Liamani Segura - This Is Me (From Camp Rock | HSMTMTS)

  • Опубліковано 13 вер 2022
  • What time is it? Time to show who’s best in 𝐬𝐧𝐨𝐰 in this unforgettable summer camp experience. Season 3 of is out now with new episodes premiering every week!
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    Music video by Liamani Segura performing This Is Me (From Camp Rock | HSMTMTS). © 2022 Walt Disney Records


  • DisneyMusicVEVO
    DisneyMusicVEVO  День тому +85

    Watch all your favorite HSMTMTS official videos now 🎶

  • Liamani Sings
    Liamani Sings День тому +1

    Thank you all so much for the kind comments! Hugs to you all!! ❤️🤟🏽❤️

  • Oscar Julian Gonzalez Carreño
    Oscar Julian Gonzalez Carreño День тому +1

    I love the new meaning that Disney is adding to the iconic songs. In this occasion, it is not about two people who finally got to know each other as in the case of Michi and Shane in Camp Rock. It is about a group of friends supporting each other and getting ready to shine. I love it. This was by far, the best season finale ever.

  • It's Akeila
    It's Akeila 12 годин тому +120

    this was beautiful! loveee liamani's voice so much⭐

  • Sophie Lem
    Sophie Lem День тому +891

    I wasn't expecting Liamani/Emmy to have a solo in this season. But wow, she killed it!! It really showcase her voice in a different way from 'A Little Bit of You'!

  • Noxwave 97
    Noxwave 97 День тому +386

    Liamani got an amazing voice, I hope she comes back in S4 along with new characters.

  • Eric Leung
    Eric Leung День тому +399

    Who ever thought that 'This is Me' will be featured in this epic finale? Finally the song which makes 'Camp Rock' a real hit get its rendition. Love the arrangement of this version, with the lyrics 'Where I'm supposed to be' is added between verses and sung in an synthesized way

  • Henrique Silva
    Henrique Silva День тому +378

    I didn't expect them to sing This Is Me from Camp Rock. I loved this version so much, it was too amazing the little Anna gave the name pulling this memorable Disney anthem.❤️🥺

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia День тому +173

    This needs to be on Spotify and Apple Music her voice is so beautiful she killed this song 😍😊😌

  • Layla's Aquamarine
    Layla's Aquamarine День тому +150

    For her age, she is incredible! Like wow! She has a skill most girls could only dream of. Keep flying high Liamani!

  • Catey
    Catey День тому +154

    I love this stripped down version of This Is Me. Liamani has a killer voice, can't wait to see her career continue to skyrocket 🔥

  • Nicholas garrick
    Nicholas garrick День тому +139

    Liamani is such a great singer she has a amazing voice absolutely love this new rendition of this is me it is so beautiful! Especially the whole group sequence had me tears.

  • Blueberry_The_Breadstick
    Blueberry_The_Breadstick 7 годин тому +8

    I love how they capture the magic of theater and the love for it bc it’s such an amazing group of people and you make the strongest bonds through it

  • MM Soreta
    MM Soreta День тому +209

    I can see her as the next Olivia Rodrigo this show would create.

  • abby !
    abby ! 19 годин тому +12

    I'm proud of her, she's come so far and deserve this

  • Selene Johnston
    Selene Johnston 2 години тому +3

    So refreshing to have her sing such an iconic song and with the main cast as support, it’s not like she started it and they took over, this is hers!!! So inspiring, I’m happily surprised ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jessica Sydney
    Jessica Sydney День тому +101

    liamani’s voice is so beautiful. i wasn’t expecting that we would get a solo from and i’m so happy that we did.

  • Rocky Girl
    Rocky Girl День тому +25

    The emotion Liamani put into this iconic song made me cry. She really gave it her all for this song and did not disappoint. She is incredible!

  • BlueFood.Half-Blood
    BlueFood.Half-Blood День тому +52

    I love this! I love them all singing it together, while each of them have their own part of themselves that they should be proud of!

  • Nargiz Aslanova
    Nargiz Aslanova День тому +103

    It was unexpected! I loved it! She's got a great voice! I hope she will be in great places in the future!❤️