The History of Tenacious D (with drums)

  • Опубліковано 19 лип 2022
  • The History of Tenacious D (with drums)
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    Video edited by Zygo Media & 66Samus and was made possible thanks to Patreon support from Ashe Cordiner, Christopher Sanchez, Braden Ward, Carl Egan, Christian, Petropolis, Even Vangsnes, Ben Nickless, Kyle Castronovo, Sean Farmer, Timothy Bush, go_licpgm, Shane Lomboy, Raymond C. Ortega, Patrick Trumble, Harrison, Tim Stump, Benjamin Gleason, John N, Preston Tabor, Joakim Jakobsson, jose miguel sanchez carmona, Matto137, Lee Hunt, Dominick Gonzales, Micah Gallagher, Dustin Morris, Anders Wedholm, CJ Wagoner, Brian Begnoche, Heather Eliason, GillRigged, Kirill Sviderskyi, Lilli Dilorenzo, Benedikt Brixius, Shawn Tillett, Steve Peterson, Nick Eustaquio, Jedidiah Patton, Dave Klem, Christoffer Jaremo, Dylan Wells Anthony, James M Bonds, Garrett Morton, Kalebmp12, James Holt, Les Foy, DeeSlice Dime, Monte Traher, Michael Counsell, Michael Murray, Colin Fitzpatrick, PowerChugger, Paul Reszczynski, Puppies On Acid, Alex Rips, Tony Antoniou, Toxic Duck, Cseh Donát, Billy Payne, Scott Warren, Coin Crazy, Martin Gregurich, Victor Atroshchenko, Jordon Howe, hudson672, Michaël Testé, Paul Mason, Gavin Mackrill, Joseph Jimenez, Grindhead Jim, Seamus Gleason, Casey Carroll, Alexander Toivonen, Cooper Dustman, Lainel Orbera, Mike Wells, Vicky Grandy, Burt213, Patrick Thunder, Deanna Hockenberry, Cole Dockter, Matthias Strecker, Rob Baber, Korben Dallas, B17Nightmare, Lyndxn, Alec Stair, gnarlyranger, Matthew Sewell, Max Matone, Christoph Allmendinger, Jacoby Barnhill, Ondra Musil, Remi Kiwior, James Jesko, Adam, Justin King, Jan van Huizen, Kenny Johnston, Rob Fernandes, Michael J Coyne, Zachary Barton, Derek Schroen, Tomas Reyes, Mark Townsend, Ken Wade Jr, Joe Becker, Tatoposte, Mateusz Zelnik, Jason Rager, boysef, Felix Kuhn, MetalMusicianIT, Max Justice, Mike Silvestri, Miller Beer, Tomer Mandelbaum, Brandyn Kilpatrick, Scottie Bizzle, Daniel Lindemulder, Nick DeVincentis, Justus JT Gilfillan, Corey Allgood, A Smith, Stanley, Chris, Steven Taylor, Julien Vermeiren, Drumstick Pony, bgl314, Brandon Ruschill, Max Johnson, Ablazed Wasteland, Dante Escobedo, Linda Davis, Scarlet Midnight, Evan H, Mark Cerundolo, Uncle John, Andrew Emann, Logan Black, Al Francis, Thomas Tallant, Cytex, z3r0fact0r, and many others.
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  • 66Samus
    66Samus   +104

    Friendly reminder that if you get a comment reply from an account that looks like mine (with a different name), saying that you won a free drum set, it is a scam! Make sure you report the account.

  • You’ve got mail

    Jack black and Samus colab would be a match made in heaven

  • Ant Holler

    Your playing is so clean and precise - inspirational

  • MetalHeadGamer1986

    I love it I believe Jack Black and Kyle Gas would approve 🤘🏻😈🤘🏻

  • Renz Roumans

    Hey man thanks to you i started drumming. Learning my first rudiments. And I love it! Thank you for the content you bring. 🙏

  • brenda paulicelli

    I freaking LOVE this!

  • Klod Insky

    Dude, the fun you had playing this is infectious

  • izanyzam

    Imagine if Jack saw this. It would be awesome!

  • Michelle Patterson

    This was fantastic!

  • Rob King

    Couldn’t tell you how many times I have watched the movie pick of destiny or listened to the first two albums.


    We NEED a collab performance with you and Jack Black...ASAP.

  • Kieran Boes

    As a long time fan of both samus and tenacious d, as well as an avid brooks wackerman fan, I approve of this brilliant cover - addition

  • Chad Schneider

    So many D fans missed out on all these songs on the original series. Sasquatch, History, Jesus Ranch....such classics.

  • Ashe Panda

    This is so freaking epic brother thank you once again for being an inspiration!! Your the reason I'm learning to play the drums for the first time!!

  • The Nytewulf

    As a guitarist and a lover of Tenacious D, and...a appreciator of awesome drumming...I loved this!

  • Shane

    Amazing! Jack black is a true legend!

  • Yaroslav Leshchukh

    Man, you are absolutely killing it !

  • Jon Ass
    Jon Ass  +1

    I just broke my collarbone yesterday. So i can't play drums for a while:( now i just watch you and that gets me more excited to start playing again:D

  • Patrick Draper

    I can’t help but see Lee’s face during this song in the pick of Destiny 😂😂

  • Mason Basore

    Yesssssss this is amazing brought me back to my childhood thank you samus for this masterpiece