What Makes This Song Great?™ Ep.89 KORN

  • Опубліковано 6 тра 2020
  • In this episode of "What Makes This Song Great" we explore the music of the Nu Metal band KORN.
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  • nathan larg
    nathan larg Рік тому +1

    In highschool music we were allowed to choose a song each that we like for the class to analyse, I chose this and was informed that it wasn't music. Watch this video Mrs Fletcher!!

  • Kevin van den Akker

    That "GO" followed by the guitar and second part of the bridge will always be one of my favorite moments in any song ever.

  • gitsurfer27
    gitsurfer27 Рік тому +345

    People always complain about Fieldy's "sub slap" bass tone but i think its incredible. That huge room filling low end, mixed with rhythmic percussion that even though you might not realise it, you're grooving along to, creates this HUGE sound that's instantly recognizable. Honestly he's a great bassist who doesn't get the respect he deserves.

  • Doctor Andergraun
    Doctor Andergraun Рік тому +1

    look at Rick's joyful face playing along I cant get over it :)

  • Clintotron
    Clintotron Рік тому +258

    Good to see Fieldy getting some props. He gets crapped on A LOT, but his signature sound is undeniably his and a pillar of Korn’s sound.

  • Anand Bhaskar
    Anand Bhaskar Рік тому +455

    Has anybody noticed how CRISP and ON POINT Rick's guitar tones are when he does these videos? It's INSANE!!!!!

  • 1mlb704
    1mlb704 2 роки тому +813

    The fact that Rick breaks down such an incredible span of rock songs for us, explains the musical components and production behind all of the parts, yet probably gets no money at all from UA-cam because of demonitization, is really incredible. I love this series Rick, as an aspiring musician and a huge fanboy myself, I always look forward to these. Thank you!

  • EmptyKingdoms

    Nu-metal had some of the best acoustic, actually recorded, drums

  • Super_Retro
    Super_Retro Рік тому +80

    If you don't lose your damn mind when you hear GO...then you haven't lived lol. Glad he showed this song such a classic

  • Supa Nintendope
    Supa Nintendope Рік тому +241

    There’s a larger sense of appreciation for the music when it’s broken down like this. And I must agree, Jonathan’s vocal style is definitely what makes Korn.

  • j never
    j never Рік тому +185

    this band gets a lot of hate but going back and listening to this...they were really innovative. super talented. maybe these guys didn't go to Juilliard but they were super creative and 100% talented.

  • Alexander The Meh
    Alexander The Meh Рік тому +131

    Korn's first couple albums were pretty genius moments of song writing. I remember having the hardest time with their first album. I was trying to hard to get my head around it. But once I stopped trying to analyze what they were and started hearing what they were doing. I was freaking out how good they were.

  • Sam Grieve
    Sam Grieve 2 роки тому +534

    One of the things that I really love about this series is the lack of musical snobbery about genres. Rick recognises a great song regardless.

  • Whinegummi

    So many people hating Korn, I just love it. The drums, the base, guitars and Jonathan on top. Just brilliant.

  • Apollo Newton
    Apollo Newton Рік тому +38

    I remember rushing home from school the day this song debuted on MTV because I was so pumped about it. I miss the days when you had to wait to get music, pay for music, and artists were heavily involved in when and how it was released. Nowadays, everything is instant, can be found for free, and it really takes away from the excitement of it all.

  • a Digb0ng
    a Digb0ng Рік тому +111

    I want to see you break down some Gojira so badly! I would recommend "The art of dying" or "The heaviest matter in the universe."

  • AJM patriot
    AJM patriot Рік тому +20

    I’ve learned a TON of things from you Rick!

  • OldSchool
    OldSchool Рік тому +82

    Not even 5 mins in yet and I already subscribed. This man knows his music theory, sheesh.

  • jgpdude
    jgpdude Рік тому +1

    I was a huge Korn fan in my teens. Sometime in my adulthood my mum told me about this time she came into my room to check on me late at night. It was 1998 and i was 15 years old. She said she opened the door and I was having a full on demonic fit. Now don't get me wrong, if I was wanking or having a seizure she would have intervened to stop either. But so fucked up, she said, were my movements and facial expressions that she just backed out of the room and hoped for the best.

  • Karel Hoogendoorn

    I've never been a big metalhead, but I can really appreciate good songs and when this came out I was immediately hooked. There's so much groove and rhythm that just makes you want to move. The sound of Davis' voice, the grunting and that dark, eery vibe still gets me. Thnx Rick for another great breakdown of a great song. And what a beautiful Gibson you have there!