Korn - Faget [New York 2007]

  • Опубліковано 31 лип 2007
  • Korn - Faget [New York 2007]
    This concert was a free concert in celebration of the new album. It was webcasted over the net on Myspace.com
    if you guys want to download this, go to Kornspace.com. Audio isn't off and video is great.


  • Mike Krug
    Mike Krug 13 років тому +2

    Korn is amazing, David is a great drummer, joey is a great drummer, this was a great performance, Fieldy is not a gangster he actually is a christian and quit drugs and drinking and believes in God quite a bit and has bible verses tattoed on his body he is a fucking legit and cool ass dude this band has never quit period after all the shit they have been through being down two members and they still are kicking ass and going on tour AGAIN that should be respected and commendable whata great band

  • averice311
    averice311 13 років тому

    This is an amazing performance!!! \m/ Props to Korn for knockin it outta the park once again.

  • Vic the Appraiser
    Vic the Appraiser 15 років тому

    Joey does an awesome job nailing the drum parts in this song. He plays it true enough to the original while adding his own touch.

  • powerofktulu
    powerofktulu 15 років тому

    i love how industrial this song sounds.

  • Mark Noyer
    Mark Noyer 12 років тому

    this is awesome

  • bugzbunny109
    bugzbunny109 14 років тому

    korn rocks to death

  • michael mccallum
    michael mccallum 13 років тому

    I dont have any sort of problem with korn having gone and changed up there sound over time and i happen to admire them for not replacing head when they lost him and instead just running with a new direction. I do still however think it would be great if they started to sound a little bit more like they did when they first started they felt harder then

  • Dementia71
    Dementia71 14 років тому

    I love old KoRn =/

  • Oana M.
    Oana M. 14 років тому

    look at 05:53 i apreciate love the band love the crowd :X

  • Mario Cipriano
    Mario Cipriano 14 років тому

    I can see myself in the pits @ 6:12-6:16! :D
    I stomped down at 6:16, I was screaming that part!

  • Paul Boyer
    Paul Boyer 13 років тому

    Korn is far from over. They're next album is going to be like their first two albums, and that is something Munky, Fieldy, and Jonathan all said together. David was a replaceable member, Head however, is not. But I doubt Head'll be gone for long.

  • Spunky Munky Balls
    Spunky Munky Balls 10 років тому

    Image... yeah, Music... Head maybe but Ray looks suited and is such an awesome drummer.

  • Mr Burns Productions 506
    Mr Burns Productions 506 14 років тому

    actually i think he has a better scream now than he did when he was young

    DEAN WINCHESTER 13 років тому

    yea on the website it said something about head coming back for the new album and the producer of the first two korn albums is producing this one so it'll be pretty fucking nice

  • BullsEyeRocker
    BullsEyeRocker 10 років тому +1

    Korn still fuckin rocks

  • Paul Boyer
    Paul Boyer 13 років тому

    I'm siding with you on this one. A band can't stay the same forever, and experimenting was the least they could have done, if it made Jon happy.

  • Mike Krug
    Mike Krug 13 років тому

    actually i can because they have done a shit ton for music and sold miliions of records and are IN MY OPINION on the same levels of those bands and in all actuality are, They started a whole new genre and redefined music for the 90s until today they are to be marveled at man.

  • Hugh Hunt
    Hugh Hunt 14 років тому

    I just watched Korn last night (with Munky) in South Africa! Fuck Yeah!

  • Oana M.
    Oana M. 14 років тому

    love new york rockers

  • 54literz
    54literz 14 років тому

    fraggle rock hahaha I remember that shit. KORN FAN FOREVER

  • mario spezzi
    mario spezzi 9 років тому

    jordison is a beast!

  • Marcelo Carneiro
    Marcelo Carneiro 10 років тому

    do they play this song on most concerts?

  • betoajbr
    betoajbr 13 років тому

    yeah!!!!!!!!! viva mexicos cabrones!

  • k5lta
    k5lta 13 років тому

    im 16 and i agree with you to the edges of the universe and beyond,so fuckin true.

  • Angst Clinic
    Angst Clinic 14 років тому

    Stupid sound lag -_- Oh well, that was awesome.

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones 11 років тому

    getting head back would probably helpmake korn more popular with rock fans again. It would be a good busness decision on their part.. they still kick ass though

  • andre lopez
    andre lopez 13 років тому

    muy vergaa esta este video chido por subirlo korn asta la muerte

  • Nick McAleer
    Nick McAleer 15 років тому

    this was fukin awsome wen they played this

  • Johan Martola
    Johan Martola 14 років тому


  • Krazy The Kid
    Krazy The Kid 14 років тому

    i agree...korn is my fav but i don't think munky left...and david needs to come back in a hurry.

  • Chino Hugo
    Chino Hugo 12 років тому


  • Mario Cipriano
    Mario Cipriano 14 років тому

    The sound was off while uploading the video most likely. But the sound actually was a little off. That's why the show started 20 minutes late, and Munky's guitar is a little off. Great time anyway. I was talking with my brother and friend after ''Got the Life'' (was fuckin' exhausted XD), but I heard this song start, I exploded with energy and went straight back in! XD

  • ihf666
    ihf666 14 років тому

    is it just my computer or is this vidio incredible out of sinc

  • REIREI29
    REIREI29 14 років тому

    81934, so has JD. KORN is lookin' better and better with each passing month.

  • Jordan
    Jordan 12 років тому

    @kornoporno i feel ya on that one, it seemed like it was missing that old school korn shit we use to see back in the 90's....

  • Tim J
    Tim J  15 років тому

    Anyways, if you guys want to download this, go to Kornspace. Audio isn't off and video is great.

  • ErichG
    ErichG 14 років тому

    You've been listening to them since you were 8 years old? Were they on Fraggle Rock or something? bahaha

  • BullsEyeRocker
    BullsEyeRocker 12 років тому

    kool techno intro!

  • Paul Leadbeater
    Paul Leadbeater 14 років тому

    so true, peopel need to take the effect of growlin, shoutin and screamin has on vocal chords

  • Ron Shultz
    Ron Shultz 11 років тому

    fieldy is the best bass guitar fucking ever!!!!!

  • vforvegard
    vforvegard 14 років тому

    he still might, though i doubt it.
    if they said something kornspace would announced it

  • Justin Cleary
    Justin Cleary 7 років тому +3

    Those heavy metal style drums don't work for Korn. Sorry

  • bobandlarry
    bobandlarry 14 років тому

    correction: nowhere near as good as live, properly live, as in with real korn fans...

    ALBERTO DAVID 13 років тому

    korn rules with Brian Head welch

  • DNME87
    DNME87 12 років тому

    you guys can cry all you want for the missing band members, but they had their reasons!

  • JDaddy3
    JDaddy3 14 років тому

    how did you find out david isn't coming back???

  • Amanda Kaye
    Amanda Kaye 10 років тому

    they need head and david so bad!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ivan Velarde
    Ivan Velarde 13 років тому

    id been listenin korn since 94 and trust me if youre a fan or u really like korn no metter wehat hapens u always have to be there for them viva mexico putos jejejeje

  • Keks
    Keks 14 років тому

    KoRn RoCkS

  • Marek Fischer
    Marek Fischer 11 років тому

    no head-no korn

    BURRlTO 12 років тому

    0:10 someone says "DO TWIST!!!"

  • Jeff Baumgardt
    Jeff Baumgardt 14 років тому

    Fucking Hell!!! I miss Head and David....Anyone.....anyone?????????? Still love KoRn either way....Rock on muthafukers......

  • Mark Noyer
    Mark Noyer 12 років тому

    the audio is compleatly off!!

  • Johan Martola
    Johan Martola 14 років тому

    WTF WAS THAT!! When JD screamed HIM in the begining he sounded like my sister ffs!

  • FlamingFridge
    FlamingFridge 12 років тому

    Jordison is on drums... I think...

  • Oana M.
    Oana M. 14 років тому

    but the concert is in new york

  • Patrick evilKeller
    Patrick evilKeller 11 років тому

    Who's drumming?

  • Grisak
    Grisak 14 років тому

    the guys in korn hate him cause quit and started a caffè

  • Rolando Balladares
    Rolando Balladares 14 років тому

    xD 5:18 -- 5:20 is funny to watch xD

  • Greg London
    Greg London 12 років тому

    I like it, but it's not the right vid with the right sound track.

  • powerofktulu
    powerofktulu 15 років тому

    JD lost alot of weight too.

  • Mike Krug
    Mike Krug 14 років тому

    Munky did leave because his father passed away and david is on hiatus running his sushi restaurant and a steakhouse, they both will be returning well Munky will. David should be on the next record that they are going to record

  • Tim J
    Tim J  15 років тому

    By the way, the audio is (obviously) off. UA-cam always does a pisspoor job with videos. Thinking about switching to Dailymotion where the quality is much better.

  • Mik rokorg
    Mik rokorg 11 років тому

    @EternalDamnation101 funny how the didnt resurrected in ´10 what korn realy is , remember who you are is not realy good

  • Johan Martola
    Johan Martola 14 років тому

    O, sry I thought it was HIM bcause the lyricswriter on letssingit wrote HIM ^^ yeah i know, it would be intresting to here som Break som off:P it would probably not sound like it should.. Actually, I can qrowl it quite good ;D

  • andrew beard
    andrew beard 12 років тому

    it is off...u can tell at MANY places that it is really off...OR he is lip singling....I love korn but the audio IS off....called Audio Video lag dude

  • Genzo Ordnajela
    Genzo Ordnajela 14 років тому

    its him!

  • nuckinfuts24
    nuckinfuts24 13 років тому


  • Mike Krug
    Mike Krug 14 років тому

    the only reason they dont go as fucking insane now is that they are 37 to 40 years old the three of them. They still give it what they got they have been around a long long time and they have done a lot of drinking and partying. They still give it all they got live in concert. I am 23 and have been listening to them since they came out in 1993 a lot of kids were not even born, i saw them at the Rave in Milwaukee at the start of the Bitch We Got a Problem Tour and they were fucking going nuts.

  • R.I.P DOOM
    R.I.P DOOM 14 років тому

    They look like a naked slipknot with all the extra membrs now. What happened to my koRn

  • Mike Krug
    Mike Krug 13 років тому

    But i guess all the 13 through 16 year old kids love to come on here and bash a band that has revolutionized and molded the whole music scene today. Paving the way for other bands kind of the way the Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Kiss, and Metallica influenced music, but I'm sure they suck too and sold out even though they all sold millions of records just like Korn has sold 35 million plus records yet they suck, yeah, not really they are fucking great

  • Tim J
    Tim J  15 років тому

    Audio is off like always. UA-cam sucks! :|

  • Modomadness
    Modomadness 14 років тому

    yeh the audio was a few seconds off

  • Jordan
    Jordan 12 років тому

    wtf? the audio is way off in this video....doesn't match up.

  • Tim J
    Tim J  14 років тому

    Like I said, the video is on Kornspace (for download). This video is (obviously) out of synch. You guys should appreciate this shit more often because I didn't have to rip this. Stop bitching!

  • agony85
    agony85 13 років тому

  • NocriZle
    NocriZle 13 років тому

    the sound is off

  • Mik rokorg
    Mik rokorg 11 років тому

    @LP4life84 oildale and pop a pill are good and powerfull , but things like fear is a place to life , and let the guilt go is just crap

  • April Wean
    April Wean 11 років тому

    The words dont match his mouth

  • Steven Jacobs
    Steven Jacobs 15 років тому

    damn the fucking audio is so off. that sucks!

  • frugihoyi
    frugihoyi 12 років тому

    Yeah they took it to the next level DOWN. Honestly I wish they would just quit. I was one of THE biggest Korn fans for MANY years, even after everyone turned their backs on them. But they are embarassing themselves nowadays. The music is uninspired, but you can't blame them for that. They just got too old to play this kind of music. It's getting almost as bad as Metallica got with St. Anger... and that Unplugged thing I'm not even gonna mention... IMHO INTERNET!

  • Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

    WTF? is that courtney love backstage?

  • Daniel Junaid
    Daniel Junaid 13 років тому

    what the fuck was he doin

  • April Wean
    April Wean 11 років тому

    Change The Like Button 2 Love... -3

  • littlelonnie14
    littlelonnie14 11 років тому

    joey jordison!

  • RiPP2_The_Core
    RiPP2_The_Core 11 років тому

    keyboard?? wtf

  • bobandlarry
    bobandlarry 14 років тому

    nowhere near as good as live.

  • thelurewasher
    thelurewasher 11 років тому

    Joey Jordison from slipknot!

  • EternalDamnation101
    EternalDamnation101 8 років тому

    what?!? english please

  • Daniel Junaid
    Daniel Junaid 14 років тому

    they need an extra percussionist how gay

  • stickman51
    stickman51 12 років тому

    sound is off..

  • Longrod VonHugendong
    Longrod VonHugendong 14 років тому

    wtf was with the first minute

  • Rim Tepsik
    Rim Tepsik 12 років тому

    ooh lol misread it dude i thought you said you quit listening to them lol sorry bout that.

  • vforvegard
    vforvegard 14 років тому

    not munky is he?

  • FallOfRome101189
    FallOfRome101189 13 років тому

    lol the dude at :31 is such a tool.

  • Sergio Mendoza
    Sergio Mendoza 13 років тому

    joey sucks in korn :(

  • Mike Krug
    Mike Krug 13 років тому

    I really dont mind anyones opinion but I think if you are a true KoRn fan they have made awesome music all along and the great bands out there don't sit and put out the same records every single time they switch things up and innovate on their sound which korn has done and they have done an amazing job at doing that. I do appreciate your comment though man, and are entitled to your opinion, their new album will be fucking sweet im sure

  • Mik rokorg
    Mik rokorg 11 років тому

    @EternalDamnation101 yea whatever korn use to be with al 5 people and freak out thing

  • Johnny Botelho
    Johnny Botelho 12 років тому

    Ohh yeahhhhhh

  • Shane Kiely
    Shane Kiely 13 років тому

    uhhh so so rentaplayers? joey jordison? okay whatever you say