Cherry | Official Movie | Based on a true story... sort of.

  • Опубліковано 26 сер 2023
  • With her father dying of cancer, Helen has HIGH hopes for the family's last Easter together.
    "We waste too much time seeking perfection. The perfect Easter basket. The perfect holiday celebration. The perfect family portrait. These ‘perfect’ moments are not where true memories are made. It’s those spontaneous, unpredictable moments that hit us like a pie in the face that we forever remember. CHERRY is the pie in the face. My dear friend watched her father die. There was nothing she could do about it. Even with people in the room - doctors, nurses, family, hospice workers - she still felt completely alone and so did he. But it shouldn't be that isolating. Dying and losing someone you love is part of the human experience. CHERRY attempts to speak to that human experience in a funny, smart and touching way. A man is dying, we’ll take a pie to the face."
    - Stacey Davis, Director/Writer
    Under The Couch Entertainment -
    Producers : Virginia Newcomb | Jen West
    Music by : Love Rat -
    Cinematographer: Liesa Cole
    Cast: Virginia Newcomb, Brian Childers, Susan McCain, Poppy Cunningham, Jonathan Lee Taylor, Christophe Nicolet
    Cherry | Official Movie | Based on a true story... sort of. #comedy #cancer #fourtwenty
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