Is Virtuosity Obsolete? w/ Tim Pierce

  • Опубліковано 18 сер 2022
  • In today’s livestream I’m broadcasting from the sunny Los Angeles with fellow UA-camr and friend Mr. Tim Pierce.
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  • Rick Beato

    Just a reminder: The Ultimate Bundle Sale - ONLY $99 for all my educational products:

  • Craig Fussell

    Tim hit the nail on the head with a sledgehammer when he said he “wished they would make art rather than product.” ✌🏻

  • Gastón Rivera

    Any one else think this two guys are PURE GOLD, when they stream together! Just love Tim and Rick duo …

  • Lavender Bee

    I'm curious why Prince is never discussed, the guy was just so talented in so many different spheres. His guitar playing is beautifully soulful and always in service to the song, the solos leave you wanting more. A true genius.

  • howlinhog
    howlinhog  +194

    Virtuosity is alive and well in Bluegrass. Go to a Bluegrass festival and the campground will be filled with musicians. I got to watch Billy Strings here in Michigan at many festivals over the years and there'd be guys like Billy everywhere. Obviously, Billy is pretty special, but still, Terry Barber (billy's dad) and many like him were all over the place.

  • Nedwin Lembar Hermavian

    Tim is the guy that drove me to study guitar when I was a kid. I heard his solo in Go Go Power Rangers soundtrack theme every Sunday when I was 3rd grader in primary school. Speculation was up when some friends said that it was Paul Gilbert played the solo, and the other ones said that it was Buckethead, and my other friends said it was Steve Vai. Soon after internet was up in 2005, I found that Tim Pierce was the man behind the great soloing on the soundtrack of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Thank you Tim, you have been inspiring us for decades. Be blessed ... 🙏

  • Adam Tobin

    Love watching videos with Tim. Feel like I could sit at a bar and talk with these guys for hours.

  • Blue City Productions

    "Virtuosity in service of a great song" - Brilliant comment, really sums up what is missing in modern music.

  • Lynn David Newton

    Rick, I've never heard you say a word about Madison Cunningham. She's a fabulous guitar player, not in the same sense as a shredder, but more like a George Harrison. But above all she's possibly the best songwriter on the planet right now. Every day I find myself walking around the house and humming tunes, and they're almost always Madison's songs!

  • Chris Doyle
    Chris Doyle 28 днів тому

    Two of my favorite guys, talking music, back together!


    Rick, Tim is just the best. His time with you is always great learning

  • William Tell

    Tim is an absolutely incredible player and I really admire his warmth and contagious positivity. So cool to see him on this channel. Cheers you two.

  • Vince
    Vince  +35

    Time magazine has the Edge at 26 and van Halen at number 78 on top 100 rock guitarists of all time. That's like having Taylor Swift at 20th greatest pianists of all time and Oscar Peterson not making the top hundred.

  • Free Fallin'68

    Virtuosity will never be obsolete, it's just not currently en vogue in an era of digital music. But there are so many amazing people out there, of all ages, who are elevating their instruments in many genres. Those of us who really appreciate music will always take the time to seek them out. Thank you Rick and Tim.

  • bobbyfonts

    Sorry I missed this live, but I have discovered Billy Strings in the past few years and this dude really rocks. There are tons of virtuoso flat pick players but Billy is magic when he plays live.

  • jimmy sanders

    Music is so special.When a Human Being has an idea and others sense this and get involved organically you are a part of a very special sound from the Time that you hear this.This is the whole premise of Human Beings coming together to connect and make something that everyone can understand without really knowing why.

  • Raging Chimera

    The internet overflows with virtuosity but few can write a decent tune.

  • Bruno From Fontana

    I saw the two of you last night at the Ebell. One thing you shared is how the UA-camr community in your circle supports each other and helps others grow in quality and content.

  • Melbourne Nurrowitz

    Guthrie being mentioned, but you must listen to him with Steven Wilson. Drive Home as a starting point. It's the perfect marriage of virtuosity and servitude in regards to the music. Granted Steven has been writing since the late 80's so I can accept him not belonging to the younger generation. Still heavily worth listening.

  • Brian Iglesias

    OMG you guys know each other! Both of you are my youtube heroes. This is a treat!