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  • Опубліковано 21 вер 2023


  • @nakovasquez1452

    Good morning, afternoon or evening, here is the link of the meme although that was always in English

  • @samlightning7280

    Sometimes the homies go a little too far but at the end of the day their a homie.

  • @sufianyeop6165

    Boys got each other

  • @user-bp3gd9bd4u
    @user-bp3gd9bd4u 11 годин тому

    Английский говно

  • @roxasdretheneko8363
    @roxasdretheneko8363 2 години тому

    Pico only care really about being his friend still and seeing BF happy. He'll protect them both until she screws up, which won't happen.

  • @marthafelix7069
    @marthafelix7069 2 години тому

    Ah yes a homie sticking out for a homie 👌

  • @real3074
    @real3074 2 години тому

    Finally, a video of the guy dancing withput anything inappropriate.

  • @Cant_Take_It
    @Cant_Take_It 2 години тому +1

    Pico threatened her with coding language

  • @user-je9co4eu4c
    @user-je9co4eu4c 2 години тому +2

    Las amigas de mi novia amenasandome

  • @bilver775
    @bilver775 2 години тому

    Bro...this is so lame🤓☠️

  • @user-fb7gs9lk2e
    @user-fb7gs9lk2e 2 години тому

    Not a sim W

  • @foxdreemurr9356
    @foxdreemurr9356 4 години тому

    She's a demon, she just can explode Pico.

  • @frostbitenight353
    @frostbitenight353 4 години тому

    The dude is willing to be John Wick just for the homie.

  • @Adalyn_threat
    @Adalyn_threat 4 години тому

    Girlfriend is a demon. She’s WAY stronger than pico

  • @noir4180
    @noir4180 4 години тому

    He may be an ex, but he still cares

  • @nathanielcasas9130
    @nathanielcasas9130 4 години тому

    Bruh is that Sigma On FNF

  • @xboxgamerNorris
    @xboxgamerNorris 4 години тому +1

    Big bro vibes fr

  • @Matt_Hew1617
    @Matt_Hew1617 4 години тому

    She's a demon 💀

  • @user-wk1bp9or7w
    @user-wk1bp9or7w 4 години тому

    Yeah my cousin is 18 and has a high grade in School while I'm 14 and a low grade but I still help him cause his not aware of outside problems he's a college person while I'm an busted mind kid xaxax

  • @ShadowTheCoolest9274
    @ShadowTheCoolest9274 4 години тому

    A true rival/bro B)