Minecraft logic with dragon eggs 😂

  • Опубліковано 25 лют 2023


  • Elecrim
    Elecrim 11 днів тому +5800

    Torch irl:🤠
    Torch in Mc:🗿

    • las aventuras de los ragones
      las aventuras de los ragones 4 години тому

      numero 5328

    • Ketlin Souza
      Ketlin Souza 4 години тому

      Nós o de tarde foi bem ruim agora de cima oi bem bonito velho que mais oi meu nome é Heloísa entendeu agora eu vou começar a fazer um vídeo pra todo mundo e meu pai vai ocupar uma cama pra mim pingávamos vídeo meus

    • x21Gunss
      x21Gunss 6 годин тому

      torch in terraria: 💀

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    • Shiuly Samin
      Shiuly Samin День тому

      ​@Ryszard N আমি ভাল আছি

  • Mr.Demetrium
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  • Skulled skill
    Skulled skill 5 днів тому +699

    If this audio isnt played at my funeral im respawning.

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      Person 8 годин тому


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    • Ava Gray
      Ava Gray 2 дні тому +5

      Same dude ima pull a Minecraft creative mode outta that casket 🐸

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  • Just_a_Quinn
    Just_a_Quinn  13 днів тому +2286

    Bro the lava almost hitting the egg gave me a therapy trip💀

  • Mr.NotUrConcern
    Mr.NotUrConcern 5 днів тому +171

    It’s now official that a torch is the strongest item

    • TopHat
      TopHat 3 дні тому +4

      Cactus: *Leaves*

  • your uncle
    your uncle 7 днів тому +57

    Eggs in Ohio be like:

    • Solitary
      Solitary 2 години тому

      nobody laughin lil bro

    • Solitary
      Solitary 2 години тому

      "Eggs in Ohio be like:" - 🤓

    • Marbles_Lamd
      Marbles_Lamd 23 години тому

      @Jahanzaib Rana I already know how mine craft works.

    • Jahanzaib Rana
      Jahanzaib Rana День тому

      ​@Marbles_Lamd the ohio...?...? Again.?😝
      If you know minecraft than you know

    • wings 763
      wings 763 2 дні тому

      @nachocheese it died last year

    NANDU 6 днів тому +6

    That smile💀

  • Sigma Musics🎵
    Sigma Musics🎵 4 дні тому +1

    Where are my last Neurons? don't tell me they were used, damn it, now i can't make a bread with Nutella.

  • Landsquid950
    Landsquid950 5 годин тому

    The dragon egg evolved to have a hard top since it never had to deal with getting dropped on a torch

  • Half-AwakeYT
    Half-AwakeYT 12 днів тому +267

    Me as a five-year-old trying to get it to hatch

  • I am hungry
    I am hungry 14 годин тому +1

    Plot twist:
    The bottom is just that fragile

  • Reza Hello
    Reza Hello 6 днів тому +88

    The song 💀

    • DJ-Shiba
      DJ-Shiba 3 години тому

      Listen to Alan Walker- sweet dreams and tell me what sounds alike

    • Reza Hello
      Reza Hello 5 годин тому

      @C H E E S E just my opinion

    • SuperiorSektor
      SuperiorSektor День тому +1

      Song is call scatman - Scatman

    • Gabe [chiefs fan]
      Gabe [chiefs fan] День тому +1

      @C H E E S E I love gibberish songs 💀

    • C H E E S E
      C H E E S E 2 дні тому +3

      It's good

  • Ora We
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    Bro got banned from YT Shorts 💀

    • superJK92
      superJK92 3 години тому

      @Lenny But this is youtube shorts you are on the wrong platform

    • Lenny
      Lenny 8 днів тому +3

      Wrong platform bro 💀

  • Arthur Hays
    Arthur Hays 10 годин тому

    Pro tips:
    Turn off the audio to fully enjoy the video

  • di
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  • ™𝗜𝘁𝘀𝙕𝙤𝙉𝙢𝙞
    ™𝗜𝘁𝘀𝙕𝙤𝙉𝙢𝙞 5 днів тому +3

    Мне нравиться,когда приходит уведомление "кому-то понравился ваш ролик, и *у вас поивился новый подписчик" меня делает таким счастливим! и дай Бог здоровья тем кто заметил💗

  • Typsy
    Typsy 3 дні тому

    When I smiled he smiled back 💀

  • WorldElderScrolls
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    The author never disappoints us, he is an incredible content creator and always creates masterpieces.
    Its content is amazing,,

  • Rey Alexander Alexander
    Rey Alexander Alexander 11 днів тому +19

    It took me so long to realise why he was smiling at the end and for does ppl that don't know the joke he means his poking the egg

    • COOL GUY
      COOL GUY 9 днів тому +1

      I was literally looking for this comment

  • Teresa Maki
    Teresa Maki 4 години тому

    i will turn into soup if i hear this song again

    EYOP ED 7 днів тому +2

    The Torch op

  • Anthonia is drawing
    Anthonia is drawing 12 днів тому +8

    Torch be like :✨👌😎

  • Lider_ball 𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰚-𐰜𐰇𐰚-𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰜🇹🇷

    Scatman meme back!!!

  • Dark boyyyyyy
    Dark boyyyyyy 7 днів тому +3

    Torch: never underestimate my power 🌚

  • Slasher Entertainment
    Slasher Entertainment 7 днів тому +6

    The egg couldn't survive the PENETRATOR.

  • Noah Holako
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  • Gono
    Gono 11 днів тому +21

    The way how he smiled at the end is priceless

    • Gono
      Gono 8 днів тому

      @Commonmines Phaha! Right

    • COOL GUY
      COOL GUY 9 днів тому

      Only legends know why he smiled

    • Commonmines
      Commonmines 9 днів тому +1

      It’s not priceless it’s scary lmao

  • Mirey
    Mirey 13 днів тому +34

    The dragon egg seems to be considered a block such as gravel and sand, so it is logical that it can be broken with a torch

  • Ava Gray
    Ava Gray 3 дні тому

    This damn song is stuck in my head, rent free

  • Exizincone
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  • MemeFox
    MemeFox 12 днів тому +3

    Bruh how old is that recording, I can barely remember the last time dragon eggs had vibrant purple spots

  • Giga Chair
    Giga Chair 5 днів тому +2

    Torch irl:hi I'm burning
    Torch in mc:I broke an dragons egg

  • Kevl4n
    Kevl4n 8 годин тому

    Sand has the exact same properties lmfao

  • Dark_B3lls
    Dark_B3lls 9 днів тому +6

    Funfact: There are two methods to get the dragon eggs:
    one is from torch and, the other is from sticky piston
    [sry for bad English, I'm learning :) ]

    • David Caminal
      David Caminal 6 днів тому

      Any piston works. You pop it by pushing it the stickiness does nothing.
      Also, the torch could be substituted by a number of non-full blocks. Torch variants are obvious, but a repeater, a slab, an enchanting table, a sign...

  • FrostyGamR
    FrostyGamR 2 дні тому

    Torch so overpowered the lava q
    Went around it 😂

  • llWho?ll
    llWho?ll 13 годин тому

    Him at the end 😊

  • Natu Ralny
    Natu Ralny 6 днів тому +33

    2023 they are still trying to find logic in Minecraft

    • Jahanzaib Rana
      Jahanzaib Rana День тому

      2023 and you still watching these 😎

  • Owls123
    Owls123 18 годин тому

    The torch is less than a block tall so the game thinks that it has nothing to land on
    Also how else should you get it?

  • 許秀梅
    許秀梅 6 днів тому


  • 恶魔之心 • 灭神
    恶魔之心 • 灭神 13 днів тому +21

    It is conceivable that this dragon egg is made of iron.

    • Heba Mansour
      Heba Mansour 12 днів тому


    • Heba Mansour
      Heba Mansour 12 днів тому

      @Amirhan¿ ة

    • Amirhan¿
      Amirhan¿ 12 днів тому

      А факел из чего тогда сделан!!!!???

  • Minecraft_x_Roblox
    Minecraft_x_Roblox 23 години тому

    His smile😁

  • Caosflo44 FANN💚🍉
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  • Kecplier
    Kecplier 8 днів тому +3

    Bro the torch also saved the dragon egg at the end💀

  • joveelen
    joveelen 2 дні тому

    When a new player is playing Minecraft creative

  • Cameron Suslik
    Cameron Suslik 18 годин тому

    Less than 1k comments and 1.4M likes,
    I don’t believe that for a second

  • 😇SYED
    😇SYED 13 днів тому +49

    Fun fact :- when you pick up lava with bucket they bucket will fine but if you through the bucket it will burn

    • COOL GUY
      COOL GUY 9 днів тому

      Bucket when thrown in lava:😱
      Bucket with lava: *Giga chad music starts playing* 🗿

    • Severity
      Severity 12 днів тому +2

      @Conman0227 wait a damn minute that’s actually ILLEGAL how can it hold lava but not be put in lava huh Minecraft 🤨

    • Conman0227
      Conman0227 13 днів тому +4

      I think he’s saying that a bucket can hold lava but it can’t be put in lava

    • Severity
      Severity 13 днів тому +1


  • Emil Friedrich
    Emil Friedrich 5 днів тому

    Did you ever test dropping a dragon egg on a dragon egg?

  • Bongnathan Jeengus
    Bongnathan Jeengus День тому

    I truly believe anyone who uses scatman unironically needs to be slain immediately

  • JOE
    JOE 14 днів тому +32

    The light torch is sigma🗿

  • Samuelldod
    Samuelldod 22 години тому

    What is your shader?

  • Iornarm Gaming
    Iornarm Gaming 8 годин тому

    The dragon egg is made of obsidian and teleports when you try to mine so you can use a torch or piston to get the item

  • Glitched ZygardeYT
    Glitched ZygardeYT 9 днів тому +20

    Is no one going to talk about how he played the sand on the beat.

  • Mio Bergersen
    Mio Bergersen 5 годин тому +1

    You look like the kind of guy to talk to small girls on social media

  • qlexiz
    qlexiz День тому

    no way bro 🤣🤣🤣🤣 hahaha ur so funny fr fr lol lol lmao 🤣🤣🤣
    (please free my family)

  • Rukolim
    Rukolim 14 днів тому +47

    For him, a torch is a bottle..

  • Ante Rumora
    Ante Rumora 3 дні тому

    Music be like lol

  • The Bad Guy Music
    The Bad Guy Music 5 годин тому

    Thats cause the egg is unbreakable, when a falling block enters an area with a block already in it, it breaks itself, its part of the engine.
    Also falling blocks are not even blocks, they are entities, thats why you cant walk on them

  • TokyoKitCat
    TokyoKitCat 6 днів тому +11

    Ye bc the bottom of the egg is more fragile and if you ever tried to crack an egg from the top it won't work

  • Персик
    Персик 6 днів тому +1

    what is the name of the song

  • Gaming with BEAN
    Gaming with BEAN 2 дні тому

    If I hear this sound one more time there won't be a scatman

  • うのは
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  • Yashoda Bai
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  • Gulnar Mallick
    Gulnar Mallick 4 дні тому

    Song op

  • NotMalaika90
    NotMalaika90 6 днів тому +4

    The smile at the end 💀

  • Nico_73
    Nico_73 12 годин тому +1

    Only in UA-cam shorts💀💀

    SIMONA MIRAGLIA 5 днів тому

    he is proud of his life

  • Dat1DumFrend
    Dat1DumFrend 9 днів тому +4

    No wonder that baby dragon can't ever hatch broskis egg is Indescutible. 💀

  • O.TIGRE2
    O.TIGRE2 4 години тому

    O ovo tem física de queda, quando ele cai ela basicamente para de ser um bloco e vira uma entidade dentro no jogo para poder se mover, quando ele cai no chão se tiver um bloco que ele não consegue ficar em cima ele quebra

  • Jordan Fritts
    Jordan Fritts День тому

    There's another way to get the ender dragon egg without having to use a torch if you don't have a torch and you have a redstone block sticky piston and some blocks rolled up to the egg building crossed facing towards the ender dragon egg put a redstone block right behind it the piston and that will destroy the ender I found that out before I knew about the torch

  • 毱月 朧
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  • The pianist
    The pianist 6 годин тому

    Pure logic

  • Fortnite Dylan
    Fortnite Dylan 7 днів тому

    Might as well call the egg a sandwich

  • Александр Сердюков
    Александр Сердюков 14 днів тому +8

    Челик даже не подумал что сравнивает сущность и цельный блок лол

    • Savelii Brovkin
      Savelii Brovkin 14 днів тому

      Ну его примеры не правильнве

  • FrostBiteReaperGaming
    FrostBiteReaperGaming Годину тому

    Logic moment

  • ElRamiblox
    ElRamiblox 12 годин тому +1

    Good video xd

  • ♤Джанетт Киотаку♤
    ♤Джанетт Киотаку♤ 12 днів тому +10

    The logic of Minecraft 🤣

  • Tim-play
    Tim-play День тому

    Can I have the name of the song?

    • Chris Man
      Chris Man 9 годин тому

      Scatman by Scatman John

  • king_hunter
    king_hunter 19 годин тому


  • asdkz
    asdkz 14 днів тому +8

    this is a special function without it, we would not have taken the egg

    • Unk
      Unk 13 днів тому

      you have to be so unlucky for it to teleport 20 blocks away, its a punch, break like 3 blocks, place a torch, break the last one, just use your diamond pickaxe and with some practice it will be faster than with the piston

    • Riccardo
      Riccardo 13 днів тому

      @Unk Bro the piston is just faster, also the egg can teleport in a 20 block radius

    • Riccardo
      Riccardo 13 днів тому

      @Unk I mean, you can if you really want, but I would rather just use a piston instead of chasing a stupid egg around the end island just to use a torch

    • Riccardo
      Riccardo 13 днів тому

      @moko16 I mean, you can if you really want, but I would rather just use a piston instead of chasing a stupid egg around the end island just to use a torch

  • Lyix
    Lyix 8 днів тому +2

    *Them torches made by vibranium ngl 💀

  • Thomas Greathouse
    Thomas Greathouse 6 днів тому +1

    You can also pick it up using a piston lol 😂

    DARCHUK 14 днів тому +4

    in fact, there is a block there, that is, a torch, and when a block in Minecraft falls, it becomes a mob that cannot be hit, and when the block is occupied, it cannot take the place of the torch

  • mega-destroyer10
    mega-destroyer10 8 днів тому +1

    @GibleFanYT I can’t say I haven’t tried hatching it hundreds of times with no success.

  • kayke 495 さ
    kayke 495 さ 2 дні тому +1

    Física do FF no Minecraft kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • •♥ ᴢᴏʀʀᴏ ᴀɴᴅ ʟᴜᴄᴋʏ ♥•

    A torch is stronger than 6 anvils, proof shown in this video.

  • SoloishMC
    SoloishMC День тому +1

    It is because the game was coded where it shouldn't be possible to place a block where there is already a block and of course it won't break if you are just placing blocks ontop of it lmao

  • Mrs. Khatina
    Mrs. Khatina 7 годин тому

    I forgot all obout this song thanks for reminding me

  • kenway
    kenway 3 години тому

    music name?

  • Evos Tegar
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  • Xtremis the taquito
    Xtremis the taquito 2 дні тому

    Do it with a flower or a mushroom instead😊

  • Code-L
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  • ThisIsRuub Ruub
    ThisIsRuub Ruub 7 днів тому +2

    Is anyone gonna talk about how the dragon make the eggs without a male… WAIT THE GUY IS SMILING AT THE END FOR NO CHILD SUPPORT WHAT THE-

  • Kai
    Kai 20 годин тому +1

    What the heck is this song😂😂

  • Lisa Walkeden
    Lisa Walkeden 12 годин тому

    What is that music!

  • Eloquently spoken
    Eloquently spoken 6 днів тому

    The devious grin.

  • Steven Carroll
    Steven Carroll 5 днів тому +1

    #1 song in ohio 💀

  • OrangePlayz
    OrangePlayz 5 годин тому

    Students: The test is gonna be ez
    The test:

  • Redstone Steve
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  • Akinori Belvan 👑🕊️
    Akinori Belvan 👑🕊️ 10 годин тому

    The egg is made of obsidian GENIUS

  • George :)
    George :) 2 дні тому

    torch to the rescue 🙃🙃🙃