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TNT Champion Christian Cage plans to end Sting's career early at Full Gear!| 11/17/23 AEW Collision

  • Опубліковано 16 лис 2023
  • #AEWCollision #christiancage #sting
    TNT Champion Christian Cage plans to end Sting's career early at Full Gear!| 11/17/23 AEW Collision
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  • @kabiruddin786
    @kabiruddin786 14 днів тому +320

    “You can hold the microphone, it’s your job, get back here”. Christian Cage must really hate Tony Schiavone. 😂🤣

  • @salmanutim9638
    @salmanutim9638 14 днів тому +180

    Damn! I never thought Christian would be must-see TV in 2023.

  • @kadharefinley224
    @kadharefinley224 14 днів тому +219

    Man, Christian has shown what he can fully do when he has all of the tools. He has shown his two sons what a true father is. Christian Cage definitely is father of the year

  • @alaooooy7
    @alaooooy7 14 днів тому +116

    Christian Cage was held back for years, there was a time where we thought he would never be able to wrestle again and some internet fans disrespected him upon his AEW debut. Yet he's still delivering pure gold both in the ring and on the mic and he's by far the best heel in wrestling! Christian Cage deserves a run as the AEW World Champion real soon 🐐

  • @mike_940
    @mike_940 14 днів тому +96

    Never a dull moment with Christian lol

  • @JaySriRam963
    @JaySriRam963 14 днів тому +54

    Instant Classic.. He must get a AEW world championship run.🤘🏾💥🤘🏾💥🤘🏾

  • @DeathofaNINJA
    @DeathofaNINJA 14 днів тому +53

    Christian Cage is providing me with grade A television every time he chooses to grace us with his presence.

  • @Csquared14
    @Csquared14 14 днів тому +60

    How considerate of Christian to at least give not one but two warnings that he’s going the break Adams neck, the role model we all need but don’t deserve.

  • @jonathanoscategui2678
    @jonathanoscategui2678 14 днів тому +120

    Christian Cage is setting such a amazing example for his adopted grown sons ( Luchasaurous and Nick Wayne) by defending his TNT championship on Rampage 🔥...

  • @jonathanoscategui2678
    @jonathanoscategui2678 14 днів тому +51

    The Renaissance of Christian Cage has been nothing short of a master piece 🔥🔥🔥....

  • @tyreepowell8367
    @tyreepowell8367 14 днів тому +40

    Christian Cage Never Disappoints

  • @nickt.7305
    @nickt.7305 14 днів тому +10

    It’s simply the best work of his career. Quoting James Harden was such a clever way to insult Los Angeles. Smart idea to have Christian open the show and defend the TNT title on Rampage leading into Full Gear.

  • @k.b.3901
    @k.b.3901 14 днів тому +10

    They Should Bring Christian Every Week We Want More From Him His So Entertaining

  • @jonathanoscategui2678
    @jonathanoscategui2678 14 днів тому +66

    Can we all just acknowledge how Christian Cage The Patriarch of AEW, the greatest TNT champion of all time and the Father of the year decided to be on both Collision and defend his title on Rampage before Full Gear 🔥🔥🔥....

  • @wstine79
    @wstine79 14 днів тому +41

    It's everyone's favorite father figure, Christian.

  • @JS.SaLa17000
    @JS.SaLa17000 14 днів тому +13

    Christian Cage with his golden promo never disappoints🔥

  • @LawrenceBlack13
    @LawrenceBlack13 14 днів тому +42

    Hot Take: Christian is the best heel AEW has had. Honestly at this point I put him above MJF all his promos are absolute murder.

  • @WolfwatchingMusic
    @WolfwatchingMusic 14 днів тому +46

    Nick Wayne getting better at every little mannerism in just a few weeks of teaming with Christian. He improves everyone he works with. best talent AEW acquired since the originals....

  • @alaooooy7
    @alaooooy7 14 днів тому +16

    Not only is he The Patriarch, Christian Cage is The System!

  • @Goblinng4ut
    @Goblinng4ut 14 днів тому +32

    Christian Cage looks good in red and he plays a really good villain in all of professional wrestling!