Man Sentenced to 65 YEARS after FitBit Proved He Offed His Wife

  • Опубліковано 20 сер 2022
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    Man Sentenced to 65 YEARS after FitBit Proved He Offed His Wife
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  • blacktytrix

    "If your case rests on a witness who says she may have seen an unknown person or a deer, you're fucked" -Alex Hefner, law school graduate

  • Proud Texan1226

    I often forget that you are a lawyer. It makes me laugh every time I’m reminded of it.

  • LemonZeppelin

    There was another case where a Fitbit proved that a guy was home when the murder happened. The number of steps that night was really low and weren’t enough to get to the crime scene.

  • High and Tight

    Hope you're doing well my dude!!!! Love your channel!

  • Jeff Ward

    I've been following you from the ground up, this is your best video ever! You're commentary on hip hop videos is cool but your commentary on real life s*** is awesome.

  • Chandra Enger
    Chandra Enger 14 днів тому +2

    On the flip side of this one, there's a case where a man was cleared of murdering his girlfriend or wife thanks to his fitbit. They had him in jail and the DA was ready to ruin the guys life and the fitbit saved his life.

  • Sephiroth

    Love your channel dude! Keep it up

  • Melchard Caranto

    Wow, a Fitbit of all things, manage to capture the Killer! I'm amazed!

  • Panninggazz

    I can only imagine what his mistress’s is going through. Good gawd

  • chgotbanned

    My best friend was killed (shot also) Christmas Eve last year by her abusive bf, leaving her two boys behind both under 10 so a bunch of similarities honestly randomly clicking this video.

  • hitman9862

    Hush yeal by oh sleeper

  • Lyn Rossi

    They've been using street/store cameras, computer searches and cell phone triangulation for years now. So why not Fit Bit, Ring door cams, Alexa or Siri, and the rest of the new digital tech?

  • Zach Noe

    Now his kids have to live with the fact that their dad killed their mother and they have to be adopted

  • DrDisInfect 😷

    I always take mine off when committing any crime

  • Catman DUU

    I had a fitbit, it broke. I miss it. It was also my watch. I miss that too.


    FitBit be like: elementary, my dear Watson

  • Jtuck_77

    It's starting to turn in to the movie "the minority report". If you haven't seen that you might want to react to it. Great film.

  • Blood Mutt

    Imma just commit a crime with a tracking device, should be fine.

  • Vamp K
    Vamp K  +4

    WTF kind of neighborhood is this that you have deer walking on hindlegs or people walking on all fours so you can't tell the difference?!?!

  • Tronderose

    Holidays are notorious for shit like this because of all the extra stress