Do I Need This $500 Kitchen Knife In My Life?

  • Опубліковано 18 чер 2021
  • I’ve been interested in finely made kitchen knives for a long time now, but have always been hesitant to make a big purchase. There are so many styles, categories, price points. Join me on this journey where I take the plunge and use a $500 kitchen knife for a month to see what I like, what I don’t like, and if it’s worth the trouble. Check out @korinknives if you're interested in where I got the knife from and to learn more about knives. - Andrew
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  • unknown lost
    unknown lost Рік тому +2

    Andrew is like the professor whose class I would never miss and even attend it from my grave.

  • kshitij sharma
    kshitij sharma Рік тому +1

    I really like this review. The perspective of a "really interested amateur" who is curious about what the expensive end of a tool/experience it provides.

  • Micha Marcantel
    Micha Marcantel Рік тому +783

    This channel, and watching the Worth It series and Rie, is what made me really want to go to culinary school. I've always had an affinity for cooking, and with my dad having gone to culinary school himself, I really feel like I'd enjoy my time there and be able to do something I'd love with the knowledge. I'm graduating next year and I'll be off the college next fall and I really hold this channel as my real inspiration to wanting to pursue a career in food. Thanks guys. Y'all really make changes and differences.

  • dianne
    dianne Рік тому +372

    i really love the way andrew talks and describe things. he could literally be talking about toilet paper for hours on end and i would happily listen to him because he is that amazing.

  • Fox Britten
    Fox Britten Рік тому +76

    As a chef, I find this fascinating. Myself and most of the folks around me use expensive knives everyday. That little bit of maintenance I almost forget about because it’s become so part of my nature like I’d never think about leaving a knife (or a pan) in the sink. But the most important thing is remember they are tools not jewels. Yeah maybe you’ll chip one or drop it on the floor and mess up a tip, but they are great tools and the best thing to do is use them heavily. Using good tools makes a job easier and so much more enjoyable. Plus if you damage one it just means a new knife day isn’t far away.

  • Subi Lee
    Subi Lee Рік тому +203

    Inga’s $330 toaster and Andrew’s $500 knife 😂 I love that they’re dipping into their dream kitchen items

  • Molly’s Cozy Kitchen
    Molly’s Cozy Kitchen Рік тому +375

    I love the way Andrew describes things. I can absolutely understand what using a knife like this would be like. Also, I've been wanting this really nice Japanese knife for a while (I forget the name, sorry), and this video was super useful in considering my own kitchen equipment.

  • 3darkn1t
    3darkn1t Рік тому +30

    Former chef here, this is my take.

  • Neha Prusti
    Neha Prusti Рік тому +181

    Only Andrew can coin a phrase like "disgustingly sharp " for a kitchen knife and it would still make sense 🥺

  • Sarvesh Anandas

    Ohh gosh, I cannot possibly overstate, how self-reflective this video was for me. I am a student and I recently coaxed my parents into buying me a 2.5k+ INR knife. The extreme care that I subject that knife to, and from the initial excitement to use it for everything, to later being selective and partial about only using it when I am really meditative about cooking, you hit the nail on the head Andrew! Great video!

  • K Webster
    K Webster Рік тому +39

    I went into a Japanese knife store here in my city, I went in with a budget of $300, knowing I could get a really high quality knife with that. The one I ended up buying was $ wouldn't let me walk away.

  • Shreyosi Khan
    Shreyosi Khan Рік тому +52

    As many have said, I love the way Andrew describes things. And now that he's doing videos like these, he seems to be more invested and free, more himself.

  • Yuru Camp Enjoyer
    Yuru Camp Enjoyer Рік тому +1

    I found a new way to describe knife. "Disgustingly sharp"

  • Hamzah Mohammed

    Andrew's writing and presentation abilities have become impeccable

  • Strongside
    Strongside Рік тому

    Both a $1000 japanese custom and a $125 manufactured german knife will last you a life time. Both will hold an edge for a long time and typically will sharpen well. I think people tend to understate that deciding to buy a knife like this is for function, but also just a deep appreciation for the thought that goes into making such a beautiful and functional piece. These knives are absolutely gorgeous and sometimes buying a knife that makes you want to use it is worth the extra money.

  • Sandman129

    You are absolutely right about activities that take our focus and help us to almost meditate:

  • Gloomfall
    Gloomfall Рік тому

    You should totally explore kitchen appliances! Bread Makers, Rice Makers, Stand Mixers, Food Processors, etc. It would be nice to get a solid recommendation on which ones are worth getting and whether or not they are worth keeping around for amateur cooks.

  • Expresso98

    Refreshing to watch a review from such an honest perspective; your initial reservations and questions reflect what many us, who are not knife experts, or professionals, or fanatics, probably feel about outlaying large sums of money on such kitchen equipment. I'm delighted you came to such a positive conclusion. Your comment at end about petty knives was a welcome bonus, as I've recently been pondering whether to buy one. This is second video today confirming their value, so there you go, decision easy. Thanks, Andrew!

  • Insurrectus
    Insurrectus Рік тому +8

    I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and sincerity in Andrew's words and actions. You can tell he's genuinely interested in learning based on how good his food knowledge and knife skills are.

  • france xiong
    france xiong Рік тому

    Love Korin. Vincent is a legend. It’s totally worth owning a good knife. It takes a little extra care, but it’ll last forever and do everything you’ll ever need. I own several high end knives and love them.