Luke Evans - The Coachman To Pleasure Island (From "Pinocchio"/Audio Only)

  • Опубліковано 7 вер 2022
  • The beloved classic comes to life in the all-new live-action ! Listen to the soundtrack now and stream the movie, a premiere, on September 8 on Disney+! 🕰 🕯🦗🧚‍♂️🌟🐋
    Academy Award® winner Robert Zemeckis directs this live action retelling of the beloved tale of a wooden puppet who embarks on a thrilling adventure to become a real boy. Tom Hanks stars as Geppetto, the wood carver who builds and treats Pinocchio (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth) as if he were his own son. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Jiminy Cricket, who serves as Pinocchio’s guide as well as his "conscience"; Academy Award® nominee Cynthia Erivo is the Blue Fairy; Keegan-Michael Key is "Honest" John; Academy Award® nominee Lorraine Bracco is Sofia the Seagull, a new character, and Luke Evans is The Coachman. Also in the cast are Kyanne Lamaya as Fabiana and Jaquita Ta’Le as her marionette Sabina, Giuseppe Battiston as Stromboli and Lewin Lloyd as Lampwick.
    The screenplay for “Pinocchio” is by Robert Zemeckis & Chris Weitz. Andrew Miano, Chris Weitz, Robert Zemeckis and Derek Hogue are the film’s producers, with Jack Rapke, Jacqueline Levine, Jeremy Johns and Paul Weitz the film’s executive producers.
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    Music video by Luke Evans performing The Coachman To Pleasure Island (From "Pinocchio"/Audio Only). © 2022 Walt Disney Records


  • Arya stargirl
    Arya stargirl 14 днів тому +104

    The fact luke can change his voice/accent not only speaking but singing as well is just amazing.

  • Malou
    Malou 14 днів тому +88

    Before I watched the movie, I really had my doubts about Luke Evans as The Coachman, but I love how he plays him!

  • Chris Hoon
    Chris Hoon 14 днів тому +198

    No one goes to Pleasure Island like Gaston

  • Mexx Han
    Mexx Han 14 днів тому +93

    Fun fact: This is Luke Evans' second time in a Disney live-action remake, and his second time as a villian in a Disney live-action remake on top of that.

  • Thoughts From My Armchair.
    Thoughts From My Armchair. День тому +16

    Honestly Luke Evans as The Coachman was by far the highlight of the movie for me. Devilish, charismatic and downright creepy. The bit where he does an Indiana Jones swing over the kids and lands on top of the donkeys then just goes “what a bore!” was superb.

  • may Lily
    may Lily 14 днів тому +25

    Luke Evans hits all those notes flawlessly he's amazing crazy that he plays Gaston in the life action to the coachman

  • Captain James Hook
    Captain James Hook 14 днів тому +34

    I must admit Luke Evans is pretty convincing as the coachman.

  • Jagger O'Connor
    Jagger O'Connor 14 днів тому +29

    Coachman was my favorite in this movie. Not overly evil like in the original film and has a great song

  • Caleb Fowler
    Caleb Fowler 14 днів тому +16

    Luke Evens has a great voice

  • Braxton Bobo
    Braxton Bobo 14 днів тому +19

    God who doesn’t love Luke Evans?

  • Chad Encantador
    Chad Encantador День тому +8

    This new song was one of the best originals they added to the movie.

  • Andrea Dahle
    Andrea Dahle 14 днів тому +18

    Great song and by Luke Evans, he sings so great. 😘

  • james Dillon
    james Dillon 14 днів тому +15

    first he was Gaston, now he is the Coachman, will done Luke Evans, fab acting great actor.

  • Multifandom
    Multifandom 14 днів тому +9

    Love his song and luke's portrayal of the coachman. The song reminds me of " You've got to pick a pocket or two " from Oliver Twist

  • Eamon Clark
    Eamon Clark 14 днів тому +19

    The coachman gets the best songs in musical adaptations of Pinocchio like Clive Revill singing “Fun Fun Fun” in the Sandy Duncan version or Usher singing “Pleasure Island” in Gepetto and in this version Luke Evans gets the best song in the movie

  • Deep  space
    Deep space 14 днів тому +6

    This is my favorite Disney song of all time

  • Carmine Crincoli
    Carmine Crincoli День тому +1

    Luke Evans got another big villain role for a live-action Disney movie and he got an awesome villain song to boot!

  • Chad Encantador
    Chad Encantador День тому +2

    Está nueva canción fue una de las mejores originales que agregaron a la peli.

  • Joshua Orro
    Joshua Orro 14 днів тому +14

    in the 1940 original the Coachman and Stromboli were both voiced by the same actor but I'm glad they were played by 2 separate actors in this film

  • Nita West
    Nita West День тому +1

    Love Luke's voice