Ethics of Algorithms: Fair or Discriminatory?

  • Опубліковано 1 бер 2021
  • English and Russian subtitles are available for this video.
    You can visit the online exhibition Data CTRL Centre here:
    Markus Beckedahl, one of the founders of re:publica (Berlin) and founder of, Germany's most important platform for digital freedom rights, in a conversation with Kyrylo Beskorovajny, co-curator of the exhibition "Data Ctrl Centre", questions are discussed, such as:To what extent the terms "ethics" and "algorithms" are mutually exclusive? How strongly already now and even more so in the future algorithms will be the basis for economic and political decision-making processes? And whether existing social inequalities will be increased as a result, or whether our world can perhaps become fairer after all?
    The event is part of the accompanying program of the exhibition Data CTRL Center, implemented by the Goethe-Institut Ukraine in partnership with Kunsht (UA) and Tactical Tech (DE).