I Showed a HATER the new ELECTRIC CALLBOY Song

  • Опубліковано 19 сер 2022
  • Welcome back to the channel! I see you couldn't get enough.
    I Showed a HATER the new ELECTRIC CALLBOY Song!
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    Every one of you guys watching this now
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  • Stefan Hebel

    In my opinion, this song is a direct reaction to the decision of the German radio stations that Electric Callboy is not suitable for radio and therefore will not be admitted to the ESC preliminary round. Most songs that are sent through Germany to the ESC are mostly in this shallow poppy Schlager direction. Because the results of the last years show that Germany has no success with it and then a band applies for the competition, which shows off with a different concept and a different kind of music.


    lol Alex really blocked his friends face most of the reaction. Well played sir.

  • Mueesli
    Mueesli  +9

    Saw them live two days ago, it was completely awesome!

  • Davealf Der Graue

    Well, Mr. Hater loves it, when whole Metal Germany hates the Schlager part.....😂😂😂🤘

  • SFuture
    SFuture  +18

    Oh god this video is gonna be nuts. Loved reacting to this one and excited to see you freak tf out Alex.

  • DavidDarkness115

    It’s funny Alex because they used to be a very heavy deathcore band before they were all energetic and poppy. and now they are just… ELECTRIC 💜

  • John Ghiglione

    I have heard rumors since this song came out that it was a way to make fun of the people who wouldn't let them in the music competition. This song is awesome and hilarious at the same time.

  • Codrin Petrea

    Alex blocking his face the entire time is sooooo something i would do just for a gag :))

  • liptaz
    liptaz 21 день тому

    first song i ever heard from this band and i want more of this!

  • Eden

    Hello Alex, I've been subbed for a while and love your reaction videos since it brings a non creepy smile to face seeing others enjoy the music that I enjoy. Recently I discovered a band that I absolutely love and think you will love too, Hail the Sun, itd be great if you would like to react to them, my personal favourite songs of theirs are Parasitic Cleanse, Domino and Slipped my Mind, thank you!

  • Logan Gray

    Great video, Alex! Electric Callboy slaps! I just recently stumbled across your channel and having been binging your videos ever since. If you ever get a chance, you should react to Obscure by Dir En Grey. What a trip! Keep on keepin on, brotha!

  • Tony Thomas

    That went from EDM to The Walking Dead in a split second, it made my shitty day a lot better. 😁

  • Steve Coronado

    First time hearing this group and I almost went to another video. Un-freaking-believable! Loved the ending as far as musical preference not so much the overdone zombie thing. Thanks. Recently stumbled across your channel because of my absolute admiration for Dr Jordan Peterson.

  • xxGOKUxx

    love it,just wish they would've kept the old name,just was so epic,but this is just as a good name,and the drummer,be killing it as usual

  • Mr Wick
    Mr Wick  +6

    If EC performs this live in the United States, they will be found guilty. 😅Outstanding, Fantastic and visually exceptionally well done. An absolute dig at the Eurovision Song Contest. Brilliant. "Sauerkraut goes zombie core". 🤟🤟There are basically two categories of music: Metal and bullshit (Bruce Dickinson).

  • Satan_dk Reacts

    man this song is soo good loved it! thanks for the reaction how did you get around the copyright??

  • Matt Dye

    One never knows with this band. I was expecting something a bit unorthodox once I saw the wigs, the cheesy smiles and whatnot. I was not disappointed, and only love them more.

  • Vinterthorn

    As a German you totally know what EC're making fun of there. Or better: of whom specifically. ;)

  • lexi

    I messed up my back pretty bad falling down the steps at a Korn concert tonight lmao.

  • Andrew Vela

    I didn't expect the song to be so short. I was waiting for them to get up and go full death metal as zombies but it just ended. They no wake up.