Head and Fieldy Interview 2012

  • Опубліковано 23 кві 2012
  • Head and Fieldy of Korn being interviewed together for the first time in years
    4:55 for interview start


  • WD113
    WD113 5 років тому +19

    Head is the smoothest guy, he doesn't let anything get to him and stays humble.

  • Paul Lalley
    Paul Lalley 8 років тому +9

    Head, keep on sharing God's love & mercy! Powerful testimonial! Blessings to you and your daughter.

  • WidowRose
    WidowRose 8 років тому +19

    I think this is amazing, inspiring, and proves that anyone can change, is free to change and we shouldn't stone him for it.

    • Kellymatthew Barnes
      Kellymatthew Barnes 7 років тому +1

      "Turn to face the strange ch ch ch changes." -David Bowie

  • osuushiza8
    osuushiza8 9 років тому +1

    I've also loved Fieldy & still do- he's ALWYS been my favorite bassist!
    This video literally got me in tears- SO beautiful & inspirational!! God bless them! :)

  • Mwils
    Mwils 9 років тому +1

    This was so amazing, Field and Head are truly inspirational people. Near the end when Fieldy started to pray, I couldn't help but bow my head, something took over me, it finished with "Amen". I feel so free and tranquil, thank you so much Fieldy and Head.

  • Tim M.
    Tim M. 7 років тому +4

    Wonderful wonderful stuff! I can't wait to be in heaven with you guys!

  • Kris Jutras
    Kris Jutras 5 років тому +10

    Awesome Testemony! God Bless You All. ♡

  • MaxterOfPuppets
    MaxterOfPuppets 9 років тому

    man i love their testimonies! they are such an inspiration musically and spiritually :)

  • MommaJLowry90
    MommaJLowry90 9 років тому

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Praying for both Brian and Fieldy to continue walking in everything that God has for them!

  • gounderus - Clean Comedian, Video Commenter

    EPIC props to Head, Fieldy, and the Whosoevers for speaking the honest TRUTH!

  • Erin Stagler
    Erin Stagler 9 років тому

    That was AMAZING you guys!!!! I am so proud of you both !!!

  • Yada I. Mean
    Yada I. Mean  10 років тому

    There will always be a need for a reunion of the original 5! :D

  • Edward Sarmiento Saborío
    Edward Sarmiento Saborío 10 років тому

    Excelente!!! Realmente una bendición. Dios primero estas palabras hayan llegado a mucha gente!!!

  • Nate Coffman
    Nate Coffman 9 років тому

    Love what these guys are doing! Keep it up!

  • Ricky-Ann Gold
    Ricky-Ann Gold 9 років тому

    These guys are amazing! Awesome inspiration!

  • Phillip Prince
    Phillip Prince 9 років тому

    That was FANTASTIC! I'm glad to see them saved!

  • Maya Mitchell
    Maya Mitchell 6 років тому +2

    that was truly beautiful. Mind opening and inspiring. Thank you. It's great too see you getting along together in peace. That's beautiful. Head thank you for the other nite. N helping me to get sober. I love you always n thank you for carrying me when I was lost and sick. I love you.

  • CHE
    CHE 2 роки тому

    I Love the Sincerity of these guys
    ALL Of them!!,.
    So honest about everything.. #Real #Inspirational
    "It doesn't matter how much Money you have, You could have Everything, & Still Depression is what it is & It No amount of money can change that
    #KoRn Interviews #Real #Inspiring #True
    Love , Respect, Peace from a Massive Fan
    In UK Liverpool ✌💕
    Get here soon *KoRn* "Pleeaaase" 🙏💭❤

  • Evan CedarHill
    Evan CedarHill 10 років тому

    This was so awesome to watch! Thank you so much for uploading this!

  • Hobie Galeano
    Hobie Galeano 9 років тому

    ive been a fan since the first album, to see them take jesus into there hearts is a true miracle and a blessing , to say that simple prayer and to receive jesus , there no other way...ive tryed to do thing my way and failed .. thank you fieldy and head for this ... god bless you too

  • Marjory Armstrong
    Marjory Armstrong 3 роки тому

    I wish I could tell these guy's how much their testimonies mean to me. Out of all the ones I have watched, their's are the only ones I think about. Thank you for posting this.

  • Violet Roses
    Violet Roses 10 років тому

    That was a nice interview/talk.... I love korn to death and what there all doing their music is all good from the first album and till there last! And if people were true korn fans they would like and respect what they have to do in order to live happy lives!

  • Randy Eible
    Randy Eible 9 років тому

    Head was like the nicest guy I ever met, makes me so happy to see him with KoRn again.

  • Joel Goodwin
    Joel Goodwin 7 років тому +8

    Never been a fan of Korn (more into Death, Prog, and Black Metal when it comes to extreme music) but I am inspired by the stories of both Head and Fieldy!

    • Block Block Goose
      Block Block Goose 6 років тому +5

      +Apostle Laura Lee Are you serious? They both have had their lives completely changed by Christ? They tell the gospel? They explain that salvation is only reachable through Christ, and that it's not just a prayer you say and then that's it but it is a day by day walk in faith? I've experienced TV "evangelists" that I would question more than these guys.
      I don't even particularly care for their music, but how good is God for placing a light among a group of people who many church goers may be afraid to approach. The pierced up, tattooed, metal loving people need Christ just as much as the 9-5, republican, ultra conservative, Sunday school, booster club crowd. I mean what do you think Paul looked like? The guy used to MURDER Christians, his faith was changed in a radical way, he was blinded after his encounter with Christ.
      He would go into towns and preach, casting out demons, and causing riots. He was beat to death, in a shipwreck, and for a time people were afraid of Him because he was hunting Christians before he became one?
      The devil may try to imitate sure, but the devil isn't going to deliver you from the bondage of addiction, turn your life around, and deliver words of Truth to the masses.
      On what do you base that they are liars? They are outwardly confessing their sins, that they were broken and God fixed them. That is more than any "Christian"; politician will tell you?
      And if they are liars? God will deal with them, God isn't surprised, one of the Twelve Disciples betrayed Him, and He knew that it was going to happen. In one of the gospels it also says Judas was stealing money from the Church. God knew that too. My Bible also says that God will work all things for the good of those who serve Him.
      Finally how are they "Deceiving Gullible people"; by sharing the message of their salvation and asking others to accept Christ into their heart as their saviors and then allow Christ to lead and direct their steps?

    • JazzSoulMetal Productions
      JazzSoulMetal Productions 6 років тому

      +Apostle Laura Lee I doubt it!

    • Lexiwolf
      Lexiwolf 6 років тому

      +Brad Smith how would talking to your self help anyone?

    • Bradley Smith
      Bradley Smith 7 років тому +1

      That's great! Good to hear that your heart is not hardened past the point of no return!
      If you have even just a tiny bit of faith that God may be real, talk to him and simply tell him you want to get to know him.(Yep, that's right, actually talk to him, either out loud or in your head, in the most simple & plain way... he REALLY DOES want to hear from you.) If you are sincere, he WILL respond, WHENEVER & IN WHATEVER WAY he chooses. Keep your heart open. Keep your eyes & ears open. And when you realize he is reaching out to you, grab hold & act on it! He desires relationship with you to depths & heights that will astound you.
      He has made a promise; If you draw near to him, he will draw near to you!
      Read his love letter & instruction manual to you, the bible. If you keep reading it, with an open heart, you will be changed in an awesome way. You will receive the most important knowledge there is to have; Jesus and his purpose for you.
      There are many good translations and it's good to enjoy all of them, I am reading the Message translation bible this year and really like understanding what it says the first time I read it.
      Joel, do you want to know what Head & Fieldy know? Do you want to have the confidence that they have? Do you want to have the assurance that they have? Do you want to have the peace & contentment that they have? Do you want to go where they are going after this current life?
      If you do, then go after what Head & Fieldy and many, many others went after and found; relationship with God.
      He made you because he wants relationship with you & wants you to be with him forever!
      So keep this in mind; We are not guaranteed even the next minute in this life, so that's why, in his love letter to us, he says, "Today is the day of salvation."!
      Wishing you.... The Best :)

    MARK BREAUX 8 років тому +1


  • Deborah Carravieri
    Deborah Carravieri 5 місяців тому

    Watching this interview now, that Fieldy is unfortunately still battling with his demons, is painful... I do hope he can regain his peace of mind... I'm sure Brian and the other guys in the band, are there for him and are helping him...

  • sketchwish
    sketchwish 9 років тому

    Love head. his playing was quintessential to Korn's sound. quite like how Jim Root is to Slipknot.
    that unique guitar sound that can come only frm the soul... (and their fingers of course)

  • AFxNSG
    AFxNSG 9 років тому

    God bless both of these guys. When I saw that the video was nearly 30 minutes long I was like man there is no way im even watching 5 minutes of this, but I ended up watching all 27:29. Amazing story. This helped me so much its unbelievable. Congrats to both Head and Fieldy for such a life change. this changed my life greatly aswell.

  • Jack Mikauck
    Jack Mikauck 8 років тому +2

    i love this interview.ive watched it alot

  • Kris Otano
    Kris Otano 8 років тому +9

    god bless these guys

  • no64dd
    no64dd 10 років тому

    Thanks for uploading this. I believe in these people. There is something special here.

  • B C
    B C 9 років тому

    I have alot of respect for Fieldy and Head. When you go through simlar life trials you know exactly where they're coming from. Everyone finally meets with and experiences spirituality in their own way, some more extreme, some less extreme than others. But in the end, it all pans out just the same. So glad for them. God bless.

  • Sverre Kvernmo
    Sverre Kvernmo 9 років тому

    Still miss him as part of the Korn package, even though they're still kicking it. Charismatically, he was the Flava Flav to Jonathan's Chuck D.

  • ogpdub
    ogpdub 9 років тому

    Wow. I haven't seen Fieldy this happy since Head left. Since then, he looked like he doesn't really care much about Korn, like he's just doing his job, hardly saw him laugh or smile. It's so great to see him smiling and laughing being with Head again. I feel like crying. I miss KoЯn, loud, hilarious, and energetic. Now it's just "Korn"...

  • Kryptoniankousin
    Kryptoniankousin 10 років тому

    It is awesome seeing the Lord work with these two guys.

  • Beeszza
    Beeszza 9 років тому

    I cannot believe this, so amazing to see these men take up their cross and speak of Jesus before the world.I have been struggling with doubt and still am but this video gave me some direction.

  • Maricela Olivas
    Maricela Olivas 5 років тому

    -Head and Fieldy are perfect examples of the verse , many are called but few are chosen. so amazing !!!

  • Don’t CA My TX
    Don’t CA My TX 2 роки тому

    God I love y’all!!! Fieldy and you are BAD ASS!!!

  • Josh Downing
    Josh Downing 7 років тому +59

    Sooo I really like how there's a bunch of post from atheists on here saying "stop shoving your beliefs down my throat." No one forced you to watch this video... You chose to watch it. No one is forcing their beliefs down your throat. It was their decisions to become Christians and change their lives for the better. They have the right to tell people how God changed their lives and how he is real just like you have the right to go around cursing God and saying he is nonexistent. We have freedom of religion and freedom of speech in America, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with this video. So if you don't want to listen to them talk about their faith then just go search another video! And if you are going to say God isn't real on a Christian video, don't get offended when Christians make a counter argument. Now have an amazing day and God bless you all. :)

    • Dan Lawson
      Dan Lawson 4 роки тому +4

      Josh.... stop shoving your common sense down my throat!

    • vrsq086
      vrsq086 4 роки тому +1

      God bless you too brother!

  • p3rerang3
    p3rerang3 8 років тому +21

    Does evil exist?
    The university professor challenged his students with this question. Did God create everything that exists? A student bravely replied, "Yes, he did!"
    "God created everything? The professor asked.
    "Yes sir", the student replied.
    The professor answered, "If God created everything, then God created evil since evil exists, and according to the principal that our works define who we are then God is evil". The student became quiet before such an answer. The professor was quite pleased with himself and boasted to the students that he had proven once more that the Christian faith was a myth.
    Another student raised his hand and said, "Can I ask you a question professor?"
    "Of course", replied the professor.
    The student stood up and asked, "Professor, does cold exist?"
    "What kind of question is this? Of course it exists. Have you never been cold?" The students snickered at the young man's question.
    The young man replied, "In fact sir, cold does not exist. According to the laws of physics, what we consider cold is in reality the absence of heat. Every body or object is susceptible to study when it has or transmits energy, and heat is what makes a body or matter have or transmit energy. Absolute zero (-460 degrees F) is the total absence of heat; all matter becomes inert and incapable of reaction at that temperature. Cold does not exist. We have created this word to describe how we feel if we have no heat."
    The student continued, "Professor, does darkness exist?"
    The professor responded, "Of course it does."
    The student replied, "Once again you are wrong sir, darkness does not exist either. Darkness is in reality the absence of light. Light we can study, but not darkness. In fact we can use Newton's prism to break white light into many colors and study the various wavelengths of each color. You cannot measure darkness. A simple ray of light can break into a world of darkness and illuminate it. How can you know how dark a certain space is? You measure the amount of light present. Isn't this correct? Darkness is a term used by man to describe what happens when there is no light present."
    Finally the young man asked the professor, "Sir, does evil exist?"
    Now uncertain, the professor responded, "Of course as I have already said. We see it every day. It is in the daily example of man's inhumanity to man. It is in the multitude of crime and violence everywhere in the world. These manifestations are nothing else but evil."
    To this the student replied, "Evil does not exist sir, or at least it does not exist unto itself. Evil is simply the absence of God. It is just like darkness and cold, a word that man has created to describe the absence of God. God did not create evil. Evil is not like faith, or love that exist just as does light and heat. Evil is the result of what happens when man does not have God's love present in his heart. It's like the cold that comes when there is no heat or the darkness that comes when there is no light."
    The professor sat down.
    The young man's name - Albert Einstein.

    • Kristen Cook
      Kristen Cook 2 роки тому

      @Red Sampler well who said it

    • Ana Portillo
      Ana Portillo 3 роки тому

      Thank you...

    • Red Sampler
      Red Sampler 3 роки тому

      @Shady Ganley formerly Jaquariuss
      if you understood what and how i wrote it, then you would come to the same conclusion i did. and guess what?? you did ;-)
      there are hundreds of stories, einstein supposedly told.
      and only a few are actually what he said.
      einstein didn,t believe in the God of the bible. he was more a budhist type of believer.
      a cosmic god. and not our God that is right on top of things.
      flat earth even made a real comeback late 1800,s early 1900,s , but then einstein came up with the theory of relativity. and poofff , all of a sudden we believe we live on a blue dot amongst septillions of others dots, with even possible parallel universes full of more dots.
      and god?? nah god is just somewhere in all of us, he is everywhere and he is nowhere, he is everything and he is nothing?? he is just some far away dude or entity who really couldn,t care less about us between the nothingness and meaninglessness of space.
      well that is not the God i believe in.
      the earth is flat,in a dome firmament
      the earth is immovable and firmly set on its foundations.
      the earth is Gods footstool.
      and God is right on top of things.
      Heaven is right above us.
      but yeah that is just how i feel about it.

    • Shady Ganley formerly Jaquariuss
      Shady Ganley formerly Jaquariuss 3 роки тому +1

      @Red Sampler if it's never been proven that he said it? Then how do you know that he didn't there is also no proof that he did not say it I would leave the semantics out of it and just take the story for what it's worth it is an awesome way to say that God does exist and in everything.

    • Shady Ganley formerly Jaquariuss
      Shady Ganley formerly Jaquariuss 3 роки тому +1

      Wow I hope that was a true story, either way wonderfully put thank you for sharing and strengthening my faith God bless you

  • G. Judith
    G. Judith 10 років тому

    It makes me cry, I'm so happy that they are saved. We'll meet them in heaven. I ordered heads book "save me from myself", it may arrive today.(:
    God bless y'all my precious brothers and sisters, greetings from germany.

  • jeffhardyisawesome1
    jeffhardyisawesome1 9 років тому

    See....I'm a huge KoRn head, and seeing this interview, I was holding back tears. I'm not religious at all, but for some reason this really touched me. I miss seeing Head in the band, but to see how close they are after all these years still, and to know how much they've changed because they want to better themselves and their lifestyles. Seeing this still gives me hope knowing people can change no matter what they believe in.

  • TheRyan668
    TheRyan668 9 років тому

    This to me is a prayer answered. I was a huge Korn fan back in the day. I came to Christ and chose to leave that life behind. I loved the sound the band had and prayed that their lives would change. Thank you Jesus and now for the rest ...

  • Cara Mark
    Cara Mark 4 роки тому

    cried the whole video! so beautiful

  • osuushiza8
    osuushiza8 9 років тому

    I love Brian Welch so much also! I really wish many other celebs (& even infamous ppl) would come out of their dark shells, but it's more complex than what many realize.
    I know of a few celebs now that seem they want out, but are so reluctant b/c of severe trauma.
    I've also been noticing that Eminem's trying to get out as well.

  • Yada I. Mean
    Yada I. Mean  9 років тому

    The way things are going though, who knows what the future holds for a Korn reunion with Head. It's been looking pretty good these last few months! Could you imagine if Head came back in a permanent position and they re-captured some of that magic they had back in the pre-syotos era! That would be awesome. By the way Gummo, I remember your name from Kornspace. Have you found any good replacement sites with the same community-family like approach?

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 9 років тому

    awesome stories... truly amazing.... God is good!

  • TheFerdztory
    TheFerdztory 9 років тому

    I am a christian who loves hard rock music, knowing how Jesus transformed these people, is just amazing! Rock On!

  • gabriela sapeg
    gabriela sapeg 9 років тому

    Loved Korn when I wasnt saved... Gets saved, and so do korn some members.

  • sketchwish
    sketchwish 9 років тому

    Man! 5:25... i remember having that KoRn poster on my wall 11 yrs ago... those were the days.. rocking out on guitar to Freak on A Leash... beautiful

  • Piotr Potocki
    Piotr Potocki 8 років тому

    Much Love from Poland dudes, It`s allways an inspiration listening to you !!!

  • TheNaupari88
    TheNaupari88 9 років тому

    what a wonderful interview

  • kathie B
    kathie B 7 років тому +7

    Heavy metal for Christ.... Awesome get Dave & Dave from Megadeth and Alice cooper and any other heavy metal guys that want to come along do a big concert for the poor.... Yeah!!

  • CelticMs
    CelticMs 9 років тому

    Amen brother! Glory be to GOD!!!!

  • Issac Cox
    Issac Cox 9 років тому

    This makes me feel better that head and fieldy are happy. Thanks for the good news! Brian didn't do it I'm his own, he used a guiding force to find his own way. I was in his shoes a year ago with all of my friends becoming addicts around me. It was so bad left it al and move . It drove me to the point that I wanted to join them and not be alone. Beside my friends shooting up in front.of me what do you think that gave me that thought? Was it god, me or some else that wanted control over my life?

  • CloudAwesome
    CloudAwesome 9 років тому

    Unbelievable,my Fav. band always & forever accepting the lord,never thought I'd see the day hahhhhhHhHHhah it'll be the best to see you guys in heaven but I sure hope I get you see you guys before that = )
    -Miguel "Cloud"

  • Rudolf Janse van Vuuren
    Rudolf Janse van Vuuren 9 років тому

    I love these guys so much! I'm so glad they turned to Jesus to save them from the suffering they were in! It makes me want to cry seeing how happy and content and at peace they both look! Thank you God! Jesus can break any addictions and set any prisoners of depression and darkness free! To live life abundantly! John10:10 All you need to do is ask Him and trust Him! It's what I did and He saved me from drug induced schizophrenia! He healed my mind! So my life is His! Thank U for Ur mercy Lord!!!

  • Ron Y
    Ron Y 10 років тому

    Love and Death, Korn, Stillwell, POD, Deftones would be a EPIC tour... make it happen!!!!

  • runninghoove
    runninghoove 9 років тому

    Korn has never been the same without him, sadly.

  • Matthew Muir
    Matthew Muir 9 років тому

    Amazing.. Thank you Lord

  • suddendee
    suddendee 8 років тому +7

    Fieldy seems like a really generous person.

  • DJ Huntington
    DJ Huntington 9 років тому

    Very cool interview except when Fieldy tries to get me to come to JC. Super good to see these two A;happy and B;reconnected

  • mootbooxle
    mootbooxle 8 років тому

    This is so wonderful.

  • Be Yourself
    Be Yourself 9 років тому

    ROCK ON! This video is great but the ending left me speachless. So, Ill use the words of someone else, "I can do all things through Christ who strenghthens me" Amen.

  • ecaepevolhturt
    ecaepevolhturt 8 років тому

    I swear dude you are the most hardcore KoRn fan I've seen on YT! Don't you love the short clip of "love and meth" on their channel? I think it sounds really good/evil.
    BTW - When did you start listening to KoRn. In the summer of 99 I remember seeing "Freak on a Leash" on a MTV2 (UK) and I've been hooked ever since.

  • CrackedStyle
    CrackedStyle 10 років тому

    "Korn- one of thee greatest bands, turned to a musical embarrassment"
    I couldnt agree with that statement anymore.

  • Don’t CA My TX
    Don’t CA My TX 2 роки тому

    Y’all are so awesome!!!

  • Rain W
    Rain W 9 років тому

    This is amazing.. I miss head.

  • Cindy Harris
    Cindy Harris 8 років тому +3

    Love hearing about the love and
    power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!

  • Lisa Coughlin
    Lisa Coughlin 6 років тому +1

    Amen!! this is awesome!

  • techmelissa
    techmelissa 9 років тому

    Praying for YOU!! You are so right on....Peace!

  • jctrader232
    jctrader232 10 років тому

    Man you explained it perfectly you sound like a cool dude.

  • Insanitypower
    Insanitypower 10 років тому

    Good thing their getting back together ^^

  • Dustin Smith
    Dustin Smith 9 років тому

    I love that prayer at the end that Fieldy did...

  • doseofreality100
    doseofreality100 9 років тому

    Ha, Fieldy.... most honest bass player "you only use 3 chords..." hahaha, so true.

  • tr4nsist0r
    tr4nsist0r 9 років тому

    I find it hard to believe that God Himself hasn't bobbed His head at least once to some Korn music, lol. This video is incredible!

  • TurnToJesus1
    TurnToJesus1 9 років тому

    Head and Fieldy are works in the making.

  • Nathaniel Wells
    Nathaniel Wells 9 років тому

    You legends!

  • Thy Burkness
    Thy Burkness 9 років тому

    The 20% of this interview that has to do with Korn, being a massive Korn fan with "All my life, who am I?" tattooed on my inner arm, how can some people be haters on them being stoked on life?

  • OFFICIAL Heather Combs; †eardrღps †hat †angღ


  • jctrader232
    jctrader232 10 років тому

    Man I can't wait til heaven I get to see Head and Fieldy xD

  • suddendee
    suddendee 8 років тому +9

    I bet Head will be called into full-time ministry. :)

    • Josh Mckeon
      Josh Mckeon 3 роки тому

      Defiantly !!!

    • suddendee
      suddendee 6 років тому

      Yeah, I know; I learned that in seminary too. But I was thinking more of the 5-fold ministry.

    • gertrude gilbert
      gertrude gilbert 6 років тому +1

      He is, full time ministry in Korn and with all the other bands he meets just like Lacey and Sonny from POD

  • Heath C-c
    Heath C-c 9 років тому

    Head is a god to me, I don't agree with him, but still I love him

  • EverythingPaintedBlu
    EverythingPaintedBlu 9 років тому

    Dude, I support Head in whatever he wants to do. He's in a better place and he hasn't lost his edge creatively speaking, so I see nothing but positives.

  • BlackJack237(DKJ)
    BlackJack237(DKJ) 10 років тому

    From what I read, he's playing drums in a new band called INFINIKA since the beginning of this year.

  • ben briol
    ben briol 9 років тому

    Yeaaah...MAY GOD BLESS THEM BOTH.....!!!!!!!

  • Venci Lambrinov
    Venci Lambrinov 10 років тому

    i love it!! again forever..

  • Scarletbull
    Scarletbull 8 років тому

    Beautiful message.

  • shannon schaefer
    shannon schaefer 9 років тому

    i love it!

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 5 років тому

    amazing testimony

  • matt cure
    matt cure 7 років тому +14

    All Glory to God.

  • ramsareit
    ramsareit 9 років тому

    2 crazy dudes from one band---saved! Only Jesus can do that...No fan of Korn, but happy to see them stepping forward! Heaven bound...hallelujah!

  • SamurayRS
    SamurayRS 9 років тому

    KORN goes to Novosibirsk !!! Russia !!! This is so epic !!! At last I see and hear them live

  • AFxNSG
    AFxNSG 8 років тому

    You're up there man, and so am I!! I remember seeing the video for Here to Stay on MTV2 in 2002, and that was what hooked me!

  • Escqgo A
    Escqgo A 9 років тому

    this makes me feel good about myself

  • J_Christ
    J_Christ 10 років тому

    "Drinking idiot juice" 22:30 so funny cause it's so true. Praise God for making miraculous things happen.

  • Angela Raafiki Roadcone
    Angela Raafiki Roadcone 10 років тому

    Yup and now we all know they have in fact reunited on stage.

  • Nickolaus Pacione
    Nickolaus Pacione 8 років тому +2

    This might shock the crap out of my friend Nikk "Skum" Dibs as he plays with Dope now. I opened up with some of my friends about my health problems and encountered the Good sumaritan, I had a lot of Metallica and Slayer on my folders -- but what got me reading books were Iron Maiden and Metallica, Metallica got me reading H.P. Lovecraft and I became an author because of this.

  • RocknRican
    RocknRican 10 років тому

    I went to korn's concert when they were in Rochester, for the first time I heard Jon davis say God bless you all, I kinda hoped it meant something

  • HardlineAthiest
    HardlineAthiest 9 років тому

    god or no god, I've gotta respect Head for not being just another thrasher scene poser and foraging his own path, however insane or ridiculous it really is.