listen to this music and you will feel better🌿 Gentle music calms the nervous system and pleases

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  • The study found that listening to relaxing music of the patient's choice resulted in "significant pain relief and increased mobility." Researchers believe that music relieves pain because listening to music activates opioids, the body's natural painkillers. Music itself is a medicine.
    listen to this music and you will feel better🌿 Gentle music calms the nervous system and pleases the soul
    🌿 Music for relaxation, meditation, study, reading, massage, spa or sleep. This music is ideal for dealing with anxiety, stress or insomnia as it promotes relaxation and helps eliminate bad vibes. They can also use this music as a background for meditation or relaxing in their sleep.
    🌿Welcome to new relaxing music live on Love Yourself channel. They can turn down the video volume and start doing whatever they want, like studying, working, reading... or just relaxing or sleeping soundly.
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    “We have a wide selection of relaxing and soothing music to help you get the most out of your massage, meditation, yoga or other relaxation session. With a variety of options, from classic to contemporary, there is something for everyone.”
    Massage music, meditation music, healing music, healing music, relaxing music, musical
    This playlist has relaxing music for massage, meditation and relaxation. Music is played on the piano or keyboards, so listening to it calms and pacifies. Whether you're looking for massage, meditation, or relaxation music, this is the perfect playlist!
    If you suffer from stress, anxiety, or even insomnia, there is a good chance that your problems can be solved with the help of such relaxing music. Years of research and scientific studies have shown that listening to music is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety. It has also been shown to increase concentration and productivity. With these melodies
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    What can be found on our channel?
    🌿On our channel you will find relaxing music for: sleep, meditation, yoga, zen, spa, massage, study and concentration...
    🌿 To improve relaxation and concentration, our music uses brain waves such as alpha waves, beta waves, delta waves and theta waves.
    🌿 You can also go to other cultures as we have shamanic music, indian music, chinese music, tibetan music with tibetan bowls, etc.
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    Quem sabe hoje o dia não terminou como você esperava, talvez a tristeza esteja te assolando, problemas da vida te sufocando, pessoas negativas e críticas ao seu lado dizendo o que você deveria ou não fazer, ou outras coisas parecidas podem estar incomodando sua vida e machucando sua alma, mas hoje tenho uma palavra para você, seja o que for que você está vivendo, saiba de uma coisa, VAI PASSAR, VAI PASSAR, VAI PASSAR! Não se desespere, o momento de cantar vai chegar, o segredo é ter fé em Deus, é driblar com fé as crises existenciais, tendo a convicção de que nada é coincidência, nada é por um acaso, Deus tem um propósito em tudo o que você está vivendo, e na hora certa você saberá, confie no Senhor, não se precipite, espere passar a tempestade, quando o arco-íris brilhar você verá a glória de Deus resplandecer em sua vida e será visitado pelo consolo do Senhor, e a paz que você tanto almeja será sua companheira, fique firme, Deus está agindo!!

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      Valdeci Dias do Nascimento Місяць тому

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