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How to speak football in Polish with Jakub Kiwior 🇵🇱

  • Опубліковано 6 лют 2024
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  • @keacydebayo9365
    @keacydebayo9365 25 днів тому +249

    He was a warrior against Liverpool, really up his game

    • @coreyblakee332
      @coreyblakee332 25 днів тому +12

      I agree, I was worried when I saw him come on as haven’t seen enough of him to convince me he’s a good player but he was good in that second half against Liverpool.

    • @liontradingLdn
      @liontradingLdn 25 днів тому +15

      He needs time there's a player in there

    • @iykeharrison9161
      @iykeharrison9161 25 днів тому +8

      I think the more games he plays at LB, the better he will get accustomed to that position

    • @justthetwoofus.
      @justthetwoofus. 24 дні тому +2

      Given he is a natural LCB playing LB he’s done alright. Would like to see more confidence on the ball but he’s got a real physicality to his defending

    • @johnkeohane4239
      @johnkeohane4239 24 дні тому +1

      Was going to say something about him . Your words are perfect

  • @Sadiq111
    @Sadiq111 25 днів тому +150

    Jakub Kiwior, well done with your performance against Liverpool. You gave nothing away and you almost scored. COYG. 🔴⚪

  • @J.K.O9
    @J.K.O9 25 днів тому +180

    "I will repeat slowly"
    *Starts rapping aggressively*

    • @thesargs
      @thesargs 23 дні тому +2

      Kiwi's got no time for slowpokes

    • @danchef8823
      @danchef8823 16 днів тому

      “Starts rapping aggressively” 😂😂😂 i thought maybe he was gonna do it all slowly at the end

    • @haven999reverse
      @haven999reverse 13 днів тому


  • @CholicGerardo
    @CholicGerardo 25 днів тому +65

    My guy's "repeating slowly" is faster than my internet connection.

  • @1jHu55ain
    @1jHu55ain 25 днів тому +147

    Who remembers our polish goalkeepers
    Fabianski & Sczesney?

    • @Dennisek4
      @Dennisek4 25 днів тому +14

      There was also Krystian Bielik and half polish Lukas Podolski ;) Lukas speak polish very well and now plays and lives in Poland (Zabrze)

    • @olson1141.
      @olson1141. 25 днів тому

      Im polish

    • @piter6026
      @piter6026 25 днів тому +2


    • @aoyenngoc502
      @aoyenngoc502 25 днів тому +1

      @@piter6026 still. Szczesny used to be my man. Never forget the day he conceded 2 goals vs. Southampton and I wrote a resignation letter after lol

    • @muhamadhelmi197
      @muhamadhelmi197 25 днів тому +2

      Yes, except its Szczesny. Also, its Cazorla, not Carzola.

  • @kaia5000
    @kaia5000 25 днів тому +68

    Kiwior played brilliant in the Liverpool game which hasn’t been mentioned enough

    • @coreyblakee332
      @coreyblakee332 25 днів тому +5

      I was worried when he came on, he proved me wrong.

    • @Amesy20
      @Amesy20 25 днів тому +4

      He did play very well in time he is going to be a top player for us

    • @JackBowyer-rn1py
      @JackBowyer-rn1py 24 дні тому

      @@Amesy20 Who told you that??

  • @kronikal1564
    @kronikal1564 25 днів тому +23

    Kiwiow is such a unique palyer man if he had scored against Liverpool which he alost did it would have made my day

  • @arithegooner
    @arithegooner 25 днів тому +27

    Love Kiwior 🇵🇱

  • @fra88kam
    @fra88kam 25 днів тому +7

    More of Kiwior! 😆 It's good to see he has a sense of humour

  • @mito1817
    @mito1817 25 днів тому +18

    Kiwior! Very class centerback

  • @rodriguezaru2946
    @rodriguezaru2946 24 дні тому +3

    We are lucky to have such gem in our club..we are bless keep up the good work kiwior

  • @victorbarugahare8328
    @victorbarugahare8328 25 днів тому +5

    Went to Poland in 2016 for World Youth Day. Lovely country, people, and of course LANGUAGE!
    Dziękuję 😊

  • @jeffchang5942
    @jeffchang5942 25 днів тому +18

    Kiwior 🎉 1st appearance !

  • @GUNNER-14
    @GUNNER-14 25 днів тому +10

    Kiwior can sometimes play very good like he’s did in the second half against Liverpool he has some talent for sure.

  • @blerotheflamemage3171
    @blerotheflamemage3171 25 днів тому +10

    Kiwor our reliable cb😊

  • @coreyblakee332
    @coreyblakee332 25 днів тому +14

    I was worried when he came on at half time against Liverpool but fair play to him he did well.

  • @abdisharif9983
    @abdisharif9983 25 днів тому +4

    Kivior is a monster and fighter 💪

    • @jandrex007
      @jandrex007 19 днів тому

      This guy speaks like an afraided kid

  • @carolnamatovu
    @carolnamatovu 25 днів тому +5

    My guy, luv him so much, much luv from uganda

  • @pooopcan
    @pooopcan 24 дні тому +1

    Jakub, oh my god, I love this guy! This is amazing. Please more polish lessons!😆

  • @Azzy118
    @Azzy118 25 днів тому +2

    I can't explain why but I love these videos so much 😂

  • @loveadeola
    @loveadeola 25 днів тому +1

    I want to see more of Kiwior on that Left Back (LB) position. He was rock solid against Liverpool. He wasn't dribbled past even once.

  • @ghostdog_ninja
    @ghostdog_ninja 25 днів тому +2

    this language is so cool but also soooo crazy! he is such a great player

  • @rohitmanmode1250
    @rohitmanmode1250 25 днів тому +17

    His voice is so Therapeutic

  • @jaculo9115
    @jaculo9115 25 днів тому +5

    Dawaj Kuba! Jak najwięcej takich występów w Arsenalu!

  • @egilljegilsson9313
    @egilljegilsson9313 25 днів тому +3

    I will repeat slowly, goes on to say it at exactly the same speed.

  • @fifizappareacts
    @fifizappareacts 25 днів тому +1

    I love this video concept so much omg … whoever came up with the idea big ups 💞 We’ve had Tomi, Jakub …. Who’s next I wonder 👀

  • @Joonzi
    @Joonzi 25 днів тому +1

    Keep it up Jakub! 👊🏼

  • @yoelarokeum6141
    @yoelarokeum6141 22 дні тому +1

    Very Fantastic Defender ❤️🤍

  • @lilmarky21
    @lilmarky21 23 дні тому +1

    "an. absolute. classic." that was legendary

  • @diamonddoggo1999
    @diamonddoggo1999 25 днів тому +2

    Kiwior masterclass vs Liverpool last Sunday.

  • @VirtualBoyFTW
    @VirtualBoyFTW 25 днів тому +1

    If Bob Ross did football in Polish, was polish, played for Arsenal, and was called Jakub Kiwior. Loved it haha

  • @Player1-nh1xq
    @Player1-nh1xq 23 дні тому

    I'm glad he finally got playing time! Arsenal always needs a strong defender @ LB!

  • @user-gf8rt4ks2e
    @user-gf8rt4ks2e 25 днів тому +2

    The next world class👍

  • @quanquan9165
    @quanquan9165 16 днів тому

    'An absolute classic" loved that 😂

  • @ysav119
    @ysav119 25 днів тому +4

    Absolute baller

  • @rayniedayz3824
    @rayniedayz3824 25 днів тому

    I love this kid, man😂❤️

  • @yuni360
    @yuni360 25 днів тому

    I have never missed Szczęsny more than I do now. 😂😂😂
    Well done Jakub!!

  • @SONG-lw2sg
    @SONG-lw2sg 24 дні тому

    Kiwior is so good

  • @andreweghan9470
    @andreweghan9470 25 днів тому

    His English has improved so much 👏🏽

  • @Best_game59
    @Best_game59 25 днів тому

    Kivio came alive in the Liverpool game. I hope he gets more game time, Kivio don't go to AC Milan, we love you. Loved the Polish...

  • @kuziva2100
    @kuziva2100 25 днів тому

    Never knew I always needed this!!😂

  • @samjam64
    @samjam64 25 днів тому +1

    Bravo whoever came up with this format 😂👏

  • @harelwallis1227
    @harelwallis1227 11 днів тому +1

    Hy I am Harel Wallis from Israel and I am a huge fan.
    I am a fan since I can remember myself and me and my dad wanted to come and see the game against Newcastle as a present for our birthdays, we got the tickets hotel and everything but our flight was canceled a day before we were supposed to fly and we lost our money on the hotel and tickets. The company canceled the flight because the comcompany didn't want to come to Israel because the country is at war. I am writing this massage because I want to apologize that i will not be able to support the team in the game this Saturday (I am very sorry).

  • @wongeduan4726
    @wongeduan4726 24 дні тому

    Your last game was awesome

  • @martinwengrow7313
    @martinwengrow7313 24 дні тому

    Jakob that was much better v Liverpool. Keep it up 👏👏👏

  • @alvinaditya1610
    @alvinaditya1610 24 дні тому

    kiwior was class against liverpool

  • @Piotrek95522
    @Piotrek95522 25 днів тому

    Świetny mecz z Liverpoolem
    Tak dalej👍😃

  • @Ck-vs8pc
    @Ck-vs8pc 24 дні тому

    He is improve so much!!

  • @GOATed_User
    @GOATed_User 25 днів тому +3

    Except for when he laughed, Jakub seemed disappointed

  • @paulitalindsey127
    @paulitalindsey127 12 днів тому

    This " im telling you " killed me 😂😂😂

  • @tirtoananda4348
    @tirtoananda4348 25 днів тому

    The Poland Sensational For Jakub Kiwior.

  • @vanadium5099
    @vanadium5099 25 днів тому

    This has the same vibe as having to record yourself for a video project in school

  • @hansmbogori5446
    @hansmbogori5446 25 днів тому

    0:16 is absolute cinema

  • @adamirfan7496
    @adamirfan7496 7 днів тому

    Zinchenko and Him best rapper...

  • @bareknuckletalk8691
    @bareknuckletalk8691 25 днів тому +1

    Great performance against the Scousers Bro 👊🏻

  • @legrandmasmas5727
    @legrandmasmas5727 25 днів тому

    I love him

  • @andrewpatch5027
    @andrewpatch5027 23 дні тому

    I love the Polish sense of humour.
    Instead of laughing, they will tell you they are laughing. 😅

  • @TsarOfTheStar
    @TsarOfTheStar 23 дні тому

    Yes Jakub DON'T leave us please

  • @alinurumohamed2318
    @alinurumohamed2318 25 днів тому

    U play u best against desperate Liverpool keep my gooner❤

  • @pieterambarita5742
    @pieterambarita5742 24 дні тому

    Apart from the massive chance to score he missed, he played a huge part in the win against liverpool

  • @SuperCuu
    @SuperCuu 22 дні тому

    :)) well done, bro

  • @grrstairway
    @grrstairway 24 дні тому +2

    Colossal performance in defend, almost score a goal and the one who assist the 3rd goal. 9/10 performance.

  • @richardsingh5827
    @richardsingh5827 25 днів тому

    Useful phrases

  • @lieutenantcolombo1758
    @lieutenantcolombo1758 25 днів тому

    There is a big polish community in London . He must fit in quite comfortably here

  • @fifizappareacts
    @fifizappareacts 25 днів тому

    The awkwardness is EVERYTHING 🤣

  • @Declan_Rice_41
    @Declan_Rice_41 25 днів тому

    I believe in you. Cheer up

  • @YTTV..
    @YTTV.. 25 днів тому +9

    Love this!! Slava Polska!

    • @Mehow80
      @Mehow80 25 днів тому +1

      There's no letter v in polish and we're not Ukrainians mate

    • @okochannel3843
      @okochannel3843 25 днів тому +3

      Chwała Polsce would be more accurate 😉

  • @mattikolb
    @mattikolb 25 днів тому +3

    "It looked bad in slow motion, but he's not that kind of player"? Never heard this sentence ever in my life. What are you teaching him?

  • @HLDN1989
    @HLDN1989 25 днів тому

    Arsenal (3.76 xG) 3-1 (0.41xG) Liverpool. The stats confirm we absolutely dominated Liverpool (top of the league).Moving forward our defence needs to be White, Saliba, Gabriel, Kiwior, with Rice and Jorginho screening. Absolutely elite defensively, with everyone able to win duels, headers, and progress the ball.

  • @NaodWoldemekeros
    @NaodWoldemekeros 25 днів тому +1

    This feels like you made him follow a script😂

  • @tahntongkfen1360
    @tahntongkfen1360 25 днів тому

    T1001 Robot sent from the future!

  • @ToxicAfricanKing
    @ToxicAfricanKing 25 днів тому +1

    Kiwior would perfectly fit the role of an Italian mafioso

  • @mondlingubane5963
    @mondlingubane5963 25 днів тому

    Likeable ❤

  • @okochannel3843
    @okochannel3843 25 днів тому +1

    He makes me confident I can find a girlfriend even not bring the charisma monster... Fr top baller tho

  • @frankoboh8217
    @frankoboh8217 23 дні тому

    The tactics against West Ham is in Arteta's hands. This is the game where he needs to scatter his attacking setup in order to be unpredictable. This is the game where Saka and Martinelli should not be fixated and static in their inverted wing positions. This is a game where they have to be everywhere in the attacking area and be multi-dimensional in how they play. This a game where the volleyball tactics of shooting has to be adopted seriously. This is also a game where the dynamism, flexibility and adaptability of Arteta will be tested massively. Will he use the same tactics against West Ham and hope for a different result this time or will he use muliple tactics during the game and be dynamic and unpredictable? We will find out after the game is over. Goodluck!

  • @sync232
    @sync232 19 днів тому +1

    My head hurts.

  • @irsancarista7785
    @irsancarista7785 25 днів тому +1

    Kamu good looking bro, gue nge fans 👍
    Semoga kamu lama di klub tercinta kita ini dan jadi legenda di suatu saat nanti 😊
    Teruskan performa terbaik mu seperti laga melawan Lverp00l 🫡
    Big respect for you, salam dari Indonesia 🤗

  • @Ocbabs
    @Ocbabs 25 днів тому +1

    It's a shame that we can't repost on UA-cam

  • @THIERRYHenry144
    @THIERRYHenry144 25 днів тому


  • @tempstep4058
    @tempstep4058 25 днів тому

    Kiwior played well on sunday. Wish the header went in for him.

  • @angg922
    @angg922 20 днів тому

    Next: how to speak ukranian with zinchenko after he has a good performance against soomeone

  • @sillahconteh6723
    @sillahconteh6723 25 днів тому


  • @Derwanow
    @Derwanow 24 дні тому

    Rok na Wyspach i lepiej gada po angielsku niż po polsku 😄Oczywiście żartuję Kuba i na zero z tyłu!

  • @arsoonek
    @arsoonek 25 днів тому


  • @footballtutorialshd395
    @footballtutorialshd395 25 днів тому

    Loved how he rose to the occasion against Liverpool, but this video is trash arsenal media.

  • @unknowne22
    @unknowne22 24 дні тому

    Is this going to help us WIN SILVERWARE THIS SEASON

  • @dominujacymaciuslat1295
    @dominujacymaciuslat1295 25 днів тому

  • @PolishEmpire1
    @PolishEmpire1 25 днів тому

    Witam pana Kiwiora 0:15

  • @KeepPlayingGame
    @KeepPlayingGame 6 днів тому

    Polish Maldini ❤️🔴⚪️

  • @smoko1992
    @smoko1992 25 днів тому


  • @christyjose6355
    @christyjose6355 25 днів тому +1

    Dam i miss poland bro

  • @Ricky2rr
    @Ricky2rr 25 днів тому

    Speaks like Mikel Arteta😂❤

  • @grzes28sc
    @grzes28sc 8 днів тому


  • @antoniankowski1325
    @antoniankowski1325 25 днів тому

    Polska górą 🇵🇱

  • @loveadeola
    @loveadeola 25 днів тому

    You did not repeat it slowly 😅

  • @kingkylolex
    @kingkylolex 25 днів тому

    Love u Jakub but that was not slowly 🤣🤣🤣

  • @arifnajhan5889
    @arifnajhan5889 25 днів тому +2

    thats not slow jakub😂😂😂😂

  • @Pawel-D
    @Pawel-D 18 днів тому

    When the curly wurly's done,
    When the battle's lost and won...

  • @ginooti9515
    @ginooti9515 25 днів тому

    Why did he have to bring "a cold rainy night in stoke" into this?

  • @scavenger38
    @scavenger38 25 днів тому

    The tank coyg