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KoRn - Reclaim My Place Live Montreal 1998

  • Опубліковано 21 сер 2007
  • KoRn Reclaim My Place Live Montreal QC 11-03-98


  • @legendaryrababa
    @legendaryrababa 7 років тому +87

    this song so underrated

  • @mt2oo8
    @mt2oo8 8 років тому +36

    They all dance in sync with each other... Goosebumps 3:50

    • @Awoodward7899
      @Awoodward7899 5 років тому +6

      mt2oo8 so were the crowds back then..it was crazy..sometimes 20k people all in rhythm it was insane

    • @mt2oo8
      @mt2oo8 5 років тому +1


    • @javierreyes9853
      @javierreyes9853 4 роки тому +3

      Now it's just a sea of cell phone screens and no ones really doing anything besides like 20-30 people right up front

    • @trashboet
      @trashboet 4 роки тому

      Team Slayer not really

  • @cirobata3890
    @cirobata3890 3 роки тому +6

    2020 the first time I look for a live version of this kick ass tune, so glad I found this one. Thank you for this!

  • @The90sGamingGuy
    @The90sGamingGuy 15 років тому +10

    If this was recorded during the Family Values tour then this rocks. Either way it is awesome. The GOOD YEARS FOR Korn 1993-2002.

  • @ayo0o0o0o0
    @ayo0o0o0o0 6 років тому +7

    One of my fav KoRn songs ever.

  • @Ockniel
    @Ockniel 16 років тому +2

    awesome, how many bands do as many live songs as korn does? Even the most obscure songs it seems have been done live! I love it :D

  • @arsmith85
    @arsmith85 9 років тому +15

    reclaim my place and lost from life is peachy are two of my favorite korn songs, and I don't think they've played either song live but a handful of times in the 90's

    • @dajanicki
      @dajanicki 6 років тому

      Andrew Smith Children of the Korn with Ice Cube as well

    • @ayo0o0o0o0
      @ayo0o0o0o0 6 років тому +1

      Ive seen KoRn at least 10 times and havent even seen em in at least 7 years. They played Reclaim My Place once and I freaked. It was beyond my imagination.

    • @sneakychrisdude
      @sneakychrisdude 5 років тому

      I believe they're gonna play all of Follow the Leader live in September!

    • @FlyingV555
      @FlyingV555 5 років тому

      SloppyChrisCovers cygnet didn’t play either Seed or Cameltosis

  • @popkornflake
    @popkornflake 15 років тому +1

    one of the best korn songs ever and it was done real good live!
    camera quality could be better though!

    • @bradleydurham1621
      @bradleydurham1621 4 роки тому +3

      popkornflake yeah I mean it was in 1998 as far as camera quality

  • @6korn6chik6
    @6korn6chik6 15 років тому +1

    One of my fav songs!

  • @JRinneFilms
    @JRinneFilms 12 років тому +4

    I think this is my favorite song of korn

  • @setunra8414
    @setunra8414 Рік тому +1

    I wish they would play this more often. I've seen em 3 times never got to hear this one.

  • @robrojas6351
    @robrojas6351 8 років тому +5

    Hell yeah..!!! Fieldy bring back the pedals please!! this sound from korn is the one i miss.

  • @generationfuck7
    @generationfuck7 10 років тому +2

    that was a great show

  • @DWINC
    @DWINC 13 років тому +2


  • @rareexample
    @rareexample 5 років тому +3

    I was here 20 years ago. I was 20 something, it was quite awesome. We kept our jackets in the car, it was fuckin cold out. First time in Montreal. Drank bottles of vodka or some shit from Ottawa in a packed van. Show killed. Didn't see friends the entire show, chaos. The drenched walk back to Van was special. Alive and not sure how. No gsp, no iphones, just fuckin lost. Followed the leader. lol

  • @TheMetalBoy84
    @TheMetalBoy84 13 років тому +2

    they should play more off follow the leader in the set these days

  • @paulcannon864
    @paulcannon864 9 років тому +1

    best song ever

  • @Venjackalex
    @Venjackalex 10 років тому +7

    the only time I've heard this song live.

  • @RJRockstah
    @RJRockstah 15 років тому +1

    Sht! This song is so Hard to Find here on UA-cam and it's one of the best on Follow the Leader! Bad ass headbangin song!

  • @bawitback
    @bawitback 16 років тому +1


  • @crazypolite
    @crazypolite 20 днів тому +3

    There is footage from the 50s that's better quality than most footage from the 90s. Remastered footage of 90s is NEEDED

    • @crazypolite
      @crazypolite 13 днів тому

      ​@EnthalpyH are you being facetious?

  • @adambailey2323
    @adambailey2323 16 років тому +1

    well im sure alot of bands out there do more than just their hit singles otherwise itd get fucking boring playing the same songs every night korn just has alot more songs to choose from than most bands out there and i dont really consider this an obscure song

  • @ForceOfVader
    @ForceOfVader 12 років тому +3

    @smeagol2J his style and sound made me pick up the bass guitar...awesome

  • @DavisM13
    @DavisM13 14 років тому +3

    wow the intro and course is way off, they are going way too fast lol , but it gets better towards the end like all of korns songs

  • @razielva
    @razielva 4 роки тому +1

    listening to this great song in 2019, who else?

  • @818KLOWNER
    @818KLOWNER 12 років тому +5

    I bet the person that disliked this is like, WHAT THE FUCK?!

  • @Dinobot2
    @Dinobot2 16 років тому +1

    Awesome video.

  • @delmar3skate
    @delmar3skate 13 років тому +3

    i can go to bed now thank you :)

  • @EnthalpyH
    @EnthalpyH 14 днів тому

    Poor audio quality from '99 potato tater tot cam but you can tell this was their debut songs for their 'Follow the Leader' album because it is almost identical to the album version even though they are live. Instrumentals, vocals and all that jazz.

  • @gabriella6120
    @gabriella6120 7 років тому +1


  • @TheSuperhuman622
    @TheSuperhuman622 Рік тому +1

    I always liked they head bang lol especially munky

  • @aerials2561
    @aerials2561 15 років тому +1


  • @icantnamebatzarro
    @icantnamebatzarro 14 років тому +2

    Great song. Great Band.
    (sorry, i must say it)

  • @ecaepevolhturt
    @ecaepevolhturt 10 років тому +9

    Jon was say wtf before ppl were saying it on the internet!

  • @4theloveofdill
    @4theloveofdill 14 років тому +1

    sounds fine.
    a little fast but not much.

  • @begforme4484
    @begforme4484 15 років тому +3

    JD totally f'd the lyrics up, but awesome video!

  • @oswaldocortescascante8209
    @oswaldocortescascante8209 9 років тому +3


  • @briquebrune
    @briquebrune 15 років тому +1

    fuck j'étais la!!

  • @lsvtecb18c1
    @lsvtecb18c1 4 роки тому +1

    To the 5 people that disliked this video... WHAT THE FUCK?!

  • @bigkilla287
    @bigkilla287 13 років тому +1

    thank you

  • @gstrdms
    @gstrdms 14 років тому +1

    moi aussi men jabvais comme 11 ans fuck ahahaha

  • @groundbeef7587
    @groundbeef7587 Рік тому

    Wuatefooooook watefooooooook !!!!

  • @Muzzy12
    @Muzzy12 14 років тому

    i gotta contribute...

    @KIMOTEOQS 16 років тому +2


  • @EnkoreTheArtist
    @EnkoreTheArtist 12 років тому +3

    @Hectik389 cause jonathon is old now, he doesnt have the same agility and voice to cope with the long lyrics adn heavy growls :L i know its gay but true :l

    • @appleessence618
      @appleessence618 2 роки тому

      It’s so sad dude...I’m still underage so I can’t go to concerts like this yet. And it makes me sad I couldn’t see KoRn in its youth

  • @ilovkorntool209
    @ilovkorntool209 14 років тому +2


  • @cacaface123
    @cacaface123 15 років тому

    is it that or what the fuck?