How many seconds can you hold back the laughter of these funny and cute animals?

  • Опубліковано 20 січ 2022


  • Trishka Bum

    Как внезапно смешно))

  • strato man

    I was able to hold back laughter for the entire video without even trying.

  • Michelle Ryan

    Cant stand owners who really annoy or distress their pets for fun

  • anaïs✨
    anaïs✨  +79

    That cats not broken, he's doing crunches, working on his fitness 😂

  • Kimberly Sevastyanenko

    We had a cat who did the same thing with the sheets. On his back with all four feet pressed up against the sheet. We'd then drag a toy or string across the sheet and watch him go crazy. He'd actually come running from the other end of the house if he heard someone changing the sheets. You had to include an extra ten minutes to the process for him to play.

  • Malika Debbah

    I laughter so much when the dog was having its manicure. It's expression is priceless. The cats are hilarious and their unpredictability make them so unique in their behaviour. Never a dull moments with pets.

  • Animal Click

    I love dogs and cats! They are so cute and they bring happiness into our lives! I just want to cuddle with them all! ❤

  • Abby W
    Abby W  +48

    Only one I didn't find funny was the woman talking to the cat about not hurting the kid when she should be teaching the child to respect animals space .

  • Shilo Allard

    Oliver making biscuits on his mommy’s arm so precious 🥺😍❤️

  • KWhit
    KWhit  +7

    I almost lost my §híť, when the fainting goat, rolled out of the swing and the woman said his name, then he started screaming!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ocean View

    That dogs expression @

  • Cute Japanese Cats and Animals Channel

    The first reason why cats have a healing effect is because they are soothing in their cuteness. Just by looking at something cute, it is said that it has the effect of resting the brain and relieving tension, making us feel healing. The points that make cats cute are as follows Large eyes, flexible movements, relaxed gestures, and fluffy fur. Cats have a lot of cute features that make you feel relaxed and calm when you look at them.😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • nwhyn0t
    nwhyn0t  +25


  • Randi Higginbotham

    I remember when iPads weren’t cheap. They’re now dog toys. 😂

  • Emmeline Wulffleff

    I held back laughing at one of those for 80 seconds!

  • Svetlana Mikhaylova

    Котёнок с крысой меня удивил! Рычит так по взрослому )))

  • Butterflyy.Goddess

    I swear, the husky cried out “How dare you leave me!” 😳😂 @

  • Shirley Creer

    Jerry! Think about it. It’s a baby.

  • Ben Gilliland

    I wish they didn’t show the kitten attacking the rat…☮️🐭💗😽