Naomi Scott - Speechless (from Aladdin) (Official Video)

  • Опубліковано 22 тра 2019
  • "Speechless" from Disney's Aladdin
    Performed by: Naomi Scott (Instagram 📷: @naomigscott)
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    Music video by Naomi Scott performing Speechless (Full) (From "Aladdin"/Official Video). © 2019 Walt Disney Records

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  • Presley Hanzlik
    Presley Hanzlik 3 роки тому +28

    Can we give a hand of applause to Naomi AND the band behind her?

  • MidnightWolf

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate that they took a single throwaway line from the original movie and turned it into an amazing work of musical art?

  • Gino
    Gino   +1

    This is how songs are supposed to be. Full of emotions with positive meaning/message so it can run through our body as an energy that feels great and helps us to manifest anything we want.

  • zai
    zai  +647


  • Suman Bathla

    Let's be honest ☺️ Not only Naomi but the band also slayed it

  • Tean
    Tean 21 день тому +115

    This song is so compelling. Love how her voice is powerful but still soft, not over the top.

  • David Emanuel Rosini

    This ain't just a disney song, this has a message about voicing out your opinion.

  • PianoGirl
    PianoGirl  +962

    This song is incredibly hard to sing considering the rythm is very complex, and Naomi nailed it!!! And the orchestra as well! This made me watch the movie and I was not disappointed, it is soooo good!

  • Omar isy
    Omar isy 4 години тому +3

    Y pasa el tiempo y sigue siendo un temazo

  • livsvfx
    livsvfx  +565


  • Salsa Nabila Putri
    Salsa Nabila Putri 14 днів тому +5

    Here comes a wave

  • soumi mandal

    Naomi hasn't only sung this song , she has established a message to stand against the superstitions and every devil to all the people through out the entire . Therefore heads off to Naomi's precious message and her extremely good and thunder-like voice.........................I have got a lot of energy from this song so I thank the writer and musician also who have written the song and composed this thunder-like song....................................................................................................................................👌👌👌

  • Spypota
    Spypota 2 роки тому +5

    Her voice is so calm and powerful, even when hitting the high notes. Can’t think the tone is that high until you try to sing it.

  • Kosmic Kats

    "She's So Gone" was always one of my favorite songs from Lemonade Mouth, and Naomi Scott did not disappoint with "Speechless"!

  • Krystall Vinter

    As a person with autism, which is a disability, this song resonates deeply with me. The world is always trying to silence us autistics, as well as others with disabilities, and won't allow us to speak for ourselves. But in truth, all we want is to be heard with our own voices, and let the world hear what we have to say

  • Teany here

    not only are the vocals are good, the band and costumes are too

  • Gracy Vinchella
    Gracy Vinchella 21 годину тому +10

    After 3 years I am still obsessed with this song❤❤❤

  • mexamexi
    mexamexi  +138

    I remember watching the movie in cinemas pre-pandemic. The specific scene where she sang this song, that exact moment is so special to me. Really a great song with the best performer!

  • Paulcyns
    Paulcyns 2 роки тому +2

    Imagine how talented Naomi is; singing, dancing, acting. Incredible!

  • RubyT
    RubyT  +221

    This movie is a true masterpiece. Full of action, fantasy and adventure. I definitely recommend it. Also this song is great!