How To Make A Healthy Smoothie!

  • Опубліковано 14 бер 2015
  • ► How To Make A Healthy Smoothie!
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  • Gemma Howe
    Gemma Howe 7 років тому +75

    This video made me laugh so much! I'm craving a smoothie now

    • Emma
      Emma 7 років тому

      Love Your Videos ❤️

    • Leia Godfrey
      Leia Godfrey 7 років тому

      Love you gemma 💞

    • Katie W
      Katie W 7 років тому

      Gemma your stunning😘

  • Molly Thompson
    Molly Thompson 7 років тому +2

    Makes me want a drink, I think whoeve filmed it should have maybe stayed still? Made me feel a bit dizzy, love the two of you together though !!!

  • KatesBeautyStation
    KatesBeautyStation 7 років тому +1

    Mmm looks so good!! :)

  • L
    L 6 років тому +65

    Jamie Oliver keeps calling Alfie "bro". It's so awkward yet so cute, like my dad trying to be the "cool dad".

    • Tayte
      Tayte 6 років тому +2

      There friends lol

  • Ruby Tuckley
    Ruby Tuckley 6 років тому +12

    I love how jamie suggests alternatives for the milk. I really appreciate how he takes vegans or people with specific dietary requirements into consideration and gives you extra opptions. Thanks Jamie!

  • The Mandevilles
    The Mandevilles 7 років тому +133

    I feel like Jamie is my best friend, who I just don't know yet. Does that even make sense??

    • Alysa Lauren
      Alysa Lauren 7 років тому

      Tell us who you are Charles 👊

    • Ella Davin
      Ella Davin 7 років тому

      @dans m NOO!

    • Kimberly Willekens
      Kimberly Willekens 7 років тому

      Amelia is everywhere hahaha , grace probaby has to watch so many videos because of you :)

    • Lois T
      Lois T 7 років тому

      I'm watching pll season 3 rn.... Your -A omg😂😂😂😂

    • dans m
      dans m 7 років тому +8

      -A has returned..dun dun duunnnn

  • its Renee
    its Renee 6 років тому +27

    Oh my good! I am having the first one today as my breakfast, and it tastes amazing. I was a bit skeptical about adding the lime on in, because of the milk, but I trusted Jamie on that one, gave it a go, and it does make a huge different, its actually really good. I haven´t tried the second one yet, but I´ll give it a go. Hello new breakfast!

  • Ashley Rosenberg
    Ashley Rosenberg 7 років тому

    I love this because I feel like its something I can actually make! I've watched so many "easy healthy smoothie recipe" videos and its full of weird stuff I've never heard of that you can only get at fitness stores, this is so simple! Definitely have to try adding some oats to my smoothies

  • Emily
    Emily 7 років тому +1

    Made the smoothie this morning and it lasted me 6 HOURS!!! Hahaa really healthy and delicious! Thank you so much!! :D

  • tdycyv
    tdycyv 7 років тому

    I made Jamie's smoothie for breakfast and it tasted amazing! I put walnuts in mine and I really like the little "crunch" you have in your smoothie. Thanks Jamie! Love your recipes😊

  • Josh Brice
    Josh Brice 7 років тому +14

    Yassssss Alfie! An early upload has totally made my dayy!!!! Such an inspirational video aswell!

    • Josh Brice
      Josh Brice 7 років тому +1

      amazing video!!

  • assassintwinat8
    assassintwinat8 6 років тому +1

    I used to love this one smoothie shop at the mall, and after watching Jamie's smoothie video (with his toddler Buddy; check it out it's cute as heck), it reminded me of that shop and made me want smoothies, so I started making them. Then I went back to that shop after like a year and ordered a strawberry raspberry smoothie, and let me tell you, it was one of the biggest let-downs ever. They plopped maybe three of each berry, which were already soaking in syrup, into a blender of ice and squeezed in this thick white syrup. It tasted horrible. Stick with these smoothies, guys, you won't ever look back.

  • Bára Hoffmannová
    Bára Hoffmannová 7 років тому +1

    that was the best smoothie I've ever tried! so tasty, refreshing and filling! you were right, the lime DOES make all the difference! ;)

  • LeanneVlogzFilmz
    LeanneVlogzFilmz 5 років тому

    I've tried the summer fruit smoothie and it's yummy 😁 I've lost weight because I changed my morning diet. Awesome video Alfie and Jamie 😊😊😊

  • Rob
    Rob 3 роки тому

    So far I've made the forest fruits smoothie which was amazeballs! Adding lime juice is just 👌🏻👌🏻 Mango is my favourite so looking forward to making that one too. I don't think I've ever looked forward to having breakfast as much as I do now 😆

  • joeconza
    joeconza 7 років тому +3

    *I really want a smoothie now!

  • Wolfgang Dorfner
    Wolfgang Dorfner 6 років тому

    Those are some great inspirations, thanks for sharing!
    My issue with those is that they are very heavy on sugar. Fruit sugar, yes, but sugar nonetheless. What I do to pump up the nutritional value of my breakfast smoothie is to add one scoop of unflavored protein powder (whey or egg protein, I usually user Weider protein) and one scoop of green superfood powder (in my case and for everyone in Germany the best one is ORGANIC ALPHA).
    That keeps you full longer (thanks Protein), and has a much better antioxidative profile with all the algae, grass, nettle, etc powder from Organic Alpha.

  • Forgotten Legoman
    Forgotten Legoman 7 років тому +3

    Can't wait to make my own mango and lime for breakfast tomorrow! Thanks Jamie Oliver and PointlessCooking!! haha
    Instagram sent me -@forgottenlegoman

    • Forgotten Legoman
      Forgotten Legoman 7 років тому

      IG'd my attempt -

    • Forgotten Legoman
      Forgotten Legoman 7 років тому

      Couldn't wait to try this smoothie! Made it as soon as I got home from work!

  • lauraxoa
    lauraxoa 6 років тому

    Yummy I have all the ingredients 😋I might get up early on a Saturday to make this for breakfast😂❤️😘love you Alfie you make amazing videos❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Bella Grace
    Bella Grace 7 років тому

    Jamie and Alfie making smoothies are 2 of my fave things! One of my fave youtubers and a cook who I take recipes from!
    Aha I love the way Alfie was watching Jamie like whaaaat? xD
    Can't wait to make these, might make them in the summer with my bestie (practically my sister) and my family :) thanks Alfie for doing a diff style video :)

  • Anastasia Kingsnorth
    Anastasia Kingsnorth 7 років тому +65

    Omg you two in a video together is life

    • Nathan
      Nathan 7 років тому

      @***** smith × 2 = EPICNESS !

    • Josh
      Josh 7 років тому

      +Rachel smith there's no videos on the channel...

    • Ideology
      Ideology 7 років тому

      Alfie inspired me to make my own channel check it out

    • Aeryn Pickford
      Aeryn Pickford 7 років тому

      I just watched your latest one 😘

    • Aeryn Pickford
      Aeryn Pickford 7 років тому

      Yaas 🙌 And I love your videos 💓

  • bryonymg
    bryonymg 7 років тому +1

    this was so good, I loved it!! you should definitely collab with Jamie again x

  • Fahima Begum
    Fahima Begum 7 років тому

    I love how Alfie thinks of Zoe when he makes the smoothie! He's such a thoughtful guy lol x

  • Ally Bootsma
    Ally Bootsma 7 років тому

    Just made it! Thanks, guys for this video! I've never made such a perfect smoothie!

  • samantha sinclair
    samantha sinclair 7 років тому

    Hey Alfie love the smoothie I made one and it was brilliant and you and Jamie I think you get along very well keep it up and Zoe will love you forever lol xxx😀😀

  • JustJoshVlogs
    JustJoshVlogs 7 років тому +136

    The Smoothie looks lovely! :)

    • Paul
      Paul 7 років тому +1

      @***** I love smoothies, but the thing is people, all that stuff about the porridge oats releasing energy slowly isn't really true; when you mechanically break down the oats, their glucose is broken down and released much quicker, because your enzymes have much more material to work with. SO this smoothie would still give you a big peak in sugar levels, and then the subsequent drop, much more than if you just had the ingredients separately.

    • Kacey Byrne
      Kacey Byrne 7 років тому

      But did you like d video 👀

    • Jack Davies
      Jack Davies 7 років тому +6

      Awesome Video Alfie

  • Morgane Jorand
    Morgane Jorand 6 років тому

    Omg so good (try the first one this afternoon) it's amazing!!!👌🏼👍🏼😍 but I didn't havefrozen fruit, so I cut a mango 2 hours before doingnit then put it in the freezer and that was perfect! Thank you Alfie! (And James too 😉)

  • MochaAndMoccasins
    MochaAndMoccasins 7 років тому +1

    the first one looks so delicious! if you added pineapple and coconut water, it would make a perfect tropical smoothie, especially with the lime juice! :)

  • Rebecca Louise
    Rebecca Louise 7 років тому

    Awesome video, great to see a collaboration with Jamie! 👍 Looking forward to trying these smoothies out!

  • Jenny Leong
    Jenny Leong 7 років тому

    I have never thought of making smoothies for breakfast before, this is the best advice ever
    Love Alfie and Jamie so much!

  • Jude Murphy
    Jude Murphy 5 років тому

    These smoothies look nice so, I'm going to make these when I get my Kenwood Blender for my birthday and I'll use this recipe, Thanks Alfie&Jamie. X

  • Sophie Gay
    Sophie Gay 7 років тому

    I think its amazing that you done something a bit different , and i also love your collabs and videos with others . Great video !! I will definatly be making some of these during summer !!

  • theteentalks
    theteentalks 7 років тому +2

    So glad for these tips - I make smoothies everyday so really helpful :)

  • Esmée van der Giessen
    Esmée van der Giessen 7 років тому

    I tried my own version of the first one this morning bc i didnt have all the same ingredients but it tasted so good !! 🙈

  • George
    George 7 років тому +84

    I'm so use to seeing Jamie on youtubers channels that now its nothing when I see him, but if that had had happened this time last year I would have been like *"Oh my GOD it is JAMIE OLIVER i can't believe it"*

    • Kowsar
      Kowsar 7 років тому

      At first I didn't know it's was your comment George! You changed your profile pic!

    • Abby Piper
      Abby Piper 7 років тому

      haha george if i was using my phone i would use the laughing emoji
      but i love ur videos! !

    • George
      George 7 років тому

      Love you Alfie!

  • willow kaine
    willow kaine 7 років тому +1

    I want to try these now!! 😍😍
    I love how Jamie keeps on calling Alfie bro😂😂

  • Jaida B-H
    Jaida B-H 7 років тому +1

    This is SOO yummy I've tried the recipe it's amazing

  • Sweet Suzie
    Sweet Suzie 7 років тому

    Can't wait to make myself a nice smoothie tomorrow morning! Great video!

  • CoCo Tina
    CoCo Tina 7 років тому

    So helpful! I've just been adding fruit and some green (kale or spinach). Running to my kitchen now to add in some oats and lime!

  • Sam D
    Sam D 7 років тому +54

    That little smirk from Alfie after Jamie says you can use any nuts you like. xD

  • Sarah Hussain
    Sarah Hussain 6 років тому

    I made the berry one and it's soooo thick! It's like drinking ice cream XD I didn't have any limes or lime juice on hand but I think it would taste better with the lime, if that's even possible because this is delicious. Even though I'm an alright baker I tend to muck up smoothies. Guess I never had the right formula. Thanks Jamie and Alfie :)

  • Rosie Savage
    Rosie Savage 7 років тому

    Love these, you should do more videos with Jamie! 💙

  • Clare Knighton
    Clare Knighton 7 років тому +1

    I miss making smoothies!
    Watching this is the motivation I need, I can also post a recipe on my channel!

  • Rhiannon Andrews
    Rhiannon Andrews 7 років тому +1

    This is such a great collab with such a great person🙌❤️

  • Hazel Barton
    Hazel Barton 7 років тому

    Just made the mango smoothie! Oh. My. Goodness. It is amazing! 😋👌

  • Daria Klyza
    Daria Klyza 7 років тому

    I really want a smoothie right now! I never would've thought about putting nuts in a smoothie either.. thank you! :)

  • Katherine
    Katherine 7 років тому +1

    I just made the forest fruits one, it's amazing!!

  • Elora Carpenter
    Elora Carpenter 7 років тому

    Alfie! Thank you thank you I just tried a smoothie with nuts oats and lime juice amazing its the best smoothie I've ever had!!

  • Laura
    Laura 7 років тому +28

    this smoothie can actually qualify as a meal! Too many 'breakfast' smoothies miss out on adequate nutrition such as protein and calcium

    • Lisa A
      Lisa A 6 років тому

      Kim, what do you eat to make sure you get the 9 amino acids daily? I want to become vegan because I've seen how horrible animals are treated at slaughter houses.

    • kam🦄
      kam🦄 7 років тому +1

      i'll just stick to meat and eggs...

    • Kim McKenzie
      Kim McKenzie 7 років тому +4

      @Laura Ryan I do eat a lot of food because I need fuel for my brain and to actually do things. And when you're not eating foods such as animal flesh or secretions, then you need to eat a greater volume of food anyways because plants are naturally lower in energy. I follow a high carb low fat vegan lifestyle, and I have never felt better, stronger, and have more mental clarity than ever before. Glucose is what predominantly fuels every cell in our body, and fruit is the optimal source of glucose as it also contains lots of fibre and nutrients beneficially for our survival :)

    • Laura
      Laura 7 років тому

      @Kim McKenzie you must eat a lot of food and sugar then...

    • Kim McKenzie
      Kim McKenzie 7 років тому +4

      I get about 50 grams of protein every single day, eating approximately 2500-3000 calories each day of plant food (bananas, mangoes, potatoes, corn pasta, leafy greens, etc). And yes, that includes the 9 essential amino acids such as valine, methionine, etc. And this is when I'm not even eating plant foods that are higher in protein, such as beans and nuts. If I included beans/nuts/seeds/etc, my daily protein intake would be even higher. So no, it is not at all harder to attain sufficient protein from fruit and veg.

  • Allison Claire
    Allison Claire 7 років тому

    Yum this really made me crave a smoothie. The one with the berries looked delicious!

  • Denise Horan
    Denise Horan 7 років тому

    I always make the second smoothie but I've never added lime juice to it. Definitely looking forward to try it.

  • Prim Laurie
    Prim Laurie 7 років тому

    Loved this video so much! Jamie seems so nice and Alfie is amazing :)

  • EllieJayden
    EllieJayden 7 років тому +1

    I never thought to add oats to smoothies :) I'm going to try this out

  • Jordanmeryl
    Jordanmeryl 7 років тому

    I tried this and it worked so well!! Delicious AND nutritious!!

  • Kandrex Millones
    Kandrex Millones 7 років тому +1

    I REAAALLLY enjoyed this video Alfie since I love healthy smoothies myself, thanks for sharing (: x

  • LateTuberz
    LateTuberz 7 років тому

    Can't wait to try this at home!! ❤️

  • Red_Eye_Computing
    Red_Eye_Computing 7 років тому +1

    Every time Jamie says bro I just burst out with laughter! 😂😂😂

  • Theresa Blueberry
    Theresa Blueberry 7 років тому +128

    Omg another Jamie and Alfie video?? *I feel like I don't DESERVE THIS* :DD

    • My Time
      My Time 7 років тому

      You are every where sacjolys pewds alfie dates. Anywhere

    • BeautyByKathness3
      BeautyByKathness3 7 років тому +2

      Your videos are the Teresa!!!!!

    • TrxyeFanAcc
      TrxyeFanAcc 7 років тому +6

      THERESA HI! Your videos are SO *helpful!* You're amazing

    • Elissa Itsines
      Elissa Itsines 7 років тому +1


    • Theresa Blueberry
      Theresa Blueberry 7 років тому +1

      Ok I'm making this smoothie today. ASAP

  • Louise Dunne
    Louise Dunne 7 років тому

    Made the mango one today!!! Straight after college! Was delicious and nutritious! Thanks alfie! And Jamie of course, you guys should do more together!
    Thanks for being you alfie xxxxx

  • Naoimi D
    Naoimi D 7 років тому

    I could watch Jamie all day he's my favourite chef omg

  • Daisy Chell
    Daisy Chell 7 років тому

    me and my friend were discussing smoothies the other day and we have started to synchronize our smooties for the bus in the morning haha! love this video, perf! thank you!! x

  • livamour
    livamour 5 років тому +26

    I can't believe I never thought to put oats in a smoothie

  • Beth Jai
    Beth Jai 7 років тому +75

    "Oh, kind of already missed breakfast, but I'm hungry" 😂 love you alfie🌹💞 happy mothers day💝

    • Nancy00
      Nancy00 7 років тому +1

      Yes it in Britain just like me 💙

    • Carol Manyen
      Carol Manyen 7 років тому

      It is in Britain

    • Carol Manyen
      Carol Manyen 7 років тому +3

      Yes it is.

    • Cammi wammi
      Cammi wammi 7 років тому +2

      She's saying it to everyone

    • Carol Manyen
      Carol Manyen 7 років тому +7

      Alfie isn't your mum. He's a guy.

  • Laura O'Driscoll
    Laura O'Driscoll 7 років тому

    Definitely gonna get the ingredients for those tomorrow! Never even thought about adding porridge oats or lime!! I usually have juice and porridge in the mornings so now I can have them all in one! Excited to make one!!

  • Jay and Sara Hall
    Jay and Sara Hall 2 роки тому

    This video really gave me some great tips for my smoothies I will be making them a lot for my breakfast now!!!

  • amberrr
    amberrr 7 років тому

    Those looked SO GOOD. I want a smoothie now!

  • Rhianna Bella
    Rhianna Bella 7 років тому +2

    Awwee Jamie seems like such a Dad to Alfie in this! Love these two xxxx

  • Denn W
    Denn W 7 років тому +242

    Breakfast in a smoothie?! *Im not even mad! That's amazing!! :DD*

  • Ketan Gandhi
    Ketan Gandhi 7 років тому

    This is now going be included in my diet...looks great Alfie!

  • Charley Wray
    Charley Wray 7 років тому +1

    Those smoothies look so nice omg, I am going to try them when I go back to school.

  • you buy me orange juice
    you buy me orange juice 7 років тому +96

    Now we know how to make a Healfie smoothie.
    okay, sorry. I had to..

  • TikTok Repeater
    TikTok Repeater 7 років тому +1

    I was literally just complaining to my mum if we could make some smoothies. This is perfect!

  • Superman
    Superman 7 років тому +26


  • emma lilianna
    emma lilianna 7 років тому +1

    I never thought making a smoothie could be so technical 😂😂

  • Ella Bloor
    Ella Bloor 7 років тому

    I made the smoothies. They taste amazing 💖

  • Aisling Coffey
    Aisling Coffey 7 років тому

    Aww your house is becoming so homely! I love it! And Nala's getting so big!

  • laura c
    laura c 7 років тому

    the smoothie is sooo good! i say everyone should make it. i have this every where i go, even if its a inportant meeting i always have one in my bag. the best thing about it is the frozen fruit because that makes the smoothie cold and you dint have to put it in the fridge. 10/10 . i am drinking it right now!!

  • ItsZub
    ItsZub 7 років тому +24

    Alfie's new video or homework? We all know what i'm going to choose!

    • Nerile X
      Nerile X 7 років тому

      I love you!! Also the struggle!! Lol

    • drawthedolans
      drawthedolans 7 років тому

      @ItsZub homework?

  • Ramadan Besim
    Ramadan Besim 7 років тому

    Wow I didn't even think about adding lime to my smoothies. I love using mangos in my smoothies also :D

  • SwiftTIDESss13
    SwiftTIDESss13 7 років тому +1

    I mean i watch the vlogs but COOKING VIDEOS , i think im dead
    love you 💕

  • Ellie Coldwell11
    Ellie Coldwell11 7 років тому

    Awesome going Alfie! U r keeping me entertained and laughing!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • S K Lodhi
    S K Lodhi 5 років тому

    I love the berry smoothie! Make it all the time!!

  • Sabina95
    Sabina95 7 років тому +1

    I definitely gonna make it ! I buy the ingredients tomorrow straight away. :)))

  • angel Dobb
    angel Dobb 7 років тому

    This smoothie looks so good

  • Golden Stone
    Golden Stone 7 років тому

    Dear Jamie Oliver, I have always had a passion for cooking and baking. You are an amazing cook and you have a GREAT personality. Your recipes are always so original and I have never tried one to be honest but I think that all those little tips and tricks that u throw in there ones in a while makes up for the perfect recipe. Jamie Oliver you are an amazing chef and one day I hope to be at least half as good as you (if that's possible)
    Your biggest fan,

  • Kayla Vise
    Kayla Vise 7 років тому

    I am definitely going to start making these for breakfast! I'm not a huge breakfast person, so I usually don't eat anything but sugary cereal, but these look so good! Plus it's really healthy! Totally going to the store and getting the ingredients for this!

  • Maya Gaye
    Maya Gaye 7 років тому +4

    That bum wiggle tho! xD
    I'm definitely going to try that out thank you Alfie!xx

    • joeconza
      joeconza 7 років тому +2

      haha, same:)

  • Panna Medve
    Panna Medve 7 років тому

    I just made that smoothie and it taste like heaven!! it it sooo good 😻😻😻

  • Solange Cruz
    Solange Cruz 7 років тому +1

    I drink this smoothie every day since I learned the recife from Jamie . Love you jamie

  • Deja T
    Deja T 7 років тому

    I love how Jamie is so messy when he cooks! haha

  • Sera Uusihakala
    Sera Uusihakala 7 років тому +1

    YES I've been waiting for this collab! I adoooore Jamie!

  • Beauty With Eve
    Beauty With Eve 7 років тому +79

    Yes! Thanks for uploading! I was so bored and this made me laugh 😂💖

    • Keevah McGuigan
      Keevah McGuigan 7 років тому

      @Eve Bennett ♥♥♥♥♥ I've subscribed ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Issy Jarvis
    Issy Jarvis 7 років тому

    Really want to make these now!😂
    Love u Alfie and Jamie!xx

  • Tayla Maria
    Tayla Maria 7 років тому

    I'm allergic to nuts.. So what can I add to my smoothie for protein? Btw love you! ☺️💕

  • lance a lot
    lance a lot 7 років тому +1

    So my boyfriend got me a blender and the first thing I make with it I was trying to decide and then I just searched for this video again and let me just say that these are the most delicious smoothies I have ever made and I am really passionate about smoothies

  • megaskyburst
    megaskyburst 7 років тому +1

    Just made one of these smoothies - delicious!

  • Rayn Ds
    Rayn Ds 7 років тому +21

    Im watching this whilst eating chocolate eggs and a big ass bottle of coke, irony tastes good :)

  • ellie rose
    ellie rose 7 років тому +1

    You two work so well together!💗

  • Free Wheeler
    Free Wheeler 2 роки тому

    As I had all the ingredients, I made the first one ... and I must say it was revolting. I love all the ingredients on their own but this made a gloopy ecru thick paste that was acidic, the fruit giving it a hint of ‘garbage’. Though no doubt nutritious, couldn’t get past the image of drinking the feed used for stomach-tube-fed patients. My own favourite is the same fruits in apple juice with a dollop of yoghurt: really refreshing and delish. Leave the milky porridge to be enjoyed separately.

  • Annie Hanton
    Annie Hanton 7 років тому

    Just made the mango smoothie. Oh my goodness you must make it!