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We make a KNIFE on our CNC machines

  • Опубліковано 4 гру 2023
  • If suddenly you feel hungry working in the garage and being surrounded by CNC machines, then do not rush to order food with delivery!
    You can always cook a simple snack right on the spot!)
    In this experimental video, we not only prepare a salad "Engineer on shift", but also make a knife completely on our CNC machines!!!
    So the following CNC machines took part in the production of the knife:
    1. BODOR A3 metal cutter (review here: • BODOR A3 | Обзор метал... )
    2. Fiber-optic laser marker ELIXMATE SM 20W (you can know about it here: • Как выбрать лазерный м... )
    3. CNC Milling machine ELIXMATE SMV 1325 ( • Обзор на фрезерный ста... )
    4. ELIXMATE NG 1290 H CO2 Laser Machine ( • ЛИНЕЙКА ЛАЗЕРНЫХ СТАНК... )
    Also, a regular grinder was used to remove the descents, but for a full-fledged sharpening of the knife, a sharpening system from @TSPROF was used. Tech Studio Profile called "CADET".The link is of course attached: www.tsprof.com/catalog/tochil...
    Of course, we remind you that this video was created for entertainment purposes and you should not take it too seriously ☺
    And we love knives no less than @Alexey Ponomarev, so in no case do we claim that what we have done in this video is a standard of quality ☺
    EXHIBITION "ADVERTISING 2022": www.reklama-expo.ru /
    Free tickets to the exhibition: www.reklama-expo.ru/ru/visito...
    00:00 - Introduction
    00:17 - Exhibition "ADVERTISING 2022"
    00:46 - We are moving
    01:23 - Intro
    01:37 - On which machines will we make a knife
    02:21 - We cut out the blank of the knife on the metal cutter
    02:54 - Grinding on a marker
    03:38 - Forming the slopes of the cutting edge
    04:16 - Knife sharpening
    05:00 - Making handles on a CNC milling machine
    06:00 - We engrave the handles on a laser machine
    06:56 - Result
    07:27 - Preparing a salad
    09:05 - The ending
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