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Godzilla x Kong : The New Empire | Official Trailer

  • Опубліковано 2 гру 2023
  • Witness the rise of a new empire. #GodzillaXKong - Only in theaters 2024
    The epic battle continues! Legendary Pictures’ cinematic Monsterverse follows up the explosive showdown of “Godzilla vs. Kong” with an all-new adventure that pits the almighty Kong and the fearsome Godzilla against a colossal undiscovered threat hidden within our world, challenging their very existence-and our own. “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” delves further into the histories of these Titans and their origins, as well as the mysteries of Skull Island and beyond, while uncovering the mythic battle that helped forge these extraordinary beings and tied them to humankind forever.
    Once again at the helm is director Adam Wingard. The film stars Rebecca Hall (“Godzilla vs. Kong,” The Night House”), Brian Tyree Henry (“Godzilla vs. Kong,” “Bullet Train”), Dan Stevens (“Gaslit,” “Legion,” “Beauty and the Beast”), Kaylee Hottle (“Godzilla vs. Kong”), Alex Ferns (“The Batman,” “Wrath of Man,” “Chernobyl”) and Fala Chen (“Irma Vep,” “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”).
    The screenplay is by Terry Rossio (“Godzilla vs. Kong” the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series) and Simon Barrett (“You’re Next”) and Jeremy Slater (“Moon Knight”), from a story by Rossio & Wingard & Barrett, based on the character “Godzilla” owned and created by TOHO Co., Ltd.. The film is produced by Mary Parent, Alex Garcia, Eric Mcleod, Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni and Brian Rogers. The executive producers are Wingard, Jen Conroy, Jay Ashenfelter, Yoshimitsu Banno, Kenji Okuhira.
    Once again, Wingard is collaborating with director of photography Ben Seresin (“Godzilla vs. Kong,” “World War Z”), production designer Tom Hammock (“Godzilla vs. Kong,” “X,” “The Guest”), editor Josh Schaeffer (“Godzilla vs. Kong,” “Molly’s Game”), costume designer Emily Seresin (“The Invisible Man,” “Top of the Lake”). The composers are Tom Holkenborg (“Godzilla vs. Kong,” “Mad Max: Fury Road”) and Antonio Di Iorio (additional music on “Godzilla vs. Kong,” the “Sonic the Hedgehog” films).
    Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Present a Legendary Pictures Production, A Film By Adam Wingard, “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.” It is slated for release nationwide only in theaters and IMAX on April 12, 2024 and beginning 10 April 2024 internationally, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures except in Japan, where the film will be distributed by Toho Co., Ltd and in mainland China, where it will be distributed by Legendary East.
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  • @UnrealEntGaming
    @UnrealEntGaming День тому +38801

    Who else is ready to see Godzilla and Kong team-up against Scar King?! THIS IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD!!

    • @Aespecter_374
      @Aespecter_374 День тому +469

      Didn't expect to see you here! Good work on the manga btw.

    • @shovelknight14
      @shovelknight14 День тому +284

      Don't forget Shimu

    • @GOAT92046
      @GOAT92046 День тому +144

      Skar King*

    • @arushmaiya4988
      @arushmaiya4988 День тому +177

      Let’s hope this lives up to the quality bar Minus One set

    • @daliilars3350
      @daliilars3350 День тому +51

      No fake accounts please.

  • @ailo8625
    @ailo8625 8 годин тому +545

    You can tell Godzilla evolved in more ways than just getting more powerful. His build is slimmer, more robust instead of the bulky build from KotM, suggesting he's more build for land mobility. That's something that has been holding Godzilla back before, what with GvK having him struggle with the more agile Mecha-Godzilla. Combined with his longer arms suggests he evolved to be more capable of fighting on land, and also general movement on land as well since we see him keep pace with Kong in that last scene!!

    • @oscarchavira162
      @oscarchavira162 7 годин тому +29

      So he went on a diet?

    • @HendoPlayz
      @HendoPlayz 7 годин тому +6

      maybe its a different godzilla

    • @robn2171
      @robn2171 7 годин тому +11

      None of this theory crafting is real because King Kong and Godzilla are actually - not real. Some concept artists illustrated them this way, then 3d modelers just copied what they created. Don't overthink it nerd.

    • @MoinCoin
      @MoinCoin 6 годин тому +24

      ​@@robn2171if no thought was put into the sesign they would have just reused the old models

    • @bruszli1255
      @bruszli1255 6 годин тому +2

      @@MoinCoin thinking can get you to places you know,for example how do you sell "new toys" if you reusing the old models?big brain moment ikr

  • @ailo8625
    @ailo8625 8 годин тому +783

    I have a theory about Godzillas new design and how he changed.
    In the KoTM novelization, it was stated that Godzilla was able to adapt and evolve in able to survive. That being said, I think Godzilla knew he couldn't face all those Kongs at once, he simply wasn't agile or powerful enough. Goji proceeds to seal himself away in ice and he begins to "evolve", having longer and stronger arms, a thinner, more agile build capable for running and quicker movement speed, to top it all off a red spiral breath more powerful than his standard atomic breath we're all used too. This is just a theory of mine, and I'd personally would love to hear other peoples opinions and theories as well!!

    • @createdbeing302
      @createdbeing302 8 годин тому +59

      so he evolved to become woke?

    • @Strife5342
      @Strife5342 7 годин тому +43

      Honestly, I love this it wouldn't be the first time that he's had to evolve and adapt. it even happened in some of the Japanese movies.

    • @thomascollyer3543
      @thomascollyer3543 7 годин тому +40


    • @jayz1289
      @jayz1289 7 годин тому +3

      How’d he get into the ice hmm

    • @pedrocabral2114
      @pedrocabral2114 7 годин тому +19

      ​​@@thomascollyer3543Hes just mad cuz the cgi isnt finished and godzilla looks like he drank a bottle of lean like bruh..Has any one of them seen final wars goji? HES A SKINNY GODZILLA ALSO!

  • @Godzilla75
    @Godzilla75 7 годин тому +126

    Dont get me wrong, Im excited for the Scar King but I feel like he could've been used for a Kong solo film. Plus having another ape like monster fighting Godzilla back to back films is kinda too consistent. I feel like a monster like Destroyah would've been the perfect monster to have Godzilla and Kong team up to fight. Someone who we know is too powerful for either of them to take on alone but also different enough from all the other monsters shown before. Plus it would be nice to see another mondern take on a classic monster

    • @Sn00chieb00chies
      @Sn00chieb00chies 5 годин тому +2


    • @silver8737
      @silver8737 5 годин тому +12

      Your right this should have been A Kong solo movie considering the last one was 6 years ago. Also this feels like a Kong movie and Godzilla doesn't need to be apart of it. Godzilla and Kong should happen with Destoroyah or something but not with Skar King.

    • @julionogales5939
      @julionogales5939 5 годин тому +7

      Well, Scar King is not the only villain, so don't worry that much

    • @JerseyHilarity
      @JerseyHilarity 5 годин тому

      I don't understand why the fandom wants Destroyah so bad. He got downed by the military. He's nowhere near the levels of Ghidorah, Mecha Godzilla, or even this new ape.

    • @hoozah6358
      @hoozah6358 5 годин тому +7

      The script for this movie leaked like a year ago. The Scar King himself isn't that strong but he possesses a device that controls an extremely powerful monster stronger than Kong and Godzilla. You can see the Scar King with something wrapped around him, probably a satchel or something he keeps the device in.

  • @humakhan6934
    @humakhan6934 8 годин тому +125

    Godzilla’s continuous roar always gives me goosebumps. The longer it is and the louder it gets, the more you realize he’s something else entirely. I hope to see it in this film.

  • @29jaimeq
    @29jaimeq 6 годин тому +32

    So for them to team up again there has to be a BIG THREAT. I doubt scar king is THAT strong ( unless he has some sort of powers) other than that I don’t see how kong himself can’t take him. So for godzilla to have to evolve and team up with kong it means there’s gotta be someone else who’s the REAL threat👀

    • @kaijusoshingeki7214
      @kaijusoshingeki7214 6 годин тому +8

      We don't see them in the same shots but I got the impression from this trailer that the evil Kong is way bigger than Kong.

    • @Dragonichh
      @Dragonichh 6 годин тому +5

      @@kaijusoshingeki7214 I think that was hinted, when Kong saw the huge monkey shadow till it was revealed it was small monkeh

    • @lszfarray5929
      @lszfarray5929 5 годин тому +2

      Yea I think it’s more than jus Scar King for Godzilla to be needed

    • @Yibambe5253
      @Yibambe5253 5 годин тому


    • @ryanrivera3637
      @ryanrivera3637 5 годин тому +2

      Scar king is way bigger than kong lol

  • @Vincenzo74
    @Vincenzo74 12 годин тому +2380

    Godzilla seems to be super saiyan Rose this time

  • @ailo8625
    @ailo8625 8 годин тому +108

    I'm alright with the Monsterverse fights going more Showa era inspired, as long as Godzilla doesn't do a full screen flying drop kick (In a manner that it is negatively memed on). I like the campy direction the Monsterverse has gone, but I also enjoy a serious, grounded kaiju film as well. Theres a place for both in the same space. I remember a lot of complaining that the grounded approach in 2014 was too boring, but if they wanted to course correct Goji, they'd have to reboot Godzilla. I just don't see them doing it for the Monsterverse especially the deal that prevents Legendary/WBD from killing him off in these films!!

    • @CheekiTiki
      @CheekiTiki 8 годин тому +10

      Kind of a shame imo since 2014 is easily my favorite of the 3 movies. KotM was a little weaker writing wise but was still great.
      GvK was just kinda fine. I was sad to see that all the awesome cinematography from the first two movies was discarded in favor of vibrant, fast-paced, full view action sequences. Seems to be going the way of Michael Bays transformers movies.

    • @optimal8307
      @optimal8307 5 годин тому

      I actually really like that Legendary is going the Showa-era route so that Toho can explore other versions of Godzilla

    • @blublu6841
      @blublu6841 5 годин тому +2

      Literally go watch minus one. It’s probably already better then this film. But I’m not going to complain because it’s just great to be a Godzilla fan haha.

    • @CheekiTiki
      @CheekiTiki 5 годин тому

      @@blublu6841 yeah I'm gonna watch it on thursday. Looks great.

    • @shaggy3741
      @shaggy3741 5 годин тому +1

      Watch Godzilla Minus One, you’ll love it!

  • @RyanDahn
    @RyanDahn 8 годин тому +214

    Extreme mixed feelings about this trailer! The visuals look awesome! Love some of the twists and turns in here with character development (baby Kong and whatnot). However; when I saw them running together, why do I get like...Batman and Robin vibes? Are these super heroes? Or are these monsters???

    • @GaryThornton-kq8sq
      @GaryThornton-kq8sq 8 годин тому +42

      The running took me out to. These are colossal size monsters but the scaling just looks off

    • @sulwhale3171
      @sulwhale3171 8 годин тому +7

      @@GaryThornton-kq8sq ngl for me it was only godzilla running lol I only give it a pass since godzilla has a new upgrade and is probably could move his arms like that.

    • @omarcamacho5370
      @omarcamacho5370 8 годин тому +36

      Godzilla has always teamed up with other monsters in crazy ways . Look at his tag team moves in past movies 😂

    • @RyanDahn
      @RyanDahn 8 годин тому +4

      @@omarcamacho5370 That's a fair point.

    • @slasher0630
      @slasher0630 8 годин тому +3

      Better than Jet Jaguar

  • @ashleyverdi2186
    @ashleyverdi2186 5 годин тому +7

    0:30-0:35 If look closely at the sand, you’ll see crystals rising out of the sand and that roar that you heard when Kong’s hand grabbed onto the surface was probably not Kong which are both evidence that Shimu is in this trailer and Godzilla and Kong will face him in Egypt before Skar King in the film if you look back at the image when was fighting Shimu in Egypt. Also Shimu will be the secret villain in GXK. Also the roar at 0:35 is possibly Shimu’s roar. 2:16 Also if you peek at the vibe of the place when Kong and Godzilla were roaring it isn’t all bright and flat “Not really” Which means they are still in Egypt. It’s also evidence that Godzilla and Kong will face Shimu in Egypt.

  • @alejandrosantana6756
    @alejandrosantana6756 7 годин тому +11

    Each new iteration of Godzilla always starts with a sense of “reality” or dread. Where Godzilla begins as a metaphor for human atrocities, to the consequence of the Atomic bomb, to the manifestation of nature restoring balance. All with great introductions and concepts, then the story progresses and we start getting goofy and goofy.
    That’s why right now Godzilla Minus One is the best Godzilla film ever put to screen. It’s incredible and completely different from Legendary’s portrayal.
    This I watch, hope to enjoy and also understand what it has become.

    • @theultimatesupersaiyan5603
      @theultimatesupersaiyan5603 4 години тому

      But the showa era was a bit goofy not gonna lie

    • @glennjanot8128
      @glennjanot8128 4 години тому

      @@theultimatesupersaiyan5603 As he said, it starts as serious, then it becomes goofy. Though I don't see the legendary version of Godzilla as goofy (yet). He evolves constantly, becoming faster and more agile but I don't see this one doing a flying dropkick.

  • @marialopez-ql9ec
    @marialopez-ql9ec 5 годин тому +20

    Ok, it looks epic but, they really need to improve the Cgi because it looks really stale compared to the other movies. I really hope the decreased quality in modern cgi doesn’t affect the monsterverse movies, and the movie actually LOOKS good, I hope they really focus on that along with the writing. Godzilla VS Kong (imo) was a masterpiece and is better than the other films, I really hope this can be at the same level or even better

    • @Northamericanfilmsandgaming
      @Northamericanfilmsandgaming 5 годин тому

      There still in Post Production

    • @LiteBLX-tp6ys
      @LiteBLX-tp6ys 5 годин тому +1

      They will fix it

    • @ArchangelExile
      @ArchangelExile 5 годин тому

      I just think that so much of the monster action is taking place during bright daylight that all the CGI stands out. They usually hide the cartoony nature of CGI with nighttime settings or rain.

    • @marialopez-ql9ec
      @marialopez-ql9ec 4 години тому +2

      @@ArchangelExile You do have a point, but remember in GVK, most of the movie AND the final battle took place in bright daylight, and the Cgi in that that movie looked absolutely beautiful, it actually felt real. But yes, they are still working on it and hopefully the really get to put as much effort as they can into it

  • @abimelechperez1756
    @abimelechperez1756 21 годину тому +4341

    It went from a battle that seemed like it would never end to a united friendship that will never end

    • @michaeldjosh6721
      @michaeldjosh6721 21 годину тому +28

      Gozila is going to betrey gorilla guy in movie

    • @vunguyentr5561
      @vunguyentr5561 20 годин тому +3


    • @kage6271
      @kage6271 20 годин тому +47

      Fast and furious team up vibes

    • @mrx1333
      @mrx1333 20 годин тому +54

      And after they fight together, they have drink beers together and be family! 😂

    • @jeffryruiz8569
      @jeffryruiz8569 20 годин тому +3

      Thi is 🥇

  • @unicornvenom420
    @unicornvenom420 8 годин тому +108

    When we started this franchise, this was not the thought I had in my mind. We went from “what would Godzilla in modern times be like” to “who wants Saturday morning, summer cartoons??”

    • @thomasdascombe4939
      @thomasdascombe4939 7 годин тому +17

      Every kong or Godzilla solo movie inherently adds a cheesy aspect once they team up. It has always been that way.
      Watch King Kong 1933 the Japanese cut of Godzilla from 1954 and then King Kong vs Godzilla 1962.
      It inherently becomes a more cartoony and different sort of enjoyable concept having the two of them on screen together

    • @torunkusu
      @torunkusu 7 годин тому +19

      Trying to be grown up is the most childish thing you can do.
      Just enjoy it mate

    • @toasterman5412
      @toasterman5412 6 годин тому +3

      Looks to be fun asf who cares

    • @gameragodzilla
      @gameragodzilla 6 годин тому +3

      That’s how the Showa era evolved, so it’s on brand.

    • @rjsblanket3024
      @rjsblanket3024 6 годин тому +2

      ​@@toasterman5412 people who have the curse of having standards and wanting quality instead of the fast food equivalent of movies.

  • @ghost-knighthd7704
    @ghost-knighthd7704 9 годин тому +109

    looks fire idk why people hating on it, its unfinished and looks really good

    • @Pigeon88172
      @Pigeon88172 9 годин тому +5

      whats "fire" about it

    • @AzulApe
      @AzulApe 9 годин тому +27

      @@Pigeon88172it’s just big silly fun. It’s great we get Minus One and this. I like goofy Godzilla as well as serious.

    • @ghost-knighthd7704
      @ghost-knighthd7704 9 годин тому

      @@Pigeon88172 looks good

    • @sulwhale3171
      @sulwhale3171 8 годин тому

      looks like mix feeling for me

    • @jingleballs2107
      @jingleballs2107 7 годин тому +1

      this looks hilarious...

  • @jasonsantoro6347
    @jasonsantoro6347 7 годин тому +11

    Anyone miss the trailers from the 90s? They gave you a glimpse of the movie. These new trailers basically show you the entire movie in 2 mins. There is no reason why a trailer needs to be almost 3 minutes long.

  • @OtakuChad
    @OtakuChad 7 годин тому +12

    This trailer is #1 on Trending. Over 8 Million views in less than a day.

  • @xxtimberxwolfxx
    @xxtimberxwolfxx 5 годин тому +2

    "There was a war, and they're the last ones standing." So Godzilla could very well be the last of his kind, the species that lost. Kong's species survived, and I like how they made them look more orangutan than gorilla like Kong. It feels like they're a subspecies that branched off of Kong's, more of a gigantopithecus appearance. I'm actually digging it.

  • @Holycryptonite47
    @Holycryptonite47 20 годин тому +2333

    Seriously for a Godzilla fan,you couldn't have asked for a better next year than this...there are like 3 movies/series about it already.

    • @yoshi314
      @yoshi314 19 годин тому +76

      too much of something can be a bad thing. just look at Disney.... just saying.
      i hope it's not the same scenario, but lowkey worried.

    • @user-pi4ge8xi1k
      @user-pi4ge8xi1k 19 годин тому +14


    • @__Listen_to_Solar_Kama_Sutra
      @__Listen_to_Solar_Kama_Sutra 19 годин тому +1


    • @sarnimations9255
      @sarnimations9255 19 годин тому +3

      *2 movies and a series

    • @TheSnakeYouCanTrust
      @TheSnakeYouCanTrust 19 годин тому +29

      You could have asked for a good looking Godzilla movie. this looks like trash

  • @kurtlangberg5886
    @kurtlangberg5886 8 годин тому +37

    This…I’m not sure how to feel about this. Are the monsters becoming super heroes? It feels less like neutral forces of nature are being pitted against each other and more like a hero team up.

    • @gameguy1337
      @gameguy1337 6 годин тому +1

      It's basically Showa era Godzilla. You either like it or hate it, I dislike it too but I'm seeing the positive side that at least the quality is higher.

    • @thehorsefromGOTs8
      @thehorsefromGOTs8 5 годин тому

      pretty much, I bet actual monopoly money that there will be a stupid godzilla x kong x some dumb human tech big 360 degree avengers pose shot, probably with some generic marvel-esq orchestra swell.

  • @DrewGiOh-pe7sj
    @DrewGiOh-pe7sj 8 годин тому +3

    I think what surprises me most about these movies is that they just keep going. They aren't terrible but I'm wondering whose getting so hyped for these because they're going all in.

    • @disneyfan20
      @disneyfan20 6 годин тому

      Agreed. To me, these kind of movies are objectively not exactly the best cinema has to offer, but they are fun to watch. As long as a movie is fun to watch, it can be enjoyed by a wide audience. Because the worst thing a film can be is not fun to watch.
      This was also my take on the later Michael Bay Transformers movies. They stopped being fun to watch by the by the end of the third movie. Age of Extinction and The Last Knight were just not very fun to watch. Bumblebee and Rise of the Beast have taken some steps back to making Live action Transformers movies fun to watch again.
      On the other end of the scale, we have the Monsterverse films, which have been fairly consistent on how fun they are to watch. Hopefully, The New Empire will continue on that track and also be fun to watch.

    • @MrMiyagisGrandson
      @MrMiyagisGrandson 4 години тому

      @@disneyfan20agreed. I think we have watch these movies with an open mind that it won’t have the best character development or writing. It is just a movie where we can relax and see giant monsters hit each other. And in my opinion these movies are fun and awesome!

  • @StokedGamer
    @StokedGamer 6 годин тому +3

    Hype af

  • @draysurry
    @draysurry 7 годин тому +10

    This looks sick, I burst out laughing at the corny shot of them running together at the end like lil pals and it only made me wanna see it more I'm in

  • @ailo8625
    @ailo8625 5 годин тому +2

    The new villain looks to be a king of some sort, like king of the hollow earth, and very likely to be one of kongs ancestors that escaped Godzilla, and began to develop in hollow earth, so this new villain is gonna be hella strong just by looking at it, really hope there will be more than just one villain, hopefully another new or classic monster. I can't wait this movie is gonna be hella sick!!

    • @Valen-xu2wy
      @Valen-xu2wy 5 годин тому

      Your putting story on this ?

    • @mahboigoji7556
      @mahboigoji7556 4 години тому +1

      There’s supposedly another villain alongside the “Scar King”, but I won’t say anything else

  • @Reingsxprodz
    @Reingsxprodz День тому +6019

    Never in a million years would I have thought we would get King Kong and Godzilla running together😂

    • @Dinoslay
      @Dinoslay День тому +283

      Team up of the ages.😎

    • @navinramjattan6010
      @navinramjattan6010 День тому +76

      I hope there's more team up with scyllica and maybe behemoth

    • @PeaceDweller
      @PeaceDweller День тому +175

      never had such an epic tag team since Undertaker & Kane

    • @mroctober3657
      @mroctober3657 День тому +54

      Batman & Robin style.

    • @majicogarcia8417
      @majicogarcia8417 День тому +51

      Especially not at full speed, like two members of the Avengers....🙄

  • @the1truegabrieldwilliams275
    @the1truegabrieldwilliams275 9 годин тому +4

    I truly love this trailer and can't wait to see the film, but I wish they kept the scale and realistic parts of the monsters, I will definitely watch and support this but I can't help but feel somewhat of a dissapointment.

  • @Sufyaan-lf2rk
    @Sufyaan-lf2rk 9 годин тому +4

    Going to miss Godzilla's blue flames but TBH the pinkish dorsals and actomic breath is actually pretty cool. Can't wait for this movie

  • @DanielLopez-dl5gw
    @DanielLopez-dl5gw 6 годин тому +1

    Looking forward to the new movie! The design is interesting and gives me Godzilla 2000/ Godzilla vs Megaguris vibes. I'm unsure about the pink blast, but I'll see what I think after watching it.
    My theory for the change, though, is that he's been absorbing different radiation or energy. We can see the pink coming from below the ice he is encased in. We saw in Godzilla versus Kong that he can absorb energy through the dorsal plates, which is probably why they (the plates) and his body changed when the original set of plates broke (in a comic). Whatever he absorbed has altered him and made him a terrifyingly fast and agile version of himself.
    High hopes that its good and exciting!

  • @moniquelevan2216
    @moniquelevan2216 9 годин тому +4

    Im so mixed about this. The overall monster fights looks like its gonna be fantastic but it just seems since the 2014 movie the storylines get more and more ridiculous. But we'll see

    • @HW-ow9zp
      @HW-ow9zp 4 години тому +1

      They went full stupid mode with Godzilla vs kong IMO. Unfortunately this looks like they are embracing that more. Rather than the feel of godzilla 2014

  • @Anderson99226
    @Anderson99226 6 годин тому +1

    I'm going to watch the movie and I think it might be good, I liked Godzilla's aesthetics, he was cool, because Godzilla has super laser powers, he's like a dragon from medieval myth but without being a dragon and instead of fire he throw laser energy, but it's funny to see Godzilla running standing next to Kong as if he were two avengers going to face the final boss, and also Baby Kong's sad face because if he can make a sad face why we've never seen Kong to smile? I think thats because making a sad face is more acceptable to humanize a baby Kong and making the adult Kong smile or make a sad face would be aesthetically weird since animals don't smile and Kong is based on a monkey and Godzilla on a mutant reptile with lasers.

  • @cchrisstiaann
    @cchrisstiaann 11 годин тому +1651

    I can’t believe that we are living in a time like this where we get to see more Godzilla and Kong teaming up again. Who would’ve thought of this when Godzilla (2014) was released?

    • @SumitSingh-zd6zx
      @SumitSingh-zd6zx 10 годин тому +47

      Literally man, if you look back to the Godzilla, you could no way imagine it coming this far

    • @Pomni_DigitaI_Circus
      @Pomni_DigitaI_Circus 10 годин тому +3


    • @alex_macieira
      @alex_macieira 9 годин тому +23

      This looks awful

    • @gyu1951
      @gyu1951 9 годин тому +2

      why i think its
      Godzilla got 2 and half movie and kong only 1 and half so more kong screen time and we are get monarch last episode where the new whos name start with s and wnds when u will show up and he freeze monster 0

    • @gyu1951
      @gyu1951 9 годин тому +5


  • @MinatoAce
    @MinatoAce 8 годин тому +2

    Looks nice. I don't mind the subtle touch ups on the character designs, some interesting choices. Godzilla specifically looks really cool and also Kong with the gauntlet too. The monsterverse is upon us.

  • @Bears73
    @Bears73 9 годин тому +18

    IDK how to feel about this .
    Really enjoyed the first 2 installments... But this has the feels of what happened to the Fast & Furious series.
    Starting to look more silly with each one.
    What next? Godzilla went blue, now pink .. Pretty soon he'll be farting rainbows 😂

  • @kannakamui2197
    @kannakamui2197 5 годин тому +4

    for those who say theres "no sense of scale," you gotta remember that these kaiju's are put in an environment thats __made__ for kaiju's, so it's obvious that theres gonna be no "sense of scale" when they're in a place that makes them look smaller than they actually are.
    you can see that theres still a sense of scale when skar king is roaring at the humans, so
    also for those worried about the cgi, they still have 4 months to polish everything up, so it'll very likely look much better by then. gotta remember they had to release a trailer for ccxp, if they didn't then it wouldve garnered negative attention.

    • @Valen-xu2wy
      @Valen-xu2wy 5 годин тому

      Like Marvels.
      Scale is what makes the damn movie.
      What's the point without it.

    • @pawes7027
      @pawes7027 5 годин тому

      Yeah, right. Unwatchable joke.

    • @kannakamui2197
      @kannakamui2197 4 години тому

      @@Valen-xu2wy this is really poor bait, same with the other guy

  • @caiotuud4842
    @caiotuud4842 9 годин тому

    Se tiver em 3 D eu juro que assisto 10 vezes

  • @ultrazin3332
    @ultrazin3332 5 годин тому

    Curte pra quem está ansioso pra asssitir 🎉

  • @milijappert1320
    @milijappert1320 День тому +3237

    I absolutely hope the Monsterverse continues to thrive forever more. I love the fact that we get different iterations of Godzilla right now, we are all eating good.

    • @thispersonrighthere9024
      @thispersonrighthere9024 День тому +117

      Godzilla is fighting Superman in DC comics right now. and Wolverine from Marvel is fighting the Predator.

    • @taserrr
      @taserrr День тому +33

      Monsterverse is thriving? Man it's filled with terrible movies what are you on about?

    • @D1ProdSoloz
      @D1ProdSoloz День тому +96


    • @bradspringer2372
      @bradspringer2372 День тому +18

      Yikes this looks bad.

    • @flippynapkins7708
      @flippynapkins7708 День тому +42

      @@taserrrSo? The movies bad but the people will still pay to see it. Thriving indeed.

  • @Greenhopper14
    @Greenhopper14 9 годин тому +2

    I’m betting we will only see Godzilla for the last 10-20 minutes of the film

    • @the1truegabrieldwilliams275
      @the1truegabrieldwilliams275 9 годин тому +1

      Truth. I know the writers favor Kong more simply because he is more human and I respect it.

  • @7AMoOoDKAlAwadhi
    @7AMoOoDKAlAwadhi 9 годин тому +4

    Looking forward to it, even though I didn't understand how Godzilla became with rose colors and it's just weird at the end of the trailer.

    • @vikasvicky7570
      @vikasvicky7570 9 годин тому

      Godzilla has some many forms

    • @ameyagokhale5123
      @ameyagokhale5123 9 годин тому +1

      It's an Homage to Godzilla 2000

    • @7AMoOoDKAlAwadhi
      @7AMoOoDKAlAwadhi 9 годин тому

      @@vikasvicky7570 oh really interesting , guess will find out when the movie comes and to avoid interesting spoilers. like something from Old movies or comics or whatever. Thanks

  • @chinazaejim2434
    @chinazaejim2434 5 годин тому +3

    One question. Is this movie finished with its CGI, because it looks a bit unfinished.

  • @travisherndon94
    @travisherndon94 4 години тому +1

    I'm hype for this, I just see this as legendary going the showa route with the monsterverse Which isn't too bad, and when it comes to the whole tone argument and stuff ive been seeing some fans argue about why not both? we can have the serious tone Godzilla movies with Toho and have the goofy, crazy Godzilla movies with legendary. We have a nice balance, us Kaiju fans will be eating good everybody wins.

  • @moritzweiss3104
    @moritzweiss3104 5 годин тому +5

    How is it possible that the visual effects get worse and not better with every movie.

  • @jimgallagher8029
    @jimgallagher8029 20 годин тому +3675

    Godzilla has played so many roles over the years: villain, hero, force of nature, restorer of balance, allegory, father, ally.…
    He’s the Meryl Streep of kaijus.

  • @teodomar8971
    @teodomar8971 9 годин тому +4

    Why does Kong cgi look so much better compared to everything else!?

    • @user-jr1yq4sp8g
      @user-jr1yq4sp8g 8 годин тому +2

      because Kong has the same model as in the previous film. and everything else is new models that apparently haven’t had time to be finalized yet

    • @kade-qt1zu
      @kade-qt1zu 7 годин тому

      Weta is really good at making CGI apes.

  • @dragneel608
    @dragneel608 5 годин тому +2

    The Team-up we dint expect, but we definitely DESERVED

  • @SPCHLS_
    @SPCHLS_ 4 години тому


  • @lucasrencker-usui430
    @lucasrencker-usui430 5 годин тому +3

    I really miss the massive hulking feeling of the monsters from the 2014 film, these just feel like video game graphics

  • @GiovanniDiGrezia
    @GiovanniDiGrezia 5 годин тому +6

    Incredible how deep down in quality films have gone in the last decade. Scenography, script, vfx, editing. These films are absolutely trash in my pov.

  • @foodadventures4004
    @foodadventures4004 11 годин тому +2396

    Godzilla has better running form than DCEU Flash 😂

    • @Pomni_DigitaI_Circus
      @Pomni_DigitaI_Circus 10 годин тому +11


    • @zobaydarahman5152
      @zobaydarahman5152 9 годин тому +175

      ​@@Pomni_DigitaI_Circus your parents didn't ask for you either but here we are

    • @toni-shaeallen8604
      @toni-shaeallen8604 9 годин тому +12


    • @Mrpaperman
      @Mrpaperman 9 годин тому +11

      This will be so good! And I love the mini Kong, that kind of looks like scar King like a mini scar king. But oh my GOD!

    • @mr.random6276
      @mr.random6276 9 годин тому +8

      @@Pomni_DigitaI_Circushey your parents didn’t ask for you either but the hospital gave you to them anyways

  • @grey_north9016
    @grey_north9016 6 годин тому +1

    Just imagine Kong being the singer in this trailer and you'll enjoy it even more.

  • @cedricdoudouw7982
    @cedricdoudouw7982 9 годин тому +1

    Is it really the Godzilla we know? There are more Kong so we will have more Godzilla too. This one looks like Shin G and seems to be between the basic form and Burnin G...

    • @Thehunter905
      @Thehunter905 9 годин тому +1

      Yes it is mate Godzilla literally went into hibernation and has evolved into this state

  • @Dragon_boi-is6je
    @Dragon_boi-is6je 6 годин тому

    I think titanus sehkmet might actually appear in this movie because the desert is shown and sehkmet is usually related to deserts

    • @kochas1727
      @kochas1727 5 годин тому

      Shimu probably will be a main villain

  • @itamarvargas7232
    @itamarvargas7232 7 годин тому +7

    Mal posso esperar a hora de assistir essa super mega produção

  • @ailo8625
    @ailo8625 5 годин тому

    You know, the Monsterverse is one of the few movie franchises that the creators still seem to care about as much as the fans. I'm SO excited for this. I always have a great time in the theater when one of these comes out. WHY CAN'T IT BE 2024 YET!!

  • @emikomina
    @emikomina 15 годин тому +1876

    I'm really hoping that Godzilla only runs like that during the big final fight because he's like supercharged and eager to fight due to his pink glow. Hopefully during most of the film he'll move like how he normally does.

    • @Vampyr787
      @Vampyr787 14 годин тому +112

      I think Godzilla won't be there for the most of the movie at all.

    • @HelloMoto1991
      @HelloMoto1991 14 годин тому +117

      I agree. I think they a really need to be careful because to an extent they could start making him look silly like when he used to do the flying drop kick. He comes off far more menacing when he slows down. It kind of looked like a live action anime scene with him and Kong running like that.

    • @TJ-25
      @TJ-25 14 годин тому +14

      They should take a page out of gamera: rebirth and how gamera moves (obviously minus the flying) like slow most of the time but capable of moving fast if needed

    • @lumbukamulenga15
      @lumbukamulenga15 14 годин тому +16

      Nah, he's trying to break a speedrun record, fastest region domination

    • @Tripl3Cherri3s
      @Tripl3Cherri3s 14 годин тому +28

      ​@@HelloMoto1991Godzilla trained with Apollo creed doing wind sprints on the beach for this fight. He looks great, let my man cook

  • @greybottl3521
    @greybottl3521 9 годин тому +2

    Honestly feeling Pacific Rim 2 vibes in this, but i hope i'm wrong. The new Godzilla design is amazing, though

  • @ailo8625
    @ailo8625 5 годин тому

    This guy hasn't done anything, but we all know he's going to be a huge threat to Godzilla and Kong especially considering he looks crazy strong and his eyes are glowing which means he probably has hollow earth energy, and I can't wait to see what he does in this movie!!

  • @mckeoncrawford9262
    @mckeoncrawford9262 5 годин тому

    The Skar King can't be the main big bad villain based off his looks and being another Ape. BUT, WB/Legendary are smartly avoiding showing off exactly what's happening in this movie for their first trailer. By the time we are all in the movie seats watching we will realize why the trailer held back what it did. I highly doubt anyone is going to be disappointed in the villain(s) for this film despite this specific trailer feeling a tad underwhelming in that department.

  • @ailo8625
    @ailo8625 6 годин тому +1

    Could u just imagine if there was an other Godzilla species that they didn't show in the trailer that would be sick!!

  • @Esteban-yr8hm
    @Esteban-yr8hm 5 годин тому

    I’m so excited to see this although it’s starting to look more like a game and less realistic, but I understand that working with a huge pink lizard and a huge gorilla with a gauntlet is almost impossible to envision as real

  • @JBrotsis1
    @JBrotsis1 23 години тому +2030

    I’m really hoping in this movie, after Scar King is defeated, Kong will lead the new Kongs and finally be crowned his iconic name: King Kong.

    • @user-jv7er2sl3h
      @user-jv7er2sl3h 23 години тому +69

      Or it could be a plot twist like avengers, where thanks successfully snaps the gauntlet, aka, Godzilla and kong failing to kill the scar king

    • @Zacharywilliamz
      @Zacharywilliamz 23 години тому +42

      You mean named donkey Kong 😂

    • @kevinl8500
      @kevinl8500 23 години тому +28

      Godzilla will always be the real king!!

  • @LZentertainments
    @LZentertainments 6 годин тому +2

    I'm embarrassed to live in a world where this exists.

  • @roberttrim9
    @roberttrim9 7 годин тому +1

    I think they are killing it with this franchise

  • @seanpatrickperfecto7426
    @seanpatrickperfecto7426 4 години тому +1

    That last scene made this look ridiculous. Made them look small with how fast they were moving. Lost the illusion of sheer mass.

  • @GlitchReaperr
    @GlitchReaperr 5 годин тому +2

    Godzilla and Kong running together made me burst in tears bruh

  • @godzilla8591
    @godzilla8591 21 годину тому +2887

    2021: We need kong, the world needs him
    2023: We need Godzilla, kong needs him
    Crazy how time changes😮

    • @michaeldjosh6721
      @michaeldjosh6721 21 годину тому +16

      My favorite character is josh he is very funny

    • @michaeldjosh6721
      @michaeldjosh6721 21 годину тому +17

      Also gozila is very cool so i love him

    • @49HEALTH
      @49HEALTH 21 годину тому +6

      Umm no, the red ape is still the main threat to the world. Plus, the world needed kong and Godzilla in the last movie.

  • @Axa1ancheMemes
    @Axa1ancheMemes 7 годин тому


  • @Eggsyyxxs
    @Eggsyyxxs 9 годин тому

    Siento que el brazo que tiene Kong sirve para bloquear ataques y aliento atómico tipo capitán America (sin lanzar el escudo)

  • @andrewdyogi9820
    @andrewdyogi9820 5 годин тому

    I mean, from a personal opinion. I dont even care how the movie turns out storywise. if its great and amazing then more power to the writers and creators. My inner child is just happy to be in a time where Godzilla and Kong are teaming up. Idec about whatever random mutations or technology the kaiju's use at this point.

  • @user-uy3wi8gl6p
    @user-uy3wi8gl6p 9 годин тому

    I can't understand how when they had so many choices they ended up with this result. Honestly in 0.33 I thought I was going to see bumblebee. I'm curious to know how godzilla while going back to the ocean at the end of godzilla vs kong ended up super saiyan. I hope we'll see how he found himself inside an iceberg.Also, how Scar happens to have enslaved an entire tribe of Kongs.

  • @Wadeifer
    @Wadeifer 5 годин тому +2

    When a really great Godzilla movie - Godzilla Minus 1 - comes out, an equally horrible one must be released...And here we are

  • @keochees
    @keochees 23 години тому +3286

    Crazy how the Monsterverse started with a "serious" tone and then started to put more "absurd" stuff. Just like the classic Godzilla era, and I love It.

    • @spongebobb2962
      @spongebobb2962 22 години тому +145

      It’s not that goffy dude the gravity in hollow earth allows them to move like that, it’s their natural habitat

    • @niknakyoung3145
      @niknakyoung3145 22 години тому +69

      I hate it

    • @ryanf1085
      @ryanf1085 22 години тому +41

      Don’t make this more goofy…

    • @saintpepsi4884
      @saintpepsi4884 22 години тому +86

      @@spongebobb2962it is goofy. Wingard stated in his interview that he is a showa fan and he intentionally putting a shows esque here. Doesn’t understand that what makes monsterverse specially is the balance between realism/grounded take and scifi/fantasy element. Now it is fullblown fantasy lol!! copying pacific rim 2.

    • @spongebobb2962
      @spongebobb2962 22 години тому +27

      @@saintpepsi4884 I get what your saying but even if that was the case the gravity will still make godizlla move faster, so it’s not as shows as it looks

  • @patrikkmotras2784
    @patrikkmotras2784 8 годин тому +1

    Let’s just hope Kong doesn’t learn how to snap with that gauntlet.

  • @ailo8625
    @ailo8625 8 годин тому

    Has anyone noticed that Godzilla’s body shape changed into something that looks like Mechagodzilla? Slightly longer arms, slimmer build? He also seems faster and more agile too!
    It makes me wonder if he evolved this way as a result of his battle with the Mecha in Godzilla vs Kong, so now he’s more prepared to fight something like him!!

  • @Hypno_toad
    @Hypno_toad 6 годин тому

    małpa z rękawica tanosa tego jeszcze nie grali

  • @DragoniteloverPokemonLover
    @DragoniteloverPokemonLover 7 годин тому +1

    This is the best trailer I’ve seen this year and I can’t help but find myself rewatching it that’s how 🔥 fire it is of a trailer something tells me Scar King is gonna be a better villain than Gidorah in KOTM and I hope he will be wonder if Rodan will ever return

  • @Meatballguy1980
    @Meatballguy1980 День тому +3672

    Godzilla running while also moving his arms is the most normal thing I've seen today

    • @Pomni_SMG4
      @Pomni_SMG4 День тому +32


    • @ogbreeze1081
      @ogbreeze1081 День тому +332

      Something about that scene was wacky. Like guardians of the galaxy wacky

    • @nootterna
      @nootterna День тому +83

      I laughed like a choked cat because of that 😂

    • @TRIOAntimations
      @TRIOAntimations День тому +10

      @@Pomni_SMG4 You’re apart of the UUTP?

    • @hirolla74
      @hirolla74 День тому +61

      That's not possible cuz he's a reptile and his vertebrae can't extend vertical like that. lol Can't wait to watch this.

  • @kihunipunk
    @kihunipunk 8 годин тому +2

    We Monsterverse fans are EATING GOOD this year!

  • @Peaceful_Gojira
    @Peaceful_Gojira 7 годин тому

    Monsterverse blowing DCEU and MCU out of the water, because they just embrace the genre so well.
    That said, I hope they dial it back on the goofiness factor a little, because there were some pretty cringey moments in Godzilla vs Kong.
    Excited to see this. More excited for Minus One though (out now!)

    • @TheN1ghtwalker
      @TheN1ghtwalker 7 годин тому +1

      Black Adam embraced its comicbookiness and yet most people didn't care

  • @Mello_me
    @Mello_me 5 годин тому +2

    UA-cam is suggesting I watch war for the planet of the apes after this trailer and I can definitely see the parallels 😂

  • @DrewCox00
    @DrewCox00 9 годин тому +5


  • @tmac3019
    @tmac3019 5 годин тому

    no toho shameeee...

  • @Unknown-pl7op
    @Unknown-pl7op День тому +3213

    This movie is gonna be a guaranteed masterpiece if Godzilla does his dropkick.

      @C0MICEDITS День тому +48


    • @D-Skotes
      @D-Skotes День тому +167

      Only if he does his little shimmy dance backward, then go into the second drop kick.

    • @tryfergoodra552
      @tryfergoodra552 День тому +36

      helicopterzilla too

    • @thegreatbourne7889
      @thegreatbourne7889 День тому +28

      Lmfao. If you know, you know. 😅

    • @772-fishin3
      @772-fishin3 День тому +10

      I can see it now lol.

  • @ailo8625
    @ailo8625 8 годин тому +2

    The idea of Godzilla constantly evolving is awesome to me and I love how animalistic he seems. I’m really excited for this movie and best part is that it looks like Godzilla will have more to do in this movie than in GVK!!

  • @countryguy2053
    @countryguy2053 6 годин тому +2

    When Godzilla was running it looked like a human running 😂😂

  • @ElliottPiano
    @ElliottPiano 5 годин тому +4

    2014 trailer with bryan cranston IS AGES ahead of 2023 horrible trailer they just showed us
    How can the quality be so downgraded 10 years later
    this is 2010 video game graphics cinematics at best in a 200+ million budget movie !! WHAT?

  • @MoeMalik
    @MoeMalik 8 годин тому +1

    I hope it’s less people, more Kaiju fights like the last one. It just makes the kid in me happy to see these giants fight

  • @mr.daylightman3246
    @mr.daylightman3246 7 годин тому

    I hope this movie is good and not something they put together to make a fast buck. It would be cool if they added to this dynamic duo by including other kaijus to join them. Rodan would be good, but after GKOTM, Rodan bowed to Godzilla. If you look at the old films from the 70s or 60s both Godzilla and Rodan were rivals, until mothra convinced them to join forces to fight Ghidorah.

  • @franzoloranzo7302
    @franzoloranzo7302 День тому +8710

    I love how the monsterverse is slowly becoming just as batshit insane as the later Showa movies

    • @SDesWriter
      @SDesWriter День тому +415

      And I hate it. Why do we need a Godzilla movie that's the equivalent of Sting vs The Ultimate Warrior? Why not.....oh, I don't know......A WELL WRITTEN MOVIE!!!!

    • @SageVallant
      @SageVallant День тому +1660

      @@SDesWriter We just got Godzilla Minus One.

    • @thesmerelajiah2805
      @thesmerelajiah2805 День тому +365

      I like the cheese. Its like the later suitmation movies.

    • @officialkirbyfan6899
      @officialkirbyfan6899 День тому +392

      The original film from 2014 is this the best of monsterverse, realistic and believable

    • @mydude8731
      @mydude8731 День тому +475

      ​@@SDesWriterThen don't watch and find something else buddy

  • @rileybello7597
    @rileybello7597 9 годин тому +4

    it's kinda concerning that godzilla is still a metaphor for nuclear weapons but has gone from the thing we fight against to the thing we use to fight the enemy

  • @dylanmiller2539
    @dylanmiller2539 9 годин тому +2

    Seeing Godzilla in a full on sprint right next to Kong is not something that I knew I needed but my god, that was epic. I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @guillermosanchez2657
    @guillermosanchez2657 5 годин тому +3

    They made Godzilla so cool

  • @johnford8157
    @johnford8157 9 годин тому

    I’m not as in deep with Godzilla lore as some people. I remember that his atomic breath used to be purple, though I may be remembering wrong. The latest movies have it blue, which I thought was just a design choice.
    Is there significance behind the color? Why is he pink now?
    Also curious as to why our boy was taking a Power Nap in a glacier like Ghidorah, lol.

  • @KVNxx
    @KVNxx 5 годин тому +1

    Does Kong have on a damn Thanos glove?

  • @animasinopal
    @animasinopal День тому +256


  • @centralmarg8042
    @centralmarg8042 7 годин тому

    I just had a thought in mind. This is a Warner brothers studio production and SO is Superman. Is Godzilla x Kong x Superman possible as a future sequel to this series? I mean Superman is virtually undefeatable but will it be true against these large beasts? The possibility is exciting.

  • @divinegokublack1362
    @divinegokublack1362 7 годин тому +1

    I’m currently writing a Godzilla fan fic with as many monsters and jaegers as I can squeeze in.
    Funny enough the theories I’m seeing here is something I’m adding to the story. Godzilla is rapidly evolving. I have him changing his amount of power output and it shows in the colors. He’s going from Blue --> White --> Red --> Thermonuclear.

  • @Adam-vh3zb
    @Adam-vh3zb 5 годин тому +2

    Looks like Godzilla hit the gym

  • @gabrielhuajardo7520
    @gabrielhuajardo7520 8 годин тому +1

    I really hope the CGI is good and that it doesn't end up becoming a goofy movie

    • @cyberhampter7747
      @cyberhampter7747 8 годин тому

      He ran like a cartoon character, ofc Its goofy.

    • @CheekiTiki
      @CheekiTiki 8 годин тому

      It's def going to be goofy. I really miss 2014 and KotM.

    • @gabrielhuajardo7520
      @gabrielhuajardo7520 6 годин тому

      @@CheekiTiki youre right but I don't want it to be goofy like marvel movies are nowadays