Hilarious Heavy Metal Fails! (TRY NOT TO CRINGE)

  • Опубліковано 3 сер 2022
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    Hilarious Heavy Metal Fails! (TRY NOT TO CRINGE)
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  • Bonz Guy
    Bonz Guy  +14

    My band used to go by the motto "nothing goes wrong on stage", meaning even if something bad happened, you act like it didn't happen. That is until something bad happened lol. We had a fight break out once and one of our PA speakers got knocked over....right onto our guitar staging area. I remember my singer being furious that the drummer stopped playing because he wanted us to check and see if our guitars were ok. Factoid, they weren't.

  • Larry Kinnard

    Kreator had issues that entire show. I saw them in St. Pete at the Garage and their set kept tripping the breakers. It happened like 4 times.

  • Alexandre Deshaies

    Thanks for the video and for entertaining us! If you feel a tiny bit spiritual, I'd point you towards "Born in Winter" by Gojira. Probably a song you'd be adding to your Metal playlist and definitely one of the best songs by the band. Kudos to you from Canada!

  • Sara Cloud

    Omg that baby scene was in Tolmin - Slovenia - EU. The festival was called Metal Camp (now Metal Days) It's a family frendly metal festival but I think these parents took it too literally.

  • TheTannerNation
    TheTannerNation 14 днів тому

    I’m so thankful for this content for metal heads. Rock is my go to. It’s what makes makes my heartbeat. You, Nik Nocturnal, Dav Gibson, Wyatt Stav, Aussie metal heads. You guys are the best

  • Liz
    Liz  +6

    Reminds of all the local heavy metal bands I use to go see in the 80s and 90s 🤘😂

  • Fortiori

    one of my favorite fails is when Corey Tailor in the Vol 3 era tripped and fell on stage with a loud thud, gets back up and says to the crowd "ah, shut uuuup"

  • Devin Schultz

    You should listen to War Ensemble from Slayer! It was the song at

  • XandeR ToXic

    Alex, if you think some of these venues are crazy, you need to check out the Denny's Grand Slam and the story behind it.

  • He4d hunter 711

    You should definitely check out “not dead yet” by ledger

  • Victoria Eiken

    You should react to the time Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides gets into it with a couple hecklers at a concert. Some hecklers were yelling and ruining the whole show. Andy and the band's reaction is hysterical. They stop the show and they have to hold Andy back from beating the guys up in the crowd. Its a good time. thanks for the amazing content :)

  • J ateabug
    J ateabug  +17

    The biggest fail was the video when the music just stopped and the audience realized that the band had just been pretending to play the entire time. You could hear them mocking the band in a foreign language. Milli Vanilli flashbacks.

  • StarScream666

    The one with corpsegrinder jumping off stage was because he saw security hitting a fan so he jumped in to stop it.

  • Schwartzyy-_-

    Alex! Need to do Beartooths new song riptide! And watch the clip of Caleb explaining the meaning of the song and how he's turned his life around

  • xXJManScottyXx

    I'd like to see you react to bands stopping the show for any reason.

  • Giovanni Maria Rosini

    Ciao Alex, I know it’s off topic but you need to react to ‘sign of life’ by motionless in white, from ‘scoring the end of the world’. I’ve already listened to it at least 200 times, it’s soo well made! A big support to you from Italy, Ronnie is right about you! Btw when falling in reverse will drop some new bombs? Thank you man! Ciao 👋🏻


    Loving the content! By the way, when's the MrBallen videos coming? I'd love for you to react to either:

  • Matthew Leifson

    That very first band looked like a group called Violator which I love their music very much. Hopefully that wasn’t actually them lol

  • smokey verton

    Please consider comedian Brian Posehn reacting to lame heavy metal videos. He is a major metal head and his reactions are hilarious

  • TylerGuhh

    React to Chasing Shadows by Imminence!! It’s a good band and their singer plays violin in the songs too. They’ll give you goosebumps bro!