried about bbh being there, maybe is just me having trust issues with him after the egg and the fact that he went to visit dream at prison back then
    Oh, and also that clip of him when he was about to blow up the community house and Skeppy stopped him-

  • Michael Li
    Michael Li Рік тому

    Wait, if dream kept on killing lazer and Vic, then this must have happened before Wilbur died but after dream got the book, otherwise shouldn’t Wilbur know about the tests. And if ranboo died wouldn’t Wilbur know about that

  • Minecraft Pro
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    "it's not a mistake", IT'S A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Dan the man
    Dan the man Рік тому

    I think he was multitasking when killing them. I think he wanted to see if there was something that you couldnt come back from. 1 reason is probably so he is prepared that someone he needs alive doesnt die that specific way and what you said with him trying to find a permanent death to permanently kill someone. Also am i the one who thinks dream being scared or mentally damaged from torture was just an act. He is very evil and it seems he is prepared for everything and knows exactly how to manipulate people. What if he was pretending? What if he didnt even get fazed by the torture but screamed and pretended it was so painful and scary. At some point, something is going to be revealed like he ran a test on himself or something to the point he feels no pain.

  • Mailando
    Mailando Рік тому

    I think dream controlled ranboo to put the blueprints at the spot where techno and dream first meet because techno was the only way out for dresm so maybe he controlled ranboo to put them there after or before techno escapes because bbh didnt just gave them to ranboo in the lore video

  • TJai
    TJai Рік тому

    Theory: ranboo’s cannon life his first death gave 1of his life to white side and 1 to the black side his first life breaking the connection so his 2 sides are free

  • Tommye
    Tommye Рік тому

    i think the clip of ranboo and dream in the prison. is ranboo's limbo. It's not physically hurting the character but it is mentally hurting him like how limbo's work...

  • JLmor1258
    JLmor1258 Рік тому

    Do you remember when dream told Tommy and tubbo the prison wasn’t meant for you and know it is and tubbo asked who was it meant for originaly?And dream says you don’t need to know….maybe know we know! BIG BRAIN MOMENT!!!!

  • Blaẓe_Y
    Blaẓe_Y Рік тому

    I think that clip from the start of the video was when Dream told awesamdude to seal up the courtyard because it was a security flaw.

  • Ali Ahmed Sidiquee
    Ali Ahmed Sidiquee Рік тому

    Maybe the blueprint that bad gave ranboo were the ones that techno got to break dream out

  • Mosh
    Mosh Рік тому

    I thought the SMP was dead. Until unexpectedly dream uploaded that video. Well done explaining the video

  • Didi
    Didi Рік тому +2

    Ranboo having something to do with the revival book makes a lot of sense if you think about it…
    Now that he’s technically in ghost form, it must mean he’s died three times, but that’s odd considering almost nobody, including him, remembers how or when those times happened (apart from Sam killing him, of course). Perhaps dying and it’s definition is different for him because he’s linked to the revival book?

  • Tohru
    Tohru Рік тому

    I mean it would make sense if bad was working with dream because when dreams escapes you can see bad barely try and attack dream more so he stands out of the way even tho same was telling him to come join. Bad only starts fight when techno said he was gonna fight bad, nevertheless when dream came close to bad while fighting Sam bad would back away and simply watch he didn’t really try. Or they could just be really good friends this was just a theory

  • JenieFox
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    it's not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨.

    • In-cognito
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      stop everybody hate this

  • Mie Madsen
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    I am loving all of this punz lore, it's really cool

  • Aloe_
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    Honestly Dream lore intrigues me so much because we don’t know that much about his charscter

  • WhatIfNo
    WhatIfNo Рік тому

    Doesn't anybody find it a little coincidental that this was posted on the DreamXD channel and it focuses on a wither skull, and a certain pig is known for withers and when Dream used it on him, the god of the server showed up?

  • Violet111
    Violet111 Рік тому

    this is a great explanation but i think there's one thing that should be corrected: ranboo isn't controlled by dream!! his enderwalk state _works with_ dream, and his enderwalk state is seemingly triggered by the ":)" smile.

  • rens veneman
    rens veneman Рік тому

    Hear me out since dream was trying to find a way to permanently kill someone maybe just maybe the axe of peace is the reason cause dream wouldn’t go such a way without a reason off killing Tommy

  • Leo
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    It's not a mistake✨ IT'S A MASTER PEACE ✨

  • Not TheOoferManiac
    Not TheOoferManiac Рік тому

    theory: bad gave him the blueprints, which ranboo placed them in the chest and is how techno found them. sam found out, and locked up bad

  • Sensei
    Sensei  Рік тому

    You see Rangoon is a threat to the revival book. Because he is 2 people in one. Dream use pshyclogical tactics to think Rangoon was the problem not dream. When Ranboo was executed dream ls book is free. Dream will revive Ranboo as technos favour. Only for ranboo to split into 2 halves.

  • Cattri
    Cattri Рік тому

    I Believe he may be doing all of those different ways of killing people is the opposite of what you think. I think dream is killing them to see if every type of death is revivable (does that make sense?)
    Also if you have seen foolish’s lore we know that the revival book was dropped down by dream XD himself because he was bored. So how would ranboo be connected?

  • JacMenz
    JacMenz Рік тому

    its always on the streamers lore instead of dream so it would be interesting if dream was not actually evil and someone was forcing him to everything

  • Raven
    Raven Рік тому +2

    Maybe you can't be revived when you die to a wither!
    Also thanks this is helpful & cool!

  • Rafael Gonzalez
    Rafael Gonzalez Рік тому

    Good job on this video Kian but I have a question: are u ever going to cover any of Foolish lore because his latest stuff has to do with his of the world, Dream XD, and the revival book; as well as something else

  • Wolfang360
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    This was interesting I think the dream and ponds are planning to torture tommie by killing his friends

  • Shelbon - Shrimp
    Shelbon - Shrimp Рік тому

    Maybe the withering skull is a past foreshadowing? Since it could be foreshadowing when they blew up lamanberg the first time or the second time.