DigitalFUTURES YOUNG: Artificial Intelligence

  • Опубліковано 31 лип 2020
  • DigitalFUTURES Young is a free online Platform for Emerging Architects and Thinkers.
    Presentations will be on Artificial Intelligence by:
    Ryan Yan Zhang
    Chien-hua Huang
    Xingxin He
    Alessandro Mintrone
    Jorge Dionisio Tubella
    Yining Yuan, Yanci Chen & Zhipeng Liu


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    Hey I need to say this I have been in GTII, MMTLP,CRTD and does anyone really know how much Jeremy has put into this.. he has taught so many CEO's like HAM the play and has been around with people like Johnny Tabacoo and has been beyond a strong member and will remain a strong member of this community to me.

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