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Nailing pickets with Bumpboard

  • Опубліковано 26 жов 2023

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  • @gardengnome3249
    @gardengnome3249 14 днів тому +855

    Now why did I not think of this. That header is just plain genius.

    • @luciddream2033
      @luciddream2033 11 днів тому +13

      Not really. What happens when the ground changes elevation? You will run into issues. The best way is to nail a dog ear between 2 points and run a string between those 2 points. Go down the string and check the clearance off the ground. If the elevation changes too much and you have too gap, nail another dog ear and create a 3rd point for your string. Now you dont have to lug that thing around or move it and your fence will follow elevation with a good gap.

    • @Giannis3434
      @Giannis3434 10 днів тому +8

      @@luciddream2033not all of us live in Texas

    • @luciddream2033
      @luciddream2033 10 днів тому +5

      @@Giannis3434 ok???

    • @just_ruby_fps
      @just_ruby_fps 9 днів тому +8

      @@luciddream2033you can see a 3 inch gap on the bottom of the fence 😂

  • @3312ynot3312
    @3312ynot3312 4 дні тому +157

    The lesson I learned is it doesn't matter what you are doing if you can make a jig make it. This is brilliant

  • @user-eo1bf3ot9e
    @user-eo1bf3ot9e 19 днів тому +812

    I just retired from 40 years of construction. I miss it every day. And then I get up and it's freezing outside.
    I know get to say Damm it's cold outside. Think I'll make coffee and see what on the news. I do miss building stuff. I have a hobby now.
    I feel like a kid now sometimes. Just doing my hobby. I build model cars as a kid. Can't afford those anymore. Look them up and see how much they are now.
    I paid 2.99 for them as a kid.
    Now 55.00 each and more.
    Hot Wheels cost a buck.
    Easy math, right.
    Y, all come on back now u heard.😮

    • @jemimalove9867
      @jemimalove9867 15 днів тому +43

      You are so lucky to have skills where you can potter about and be creative. Bird boxes, toys, post boxes, the list is endless. Enjoy your retirement x

    • @phillipbanes5484
      @phillipbanes5484 15 днів тому +49

      I'm a retired Air Force aircraft mechanic. An F16 crew chief. I mostly miss the plane itself, and that's just sometimes. The Air Force was already showing signs of going woke by the time I retired, so I was very happy to drive off base for the last time. Boy what a great feeling it was.
      Stay busy and keep some time and work structure in your life, otherwise the time goes by disturbingly quick. Retirement can wreck havoc on your health, physical and mental, and can kill you quick if you don't structure it well. Keep a reasonable level of social activity as well. A big part of most people's social stimulus comes from interacting with people on the job. When you retire most, if not all of that, will probably go away. It is not uncommon to work at a place for decades and once you retire to find that in short order old work friends no longer give a crap about you. Develop new relationships, hopefully with true friends.
      Enjoy your retirement! 🖖

    • @mattpalmer9754
      @mattpalmer9754 14 днів тому +19

      build a small backyard woodworking shop for retirement! my old man will never be bored

  • @user-ck6cw1ik6o
    @user-ck6cw1ik6o 7 днів тому +114

    На три вещи смотреть можно вечно.
    Как горит Огонь
    Течет Вода
    И смотреть как работет человек
    Особенно если руки растут откуда надо. 🤗

  • @user-lr6xg9rv8c
    @user-lr6xg9rv8c 4 дні тому +43

    Человек занимается своим делом! Такой мастер плохо никогда не сделает! Профи! Респект!🎉

    • @user-df2ue8uf6h
      @user-df2ue8uf6h День тому

      У хорошего мастера гвозди в одну линию идут, а тут волной.

  • @saperalice
    @saperalice 14 днів тому +22

    Вот когда может, так может! Крутая приспособа!

  • @ShInOomfgitsme
    @ShInOomfgitsme 14 годин тому

    After doing this for almost 8 years, it's nice to see someone else isn't stupid.

  • @georgejosephhaigh7725
    @georgejosephhaigh7725 22 дні тому +83

    I'm appreciating the system you got going on there , it's fast and clean Job 🔨👍✌️

    • @williamsulewski4240
      @williamsulewski4240 19 днів тому

      @@buttdreads will prolong the sleepers deterioration

    • @jacobshort6528
      @jacobshort6528 10 днів тому +1

      ​@@MrBUGS713What screws? That is an air-powered nailgun that he's using.

  • @mikebanks6704
    @mikebanks6704 23 дні тому +195

    That jig is such a good idea 😮

    • @garydp9760
      @garydp9760 22 дні тому +5

      But where is the gap spacing between

    • @mikebanks6704
      @mikebanks6704 22 дні тому +2

      @garydp9760 there isn't any gap.

    • @savagejackdog
      @savagejackdog 22 дні тому

      Jigs have been used forever,

    • @robbledot7290
      @robbledot7290 22 дні тому +3

      @@mikebanks6704there should be a slight gap so moisture doesn’t get trapped

    • @mikebanks6704
      @mikebanks6704 22 дні тому

      @robbledot7290 that wouldn't really matter honestly

  • @caseylake9783
    @caseylake9783 6 днів тому +1

    I like to space my planks out 1/8 inch for expansion of wood. Its a lot more timely but will keep your boards from warping and pulling away from the frame.

  • @dickjames5007
    @dickjames5007 13 годин тому

    I’ve always used string line and I’ve been building fence for 8 years. This an awesome jig. Great job

  • @Siouxperman
    @Siouxperman 23 дні тому +399

    To make this jig even more bad ass, position in spacers made out of pieces of lathes or something. That’s how I build fences out here on the prairie in MT. Some days that prairie wind will come outta no where’s and knock ya to your arse!! So space between boards for air flow is necessary!! Great jig tho

    • @Tinnmann
      @Tinnmann 20 днів тому +2

      It is really that strong?? 😂😂😂

    • @SeemsFutileNow
      @SeemsFutileNow 20 днів тому +13

      You know, I painted a house on the very top of a Mountain and it came a violent thunderstorm, just viscous and the lightning seem to be eye level and striking almost sideways. I'll never forget it.

    • @sz6738
      @sz6738 20 днів тому +38

      When the wood dries it’s shrinks and leaves gaps if you gap it before drying the gaps will be way to big

    • @upshiftgo
      @upshiftgo 20 днів тому +15

      I always thought it was so you can spy on the neighbors.

    • @Goldarr1900
      @Goldarr1900 20 днів тому +9

      Now that I think about it, it makes sense. Some people don’t like gaps, maybe because they don’t want the neighbors peeking. When a big storm hit, it knocked out a fence, it didn’t have gaps.

  • @user-cw9ep6tv2p
    @user-cw9ep6tv2p 21 день тому +8

    Умный мужик с головой дружит и к работе относится инициативно.

    • @Ermak825
      @Ermak825 15 днів тому +1

      Как вы любите хвалить халявщиеов .Я уверен ,этот типус и метра не зашил забора .Да и кстати только ишаки делают такой забор

  • @user-nw5fq6hg3g
    @user-nw5fq6hg3g 12 днів тому +89

    между досками забора надо оставлять зазор мин. 0,5 см, так как дерево дышит и меняет свои размеры

    • @ralf77dew28
      @ralf77dew28 5 днів тому +3

      22 года забор стоит в таком же исполнении, да,правда местами щели появились, но это не критично.

    • @DarthTerrax
      @DarthTerrax 5 днів тому +3

      Fresh wood will shrink. There is a gap...

    • @user-gb9gt4mh9f
      @user-gb9gt4mh9f 5 днів тому +7

      А от земли расстояние тоже должно быть?

    • @user-vb5sp7uz6t
      @user-vb5sp7uz6t 5 днів тому

      ….did not see the process🤷🏼‍♂️

  • @moonstruck7833
    @moonstruck7833 14 днів тому +71

    He works like that when he's getting paid by the job, when he's getting paid by the hour he uses a regular hammer and nails😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • @annmarieholland4242
      @annmarieholland4242 10 днів тому +2

      0watching him work makes me hungry!!!❤😊😊😊😊😊

    • @upcycledwmc8330
      @upcycledwmc8330 10 днів тому +2

      Then I'll bet he didn't bid that by the hour. When you do good work your profit is in the number of jobs you book, not the number of hours you bill.

    • @Tactics_Actual
      @Tactics_Actual 8 днів тому +1

      Probably his personal house fence

    • @williamwhiterock9339
      @williamwhiterock9339 3 дні тому

      @moonstruck7833 or if it's his own fence.

  • @josephb3147
    @josephb3147 21 день тому +89

    Nice jig... my only issue is I keep watching this and you don't get anywhere... lol

  • @Luke2084
    @Luke2084 24 дні тому +148

    Point A: Paint it before mounting
    Point B: Use stainless steel screws

    • @foxwood67
      @foxwood67 24 дні тому +16

      Ring shank SS coil nails

    • @saultpancetta366
      @saultpancetta366 24 дні тому +30

      The wood has to dry out before you can paint it.
      Galvanized ring shank nails work just fine.

    • @Luke2084
      @Luke2084 24 дні тому +12

      @@saultpancetta366 After a year at the latest they start to rust,because of the natural acid in the wood

    • @saultpancetta366
      @saultpancetta366 24 дні тому +19

      @@Luke2084 gotta use hot dipped, they'll last until the wood rots

    • @Luke2084
      @Luke2084 24 дні тому +8

      @@saultpancetta366 in our climate (Germany) all the galvaniced screws and nails only lasts round about 5 to 7 years

  • @TexasPapa13
    @TexasPapa13 8 днів тому

    That bump board is genius.

  • @huntermyatt4166
    @huntermyatt4166 18 годин тому

    Set two tie post at the same height an tie a string to the top after you put a nail in the top of a picket. If it’s more then 40 ft might have to set more then two tie post. Will definitely speed up your work

  • @jonmoody2858
    @jonmoody2858 25 днів тому +55

    This dudes had enough of the line across the top LMAO. Work smart and hard boys. Well done sir 👍

    • @bilenbir2686
      @bilenbir2686 24 дні тому +2

      This woods from trees, or? Where are opinion pictures? so : Don't cut trees...

    • @superdave8248
      @superdave8248 23 дні тому +4

      That is some of the prettiest picket wood I have seen. Definitely not the grade I can get from my local or not so local Lowes or Home Depot.

    • @andrewbonthius787
      @andrewbonthius787 23 дні тому +1

      Bro' knows his stuff!

    • @rogerthomas169
      @rogerthomas169 23 дні тому +1

      Nice job, don't listen to the peanut gallery.

    • @bigpjohnson
      @bigpjohnson 22 дні тому +2

      Put a 2x4 rotboard at the bottom, then set pickets on top and secure them. Pickets will last a helluva lot longer not being in ground contact.

  • @kathleenalarid1150
    @kathleenalarid1150 21 день тому +44

    I would lay a small cement base instead of just a dirt or grass. If you’re meticulous about your yard, you don’t want grass growing up in between it and the wood weed whacker messing up the wood. Plus, it keeps the critters and dogs from digging in or out. And I agree with you guys, screws are better - at a minimum, nails plus screws.

    • @pelon22
      @pelon22 20 днів тому +5


    • @jerryrigsit5400
      @jerryrigsit5400 19 днів тому +3

      Yup, a solid curb is a great idea.

    • @AkinDubois
      @AkinDubois 17 днів тому +7

      Nailing a plastic/rubber strip across the bottom can help solve that problem. 😊💪🙌

    • @timrobinson4337
      @timrobinson4337 9 днів тому +2

      It's call weed eater😂

    • @mikewilliamson8794
      @mikewilliamson8794 9 днів тому +5

      I've been a carpenter for over 8 years. And I am so sad I even read this comment 😂

  • @nathanwendoloski4737
    @nathanwendoloski4737 21 день тому +2

    ❤great idea making that jig !!! Well done very smart creation!

  • @user-vz4fd6tx8j
    @user-vz4fd6tx8j 21 день тому +74

    Час смотрел и любовался ! За этотвремя он бы загородил всю нашк деревню

    • @user-Hmara2023
      @user-Hmara2023 19 днів тому +1

      Зачем сматреть идиот, делай как он , или башка дурная ?

    • @morozsibir5589
      @morozsibir5589 19 днів тому +3

      Это к теме разговоров - "Да нах деньги тратить!! Я молотком! И дёшево и сердито!" Ну-ну..

    • @jack-mb4mw
      @jack-mb4mw 19 днів тому


    • @vankavetrov4293
      @vankavetrov4293 14 днів тому +4

      Не интересно!!! Ни тук-тук. Ни по пальцу!!!

  • @dphotos007
    @dphotos007 20 днів тому +99

    My experience with cedar or redwood fencing like that is the bottom of the fence still first start to stain from watering the lawn and rain and then it will begin to rot on the bottom. Best to have a cement base or at least to have a barrier between the ground so no dirt touches the bottom of the fence to help protect from rain drain water.

    • @WaddaDumFukUare
      @WaddaDumFukUare 20 днів тому

      Cement is a material, a binder, that "goes into" concrete. Uhm, I don't think anyone puts concrete down to define a fence or property line on a residential property. Try some 1-1/2" river rock though, and leave the guessing about means and methods in construction to people who know construction. The woman on Home and Garden TV that you were watching doesn't know what she's talking about 😉

    • @edwardmountain7186
      @edwardmountain7186 19 днів тому +5

      Yup that's why they frame houses on top of cement and treated

    • @josef9001
      @josef9001 19 днів тому

      Yep grass board.

  • @michaelmcclelland7075
    @michaelmcclelland7075 13 днів тому

    Miss this, clean work. ! Great job

  • @user-wi1zn9zs4q
    @user-wi1zn9zs4q 11 днів тому +25

    Вот это мастер, 5 минут прошло и забор стоит и не к чему придраться👍

    • @user-ue9ke8uj4c
      @user-ue9ke8uj4c 11 днів тому +4

      Только гвозди сикось накось нахеррачил . Называется поспешил - людей насмешил

    • @user-mc5rn6pl3o
      @user-mc5rn6pl3o 11 днів тому +3

      Да ну на фиг, так работать не интересно.

    • @corparation21
      @corparation21 10 днів тому +2

      А зазор оставлять не надо, вроде дерево иногда расширяется, под действием влаги, ну, это так мелочи

  • @paulgardner587
    @paulgardner587 13 днів тому

    Aye I’m willing to bet Man done that least once in his life! Like that jig rig on top 👊🏽 experience makes all the difference in anything you do

  • @Strive2BHonest
    @Strive2BHonest 19 днів тому

    Smart. Men like watching other men work smart! Inspiring! ❤❤❤

  • @MakinBacon0651
    @MakinBacon0651 11 годин тому

    Lol. This is perfect. I did something like this with a 2x4 but the why he has it set up is nice. Just got to make sure the 2x4's he has it sitting on are level across the entire fence line.

  • @Daniel-wd4jg
    @Daniel-wd4jg 21 день тому +9

    My Dad's a farmer...and like you he's outstanding in his field.

    • @8swerve
      @8swerve 12 днів тому

      good son. good field

  • @donnamartinez1189
    @donnamartinez1189 2 дні тому

    A skilled craftsman, I never saw anyone put a fence up like that!

    • @ohwhatelse
      @ohwhatelse 2 дні тому

      Notice the siding under his boards... I'd think he's actually residing a building, not fencing.

  • @woodsman1382
    @woodsman1382 19 днів тому +2

    You know that one yard in your neighborhood where you never see the guy doing outside chores all day, well you just watched him. Get it done fast so you can watch the game! Two thumbs up for you sir!

  • @Gamerz00760
    @Gamerz00760 21 день тому +59

    The thing I learned at my job about nailing stuff in, be sure to shoot nails in at different/proper angles.
    You can point 3 nails in towards each other or outwards...doing them straight means a straight hit to the fence would get pushed out much easier.
    Additionally if the nails are angled down the head of the nail could rust off but the whole nail would have to disintegrate to fall off. Where a straight nail or upward pointed one would allow rot/lost nail head to let the board fall/slide off.
    Just picture using a slide that went upwards or flat & had a wall at the other end. The goal with a fence is to not come off. Slide down...fence can slide off, flat easier with a good push, upward is impossible without excess effort.
    I found this to be the case making oversize pallets. The weight of a 4x4 would pull itself out with different tensions on weighted object on pallet. Nail placement/angles are very important.

    • @kennethbyington516
      @kennethbyington516 21 день тому +3

      Could be using staples. It's 50/50 either staples or ring shanks for most commonly used in Brad nailer

    • @dorothy2646
      @dorothy2646 21 день тому +2

      But, wouldn't screws be much better in the long run??

    • @MrCbell57
      @MrCbell57 21 день тому +5

      @@dorothy2646more expensive by far and it’s all about cost. A ring shanked nail straight in will hold a very long time. Outlast the lumber the fence is made from. Some are coated as well now.

    • @riomario6393
      @riomario6393 21 день тому

      Nails not gone last then long screws started heads much better

  • @user-di5qr1mr4y
    @user-di5qr1mr4y 17 днів тому +2

    Хорошее приспособление!!!

  • @Hugs273
    @Hugs273 12 днів тому

    nice! I was thinking the other day how I was going to keep the wood aligned. AI already knows my thoughts.

  • @GrantOakes
    @GrantOakes 5 днів тому

    And I thought I was smart by using a leveling line! WOW, I'm impressed with the speed and efficiency!

  • @Smile-wd5fj
    @Smile-wd5fj 14 днів тому +1

    С хорошим инструментом любая работа в удовольствие

  • @SoroushSabzi
    @SoroushSabzi 3 дні тому

    He put the fence up like it’s no one’s biz!!!😂❤

  • @jmackinjersey1
    @jmackinjersey1 24 дні тому +128

    While I respect your speed, even when you use ring shank nails, they will pull out. Yes, screws can also let go, but they last longer and you can easily twist them back in. A nail can be hammered in, but they typically don't gold after they are pulled out.
    I'll use my nail gun to set the boards, and then go back with the screws and secure them better.

    • @scottgraham8026
      @scottgraham8026 23 дні тому +1

      That what I gotta do to mine now. years later gonna screw m with fender washers ...6,000 ft.winter weather destroyed dod eared 1 x 6 junk homedepot wood

    • @gregoryj5874
      @gregoryj5874 22 дні тому +3

      I use screws only.

    • @kevyak
      @kevyak 21 день тому +3

      I’ve always heard that you should use 1/8 inch gap between the boards to allow for expanding due to moisture expansion that happens from hot and cold weather.

    • @jeserocchild2371
      @jeserocchild2371 21 день тому +2

      But he's shooting the nails at a downward angle.

  • @linx.b5246
    @linx.b5246 День тому

    This is simply brilliant. Making a jig to make life easy. Perfection ❤

  • @user-dr7nm9uc5f
    @user-dr7nm9uc5f 11 днів тому

    Nice work man 🎉❤

  • @jaredj1378
    @jaredj1378 17 днів тому +12

    Now take notes guys. This is how you be efficient as hell. Great work! 👍

  • @v1n082
    @v1n082 11 днів тому

    Wow definitely made that look easy !! Nice.

  • @michaelgarner6960
    @michaelgarner6960 8 днів тому

    This man knows his work....❤

  • @bass_7494
    @bass_7494 7 днів тому +9

    Прикольно хорошая идея 👍👍👍 не надо верёвку натягивать 😀

  • @thoserottengamerz6921
    @thoserottengamerz6921 2 дні тому +1

    (Deep Voice)..You Are Now Watching A Master At Work.
    He just beasted half the fence in like 8sec.

  • @glen8271
    @glen8271 7 днів тому

    I don't know for sure, but it looks like you've done this once or twice. Looks to me like a very well done job.

  • @cruzcruz4128
    @cruzcruz4128 22 дні тому +60

    This video is going to make a whole bunch of Weekend Warriors spend a whole lot of money thinking they can be this fast😂😅😂🤣 pendejos😂

    • @paige_judah5538
      @paige_judah5538 21 день тому


    • @teodoroarias6723
      @teodoroarias6723 21 день тому

      Somonnnn hehehheje

    • @dickjohnson5025
      @dickjohnson5025 21 день тому +5

      This isn’t rocket science

    • @contraband1543
      @contraband1543 21 день тому +1

      What good is a fucking fence if it doesn't go to the ground 😂

    • @Lt.-Dans-Legs
      @Lt.-Dans-Legs 21 день тому +7

      @@contraband1543 What good is it rotted out? Do you think your neighbors are going to be peeking under it?

  • @bestbomb17
    @bestbomb17 12 днів тому +2

    This the dude you see starting a fence as you pull out the neighborhood to go grocery shopping, then when you get back, hes gone, fence is done and ur in aww

  • @jasontaravat2136
    @jasontaravat2136 21 день тому +1

    I love it. I'm a fence installer. Now this will only work on a level plane. I always set a tight sting from picket to picket. But I might just make one of these. Nice job.

  • @ricsmith2185
    @ricsmith2185 14 днів тому +13

    Been doing fence for almost 30 years and a string line is much easier!

    • @BrandynMakes
      @BrandynMakes 5 днів тому +1

      I’m curious. Have you tried this?

    • @ricsmith2185
      @ricsmith2185 5 днів тому +1

      @@BrandynMakes something similar back in the 90s...been using stringline my entire life.

    • @BrandynMakes
      @BrandynMakes 5 днів тому +1

      Ide be curios to see you try it now. The 90s was at least 20 years ago. It’d be interesting to see how you felt about the method after 3 or 4 months where you could establish a solid workflow like you have with string, especially considering that you are now more experienced and could see the pros cons more clearly for the rest of us.

    • @ricsmith2185
      @ricsmith2185 5 днів тому +5

      @@BrandynMakes tell you what I'll do, i will post a video of me putting up string line and then running the whole 100 ft of fence line in about 30 to 45 minutes, then you can make up your own mind what you think is best, and the optics. I'm 61 years old now and not long for this before I retire. So hopefully you can come up with a conclusion of your own and do what works best for you. Thanks and best wishes!

    • @docholiday2795
      @docholiday2795 5 днів тому +1

      ​@ricsmith2185 I'd love to see that sir. I will personally be waiting.

  • @ianhammond6417
    @ianhammond6417 17 днів тому

    Very tranquil watching him do.that 😊

  • @kfd308
    @kfd308 21 день тому +1

    Love it!!! Going to implement that jig!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • @robertrichards9056
    @robertrichards9056 26 днів тому +26

    Yeah, that would work if your land was perfectly flat. But technically a lot of gaps at the bottom in a normal situation around here..

    • @jmackinjersey1
      @jmackinjersey1 24 дні тому +1

      That's why you cut the boards accordingly.

    • @meagaindave2049
      @meagaindave2049 23 дні тому +2

      ​@@jmackinjersey1Any fencing should always follow the terrain beneath it.

  • @user-kc2we7qx4s
    @user-kc2we7qx4s 4 дні тому

    Щелей не оставил и снизу расстояния от земли, а то мышкам негде пройти и доски будут подгнивать. ❤ красиво работает чел !

  • @jdfith243
    @jdfith243 21 день тому +13

    I fabricated an 8’ long metal “picket runner”. It has a 1.5” channel with a 5” on the back side with a 1” lip on the front side. It will never warp or break like wood will. Cost $100

    • @urmompart4706
      @urmompart4706 21 день тому +2

      I got a 10' metal framing strut from home depot for $40. I marked my spacings for shadowbox and hang em post to post. It's a game changer for efficiency.

    • @jdfith243
      @jdfith243 21 день тому

      @@urmompart4706 if you mark your spacings are your posts always set exact distances to create that spacing?

  • @andyg1472
    @andyg1472 9 днів тому

    he got his system down to every move ...nice work!

  • @rogerreed1554
    @rogerreed1554 17 днів тому +11

    When I build fences always use a rot board on the bottom because the tickets will rot on the bottom of all of them if you don't only the one that you lay horizontally and I generally use a 2 by 6 treated with a chamfer at the top Edge

  • @fiermonte83
    @fiermonte83 7 днів тому

    This. This is what working smarter not harder looks like 👍🏼

  • @chrisc2029
    @chrisc2029 6 днів тому


  • @Terrydeaner
    @Terrydeaner 22 дні тому +5

    I once worked a job as a landscaper, mainly mowing lawns. We used to weed whack small sections of lawns instead of mowing them. Typically my boss would handle sections like this because he had a steadier hand. One day I found myself weed whacking a small section of lawn and the owner came out. He said, “are you going to use a weed whacker on that? It looks like s😅it.”

    • @JourneyWoodworks
      @JourneyWoodworks 20 днів тому


    • @yourhandlehere1
      @yourhandlehere1 День тому

      I was a lawn "sculpter" for many years. Just have to keep track of where the end of your line is. Don't dig the tip into fences, siding, etc.
      A level mowing by trimmer...I walk backwards with a wide sweep.

  • @user-zc5lt7hk2g
    @user-zc5lt7hk2g 4 дні тому

    В пандемию из нашего загородного сада украли три пролёта забора.Теперь надо работать,чтоб к новому сезону сделать новый забор по периметру,ТК я восстановила наш богатый сад после нашей тяжелой болезни.Теперь посадила очень много лучших сортов малины,ежевичную поляну и аллею гортензии,посадила два парника редких роз.Я теперь одна боролась с дернинами пырея,я одна в этом саду теперь.

    • @user-xt9gr8ll5j
      @user-xt9gr8ll5j День тому

      Напишите мне. Не нужно быть одной

  • @natedagreat7701
    @natedagreat7701 11 днів тому

    The bump board he's using is Genius. Easy and convenient!!!🎉

  • @joebonomono5078
    @joebonomono5078 19 днів тому +9

    Use 2x6 for your rails because they lay horizontal, rot quicker, and support all the weight of your pickets, they're like $2 more per board, look better, and last twice as long. Look at other fences that fail, it's the rails that rot out first and the pickets pull it down. Also, screw in your pickets..

  • @genosmith8020
    @genosmith8020 14 днів тому

    Very smart and efficient. Nice job

  • @boonphantarasmy1043
    @boonphantarasmy1043 12 днів тому

    This guy iz a pro. He makes it look eazy. Awesome skillz!

  • @Dan-ez6dr
    @Dan-ez6dr 21 день тому +40

    These comments show how much most people don't know about building fences.

    • @yatusabes909
      @yatusabes909 18 днів тому +1

      Any tips you can share?

    • @pulloutking6468
      @pulloutking6468 16 днів тому +4

      Yeah #1 tip when building a wooden fence like that is NEVER use nails use deck screws because eventually those nails back out. Deck screws are specifically designed for decks and fences. I understand people use a nail gun to get it done quicker but in the long run the fence planks will eventually pop off. When using deck screws yes it will take longer but in the long run at least the planks won’t pop off and you’ll know they are secure.

    • @bobc.6746
      @bobc.6746 15 днів тому +1

      Why? Because your don't agree with them? A little arrogant of you, don't you think? 🤣

    • @pulloutking6468
      @pulloutking6468 15 днів тому +1

      @@bobc.6746 Because Iv built fences for many years and iv learned the hard way. Go ahead and build a fence with nails and find out for yourself. It’s not called being arrogant it’s called experience. Something apparently you don’t have.

    • @bobc.6746
      @bobc.6746 15 днів тому

      @@pulloutking6468 Sorry. My comment was directed at the initial comment.

  • @Tekagi
    @Tekagi 13 годин тому

    That's a fantastic method.

  • @JohnathanAulabaugh
    @JohnathanAulabaugh 21 день тому

    You win today. That jog is genius level

  • @user-rr4tu9ct6r
    @user-rr4tu9ct6r 7 днів тому +3

    Какая красота. Работает - как будто играет.

  • @shadowking1380
    @shadowking1380 6 днів тому

    That board on top thing (I don’t know the name of it) is actually a pretty clever idea

  • @gustavogonzalez7364
    @gustavogonzalez7364 20 днів тому

    Damn! He knows what to do a job woods on the wall… I love it his idea ❤❤❤ 👍🏼 👍🏼

  • @ellelyn2000
    @ellelyn2000 28 днів тому +5

    it's not always about how fast you are, try to slow down and actually enjoy the work. try you might just enjoy it.

    • @creu007
      @creu007 24 дні тому +1

      I'll bet he sits back and enjoys the money he makes being so quick!

    • @ellelyn2000
      @ellelyn2000 24 дні тому

      @@creu007 👍

  • @Vera-pt7my
    @Vera-pt7my 5 днів тому

    Ой, СПАСИБО‼️Теперь сама сделаю, без хапуг-за работу берут больше, чем доски стоят‼️

  • @TortillasAreNotBiceps-wr1jf
    @TortillasAreNotBiceps-wr1jf 4 дні тому

    I'm going out on a limb and saying he's done this more than 4 times.

  • @jmhrllc
    @jmhrllc 23 дні тому +6

    Jigs are EVERYTHING!

  • @tonezieswashere946
    @tonezieswashere946 18 днів тому

    Nicely Done. ❤ No spaces. Real Privacy, I wonder where mine is? 😂❤

  • @1960gal
    @1960gal 10 днів тому

    Now this bloke knows his stuff. Obviously he's done this toooo many times before!
    Great hack tho 👍

  • @gregdesormeaux5465
    @gregdesormeaux5465 Місяць тому +21

    very smart thumbs up bro

  • @olliemck60
    @olliemck60 15 днів тому

    Watching Pros work is a beautiful thing!

  • @michaelmargottaiii5450
    @michaelmargottaiii5450 12 днів тому

    I'm from Baltimore Maryland they used to work at a place called freedom fence and deck that bump board would have been very helpful sometimes

  • @kaziglu8344
    @kaziglu8344 21 день тому +4

    solid fences are great when you don't have 50 to 75 mph or 80 to 120 kmh winds every winter

  • @alexveter246
    @alexveter246 5 днів тому

    Рука набита! Работает не первый день с этим инструментом! Ничего особенного, просто мастер работает. Видели бы вы как я в одного переобуваю машину за 18 минут!

  • @HayabusaOrlando
    @HayabusaOrlando 11 днів тому +1

    I need this man to come to my house yard

  • @dewaynestafford1891
    @dewaynestafford1891 28 днів тому +8

    The dude's a pro.

  • @timlewis5096
    @timlewis5096 16 днів тому

    working smarter not harder.

  • @jb7202
    @jb7202 17 днів тому

    All exterior wood will shrink and expand, unless you live on Mars, love the jig! Gonna Incorp

  • @user-zt4id9bs5l
    @user-zt4id9bs5l Місяць тому +9

    Инструмент, конечно хорош. Развивает атрофию мышц безвозвратно. Самокаты, бензопилы, дровоколы... Загибается род человеческий однако.

    • @dimarusful
      @dimarusful 27 днів тому +1

      Не согласен, такое справедливо только если самстроишь раз в жизни, а если ты проф строитель, но вы быстрее проблемы получите если на мускульной иягк будете делать такую однообразную рработу.
      То же касается и остального. Если самокат использовать как способ быстрого перелвижения вмето транспорта то разницы нет, если на нем везде ещдить и до соседнего дома , то да.

    • @user-jb9hn3xi2c
      @user-jb9hn3xi2c 27 днів тому

      ​@@dimarusful гвозди на такой степлер стоят как чугунный мост.
      Весит он не полкило, ну и использование его имеет достаточно узкую нишу. Пробовал не понравилось.

    • @kargon3533
      @kargon3533 26 днів тому +2

      Загибаеься и долго не живут, от кувалды, топора в лесу и шахтах от лома и вагонетак. А это облегчает труд. Ваня, назад к брички🤣

    • @user-fx1sd7yv5v
      @user-fx1sd7yv5v 21 день тому +1

      дурачок, молотком махать будешь - все суставы износишь,потом под пенсию плакать будешь

  • @jeremywoods2719
    @jeremywoods2719 17 днів тому

    Lock the makeshift jig lol been there but we have metal ones as well. I work for Traditions Fence lLC out of Hartselle Alabama. I’ve been doing it for 6yrs now

  • @user-hb3kb6cd6k
    @user-hb3kb6cd6k 9 днів тому

    Я думал какой молодец, козырек с верху придумал чтоб забор не гнил, а это просто кондуктор. )

  • @user-oe2lh4op9c
    @user-oe2lh4op9c 29 днів тому +22

    Smart and simple.

  • @GanglandKc816
    @GanglandKc816 14 днів тому

    This is so comforting

  • @user-oe6nv5uc3d
    @user-oe6nv5uc3d Місяць тому +11

    Imagínense que el cliente quiera pagarle por hora y lo termina todo en 3 horas a 20$ la hora 😂😂😂

    • @joelbernal5252
      @joelbernal5252 27 днів тому +1

      Con esa habilidad no creo que trabaje por horas

    • @davidhernandez-gq2ip
      @davidhernandez-gq2ip 24 дні тому +1

      No wuey esos trabajos se asen por contrato no por HRS

  • @angelahaynes3517
    @angelahaynes3517 8 годин тому

    Wow he makes it's look so easy 😍

  • @davidmiles4678
    @davidmiles4678 18 днів тому

    I like your gauge you made. The one make when I do it is only for one board at a time. I’m going to have to make something similar and try it next time if I can remember

  • @theapotheosisofgdot2294
    @theapotheosisofgdot2294 Місяць тому +22

    It's God damn Jason board...

  • @user-lv8xn7bn2e
    @user-lv8xn7bn2e 8 годин тому

    Just rebuilt a fence and used this method . Great time saver.

  • @user-wo5rc9gl6z
    @user-wo5rc9gl6z Місяць тому +23

    You should always take at least 3 to 4 inches underneath where you’re putting the boards and put like a gravel and leave a gap

    • @Braze-xxx
      @Braze-xxx 27 днів тому +5

      He's leaving the required gap at the bottom. He has the preset leveling jig at the top and if you look at the lawn it's not cut and you can see the grass is above his ankles so that's your 4 inch max gap.

    • @rupe53
      @rupe53 25 днів тому +6

      I save broken flagstone and place the pieces under the fence so grass doesn't grow there.

    • @Braze-xxx
      @Braze-xxx 25 днів тому +3

      @@rupe53 That's a great idea my friend.

    • @greazymcgeezy
      @greazymcgeezy 24 дні тому

      @@rupe53you can throw some shingles on the ground under it also, does same thing.

    • @rupe53
      @rupe53 24 дні тому

      @@greazymcgeezy that will work for a few years, but they will eventually rot, and the weeds will grow.

  • @ac158
    @ac158 13 днів тому

    I had a giant backyard in the first house I built and I had four neighbors in my backyard because of the shape of it and it was huge and my one neighbor decided that all the dog crap ,needed to land in my yard Lord God I could have used a fence like that, my wife had me by the collar on my saying don't hit him I said I'm not going to hit anyone we're just going to have our yard cleaned up. In the champions Lutheran Church pastor decided to clean my yard up. We had a pretty good understanding from that moment on

  • @MrSpoox
    @MrSpoox 16 днів тому +9

    Ah the experts, always good for a nauseating experience