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Wrapping the bed of this Ford Raptor in matte iced silver titanium

  • Опубліковано 22 жов 2023

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  • @tobyreynolds2792
    @tobyreynolds2792 16 днів тому +1668

    Somewhere there’s a guy with a silver truck thinking… wouldn’t my truck look cool wrapped in black

    • @fanosfreestyle9713
      @fanosfreestyle9713 11 днів тому +44

      I didn't see any problem with the initial black colour 😢😂

    • @VState60
      @VState60 11 днів тому +5

      @@fanosfreestyle9713just if it weren’t a Ford made of lesser materials than the plastic it’s wrapped in.

    • @user-gt4bs1id5x
      @user-gt4bs1id5x 10 днів тому +5

      Как говорил Генри Форд- машина может быть любого цвета, но только черного!

  • @itsjustkiddOK
    @itsjustkiddOK 10 днів тому +619

    Getting your car wrapped.. factory default silver is insane to me.

    • @UGnnaLearnToday.
      @UGnnaLearnToday. 9 днів тому +46

      Lmfao right! It’s so basic if ur going to pay money for a wrap make it stand out differently then something that looks like a factory paint.

    • @ZeldaplusSmallville
      @ZeldaplusSmallville 9 днів тому +22

      Ikr at the very least make it camouflage pink

    • @itsjustkiddOK
      @itsjustkiddOK 9 днів тому +17

      @@ZeldaplusSmallville exactly, Ben Ten Green with a black Stripe lol Something

    • @UltraMAGA420
      @UltraMAGA420 9 днів тому +4

      Did you see all the wrinkles before he straightened them? Does this guy know what he is doing?

    • @dubz-tf4kg
      @dubz-tf4kg 9 днів тому +3

      It’s what they wanted bozo and they can afford to pay for basic, must feel bad huh?

  • @MrHandsomeferny
    @MrHandsomeferny 14 днів тому +62

    Something’s are better left for the professionals boys….good job man! 💪🏻

  • @imthateddie
    @imthateddie 23 дні тому +2362

    I'm glad he likes wrapping cars. I can't even wrap a freaking gift box.

  • @coolvibrationsYT
    @coolvibrationsYT 12 днів тому +20

    i need to see this man to put on a screen protector

  • @bhekmuzii6075
    @bhekmuzii6075 14 днів тому +7

    The song at the end of the video 👌

    • @Drew.407
      @Drew.407 День тому

      Do you know what it is?

  • @alexanderlampe7655
    @alexanderlampe7655 21 день тому +416

    Rule number 1: if you want a gray car, don't buy a black one 🤷

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  21 день тому +20

      not that simple unfortunately

    • @jimribar7796
      @jimribar7796 15 днів тому +61

      ​@@wrapohiowhy not? They make em in all kinds of colors. It's real easy. If that dealer doesn't have one go to another lot.

    • @phillhuddleston9445
      @phillhuddleston9445 15 днів тому +10

      Yep, or paint it the color you want it.

    • @alexanderlampe7655
      @alexanderlampe7655 15 днів тому +8

      I understand if it's a color that doesn't exist from Manufacturer.

    • @prakspmputube
      @prakspmputube 15 днів тому +2


  • @LBCB94025
    @LBCB94025 9 днів тому +6

    *_Im surprised no movie had someone get away from cops with a quick wrap lol_*

    • @jimmy_octane
      @jimmy_octane 7 днів тому +1

      In "Taxi" (2004), the bank robbers change the color of their get away car by pealing off the wrap. 😂

  • @exosine
    @exosine 8 днів тому +1

    Me putting on my phones screen protector

  • @robertcraven8640
    @robertcraven8640 18 днів тому +568

    I applaud anyone with the patience and attention to detail who can do this type of work.

    • @bmo14lax
      @bmo14lax 15 днів тому +3

      I don't know if the truck and wrap combo just seems like dumb and dumber to me but to each their own.

    • @jakerazmataz852
      @jakerazmataz852 15 днів тому +3

      @@bmo14lax IMO it's like putting seat covers on your seats, so the next owner has nice looking seats. Meanwhile, you drive around with 💩.

    • @TheSuaveSavant
      @TheSuaveSavant 15 днів тому +3

      ​@@ThilinaSampath-su6rfI can do? What is that? A place near Katmandu?

    • @__Gary__
      @__Gary__ 14 днів тому +2

      And have to redo it every year.

    • @american236
      @american236 14 днів тому


  • @Markale_Jean
    @Markale_Jean День тому

    If it seems easy, it means he's a master craftsman

  • @yu_juice_angerme
    @yu_juice_angerme 6 днів тому


  • @Dylan-sj3cz
    @Dylan-sj3cz 27 днів тому +137

    Awesome, now it looks like the factory iconic silver

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  25 днів тому +3

      I think so too!

    • @Mckillax
      @Mckillax 22 дні тому

      ​@wrapohio how long does the wrap usually last?

    • @gjolinares23
      @gjolinares23 21 день тому +1

      @@Mckillaxmaybe 3 years or less

    • @alexthfp9553
      @alexthfp9553 21 день тому +1

      The easiest most fun 2-3k I’ve made in my life

    • @Killacorn
      @Killacorn 20 днів тому

      @@wrapohiono you don’t,

  • @frekse4460
    @frekse4460 9 днів тому +2

    Я давно уже мечтал о такой машине Ford Raptor

  • @TiMOThy38478
    @TiMOThy38478 Місяць тому +380

    Love the Wraptor!😍

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  Місяць тому +11


    • @user-pk4dz8ch5y
      @user-pk4dz8ch5y 27 днів тому +7


    • @planetar1y
      @planetar1y 27 днів тому +4

      Mutually, bro 😊

    • @tuomasholo
      @tuomasholo 23 дні тому +3

      You wins the internetz

    • @TiMOThy38478
      @TiMOThy38478 23 дні тому +3

      @@tuomasholo wahoo! I just won a “don’t ever post something that cheesy again” award.😂

  • @maniacalmonster2293
    @maniacalmonster2293 День тому

    The bed only project turned into the whole truck. He just couldnt stop at that. Sh*t actually looks fun and addictive.

  • @darrenwoodfield4990
    @darrenwoodfield4990 9 днів тому

    You wrapping guys are magicians!!!
    What an amazing talent 😊

  • @romanmunter800
    @romanmunter800 25 днів тому +933

    Honestly the black paint was sick af already.

    • @benrb287
      @benrb287 23 дні тому +24

      True, but still looks sick

    • @DJSOTO07
      @DJSOTO07 23 дні тому +3


    • @aysarsaleh1645
      @aysarsaleh1645 22 дні тому +3

      Data wat she said

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  22 дні тому +9


    • @abigailshaw2329
      @abigailshaw2329 21 день тому +26

      My buddy has the exact same truck and had it wrapped 3 times already. Idk what's the deal with raptor guys.

  • @nickdawe8896
    @nickdawe8896 27 днів тому +50

    The song name is baianá - Bakermat

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  27 днів тому +4


    • @bismarck19br70
      @bismarck19br70 22 дні тому +5

      Brazilian Song

    • @boomboomlemon123
      @boomboomlemon123 20 днів тому +4

      i was about to cmt " what's that song ? " then i saw your cmt, thank you ~

    • @joaolenon5525
      @joaolenon5525 17 днів тому +1

      ​@@bismarck19br70yes , barbatuque's groupe

    • @pedrureis
      @pedrureis 16 днів тому +1

      Good Brazilian song

  • @briankiblinger5248
    @briankiblinger5248 8 днів тому

    I still can't even do my own screen protector. My truck would look like I tried to make my bed with socks underneath the sheets

  • @JamesBond-qx7jz
    @JamesBond-qx7jz 12 днів тому +3


  • @sebastienseb918
    @sebastienseb918 20 днів тому +138

    Here at our collision shop. We remove old vinyl wrap from vehicles and the paint underneath is FKD because the adhesive eats its way into the clear coat over time. My advice is to not keep your car wrapped with the same vinyl for too long.

    • @Funnygamememes
      @Funnygamememes 19 днів тому +79

      Better advice would be to not wrap at all stupid gen z fad that should have never caught on

    • @tcswag801
      @tcswag801 19 днів тому +13


    • @exogator
      @exogator 19 днів тому +15

      ​@Funnygamememes yeah it's dumb af, especially with the prices alot of places charge, you could get an open door respray cheaper.

    • @neortik6688
      @neortik6688 18 днів тому +9

      let's not forget the environmental cost you thenn put a plastic thing on your can and throw it away after some time paints it's better then !

    • @sebastienseb918
      @sebastienseb918 18 днів тому +2

      @@Funnygamememes yea.

  • @avavanpelt926
    @avavanpelt926 7 днів тому +1

    I wanna get my tundra wrapped so bad. It came basically storm troopered out. White n black accents.

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  7 днів тому +1

      That's a cool scheme though brother!

  • @humboldtglitches9349
    @humboldtglitches9349 14 днів тому

    This reminds me a lot of flooring I once had somebody explain carpet to me. Like if you could make your bed you can stretch in a room. There's obviously a lot more that goes into it than that, but it's a good premise and it seems to fit here too

  • @dreamachines8584
    @dreamachines8584 Місяць тому +334

    He puts pride in his work

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  Місяць тому +15

      Thank you!

    • @kevinn4393
      @kevinn4393 29 днів тому +6

      I swear I never knifed the vehicle

    • @sugiartoesteh-mk6yy
      @sugiartoesteh-mk6yy 22 дні тому

      he puts kuli jawa

      @USE_YOUR_BRAIN 21 день тому +2

      Lol giving a shit about doing your job right is now pride? Oh the standards nowadays are low.

    • @sugiartoesteh-mk6yy
      @sugiartoesteh-mk6yy 21 день тому +2

      @@USE_YOUR_BRAINlmao you talk too much sir

  • @lphotwunteel5250
    @lphotwunteel5250 9 днів тому

    That color is absolutely gorgeous

  • @LosTacticalTaco
    @LosTacticalTaco 3 дні тому

    With my adhd, I could figure out wrapping in 10 seconds, then I'd be that guy in the neighborhood wrapping everyone's car at a fat discount

  • @rickmarshall7101
    @rickmarshall7101 18 днів тому +198

    Remember when a paint job was good enough?😊

      @JUNEBUGLLC 16 днів тому +18

      It's bc the paint can't stay on the truck for more than 5 years now 😂 on my old beater 25 years just starting to fade 😅

    • @throatpunch4789
      @throatpunch4789 16 днів тому +12

      ​@@JUNEBUGLLCmy 2019 f150 looks like its 30 years old with the pain chipped and the frame rusting out!

    • @Surms41
      @Surms41 16 днів тому +8

      @@throatpunch4789 Yep. Cheaper materials, even cheaper on the finish.

    • @djhunstiger
      @djhunstiger 16 днів тому +7

      1. Modern paint is trash
      2. I kinda enjoy changing the color of my vehicles every year or 2 for cheap, keeps it fresh

    • @rickmarshall7101
      @rickmarshall7101 16 днів тому +5

      @@djhunstiger modern car paint is shit use a marine urethane. My paint jobs last as much as 20 years.

  • @user-kq3mt3ty8m
    @user-kq3mt3ty8m 9 днів тому

    Your videos are a work of art.

  • @e.b.6766
    @e.b.6766 9 днів тому

    Thought about getting that done to my Expedition. There’s two problems I have with it. First is the cost… they quoted me $6500 to $8k.
    The other problem was a video I watched informing you how long the typical wrap material holds up over time… which wasn’t very long considering the investment.
    So, I guess I’ll just stick to periodically detailing the paint. So freaking hard to keep a big black vehicle clean. Especially, since I work away from home, A LOT!!!
    My truck is filthy now from Thanksgiving travel, but I refuse to take it to a car wash. Between the half-a$$ filtered re-purposed water at the self serve car washes, or the kids who absolutely don’t know what the hell they’re doing… I just can’t keep detailing my truck for the above methods I mentioned to mess it up.

  • @shipjumper6068
    @shipjumper6068 15 днів тому +451

    People don’t realize how much of a waste of money wrapping their vehicle is until it starts peeling by year two.

    • @ferguson8143
      @ferguson8143 13 днів тому +70

      Well that gives enough time for people to forget about there stolen vehicles

    • @ivano.i.shtrausmeluhim-di2mv
      @ivano.i.shtrausmeluhim-di2mv 13 днів тому +34

      Assuming modern cars car survive that much time of use😂😂😂

    • @jimkaras7663
      @jimkaras7663 13 днів тому +26

      And covering an expensive paint job

    • @borontv6400
      @borontv6400 13 днів тому +21

      That's my argument. Not only the peeling but the sun will eat it up and you HAVE to take it off or risk damage to the paint.

    • @MrCryptler69
      @MrCryptler69 13 днів тому +13

      Perhaps someone can buy an ugly pink vehicle for $5 less because it's not selling off the lot & wrap it for $2K in black?

  • @jfreedom112
    @jfreedom112 14 днів тому

    IDC what anyone says….this is an art form.! I wouldn’t have the patience to do this.! Kudos! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

    • @thegrossmansmx
      @thegrossmansmx 13 днів тому

      I dont have the patience to clean a sewer either yet people do it. Are they any more special than this guy... is poocaso cleaner an ArTiSt too?

    • @jfreedom112
      @jfreedom112 12 днів тому

      @@thegrossmansmx Holy 💩 i can’t even begin to decipher what you just said.! Maybe lay off the amphetamines while commenting on the tube? Was like i was reading hieroglyphics. 🙄

  • @findsebastian
    @findsebastian 7 днів тому

    This was therapeutic 🙌

  • @_fire_fox_1152
    @_fire_fox_1152 14 днів тому

    I dare say it's impossible to do this angry, you need to be super chill and relaxed to retain the focus necessary to do this right. Total respect! 👏😎🫡

  • @user-uj8gu1hs5g
    @user-uj8gu1hs5g 17 днів тому +5

    And just like that you've got a finish that ages like a bumper sticker.

  • @user-gh2hp1jd8k
    @user-gh2hp1jd8k 13 днів тому +2

    You have a unique style that sets you apart.

  • @SimplestUsername
    @SimplestUsername 13 днів тому +1

    Well, I feel way better about wrapping now that I've watched this. I didn't realize that you could pull it back up like that and still achieve a good result.

  • @calvincosby921
    @calvincosby921 16 днів тому +83

    "Thanks for the truck Dad. I finally got all the wrapping off"

  • @stephant1908
    @stephant1908 11 днів тому

    The best ASMR EVER 🎉

  • @liberalshaveitallbackwards4667
    @liberalshaveitallbackwards4667 9 днів тому

    Looked so much better in black. Wow

  • @basAzov717
    @basAzov717 9 днів тому

    Класс, люблю смотреть как они это делают, 👍🇷🇺

  • @darrenwestlow7809
    @darrenwestlow7809 13 днів тому +1

    I could watch this all day long. A true art form!

  • @ionbeam14
    @ionbeam14 19 днів тому +18

    I'm a handy guy; but I don't think I could ever get the hang of doing this.? He is excellent at his craft. 👍

    • @jakerazmataz852
      @jakerazmataz852 15 днів тому +2

      I never tinted windows. I've seen it done and watched videos. I wanted 17 windows in my old RV tinted. I was told $1500. Last guy I talked to said, why not do it yourself. I did. It's not perfect but it does the job and cost me materials. Oh, and I'm 60. Don't be afraid to try. Now, would I try this, no.

    • @TheHonestTruth
      @TheHonestTruth 15 днів тому +1

      ​@@jakerazmataz852good on you 👍

  • @thekidsleepyy
    @thekidsleepyy 9 днів тому

    My toxic trait is thinking I can easily do this myself😭

  • @TheErockaustin
    @TheErockaustin 7 днів тому

    I like how he wrapped it the same color as my wife's stock 2013 RAV4

  • @Reno420alex
    @Reno420alex 27 днів тому +50

    You did a great job on the wrap 100% but i think the black looks much better on a Raptor 😅 literally every raptor i see is in some kind of matte tan, silver or grey

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  27 днів тому +2


    • @user-ko2io1df6q
      @user-ko2io1df6q 20 днів тому

      Мой в синий

    • @solorollo9756
      @solorollo9756 19 днів тому

      Half of cars are freaking silver. So tired of it

    • @craignarramoore8361
      @craignarramoore8361 19 днів тому

      Having just bought a F150 everything was either black, white, off white, or silver. There were a few Anti-matter Blues but not in any package level you would actually want.

  • @TheFacelessMan82
    @TheFacelessMan82 8 днів тому

    This is so satisfying to watch

  • @jessechaskey7205
    @jessechaskey7205 8 днів тому +1

    Nice work man, looks sick!

  • @nicholaszamelis9471
    @nicholaszamelis9471 22 дні тому +7

    1,000 bucks this dude doesn’t use the truck for anything that a Camry couldn’t accomplish.

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  22 дні тому


    • @OlinKreutzRules
      @OlinKreutzRules 16 днів тому +2

      Exactly!!!!! Same guy who wears Carhartt until it’s time to do Carhartt things!!!!

  • @vincentkingscott1537
    @vincentkingscott1537 14 днів тому

    Dude woulda ruled at wallpapering

  • @inroxx2258
    @inroxx2258 13 днів тому

    I like the noise that it does.

  • @gsxr419
    @gsxr419 18 днів тому +4

    No way I'm paying 3-5k for a sticker.

  • @laketownvibesentertainment3842
    @laketownvibesentertainment3842 13 днів тому

    Damn homie wraps more cars than I’ve wrapped my Williy

  • @jokerjoker007
    @jokerjoker007 10 днів тому

    Bro was tired of waiting for the cyber truck

  • @9663mu
    @9663mu 26 днів тому +103

    No music. No talking just hard work 😊

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  25 днів тому +2


    • @ERrnesST
      @ERrnesST 21 день тому +3

      uh it was Baianà at the end though

    • @Funnygamememes
      @Funnygamememes 19 днів тому

      Wrapping is not hard work 😂 you kids these days don't know what real "work" is 😅😅😅😅😅😅

    • @9663mu
      @9663mu 19 днів тому

      @@Funnygamememes relax captain hard work. I’ll like your hard work video too when you post it.

    • @itachisasku
      @itachisasku 19 днів тому


  • @M0HCT3R
    @M0HCT3R 7 днів тому

    It was like a child of a truck and a cyberpunk before the unwrapping.

  • @JoseRodriguez-di4lq
    @JoseRodriguez-di4lq 9 днів тому

    Keep the hard work moving forward

  • @MRtwister88
    @MRtwister88 24 дні тому +41

    Lol, let’s take a beautiful paint job and make it look like a primer!!
    This ladies and gentlemen is why fulfilling others artistic ideas is so valuable, because weather their idea was good or not, you still get paid!!

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  22 дні тому +4


    • @jawski68
      @jawski68 21 день тому +6


    • @MRtwister88
      @MRtwister88 21 день тому +1

      @@jawski68 no, I meant “weather”!!

    • @SmDJeremy
      @SmDJeremy 20 днів тому +4

      No... I don't think you did.

    • @twodollarking8009
      @twodollarking8009 20 днів тому +1

      Looks more like silver than primer. Also you think plain black is "beautifully" painted?

  • @_Addi_
    @_Addi_ 10 днів тому +14

    For those wondering: The song at the end is Baianá by Bakermat

    • @sedentarymover7820
      @sedentarymover7820 10 днів тому +1

      I knew I recognized the vocals. I have the CloZee remix on my main playlist.

    • @steellegacy1984
      @steellegacy1984 10 днів тому +1

      What? Who the F cares???

    • @_Addi_
      @_Addi_ 10 днів тому +2

      @@steellegacy1984 Life clearly hasn't been treating you well. Cheer up lil buddy, you wont always be a loser.

    • @oldbatwit5102
      @oldbatwit5102 9 днів тому

      It's a great song for a party for young kids.

    • @feels9421
      @feels9421 8 днів тому

      Thank you!!

  • @liloozyfart5355
    @liloozyfart5355 14 днів тому

    Hitting us with some shadow run at the end lol

  • @jainakhil
    @jainakhil Місяць тому +66

    Later after a couple of years customer will peel this off and show off their new black truck.

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  Місяць тому +8

      Yes sir!

    • @inkstain7193
      @inkstain7193 Місяць тому +32

      Or a ruined paint job.😂

    • @acatnamedmike8353
      @acatnamedmike8353 21 день тому +2

      ⁠@@inkstain7193Next time don’t order cheap Chinese wrap 💀 sucks to suck

  • @brandonhester6096
    @brandonhester6096 11 днів тому

    I can’t even get my fuel door to lay smooth I can’t imagine trying this 😂😂

  • @user-iz3xk6ee1h
    @user-iz3xk6ee1h 21 день тому +41

    Brother you have a awesome talent

  • @billbeam9553
    @billbeam9553 11 днів тому

    That stretching sound is satisfying, IDK why tho?

  • @seebarnes6588
    @seebarnes6588 13 днів тому

    and imagine painting it matte grey would last 20 years instead of 3

  • @off-roadingexplained8417
    @off-roadingexplained8417 18 днів тому +25

    I salute you guys. There's probably not a more frustrating job.

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  16 днів тому +1

      haha yes at times, thank you!

    • @matthewla16
      @matthewla16 14 днів тому +1

      Ever heard of HVAC Installation?

    • @jims.3987
      @jims.3987 14 днів тому +2

      @@matthewla16 or autobody work? People are sheltered if they think that this is somehow harder and requiring more patience than sanding, filling dents, and painting an automobile.
      This is like putting walmart seat covers on a seat instead of having it reupholstered

    • @John_Q_Public
      @John_Q_Public 14 днів тому +2

      Yu should try driving an 80K pound set of doubles with a 68mph speed limiter amongst a sea of idiots that think you can just hit the throttle and pass the 65mph truck next to you in a flash just because the moron behind you hit their horn.

    • @off-roadingexplained8417
      @off-roadingexplained8417 14 днів тому +1

      @@John_Q_Public that one too. I appreciate the truck drivers out there !

  • @Roy-ng1xn
    @Roy-ng1xn 8 днів тому

    you did a great job sir. you look like you take pride in your work. well done

    • @theaterthug1797
      @theaterthug1797 8 днів тому

      Okay Roy. Thank you for commenting on people’s jobs when u don’t need one urself bc u complain too much

    • @Roy-ng1xn
      @Roy-ng1xn 8 днів тому

      @@theaterthug1797 ok, alright then. I don't know where that came from but ok

  • @billbeam9553
    @billbeam9553 11 днів тому

    He makes it look easy!

  • @The-Sportsman69
    @The-Sportsman69 7 днів тому

    Awesome job ,turned out great 👍

  • @user-be9vz2rs4v
    @user-be9vz2rs4v 14 днів тому

    Восхищаюсь его терпением

  • @Frogsplash27
    @Frogsplash27 Місяць тому +16

    Don’t go for the cheap one.

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  Місяць тому +3

      If only any of this was cheap lol...

    @60DOGGSOLDIER 13 днів тому

    That's Talent, I have no patience.❤

  • @delta3eight
    @delta3eight 14 днів тому

    Scaffolding, window tinting, and vinyl wrapping. 3 jobs I’ll never do again.

  • @rerelux6311
    @rerelux6311 18 днів тому +5

    These are definitely great ASMR shorts. Thank you!!

  • @user-vu1qz7sl9h
    @user-vu1qz7sl9h 8 днів тому

    2 в 1 и защита от некоторых царапин и обнова , если цвет надоел 👍

  • @donizetebernardino5524
    @donizetebernardino5524 7 днів тому

    Esse trabalho não pra qualquer um, tem que ter muita paciência pra isso!!!

  • @whatwoulddarrendo1325
    @whatwoulddarrendo1325 22 дні тому +13

    That is such a classy colour.

  • @johnclarkeiop97
    @johnclarkeiop97 9 днів тому +1

    Dude coated his whip in the dull side of aluminum foil 😂

  • @jeffbranchick1516
    @jeffbranchick1516 16 днів тому +9

    That some severely focused precision craftsmanship 💪🏻

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  16 днів тому

      thank you brother 🙏🏼

  • @moisttoaster
    @moisttoaster 8 днів тому

    The sweet sound of Batman ripping one off.

  • @timmann111
    @timmann111 12 днів тому

    You make this look easy

  • @brandonmacon3317
    @brandonmacon3317 27 днів тому +8

    Now its Iconic silver

  • @Nyghtprowler
    @Nyghtprowler 15 днів тому +19

    People - do not wrap your cars!! Even the best wraps out there only last 1 year, 2 if you are lucky unless you are getting a protective film / coating. Why spend thousands on something with such a short shelf life. If you are willing to shell out thousands, just get the car painted.

    • @SeanLaMontagne
      @SeanLaMontagne 8 днів тому

      It's one of those money holes that poor people like us get into as a job milking rich people of their excess cash.

    • @daEINSTEINkid1
      @daEINSTEINkid1 8 днів тому

      this isnt the case. my brother wrapped his car 4 and a half years ago and its basically still fresh
      it can happen if the vinyl sucks or the installation was poor though.

  • @ianblack4889
    @ianblack4889 14 днів тому

    You can't beat a decent spray job

  • @jjsly-fm4iu
    @jjsly-fm4iu 13 днів тому

    That song at the end has haunted me for years because of a childhood game…..

  • @donculver8671
    @donculver8671 25 днів тому +7

    kudos to you wrappers, I have zero patience to do that, truly admire your skills!

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  22 дні тому

      Thank you!

    • @Funnygamememes
      @Funnygamememes 19 днів тому

      Its not skilled to wrap a monkey could do this 😅

  • @CarlosDiaz-hh6tv
    @CarlosDiaz-hh6tv 9 днів тому

    Very clean work

  • @exe-arg9
    @exe-arg9 6 днів тому

    A, esto llamo yo ser un gran maestro! del diseño!

  • @mauriceesguerra429
    @mauriceesguerra429 16 днів тому +9

    Legend has it he used to play with stickers when he was little now he makes a fortune wrapping cars with them !!!😁👍🏻🌟🏅🚘

  • @T.K.F.N.
    @T.K.F.N. 7 днів тому

    godamn thats clean wrap😮

  • @alexandro3385
    @alexandro3385 13 днів тому

    Meu trabalho preferido.

  • @smbeezy
    @smbeezy 21 день тому +3

    These guys make it look so simple. I know that shit is hard to make look perfect. What a masterpiece !!

    • @wrapohio
      @wrapohio  21 день тому +1

      Thank you so much! appreciate the love, we do take pride in our work

    • @Funnygamememes
      @Funnygamememes 19 днів тому

      They make it look simple cause it is, a monkey could wrap a car 😂

  • @Geremy_V
    @Geremy_V 14 днів тому

    It’s crazy how much work it takes to do a wrap job, but I would of left it black, silver is so plain every other f150 is silver the black looks soooo much better 👍

  • @la.roller9017
    @la.roller9017 7 днів тому

    kid: "i want a tesla truck."
    MoM: "we have tesla at home."
    ""tesla truck at home""

  • @mitchweissman5445
    @mitchweissman5445 18 днів тому +11


  • @Aknok
    @Aknok 14 днів тому

    Got the same wrap on my Volvo V60 .. i love it

  • @thewelfairshop4164
    @thewelfairshop4164 10 днів тому

    As somone who has restored old heavy equipment wich has plenty of stickers. Some times you get stuff that the paint has totally rusted off. Exept where the stickers are.

  • @brocktillman1014
    @brocktillman1014 Місяць тому +5

    Nice work!💪💚

  • @upgrade1015
    @upgrade1015 13 днів тому

    It always looks so fun, but I know it takes a ton of practice

  • @ukteen6630
    @ukteen6630 14 днів тому

    That’s clean fair play👍