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  • This is 5 THICK smoothie mistakes you're making! hope we helped answer some of your questions!
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    smoothie bowl recipe


  • Kim Possible
    Kim Possible Рік тому +2997

    Ok but they could open a smoothie bowl shop and i would totally go

    • Im Ak
      Im Ak 9 днів тому

      There a smoothie bowl açaí place called playa bowls

    • Malia Bharat
      Malia Bharat 4 місяці тому

      Me to

    • Yolande Nina
      Yolande Nina 9 місяців тому


    • ayzo1115
      ayzo1115 10 місяців тому

      @MonA LiSa Heree! ….

    • Patricia Korte
      Patricia Korte 11 місяців тому


  • JordyQuakes
    JordyQuakes Рік тому +600

    1) cold fruit
    2)small amount of liquid "splash"
    3) have a blender
    4) scrape the sides of the blender
    5) get "cute" bowls... no... get THEIR bowls that "keep the smoothy colder for longer"
    they said so much and absolutely nothing at the same time i-

    • YourMajesty143
      YourMajesty143 4 місяці тому +2

      Here's my best tips, so you at least get some benefit for clicking on this video:
      Try to have the fruit pieces cut evenly small or use fruits that are water-based to mix in (pineapples, melons, apples, pears, grapes, etc). This way you're getting added sweetness, but without needing to oversaturate your smoothie with a liquid base. Also, most people start on the highest setting which can burn out your motor, when you should always start low and slow. Make sure your softest fruits are on the bottom so that they can liquefy and offer enough of a smooth base for the more fibrous foods/veg on top to blend properly. Use the tamper to press down, but also make sure to move the fruit around to allow air to flow in. You want to create a vortex in the middle, so opening up pockets of air on the sides and near the blades will allow the food to coalesce through the center. This will give you a fluffier and creamier texture. Once you see about half of it has gotten smooth, you can start ramping up the speed. If that's still giving you problems, make your smoothie in batches. Start with a 1/3 of the fruits you intend to blend and add more fruit through the lid as it blends. To avoid slushy results, throw fruits in the freezer for at least 2 hours or more. If you have rock-hard frozen fruit, make sure to thaw them for up to 15 min prior to blending. I also make sure my blender carafe has also been sitting in the fridge, so that it counteracts the kinetic heat that builds up while blending. Your bowl and spoon should also sit in the fridge, this ensures you can enjoy your smoothies, without them thawing while you eat. The best bowls that retain cold temperature are made of stainless steel, NOT coconut bowls lol.

    • Anti - Ethnic Cleansing
      Anti - Ethnic Cleansing 8 місяців тому +3

      I literally just commented that their last tip was beyond gross. I hadn’t read yours first, but you summed it up great. They just literally said that a half of a coconut shaped bowl that was lined with plastic will keep your smoothie cold for longer LOL!

    • s
      s Рік тому +6

      Omg seriously. What the hell did I just watch;_; is this for little kids or

    • veronica vicky
      veronica vicky Рік тому +26

      OMG XD, love this. I immediately came to comments to see if anyone summarized it

    • Nat L
      Nat L Рік тому +4

      thank you

  • Esty Zanetti
    Esty Zanetti Рік тому +2983

    "you need a good blender"
    my blender: starts smoking

      KHUSHI SHARMA 6 місяців тому

      But i don't have an expensive blender but still i make thick smoothie bowls i always use normal whole milk 1/4 cup i don't measure particularly but estimate and add the softest fruit to the bottom like banana then mango and then strawberry i always make this one its good so it might help you

    • Wally
      Wally 6 місяців тому


    • Juliana Perez
      Juliana Perez 8 місяців тому


    • Itz_Hennesys Lopez
      Itz_Hennesys Lopez 10 місяців тому


    • Anna Lloyd
      Anna Lloyd 11 місяців тому

      Same 😭

  • Katie Crabtree
    Katie Crabtree Рік тому +82

    I don't have a fancy blender, but what I have found helps to get the right consistency is using frozen banana and half an avocado! I use an açaí packet, frozen banana, avocado and a splash of almond milk and OMG!! The first time I did it I thought to myself "Twin Coast would approve!!!" hahaha Since I don't have a fancy blender I do have to start and stop a couple times to mix it up, but its worth it!!!

  • ↞Jamz↠
    ↞Jamz↠ Рік тому +10

    1. All ingredients have to be frozen
    2. Only use minimal amount of liquid
    3. Blender quality makes a difference
    4. Stop and start when blending (scrape and push the contents down in between blends)

  • nic nic
    nic nic Рік тому +180

    Putting the bowls you are going to use to eat it out of in the freezer also keeps the smoothies from melting fast!

    • Shauna Brosnan
      Shauna Brosnan Рік тому


    • Kayla Dias
      Kayla Dias Рік тому +2

      Many coconut bowls tell you not to freeze them. I would read about your particular bowls first before freezing them

    • Chaeli St. Bernard
      Chaeli St. Bernard Рік тому

      That's good to know thank you

    • James Winnard
      James Winnard Рік тому


    • MarleyPuff
      MarleyPuff Рік тому +5

      I tried it, it works enough that i’ll take time into doing it but definitely does not stop it completely

  • Chloe Pryor
    Chloe Pryor Рік тому +157

    comments: my blender doesn’t get my smoothie bowl thick and smooth
    ashley and taylor: you don’t need a good blender, you need our coconut bowls and everything will be fine

    • K
      K 8 місяців тому +1


  • Teri S.
    Teri S. Рік тому +16

    I had a ninja but my ex took it last week so I gotta get a new one... but before then I was making amazing smoothies because of you two. The tips on using less liquid worked so well... Thank you 💖

    • Laura Pham
      Laura Pham Рік тому +8

      I say steal the blender

  • Maryann Passanisi
    Maryann Passanisi Рік тому +189

    "you need to have the twin coast coconut bowls for it to be thick and taste good"

    • K
      K 8 місяців тому

      shameless plug

    • M. Davis
      M. Davis 8 місяців тому +1


    • Vicky
      Vicky Рік тому +6

      They tried to sneakily put it in but uhh...

    • Spoonyonthemoon
      Spoonyonthemoon Рік тому +3


    • Sanda T
      Sanda T Рік тому +9


  • isabellearelle
    isabellearelle 9 місяців тому +2

    epic tip: if you have a kind of bad blender and it comes out too runny because you have to add more milk because otherwise it like absolutely breaks then make it liquid-ish till it’s fully blended then add in more fruit later to make it creamy :)

  • Mena Tsegaye
    Mena Tsegaye Рік тому +3

    i have tried it with a little bit of milk and it works and it looked pretty thick and tasty thank you for your amazing recipes!!!!

  • Terrible 2
    Terrible 2 Рік тому +324

    Me: I have a ok blender...
    The smoothie: starts blowing up....
    Me: uhhhh that’s still ok right?

  • Zoe Abergel
    Zoe Abergel Рік тому +827

    I don’t have a fancy blender, so my smoothies never come out right

    • ༒ɪICʜʀɪsᴛxʟɪᴀ
      ༒ɪICʜʀɪsᴛxʟɪᴀ 8 місяців тому

      @•LeiaWasTheImposter • i have ninja one

    • James Goodman
      James Goodman 10 місяців тому

      @Daphnie Tudor better off hunting down a used vitamix or blendtec. Ninja have all plastic drive components, and a blade design that’s a gimmick.

    • Daphnie Tudor
      Daphnie Tudor 11 місяців тому

      Ya dont need an expensive blender or even a blender I use a food processor and it works although I want a ninja now

    • Val Vue
      Val Vue Рік тому

      @Geese-ette. 200+ or 100+ 😥

    • lily petho
      lily petho Рік тому

      @•iihxneybee• Lmao the newer ones are like 500

  • muffin paste
    muffin paste Рік тому +2

    i find that even with a good blender, my smoothie bowls take some time to fully blend and it gets all over the sides.
    I usually only make small amounts for my sister and myself. I don’t want to throw away what I don’t eat if I make too much, so do you have tips for making smaller amounts?

    • anvika
      anvika Рік тому

      I don’t know where I found this but put in a bowl and cover with cling wrap or foil and put in the refrigerator and the next day or whenever you are going eat the smoothie bowl leave it out for a little while (not too long) and get a spoon mash the smoothie bowl(not the actual bowl) into pieces and put it in your blender and add very tiny amount of liquid like a few tablespoons and it should be good as new.

  • ToLiveLikeYou with Chloe.C
    ToLiveLikeYou with Chloe.C Рік тому

    Using a food processor and assembling my fruits from soft ones first to firmer ones on top really helps. I used to think i have to blend the harder ones first but that always gives me juice lol. Also i barely ever use liquid

  • *•°.•Cumulous•.°•*
    *•°.•Cumulous•.°•* 8 місяців тому

    My favourite smoothie has 2 bananas, an apple, ~2tbsps peanut butter and some milk to make it thinner. It literally tastes so good!

  • Nikki Bass
    Nikki Bass Рік тому +6

    Just made my first smoothie bowl! It didnt turn out as thick as I'd like but I'm not going to blame my blender since it can actually handle it. I added a little bit too much milk

  • somayeh moossavi
    somayeh moossavi Рік тому +12

    I have the same blender. I use 1/4 cup liquid but getting it to go from chunks of fruit to s shape you have a the end is so hard. The blade would run and run without doing anything. I even use the tamper. I think you need to do an unedited, real time video making one of your bowls.

    • ItsZoey💙
      ItsZoey💙 Місяць тому

      I think when this happens you can add another splash of milk IM NOT SURE

    • Beth Ella Louise
      Beth Ella Louise Рік тому +1

      @Alanna Norris any update on this mine does the same! Did anything help you??

    • Alanna Norris
      Alanna Norris Рік тому +3

      Yessss I have a Vitamix and tried their method tonight and even though I kept pushing everything down and using a tamper, it would only blend for a few seconds before the blades were whirring around doing nothing again.

  • Joyce Donnelly
    Joyce Donnelly Рік тому +147

    0:54 “or else this is gonna happen”
    *shows exactly what my smoothies look like*
    Me: ... 🥲

    • Eva Draws
      Eva Draws Рік тому +11

      Mine is as thin as liquid 😭

  • Hope Gleich
    Hope Gleich Рік тому +30

    I agree, eating out of a coconut bowl is soooo much fancier 10/10 recommend

    • Michie Boo
      Michie Boo 7 місяців тому

      I recommend it too

  • Vada Scarborough
    Vada Scarborough Рік тому +267

    your smoothies seem to have like no seeds. whenever i do these things i still have a lot of seeds all over the smoothie

    • Joliax
      Joliax 8 місяців тому

      @Joshua its a colzer
      works nicely in general but the seeds annoy me

    • Joshua
      Joshua 8 місяців тому

      @Joliax what type of blender do you have? Blendtec?

    • Joliax
      Joliax 8 місяців тому

      @Joshua this happens to me aswell,
      i dont use the tamper
      and I do use a high setting
      i dont have a vitamix but the blender is 1300W

    • just for playlists
      just for playlists 9 місяців тому +1

      @Susanne pineapple and mango with blueberries is everything u could ask for in a smoothie

    • Susanne
      Susanne 9 місяців тому

      Its okay, they dont really taste anything

  • Hycraut
    Hycraut Рік тому

    You don’t have to have a REALLY good blender. It worked perfectly for me, but if you want your smoothie thick, you have to add less fruit and more base fruit.

  • Melissa Ann
    Melissa Ann Рік тому

    I’m really excited about these coconut bowls I’m gonna buy some :)

  • anna marie
    anna marie Рік тому

    Ninja Foodie. I just bought one and it’s marketed specifically FOR smoothie bowls (but make sure you get the right one) and nut butters. It’s a GREAT cheap alternative and made me a thick smoothie bowl in like 20 seconds

  • Aashvi's World
    Aashvi's World Рік тому

    Easiest way to make kinda smoothie bowls.
    Make a smooth fruit paste and freeze it for some time , but make sure you stir it in for every 20 mins and leave it in freezer it's better than getting your blender broken like @ Esmelarda lagos Marmol.

  • Fiji life
    Fiji life Рік тому

    I love your videos they are amazing and this helped so much!

  • Elise Charlesworth
    Elise Charlesworth Рік тому +1

    Also a trick, leave your bowl in the fridge for a short amount of time so that it’s cold and the smoothie stays cold

    • R Jones
      R Jones 10 місяців тому

      If you're using coconut bowls they shouldn't go in the fridge.

  • rosyasscheeks666
    rosyasscheeks666 Рік тому +666

    I have a fancy blender WITH A TOUCHSCREEN and i still can’t make good smoothies.....

    • K
      K 8 місяців тому

      spill the brand

    • Seahifoam
      Seahifoam 9 місяців тому


    • rxsielle ୨୧
      rxsielle ୨୧ Рік тому +1

      same lol it’s a ninja 😂

    • Nalune
      Nalune Рік тому +4

      Use a food processor. It will be thicker and creamier. Trust me. I always do this now

    • haharuto
      haharuto Рік тому +2

      ninja blenders are awesome

  • ana lu
    ana lu Рік тому +184

    Tip: use a food processor

    • sue kelley
      sue kelley 10 місяців тому

      Barry Reed What was the difference?

    • sofiajbermudez
      sofiajbermudez Рік тому


    • Kinga Augustyn
      Kinga Augustyn Рік тому

      That’s what I literally use

    • Barry Reed
      Barry Reed Рік тому +4

      No, I tried that. I brought a blender myself and it worked so much better

    • Emo Orphan
      Emo Orphan Рік тому +1

      Really? I have one I think

  • life is ako
    life is ako 11 місяців тому

    I've been making smoothies with ice and cold fruit. Now I know I need frozen fruit to make it thick.

  • Isabella Tovar
    Isabella Tovar Рік тому +7


  • Juliankha
    Juliankha Рік тому

    I usually end up with too much liquid bc I go to blend fruit with no liquid, and it turns into a frozen lump and won't mix.

  • olya keys
    olya keys Рік тому

    Okay I have a Vitamix and I still struggle making thick smoothies... I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. It takes so long and I feel like It still doesn’t blend everything up well.

  • Jenny Carrasco
    Jenny Carrasco Рік тому +29

    My blender literally being so cheap and can't make smoothie bowls because you have to add like three thousand cups of milk!! Like if your blender is like that too....

    • Voldemort Is a hoe
      Voldemort Is a hoe Рік тому

      They did a video of how to do it with the magic bullet blender!!

    • elsie
      elsie Рік тому

      yup i have a hand blender and you have to add a lot of liquid or else it will break loll

  • angelica vasquez
    angelica vasquez Рік тому +2

    just watching these videos make me want to suddenly eat healthy lol

  • Elliebella's Island
    Elliebella's Island Рік тому +1

    Thanks for the tips 😁

  • Taylor Pasha
    Taylor Pasha Рік тому

    I cant wait until you guys restock the bowls and spoons 🤗🤗

  • Elise Charlesworth
    Elise Charlesworth Рік тому +1

    My blender is really good but there isn’t like a ‘tamper’ to mix it around so I have to take it off and mix it around so it takes forever as the fruit gets stuck up at the top and the smoothie but at the bottom

  • Lauren Park
    Lauren Park Рік тому

    What was that blue powder you used in this series? It looks so pretty

    • elsie
      elsie Рік тому

      i think it's spirulina! (:

  • louise guindan
    louise guindan Рік тому

    I love this vid and I just wanted to ask if I can make a big batch and refrigerate the rest?

  • Kimberly Kelly
    Kimberly Kelly 4 місяці тому

    Great points!!!!! Thank you both for sharing

  • mikel
    mikel Рік тому

    what about some yogurt instead of milk? i’d love to know if that could work

  • Sabrina Mitchell
    Sabrina Mitchell Рік тому +2

    Could you use a food processor?? It has the hole in top to push the stuff down and is way more high powered than my nutri bullet. I guess I should just try 😂

  • whale hello there
    whale hello there Рік тому +2

    can you buy and use a tamper stick in any blender? like while the blender is running or does it have to be a vitamix

    • R Jones
      R Jones 10 місяців тому

      I wouldn't suggest buying a tamper for a blender it's not designed to pair with. The Vitamix tamper is designed to stop above the blades so it never makes contact with the blades just helps to push down whatever you're blending. If you use a tool like this with other blenders chances are you will destroy it and probably the blender.

  • LivingMyLife22
    LivingMyLife22 Рік тому +2

    Which vitamix blender do you have?
    Appreciate this video with tips

  • pop rocksss
    pop rocksss Рік тому +8

    Ahh I have the exact same blender as them and mine still turn out sour and chunky. 😔

  • Ava💕💕
    Ava💕💕 Рік тому +2


  • Malina
    Malina Рік тому +7

    people in the comments you can get super cheap coconut bowls on amazon cuz not all of us can afford a 30 dollar bowl and spoon

    • R Jones
      R Jones 10 місяців тому

      I got a set of 4 bowls and spoons for just over 30 with taxes and shipping.

  • Kenley M.
    Kenley M. Рік тому +1

    I have a 30 year old blender but my smoothies come out super thick! It just may or may not take ne like 20 minutes to make

  • Naya Polanco
    Naya Polanco Рік тому

    Is it ok if you use regular milk instead of almond milk?

  • TheAristoKrat17
    TheAristoKrat17 9 місяців тому

    My smoothies are always disgusting. I believe I need a different liquid other than water or nut milk. I also add flax, green powders, etc. Could that be why?

  • Nicole Hansen
    Nicole Hansen Рік тому +1

    Do you guys buy your fruit frozen or do you buy fruit, prep it, and freeze it? Can you sub 2% milk for almond milk?

  • Cami Crum
    Cami Crum Рік тому +11

    My mom started to get mad because I did not use much liquid and she said it would run out. the miter on the blender and she has a vita mix

  • Kiki:)
    Kiki:) Рік тому +21

    Twin Coast, you should make a what we eat in a day vid/ workouts/ tutorial. Comment if agree. I there is 45 comments saying yes, than they can think about it maybe.😁 Follow them in UA-cam and Pinterest.😊

  • hoehoe
    hoehoe Рік тому

    don’t use china/porcelain bowls because the smoothie will melt faster

  • Ms. Robinson
    Ms. Robinson Рік тому +2

    I won't to make a lemon and banana smoothie with mint leaves I'm just wondering if I can use frozen lemons or squeeze the juice out.

  • E.D.G
    E.D.G Рік тому

    Thank you for the advice🤝

  • Simran Gupta
    Simran Gupta 8 місяців тому

    The part about too much liquid vs frozen fruit is true. A good blender does make a difference. Exactly which fruits you use, make a big difference as well. For example, 1/4 frozen banana for a small serving is perfect for achieving that texture. they're making about 4 cups so I'm assuming they put in a whole frozen banana. Bananas are high in carbs and high in sugars, so if you want an alternative (or if you just don't like banana like me) you can use 1/8 cup frozen cauliflower to 1/4 frozen banana. You won't be able to taste it. You could use unsweetened nut milk for your splash like they do here. They texture really is just a good high-powered blender to actually blend the frozen fruit and a proper ratio of fruit to liquid. If your blender can't deal with the whole fruit frozen then chop it up in pieces and then freeze it. blend in batched and it might help. I broke my last blender because of the whole strawberries I tried to blend. lol

  • Sunny Study Days
    Sunny Study Days Рік тому +2

    still waiting to know what setting they use/power level on the vitamix

  • Fiyona Haile
    Fiyona Haile 8 місяців тому

    If you don't want the smoothie bowl to melt quick then freeze the bowl and then put it in. Also it really doesn't matter if you have a good blender or not I have a 5-7 yo blender and it has no tamper using a spoon is not as hard as people make it seem

  • Lucy Keenan
    Lucy Keenan Рік тому +5

    “You need a good blender”
    I think I’ve had the same blender for about 8 years now

    • Diya Saini
      Diya Saini Рік тому +2

      20 years old blender 😂
      beat that

  • Giovanni Carbajal
    Giovanni Carbajal Рік тому +10

    “Makes the smoothie last longer for whatever reason” lmao. Those bowls are cool though

  • Uhm Okay?
    Uhm Okay? Рік тому +2

    The last "tip" was an add 100%

  • Pallak nanda
    Pallak nanda Рік тому

    Can you please leave the link of the blender you use in the description box below

  • brooke yamamoto
    brooke yamamoto Рік тому +10

    “Make it feel like your in Hawaii” well I feel in Hawaii every day, I live in Honolulu, Hawaii where Ashley went for a bit

    • Aang
      Aang Рік тому +2

      That sounds really cool! Hawaii is one of my dream destinations

  • *Bree*
    *Bree* Рік тому

    Can your blender break while doing that?

  • Geese-ette.
    Geese-ette. Рік тому +2

    Is a thermomix good for smoothies as well? Because that’s what I have

    • astri
      astri Рік тому

      I use a Thermomix for smoothies and it’s an old version but it works really well and makes kinda thick smoothies!

  • lolli
    lolli Рік тому +25

    Twin coast was how I stared too become more health and eat more fruit

  • M. Davis
    M. Davis 8 місяців тому

    Sometimes you want a thinner smoothie, so you can drink it out of a straw.

  • Merel
    Merel Рік тому +3

    Can you please tell me what specific blender you guys have?

  • Emilia Violet
    Emilia Violet Рік тому

    Can I use a wooden rolling pin to push the fruit

  • HamsterCraxy_YT
    HamsterCraxy_YT Рік тому +1

    "you need a good BLENDER"
    *me starts doubting the food proccessor im using"

  • addie faith
    addie faith Рік тому +12

    "you need a good blender"
    me with my cup blender

  • Keira Riva
    Keira Riva Рік тому +5

    Can you do a raspberry and BlackBerry smoothie plzzz

  • CloLove
    CloLove Рік тому +32


  • Zoemarieeve
    Zoemarieeve Рік тому +1

    But making a smoothie bowl in a magic bullet it’s dangerous to use all of them frozen .... it may damage the blender

    • i s l a
      i s l a Рік тому

      Does it? i use frozen fruit every time lols

    • Dominique
      Dominique Рік тому +1

      I have a magic bullet and I only use frozen fruits! It just take longer for the smoothie to blend... I have to shake it out a few times

  • SSS
    SSS Рік тому +1

    are the prices on the shop in cad or usd?

  • Diane Gannon
    Diane Gannon Рік тому +1

    What model Vitamix Blender do you use?

  • suck on an aglet
    suck on an aglet Рік тому

    idk but for me adding like 3 tbsp of chia seeds can thicken it up

  • Honey
    Honey Рік тому +1

    I love your channel I am a small smoothie youtuber and you guys are my idols

  • Tambi Jo
    Tambi Jo Рік тому +1

    So I made the berry smoothie with strawberries, blueberries, blackberry, & Almond Milk. And after Blending I added 1 Large Banana and 1/4 Cup Granola. It was really bitter. Not sweet. I’m diabetic and I don’t want to add sugar, and I don’t like Sugar Substitutes. What is your recommendations for Sweetening the smoothie and keeping it healthy??? I tried Honey and it helped but It’s a lot of Sugar. Thank You 🌺

    • Joliax
      Joliax 8 місяців тому

      You can try vanilla almond milk or incorporating sweeter fruits like mangos, pineapple, tangerines, grapes, acai, dragonfruit really anything
      you can also add some greek yogurt

  • Mae Stoddard
    Mae Stoddard Рік тому +1

    I love your vids so much!!

  • Ali Lamb
    Ali Lamb Рік тому +1

    Absolutely incredible

  • Gabriella McCorry
    Gabriella McCorry Рік тому +1

    Omgg where can I get one of those amazing fancy golden spoons? I’m in Ireland

  • Gabby Da Costa
    Gabby Da Costa 10 місяців тому

    What’s the blender called? I want one so I can start making a beautiful smoothie

    • R Jones
      R Jones 10 місяців тому

      It's a Vitamix. They have so many styles. You would just have to Google and research what would be best for you. FYI they are pricey.

  • yqxth_
    yqxth_ Рік тому

    Can we have normal milk instead of almond milk

  • IAMgage
    IAMgage Рік тому

    I just ordered a coconut bowl 😍

  • Tess Clothier
    Tess Clothier Рік тому

    Which Vitamix blender do you use?

  • Caitlin Sulak
    Caitlin Sulak Рік тому

    Is the ninja 1000-watt a good blender for thick smoothies?

  • Panda Bamboo
    Panda Bamboo Рік тому

    They deserve more subs and views

  • Lara R
    Lara R Рік тому

    Actually, I have a very bad blender, but my smoothie bowls are pretty good...

  • Sub to ⚡️ave’s⚡️ on YouTube
    Sub to ⚡️ave’s⚡️ on YouTube Місяць тому +1

    What setting do you the blender because there is 7 different modes
    Ice Crush,Pulse,Puree,Whip,Mix,Grate,&Blend

  • Barry Reed
    Barry Reed Рік тому

    Can a handhold blender work? Because it works well for me!!

  • Guinea pig girl
    Guinea pig girl Рік тому

    What other blenders would you recommend

  • Mounir Jebari
    Mounir Jebari 6 місяців тому

    When u put any type of milk does something change?

  • James Pul
    James Pul Рік тому +9

    I can hear coach Greg saying “BUY THE FRICKIN NINJA!!”

  • Sab Cayen ASMR
    Sab Cayen ASMR Рік тому +1

    I use a food processor instead, and It works fine.

  • Jinnatun Nessa
    Jinnatun Nessa Рік тому

    I bought a blender for like 10 dollars and it works perfectly for the smoothie bowl 💀💀💀

    • Jinnatun Nessa
      Jinnatun Nessa Рік тому

      @x.xxxxxxxxxx btw I'm srry its like 10 dollar

    • x.xxxxxxxxxx
      x.xxxxxxxxxx Рік тому

      can i please have the link?

  • Cake Blockz Kitchen
    Cake Blockz Kitchen Рік тому

    For every 300g frozen fruit, I use 50ml milk

  • Halima
    Halima Рік тому

    Can u make a smoothie bowl in a personal smoothie blender