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Second 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

  • Опубліковано 21 жов 2020
  • President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the second 2020 presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. www.c-span.org/debates/
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  • @Gezen-Adam
    @Gezen-Adam 3 роки тому +5386

    Debate starts at 26:00 👍🏻

  • @jeffcrusan2102
    @jeffcrusan2102 8 місяців тому +238

    Rewatching this in June of 2023 reminds me how surreal everything was in 2020 -- and lots of Trump gems come to light too. Trump saying "CHINA," saying Joe was "selling pillows and sheets" (where tf did he get that???), saying "We're gonna give you a court case, you need Perry Mason." Left me in stitches after rewatching lmfao

    • @frank.........
      @frank......... 8 місяців тому

      My 10-year-old brother is a fanatic fan of ΑdoΙf ΗitΙer and has his room decorated with posters of him, what should I do?

    • @jamestropicals8262
      @jamestropicals8262 6 місяців тому +30

      2016 to 2020 went by very slow. 2020 to 2024 went by in a rush

    • @jaredmbrill
      @jaredmbrill 6 місяців тому +18

      What I can’t believe is how coherent Joe sounds here compared to 3 years later.

    • @lolerie
      @lolerie 5 місяців тому +2

      He was giving pillow and sheets to Ukraine. While Trump sold (not for free, that was a lie of first inpeachment) Javelins.

    • @m42037
      @m42037 5 місяців тому +3

      @@jaredmbrill Dude just wait till he goes up again today!! Lol he'll have to have a teleprompter, which I believe is not legal in presidential debates 😂

  • @andry4313
    @andry4313 Рік тому +112

    "Americans don't panic!" They did panic by buying everything off the selves like it was an apocalypses and then isolated inside their houses. The local government panicked as well.

    • @DrinkLikeJuice
      @DrinkLikeJuice Рік тому +9


    • @toddprichard8277
      @toddprichard8277 11 місяців тому

      NOT DEMOCRAT GOVERMENT THEY WHERE COMPLISIT WITH THE ENTIRE SHOW TO USE EMERGENCEY POWERS TO EFECT THE ELECTION LAWS ILLEAGSLY AND UNCONSTITUTIONALY AND THEYVE BEEN CAUGHT UNFORTUNATLY THE DAMAGE TO OUR SOCIETY IS HURENDOUS BUT IT WAS CAUGHT THESE ARE ACTS OF WAR BY CHINA THEY INFILTRAITED OUR PRESIDENCEY WITH FORGN FINANCHAL, INFLUENCE AND CONSPIRED PLOT USED AGAINST AMERICANS TO CONTROL OUR SOCIETY FROM INSIDE BEFOR TRYING TO TAKE IT OVER ALL TO GETHETER A ATEMPT TO CONTROL ANERICAM RESORCES IS COUGHTNAND REJECTED AND AACTIONS AGAIST CHINA WILL BE SWIFT AND CRUSHING ALLIED PARTISIPATION IN THE BAN OF CHINA FROM THE WORLD MARKET IS BANED AND ALIED NATIONS ARE FORBIDEN ANY BUISNESS DEALINGS WITHANY RELATED COMPANY OR INTITY OR GOVERMENT OF CHINA OR ANY NATIO. DOING BUISNESS WITH CHINA CUT THEM OFF 100%% nothing less is acceptable to the United states citizzens majority don't believe what the media news tells you its chimese influence is absolute and exsposed and as we mount a responce we look to the gallows for this is the only fitting punishment for suchnattempts to gain power over free people attempting to implement control on every level, this ends now and accountability is where we are and foundational security resons none of the people involves will be spared prosicution or spared from the gallows we exspect them hung for treason you can work it out with in government but it's unlikely and civil, unrest will mount untill these actions are recognized and put to rubber on the road for the future of the USA these purpotraitors in this entire conspired power grab must face the top law of the land for consiquences of your action must be held to account for this conspired infiltraited coluded effort yall going to hang one way or the other these political power-hungry control freeks and greedy sellouts no mater with it is its one off them And foverment can display your hangings or civil war can display your hangings for you at a cordinated malisha s gather for bringing this dirty ugly situation to accountability an the only acceptable punishment is to be hanged or a fireing squad personnaly I want all of them hung with no foot weight added so they choke to death and shit there pants and piss there self for all the nation to see anything less for this is not going tomavoid civil war goverment will hang there there own for backstabing there nation garrnteed or the citizens will take operational con t rol of al, said. Government and military comand in a 50 states panel at a constitutional convention with or with out goverment say there word in this matter is eirelivent the ball is in motion one thing that won't be avoided with out goverment removal is no persons guilty in this or supporting of this wil, be exsempt form the gallows or Publix take over and restructureingnofmall personally withing miIitary comand and goverment administration none will be pardoned period we watch you wiggle and hang wee the peoplle deserve this justice and demand it HANG THE CHINESE LOYALISTS THAT SOLD OUT THERE NATIONM I R ATEMPTED BUT ENDED UP HANGED FOR THERR GRAND GREEN NEW SACAM AGAINST USA

  • @mario3war
    @mario3war 5 місяців тому +40

    1:38:17 “I can’t even see the audience because it’s so dark.” 😂

  • @sharingmythoughts1552
    @sharingmythoughts1552 Рік тому +29

    Watching this on July 28, 2022. This never gets old.

    • @thedailydobs6188
      @thedailydobs6188 Рік тому

      Looks like Trump was right about everything!!!!!!!

  • @koberino4872
    @koberino4872 5 місяців тому +26

    Props to Biden for not falling asleep

    • @adamgriffith6750
      @adamgriffith6750 Місяць тому

      now in 2024 joe has declined so much that if towards the end of the year there is any debates joe very well might begin to doze out as he can not put 2-3 sentences together at the same time.
      T r u m p 2 0 2 4

    • @r2d187
      @r2d187 21 день тому +2

      @@adamgriffith6750 The 2024 debate will be a replay of this one where Trump gets man-handled like the spoiled brat that he is. Biden has a law degree - Trump has a BS in B.S. - yet people want to both-sides everything trump does as if it has equal merit. Biden's policies are superior - his accomplishments are superior - & most definitely his intellect is too but that ain't sayin' much given the intellectual & moral decline of trump as if that were even possible. Repubs should ditch the grapist before it's too late or else Biden destroys him again in November.

    • @adamgriffith6750
      @adamgriffith6750 19 днів тому

      @@r2d187 first of all I'd like to say your comment is well written and too it is good to see someone make a comment that is more than a few words. Or, even one full line, but a fragmented sentence with bad wording too. thuh the vast majority of comments are like that. Yours though, is good....
      Second about you stating biden has done well and had many accomplishments: huh. Dose that include the biden admins orchestrated ILLEGAL immigrant invasion of the usa which, in the short term is already costing taxpayers untold $billions$, raising crime rates, raising homelessness rates etc.... and in the long term if bidens invasion is not stopped it will destroy the country etcccc.
      biden has been horrible and there has been multiple major problems due to him being president, but 2 alone are enough to disqualify him.... the illegal immigrant invasion of the usa that 100% allowed, enabled and facilitated by the biden admin that is first and foremost... then of course the world turmoil that has happend since biden took office including 2 major wars starting
      now just the other day biden was deemed an incapable eldery man with a poor memory.... the person who said that is an established legal authority so what dose that mean.
      look the orange man bad nonsense needs to stop as the biden admin is driving the usa towards a cliff at 80 mph.
      at this point after that legal authority said that, biden himself couldnt even get threw a short questioning session the day after with out bumbling and fumbling his answers... thuh he is having cognitive decline, he is beyond the average living age and by the end of this year 2024 he might be way worse than he already is.... if he makes it thru this year still ok then next year or the following year very likely max hes gonna be fully ready for a rest home or at least full retirement.... yet, you even though, you are obviously smart cause you write well and choose good words you still do not acknowledge this fact and the fact of the biden admns illegal immigrant invasion of the usa. fake new has indoctrinated you and millions of others with their non stop orange man bad non sense..
      hope you wake up and see this.... if say biden dosent even get the dem nom or, he gets 25th amended, or he finally admits his time is up at least for being president or, anything else happens to get biden out... including a trump landslide... well then i'm pre saing i told you so....
      thuh just look into vids of previous biden voting dems who were also, orange man bad people.... already in the beginning of 2024 many are dumping biden and saing trump 2024
      thats all i got to say
      have a good one

    • @adamgriffith6750
      @adamgriffith6750 19 днів тому

      @@r2d187 i just thought out and typed out what was pretty much a well written spell checked word checked reply to you... in it one of the things i put was a compliment to you for typing out a well written reply to me... the rest of it obliterated biden and torched why anyone would still vote for him at this point.... but yet, again thuh directly after i think out and type out a comment i come ack to look and see if it is still there and it is Not. wow. maybe you will get/see it or for whatever reason or whatever algas of yu tube my comment poofed goned...

    • @r2d187
      @r2d187 19 днів тому

      @@adamgriffith6750 That's a bummer. My comments have sometimes disappeared on YT as well so I don't know what that's about. Would've love to have seen your comment to understand your position. Do you plan to vote this year? If so & if not Biden then who? And lastly, thank you for your kind words.

  • @hugescheer7715
    @hugescheer7715 3 роки тому +6745

    The people who are watching this:
    - laying down
    - not in full screen
    - reading comments

  • @SuperPimpin12345
    @SuperPimpin12345 Рік тому +24

    This is a great speech so far they are talking about subjects everybody understands and thinks that they should be talked about .In my opinion that is what I've been looking forward towards their is and are times and places for all parts of the government to discuss topics and the presidents are similar 1 in the same but are a little different I like that thus far .

  • @langa1533
    @langa1533 Рік тому +192

    Watching this now gets me rethinking a lot of things.

    • @Techvision711
      @Techvision711 Рік тому +7

      It’s almost like we are stuck in a reality show but it’s real life

    • @CameronsCars
      @CameronsCars Рік тому

      Trump is right

    • @Steveo_nz
      @Steveo_nz Рік тому

      Yea it’s clear how full of poo joe Biden is

    • @charlesdolaya
      @charlesdolaya Рік тому +81

      @@Techvision711 yeah well maybe you shouldn’t voted for biden

    • @Techvision711
      @Techvision711 Рік тому +1

      @@charlesdolaya 😂👌 Who said I did his slow ass don’t assume bro I’m fin vote for dat boy trump next election 😂

  • @262shiv
    @262shiv 22 дні тому +17

    Anyone back here to compare how biden could speak so well 4 years back..without forgeting things😅

    • @hotdog05
      @hotdog05 16 днів тому

      He got exposed so hard he started stuttering

    • @ashleyworden1887
      @ashleyworden1887 11 днів тому

      He doesn't do that now!

    • @kendanzan8088
      @kendanzan8088 2 дні тому

      Honestly sad. He needs to retire and spend the remainder of his life with his family and leave politics behind. Life too precious for this garbage man

    • @judaskatoby
      @judaskatoby День тому

      Biden Still can speak sentences 👍😒🤦‍♂️

    • @judaskatoby
      @judaskatoby День тому


  • @lydiasimoneau931
    @lydiasimoneau931 Рік тому +738

    I love when Trump plays the accordian every time he talks.

    • @DavidJohnson-hg1mz
      @DavidJohnson-hg1mz Рік тому +47

      He’s the best ever at sign language. Don’t make fun of the supreme leader.

    • @echoingoutofexistence4222
      @echoingoutofexistence4222 Рік тому

      And Joe biden is a puppet

    • @lydias2012
      @lydias2012 Рік тому

      @@echoingoutofexistence4222 Go back under your bridge. Puppet of whom? You make no sense. You think lizard aliens, flat earth, and that JFK jr is still alive. You can disagree with his policies. Start there and use logic and reason.

    • @flowerfloc
      @flowerfloc Рік тому +6

      @@DavidJohnson-hg1mz 🤡🤡

    • @User-hi9ir
      @User-hi9ir Рік тому +1

      @@flowerfloc what a clown you are

  • @lifeisgood5619
    @lifeisgood5619 5 місяців тому +3

    So C-span doesn't know how to put chapters on youtube or is the 2020 presidential election an exception?
    Was chapters a thing in 2020?

  • @soniateneyck884
    @soniateneyck884 3 роки тому +5721

    Who needs NETFLIX when the whole country is a show?

    • @readingsbycara
      @readingsbycara 3 роки тому +7

      *Calm the tension.*
      #soulcare *for Election Day.*
      AMERICA VOTES 2020

    • @briannalee1998
      @briannalee1998 3 роки тому +17

      Sonia Teneyck lol

    • @xyjff4447
      @xyjff4447 3 роки тому +40

      Why is everyone commenting the same shit over and over? I mean even if u see someone get many likes dont u feel like the biggest sheep when u copy it, who is unable to come up with anything on ur own? :p

    • @tullo5564
      @tullo5564 3 роки тому

      @@briannalee1998 hi lovely

    • @kanagawayarichin
      @kanagawayarichin 3 роки тому +4

      They both scripted

  • @adamlocke8082
    @adamlocke8082 2 роки тому +81

    1:53:00 Biden talks about destroying the oil industry. Which is why gas prices are the highest ever.

    • @kaidoust4145
      @kaidoust4145 Рік тому +1

      that's not "destroying the oil industry" he hasn't even been able to enact any major environmental laws yet

    • @PaulBadman981
      @PaulBadman981 Рік тому +24

      @@kaidoust4145 He discontinued the pipeline and has made no substantial movements since then, it also doesn’t help that we have stopped importing our oil from Russia. Under Trump we were oil independent and had record lows, but now it’s almost getting to Great Depression levels of bad. I wonder, what way can you say that it isn’t a problem caused by the Biden administration?

    • @kaidoust4145
      @kaidoust4145 Рік тому +5

      @@PaulBadman981 oil prices are high around the world right now. Biden doesn't control Norway's oil but it's bad there too. This is not really Biden's fault.

    • @PaulBadman981
      @PaulBadman981 Рік тому +14

      @@kaidoust4145 Tell me how discontinuing the pipeline didn’t contribute to our expanding oil prices? We have already established our oil prices started to go up even before the Russian tension and it only helped exceed it into even more extreme territories. Tell me what his plan is and how far he is on getting it established.

    • @kaidoust4145
      @kaidoust4145 Рік тому +1

      @@PaulBadman981 the nebraska pipeline right? This was in 2021
      that has nothing to do with the surge in price today
      also that pipeline was blocked for land owners, native american tribes and environmental issues.

  • @eedoamitay3341
    @eedoamitay3341 2 роки тому +13

    What a journey, I am going to be re-watching these videos for years to come

  • @SopranoDAdon
    @SopranoDAdon Рік тому +27

    Biden literally done the opposite of everything he spoke about in this debate. What a clown

    • @judaskatoby
      @judaskatoby 17 днів тому +2

      That's a lie, HE KEPT THIS promises❤❤❤🙏

  • @mardochesimon5631
    @mardochesimon5631 Рік тому +43

    It's funny the way Trump is calling Biden as a friend "Joe" and Joe calling him "this man" like he never knew him. Lolll

    • @courtneyratliff3684
      @courtneyratliff3684 28 днів тому

      Lol so concerned about that comment as children are to be made as the children of parents that follow suit of you will be the society of what we say...as long as u Rome under us

    • @courtneyratliff3684
      @courtneyratliff3684 28 днів тому

      Now your fighting for their proverty n deprivation of law n protection

    • @courtneyratliff3684
      @courtneyratliff3684 28 днів тому

      Move neglanat man

  • @dv6195
    @dv6195 3 місяці тому +21

    The lady clearly doesn’t want trump to speak and defend himself she gives almost unlimited time to sleepy joe and doesn’t let trump respond to his claims

    • @moemenace5345
      @moemenace5345 Місяць тому +1

      It’s literally timed lol.

    • @bereal6590
      @bereal6590 Місяць тому

      If the orange maniac became mute, he would be doing the whole world a favour. He has the most stupid facial expressions ever, so that might be a problem!

    • @dv6195
      @dv6195 Місяць тому +4

      @@moemenace5345 yes but whenever Biden has a rebuttal she doesn’t stop him and he talks way longer then trump

  • @chrisdomenico3161
    @chrisdomenico3161 2 роки тому +41

    “We can’t lock ourselves up in a basement like Joe does”…..hahahahahahahahahaha

  • @Spartos83
    @Spartos83 Рік тому +85

    54:36 lmfao the reaction. This video never gets old.

    • @bryanduchane2371
      @bryanduchane2371 10 місяців тому +1

      Watching it 11 months since you made your comment and it's still great to watch!

    • @gabrielswayze4506
      @gabrielswayze4506 9 місяців тому +1

      ​@Recite-God-Heal-Me-Create-Miracles What did you make this comment #

  • @juanledezma5501
    @juanledezma5501 Рік тому +16

    Trump has good points especially when he goes to details she does not let him finish Joe just talks and dose not really answer the questions he talk about other topics

  • @boxman117
    @boxman117 9 місяців тому +8

    It does not feel like it has been almost four years since this debate. The time has gone fast looking back, but I think it is because of COVID.

  • @whoknows4260
    @whoknows4260 3 роки тому +889

    POV: you're not even American

  • @c2prusa
    @c2prusa Рік тому +127

    42:46 "I don't look at this the way he does, blue states and red states, they're all the United States" Then immediately points out that red states are having covid spikes

  • @artur1101
    @artur1101 Рік тому +82

    "who built the cages joe?" haha, with that delivery, love it

  • @Layerlol
    @Layerlol 7 місяців тому +8

    34:39 This is starting to make alot more sense now in 2023.

    • @judaskatoby
      @judaskatoby 17 днів тому

      It doesn't make sense

    • @Layerlol
      @Layerlol 17 днів тому

      @@judaskatoby Not everyone is created equal.

  • @hrennicks6984
    @hrennicks6984 2 роки тому +515

    "If Biden gets in you're going to end up with a depression the likes of which you've never seen. You'll be lucky If you end up with a country at all." - President Donald J. Trump July 19, 2020

    • @violentbryan21
      @violentbryan21 2 роки тому +126

      This country is falling harder then ever, inflation, un affordable housing, forced vaccine, stock market crashing, in pending WW3.

    • @einnocrellaw4327
      @einnocrellaw4327 2 роки тому +16

      It's now Feb. 6, 2022 and Biden and the Dems are currently destroying this Country just like President Trump predicted. Where's Biden??? Still Hidin'. But with President Trumps' help along with MANY great Patriots like General Flynn, Mike Pompeo, Steve Bannon, Mike Lindell, Governor DeSantis and some strong Patriot Senators and Congress members WE THE PEOPLE ARE TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY. The Biden Admin. has literally used the DOJ to label American Patriots as "Domestic Terrorists". Trump draws record crowds at his rallies still, the last rally in Texas there were nearly 90k people present. Biden decided to get out to give speeches, he can't even get 100 people to show up and those who do are paid. Tell the American people again that Biden was duly elected... BS. Even American citizens who are registered Democrats want NOTHING to do with Biden or his Admin. Hell Harris can't even keep staff due to her ugly ass attitude. Biden and the corrupt Dems want to keep our Boarders open for 2 reasons... they will use them to attempt another rigged election, and the other reason is to keep the supply of illegal immigrant children pouring in this Country to be sold via human trafficking for the perverted pedophiles like Joe. Funny how when Epstein was arrested the Dems had him killed outta fear he would turn over the blackmail videos and photos he had on many Dems. What have we as Americans learned over this last year.... Leftists are friggin nut jobs who need to be institutionalized, Biden can't even form sentences when he does press briefings, Biden still does creepy things when he is in the presence of children and as we reflect on something Obama said as President "Don't underestimate Joes' ability to Fuk things up" yeh... even Patriots support that quote. Can't wait until Biden and all these corrupt politicians are executed for Crimes Against Humanity. Lets not forget how Biden literally shit himself at the COP26 climate talks in Glascow!! Biden is literally a psychological nut job. Democrats are destroying their party and Patriots are sitting back and laughing at those dumbazzes. Americans chant "Lets Go Biden" as a MSM reported stated... when in all actuality Americans were chanting FUK Joe Biden. Trump is the GREATEST President this Country has had in MANY MANY years. Period.... Full Stop.

    • @pugspyrotechnics3390
      @pugspyrotechnics3390 2 роки тому +3

      I just hate both of them.

    • @glogang4445
      @glogang4445 2 роки тому +46

      I can tell you as a Gen Z myself - We will NOT allow ourselves to be drafted off to war, like how they did back in Vietnam!

    • @CDbiggen
      @CDbiggen 2 роки тому +8

      @@pugspyrotechnics3390 , Fair enough. You would've thought the United States of America would have a higher quality of presidential candidate to vote for.

  • @TheDJA4E
    @TheDJA4E 4 місяці тому +3

    Gee - I wonder if the hand up Joe’s back told him to focus on dissing Trump as much as possible?!

  • @VlogEpicness
    @VlogEpicness 3 роки тому +8663

    If I wanted to watch 2 elderly people argue I’d just hang out with my parents.

    • @Alli1521
      @Alli1521 3 роки тому +81


    • @gracehernandez8230
      @gracehernandez8230 3 роки тому +40


    • @innakapu9712
      @innakapu9712 3 роки тому +146

      ...or grandparents 👍

    • @QuuQuu
      @QuuQuu 3 роки тому +20

      pretty much sums it up

    • @cilly008
      @cilly008 3 роки тому +47

      Then why do you come here in first place instead of listening to your parents? It is not a necessity to listen to either of them.

  • @BL_1954
    @BL_1954 2 роки тому +29

    Let’s go Brandon!

    • @kaidoust4145
      @kaidoust4145 Рік тому +3

      better than with trump

    • @spookyspacecook174
      @spookyspacecook174 Рік тому

      @@kaidoust4145 Your crazy! I know people that have lost all of their investments, its because of our current president trying to fight "Climate change" that gas is high. It is all Joes fault

    • @kaidoust4145
      @kaidoust4145 Рік тому

      @@spookyspacecook174 Joe Biden does not control world gas prices. OPEC and the other large oil industry countries do. Look them up and stop blindly accepting whatever bull your conservative facebook page feeds you

    • @spookyspacecook174
      @spookyspacecook174 Рік тому

      @@kaidoust4145 actually it’s his policy of going green and trying to get away from oil. If you watch his older debate videos he says that he is going to get rid of oil and raise prices.

    • @kaidoust4145
      @kaidoust4145 Рік тому

      @@spookyspacecook174 yeah in a few decades once people can actually afford to not use oil
      It's called "phasing out" oil, and has nothing to do with what is going on rn

  • @Edible_minsterTv
    @Edible_minsterTv Рік тому +16

    This debate was a couple weeks after my apartment burnt down it truly was my worst crisis that year

  • @KKnowledgeSharing
    @KKnowledgeSharing Місяць тому +4

    I wish I can be the one who speaks very well like them❤

  • @kylem9756
    @kylem9756 Рік тому +124

    You gotta admit this debate was kind of funny.

    • @heyimjustaguy3743
      @heyimjustaguy3743 10 місяців тому +15

      The first one was funnier

    • @hmlandis1370
      @hmlandis1370 4 місяці тому +1

      @@heyimjustaguy3743 By MEYONS of miles lmao.

    • @AsrSdd-mq3dx
      @AsrSdd-mq3dx 2 місяці тому +1

      @@heyimjustaguy3743 facts trump and Biden are funny asf 😂😂

    • @chadiyoob155
      @chadiyoob155 Місяць тому +2

      Nothing funny about this. This is who we have for Presidents

  • @isaiahquiatchon
    @isaiahquiatchon 3 місяці тому +18

    I love how Joe is wearing a blue tie and trump is wearing a red tie, Like this is a serious rivalry 🤣

    • @Bilboniun
      @Bilboniun 2 місяці тому +1

      What is a more serious rivalry than two people who want to run for a world leader?

    • @isaiahquiatchon
      @isaiahquiatchon 2 місяці тому +1

      @@Bilboniun Something wrong squinty? I didn't get you started on anything.

    • @seraphinastarlorn2638
      @seraphinastarlorn2638 Місяць тому

      Red is the color of the Republican Party and Blue is the color for the Democrat party

    • @isaiahquiatchon
      @isaiahquiatchon Місяць тому

      @@seraphinastarlorn2638 Ohhh good to know.

  • @eneskaya6458
    @eneskaya6458 3 роки тому +1883

    Obama 2009: Yes we can
    Trump 2016:America first
    Biden2020: Will u shut up man

    • @XTYRMIN8Z
      @XTYRMIN8Z 3 роки тому +111

      Trump 2016 was actually: America sucks
      You can't "make America great" unless it's not currently a great country.

    • @johnford4835
      @johnford4835 3 роки тому +29

      @@XTYRMIN8Z yes bc if something isn’t great, it sucks

    • @ramal5708
      @ramal5708 3 роки тому +14

      Or Biden 2020: No Malarkey!

    • @tasarabande6795
      @tasarabande6795 3 роки тому +3

      kkkkk Shut up Man!!!

    • @johnford4835
      @johnford4835 3 роки тому

      @@tasarabande6795 hahaha

  • @fullsoul5850
    @fullsoul5850 2 роки тому +113

    Trump said: “47 years Joe; in 47 years you’ve done nothing.”
    Like damn that’s a long time to be bullshitting on the clock😂🤣

    • @xalpacazeu1332
      @xalpacazeu1332 2 роки тому +6

      He was a senator not a dictator

    • @voiceofreason8041
      @voiceofreason8041 2 роки тому +12

      @@xalpacazeu1332 That approved laws. In the end.. Think

    • @yome7580
      @yome7580 2 роки тому

      @@xalpacazeu1332 he was a braindead puppet of the corrupt deepstate.

    • @xalpacazeu1332
      @xalpacazeu1332 Рік тому +3

      @@voiceofreason8041 still needs the help of other senators

    • @Biggiiful
      @Biggiiful Рік тому

      @@xalpacazeu1332 Trump was not a dictator, nor close to one, you partisan hack.

  • @josephdial387
    @josephdial387 Рік тому +9

    Watching this with confirmation of the laptop being true and other revelations is historically accurate now.

    • @alexsperring7545
      @alexsperring7545 Рік тому

      U mean hunters dick pics? Um ok..if u like that kinda thing. 🤷

    • @mrmustache8735
      @mrmustache8735 4 місяці тому +2

      Media covered it up since it would've destroyed Joe's credibility

  • @user-on1sk4fl6s
    @user-on1sk4fl6s 3 місяці тому

    building of barracks in of huge miss to leave off is it that downloading is costlier than uploading, so how do a move is made to be a move out

  • @riotgamerz1605
    @riotgamerz1605 Рік тому +209

    Biden: “I don’t know where he comes from.”
    Trump:”Queens.” 😂

    • @StellaAdler1171
      @StellaAdler1171 Рік тому +4


    • @toddprichard8277
      @toddprichard8277 11 місяців тому


    • @lanevalhalla9344
      @lanevalhalla9344 7 місяців тому


    • @ch-p2861
      @ch-p2861 7 місяців тому

      Time stamp????

    • @st.gregory
      @st.gregory 6 місяців тому

      Time stamp ??????? .

  • @bgb844
    @bgb844 11 місяців тому +5

    1:53:35 trump making owl sounds XD

  • @teejay4208
    @teejay4208 3 роки тому +3366

    Americans: The Presidential debate
    Other Countries: Comedy!!!!!!!

    • @igorcamargo8362
      @igorcamargo8362 3 роки тому +70

      Yep, but as a Brazilian our debates are no better also.

    • @cemadiby
      @cemadiby 3 роки тому +44

      That´s why I´m here ngl

    • @babydragonyt84
      @babydragonyt84 3 роки тому +27


    • @babydragonyt84
      @babydragonyt84 3 роки тому +32


    • @octolingkun6190
      @octolingkun6190 3 роки тому +8

      @@babydragonyt84 yeah

  • @NoCap2506
    @NoCap2506 Рік тому +19

    25:22 the first and probably the last time they have ever spoke civilly to each other. 💀

  • @harshkumarsinha5437
    @harshkumarsinha5437 Рік тому +18

    53:37 "I think u r the big mam,maybe u r not"just loved it🤗

  • @izmush
    @izmush Місяць тому +3

    "Come on folks"

  • @gwenieunierb8038
    @gwenieunierb8038 Рік тому +257

    Debate Start: 26:00
    Next COVID Stage: 26:29
    COVID Vaccine: 31:50
    Consequences of Another Shutdown: 38:17
    Message to Schools 40:30
    Ending Foreign Election Interference 47:14
    Donald Trump Tax Returns 54:00
    Biden Relationship w/Ukraine, China 56:21
    DJT Conflict of Interest 58:18
    Would China Pay 59:39
    North Korea Threat 1:04:41
    ACA Replacement 1:07:38
    Government-Run Health Care 1:12:07
    Relief Bill 1:17:16
    Raising Minimum Wage 1:20:22
    Separated Families at Border 1:22:55
    Immigration Overhaul 1:25:21
    Fearful African American Parents 1:29:11
    DJT Racial Rhetoric 1:37:20
    Climate Change and Job Growth 1:43:06
    Message to Americans Who Didn’t Vote For You 1:54:44

  • @Akotski-ys9rr
    @Akotski-ys9rr 8 місяців тому +8

    Wow Joe Biden seems so much more competent in this video compared to now

    • @513hook513
      @513hook513 4 місяці тому +1

      No he was the same back then as he is now. Go back and watch his campaigning to different cities. He didn't even know where he was half the time.They had him on something that kept him alert during this debate.

    • @bereal6590
      @bereal6590 4 місяці тому

      What's trumps excuse

    • @LamarJones-ig4yk
      @LamarJones-ig4yk 2 місяці тому

      Yeah he doesn't

  • @staceymcsharry2725
    @staceymcsharry2725 3 роки тому +1709

    Americans: the presidential debate
    The rest of the world: I don't care who wins, just please don't bomb our country

  • @hamish8283
    @hamish8283 Рік тому +1

    I presume they are using capacitor microphones as this would allow the audio engineers to manually turn phantom power on and off in respect to who is speaking

  • @HughJazzTTs
    @HughJazzTTs Рік тому +251

    people need to come back and rewatch this, trump laid out everything that was going to happen.

    • @lera722
      @lera722 Рік тому +31

      Completely agree

    • @timiveres6503
      @timiveres6503 Рік тому

      but they are too retarded to admit and would only talk about jan 6th, as it is the most crucial problem in the US, not the mess this moron has brought

    • @wheniwasyourage4418
      @wheniwasyourage4418 Рік тому +16

      Trump predicted everything except his own loss.

    • @Z_Victory_Z
      @Z_Victory_Z Рік тому +35

      @@wheniwasyourage4418 He didn't lose.

    • @Mangetsallmans
      @Mangetsallmans Рік тому +2

      @@wheniwasyourage4418 ur saying that as if it's a good thing

  • @jib1823
    @jib1823 7 місяців тому +2

    No matter what side you're on I think we can all agree that this time limit is a fucking joke. So fucking frustrating hearing the moderator jumping in saying that time's up.

  • @flashedwheat6783
    @flashedwheat6783 Рік тому +16

    Quite The Presidential Debate As It Is! 💙

  • @mildaatubigah4620
    @mildaatubigah4620 Рік тому +3

    "who built the cages?"😂😂😂

  • @Lewis_Hamer
    @Lewis_Hamer 3 роки тому +14413

    Finally an actual debate instead of hours of yelling.

    • @bigbick1267
      @bigbick1267 3 роки тому +892

      I dont like how the moderater would not fact check biden but it was a better debate than the last one

    • @bidenfails8478
      @bidenfails8478 3 роки тому +632

      I don’t like how they let Biden talk

    • @billyalbertson8504
      @billyalbertson8504 3 роки тому +198

      I found the last one much more entertaining plus Biden didn’t talk all I heard was trump it was tremendous it was a great debate and i of all people would know

    • @Lewis_Hamer
      @Lewis_Hamer 3 роки тому +318

      @@bidenfails8478 I agree. She spoke over trump but let biden speak :/

    • @laury9748
      @laury9748 3 роки тому +223

      @@Lewis_Hamer good makes trump know how everyone feels🙄

    @WOLFM0THER Рік тому +155

    1:02:47 I just love trump’s response to that

    • @tazztazz2247
      @tazztazz2247 Рік тому +4

      Oh you just keep on yappin , keep yapping an c

    • @eclipse8405
      @eclipse8405 Рік тому +6

      😂 it’s true

    • @nully304
      @nully304 Рік тому +8

      Yeah he really called him out on that

    • @ch-p2861
      @ch-p2861 7 місяців тому +4

      Lol Joe got under his skin

    • @BJenno
      @BJenno 5 місяців тому +3

      @@ch-p2861 it’s true. He talks about helping families by giving $700 to each house that was destroyed by the Maui fires, and millions or billions of dollars to Ukraine.

  • @hackedbyai
    @hackedbyai Рік тому +63

    34:32 - 35:35 😂😂😂😂😂 Bidens Face and Trumps Shots against Biden are too funny

  • @jimhalpert0
    @jimhalpert0 Місяць тому +3

    Debate between Nixon and Kennedy: Both sides respectful to each other
    Debate between Trump and Biden: Full on attack mode

  • @vernoneatwell5449
    @vernoneatwell5449 2 роки тому +48

    I love how most presidential debates are never real points but rather insults to the other candidate. What has the world of politics come into?

    • @valkyriesardo278
      @valkyriesardo278 9 місяців тому +2

      Learn more history. This has always been the standard in USA politics.

    • @rudolf6944
      @rudolf6944 6 місяців тому +1

      ​@@valkyriesardo278 Take the log out your eye, before taking the splinter out of the eye of someone else. He was reffering to debates. This was not the standard in the first televised debates. In fact, you see Nixon and Kennedy stay away from ad hominems.

    • @limsk9839
      @limsk9839 5 місяців тому

      ​@@valkyriesardo278it is sad that this is considered to be the norm in the "greatest country" of the world.

    • @jimhalpert0
      @jimhalpert0 Місяць тому

      Go see the Nixon vs Kennedy debate. The first US presidential debate

    • @BerZeRker_BaSTaRdo
      @BerZeRker_BaSTaRdo Місяць тому

      ​@@valkyriesardo278No, actually it hasn't. There was a time when presidential debates weren't about bashing the opponent constantly.

  • @devinsmith5926
    @devinsmith5926 3 місяці тому +2

    57:44 gotta love that "Transparency"

  • @pauloh7631
    @pauloh7631 3 роки тому +636

    "america doesnt panic" two words.......toilet paper

    • @aussiekilo
      @aussiekilo 3 роки тому +3

      No longer COVID19 IT IS CALLED #CovidDT45

    • @a2pha
      @a2pha 3 роки тому

      One word. Lysol.

    • @timh6411
      @timh6411 3 роки тому +2

      Demtards panickeded over TP

    • @GrandWayKnivesGlobal
      @GrandWayKnivesGlobal 3 роки тому +3

      On our channel, Knife Thrower made a prediction - Trump will win!

    • @ethyxlisnomore5595
      @ethyxlisnomore5595 3 роки тому

      wEt wipes

  • @ebenezerwheezer4619
    @ebenezerwheezer4619 Рік тому +120

    The Pelosi "dancing on the streets in Chinatown" point was hilarious and very true 🤣

    • @user-ly6pl5ot9m
      @user-ly6pl5ot9m Рік тому

      If "Chinatown" is Taiwan, then whoopsie.
      That horrible old lady actually has more balls than all GQP and its paganic mango deity combined...

    • @windykingdom6153
      @windykingdom6153 Рік тому +1

      Agreed 🤣

    • @phongntran12
      @phongntran12 5 місяців тому

      Cracks me up

    • @ke4827
      @ke4827 Місяць тому


  • @VikingPressMedia
    @VikingPressMedia Рік тому +126

    I watch this in 2022 just knowing how much better off our country would be. Wow, so much Trump said has come true.

    • @danhard8440
      @danhard8440 Рік тому +13

      from 1:53:00 and to the end says it all about what we are going through at the pumps

    • @godzillacentral3629
      @godzillacentral3629 Рік тому

      EW A TRUMP SUPPORTER Look at how much better biden is doing you idiot, in the first month he already put them on health control And atleast hes not sexist like trump ._.

    • @jbl3466
      @jbl3466 Рік тому +9

      @@danhard8440 gas prices would be equally high if trump were still president.

    • @vadim1788
      @vadim1788 10 місяців тому +5

      like what? name one, i'm genuinely curious

    • @jjgreen5206
      @jjgreen5206 7 місяців тому +5

      Literally nothing he’s said has come true

  • @KingFishdom
    @KingFishdom 8 місяців тому +1

    The fact that he says prepaid on his taxes. How you gonna pay on something that hasn't even happend yet? He just guess how much he was gonna make for the next 3 years lmao 🤣

    • @janerohr8055
      @janerohr8055 2 місяці тому

      Yes Biden is the most corrupt in politics I agree

  • @drewlomite
    @drewlomite Рік тому +12

    Years later, the moderator cutting Trump off every question STILL pisses me off. No respect and CLEAR bias

    • @89stebu
      @89stebu Рік тому

      The one in the VP debate was far worse cutting Pence off.

    • @judaskatoby
      @judaskatoby 4 дні тому

      It's timed

  • @happinessnwogu2440
    @happinessnwogu2440 10 місяців тому +4

    Oh Lord we glorify your name for your Majesty in Jesus name.

  • @CoolSimasGuy
    @CoolSimasGuy 3 роки тому +763

    Let’s be honest. This debate was far more mature than the first debate. This moderator was better than that phony Chris Wallace.

    • @lifeisshrt7929
      @lifeisshrt7929 3 роки тому +84

      Facts but you can’t lie the first debate was funny asf to watch

    • @drspaghet
      @drspaghet 3 роки тому +4

      @@lifeisshrt7929 I can agree with you on that

    • @levedia
      @levedia 3 роки тому +4

      yes and less interrruptions than twat Wallace

    • @methinking2394
      @methinking2394 3 роки тому +7

      Yea Idk what happened with Chris, 2016 it was good but he obviously couldn’t control anything on both sides for some reason now, to be fair Trump took a calmer approach this time around

    • @satan6412
      @satan6412 3 роки тому +12

      I credit the mute button on trump.

  • @jackie-minjiewu5483
    @jackie-minjiewu5483 Рік тому +13

    I guess because Biden talks so slowly and emptily before he gets a full sentence out, but the moderator would always cut Trump off or be very strict about his 10 second rebuttals. With Biden, she let him go on… and on…. and on….. to no real point in the end.

  • @dianahoward2606
    @dianahoward2606 Рік тому +4

    The moderator let’s Joe go on and on but constantly interrupts Trump and cuts him short saying 10 seconds etc. so disrespectful!

  • @anonymousvapes8026
    @anonymousvapes8026 9 місяців тому +7

    Wow how Joe lies and deflects.

  • @josearriola7070
    @josearriola7070 2 роки тому +388

    Watching this in 2022 you have to admit that Trump was right on COVID matters.

    • @DrinkLikeJuice
      @DrinkLikeJuice 2 роки тому +58

      @BlueWarHead all of it

    • @anthonyjordan7847
      @anthonyjordan7847 Рік тому +19

      On everything
      Watch hunter get locked up too!

    • @thedeadlygames9716
      @thedeadlygames9716 Рік тому

      @BlueWarHead ok smart one I’ll name one, lockdowns. There you go.

    • @TheKayx94
      @TheKayx94 Рік тому

      So many lies surfacing now of Biden

    • @prototek100
      @prototek100 Рік тому +11

      That's easy to say now, at the time he definitely wasn't though. In fact if we had kept going with that mind set you wouldn't be able to say this now lol

  • @francescastillo8243
    @francescastillo8243 7 місяців тому +1

    Come on José. I am a 73-year-old woman and I can walk and chew gum at the same time without stumbling while blowing bubbles and singing/skipping to Skip To My Lou. 😂😂😂😅😅😅

  • @Ghost-no9hb
    @Ghost-no9hb 3 роки тому +932

    How many of u aren’t even in America
    I’m not 😂

    • @TizzTv
      @TizzTv 3 роки тому +52

      America is so ignorant. We watch their debates and get updated on USA but they have no clue what is really going on anywhere else.

    • @maryknutson9148
      @maryknutson9148 3 роки тому +29

      I’m not. That’s why I see Biden is a healthy choice is many ways for USA.

    • @VrushaliKhadilkar
      @VrushaliKhadilkar 3 роки тому +8


    • @saraarchetti2308
      @saraarchetti2308 3 роки тому +15

      Hi from Italy! Can't help but find this entertaining lol

    • @LoBoHoBo09
      @LoBoHoBo09 3 роки тому +31

      yall niggas dont got the authority to comment on US politics if u dont live in the country swear to god u foreign fucks annoying af

  • @99.9percent9
    @99.9percent9 Рік тому +2

    The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum....
    Noam Chomsky, The Common Good

  • @wokezone
    @wokezone Рік тому +5

    I see Joe's been reading his scripts from day 1

  • @ripshilkett
    @ripshilkett 6 місяців тому +56

    I really appreciate how well this young lady moderated.

    • @fireison8312
      @fireison8312 5 місяців тому +7

      Yeah u should, for working as a biden's teammate in whole debate, stopping trump in every goddamn moment.

    • @eileenannecummings9662
      @eileenannecummings9662 3 місяці тому

      She's a $nake.

    • @btappan88
      @btappan88 3 місяці тому +2

      @@fireison8312nailed it. Just like every interview the mass media has done with trump. They never let him finish.

    • @PhuckedUpPhilosophy
      @PhuckedUpPhilosophy Місяць тому +2

      She did so much better than Chris Wallace. He had literally zero control over the debate. He was debating with Trump more than Biden was lol

    • @amiri.vercetti
      @amiri.vercetti 17 днів тому


  • @teeteejones7983
    @teeteejones7983 2 роки тому +30

    "he has this thing about living in a basement" even Joe Biden had to keep from laughing

  • @devinsmith5926
    @devinsmith5926 3 місяці тому +11

    41:55 WOOOOW.... Not only did he reinforce President Trump's point, but that came off extremely callus

  • @elenam.4232
    @elenam.4232 3 роки тому +1837

    She lets them respond when they're being accused of something. That's how you keep them from interrupting each other. (:

    • @amlecciones
      @amlecciones 3 роки тому +92

      Yes I give her 7.5/10.
      Wallace gets -10/10 for just being completely terrible.
      Biden is so boring. I give him negative googleplex for lying too much.

    • @pofuduk8790
      @pofuduk8790 3 роки тому

      ua-cam.com/video/E7aNI46aFI8/v-deo.html Funny and fails

    • @Silver-gd9lg
      @Silver-gd9lg 3 роки тому +3

      @@amlecciones what about the other moderator after Wallace

    • @Mister_Soyuz_on_YT
      @Mister_Soyuz_on_YT 3 роки тому +10

      Kriten Welker did a bad job at keep the guys running their mouth. Trump saw this opportunity and knew she lacked control so he kept talking.

    • @vanish9004
      @vanish9004 3 роки тому +1

      Thats the difference between a Townhall and a debate

  • @alessiodelcastillo1613
    @alessiodelcastillo1613 Рік тому +3

    It’s awesome that UA-cam is showing future generations history in live tome

  • @Cbrmansc77
    @Cbrmansc77 Рік тому +182

    It's funny how trump makes statements and today are completely 100% true today

    • @Edible_minsterTv
      @Edible_minsterTv Рік тому +4

      Except at 40:10 with his son ain’t no way it went away that quick 😂

    • @mini_mozzer
      @mini_mozzer Рік тому +5

      @@Edible_minsterTv ive had covid twice and it went away the first time in literally 2 days

    • @Edible_minsterTv
      @Edible_minsterTv Рік тому +2

      @@mini_mozzer you must have a good immune system , I got both shots nd I still got Covid over 4 times this last time tho I was sick for 3 weeks it’s a new flu going around

    • @nully304
      @nully304 Рік тому

      @@Edible_minsterTv white people usually have stronger immune systems

    • @creeptasia5642
      @creeptasia5642 Рік тому

      no shit dumb fuck .. you should of listened,

  • @anthonyjohn376
    @anthonyjohn376 6 місяців тому +4

    All the oil companies are probably praying to god they get trump back in the White House lmaoo that ending was hilarious and boy he wasn’t lying

    • @bereal6590
      @bereal6590 Місяць тому

      Oil extraction is higher now with Biden than it was with trump. It's the gun lobby that want the mad mango back

    • @judaskatoby
      @judaskatoby 11 днів тому

      Oil companies record high in 2023🤣🤣🤣so they are learning there lessons

  • @michaelriggio9696
    @michaelriggio9696 Рік тому +1

    Its amazing to watch again...

  • @user-lr3yw1gu4m
    @user-lr3yw1gu4m 3 місяці тому +31

    Rewatching this in Nov 2023 and now knowing how both Presidencies are like. Thank God Trump was president during COVID. If Biden was there everything would’ve moved more slower

    • @skyblue20199
      @skyblue20199 2 місяці тому +1

      You are slow

    • @aaronhughes4700
      @aaronhughes4700 Місяць тому +1

      @@skyblue20199Wonder what that makes you

    • @user-zb9iu5mf8p
      @user-zb9iu5mf8p Місяць тому

      @@skyblue20199 you are Biden Propagandist?

    • @user-zb9iu5mf8p
      @user-zb9iu5mf8p Місяць тому

      Or what's more worse is that 2 or 3 times more people died during covid

    • @CM-ve1bz
      @CM-ve1bz Місяць тому

      The vaccine was delivered on time as Trump predicted. Biden used Trumps exact plan for distribution, then proceeded to dismantle the American economy.

  • @charlenewoods7631
    @charlenewoods7631 3 роки тому +1477

    Americans : the presidential debate
    The rest of the world : entertainment

  • @theseventhgeneration6910
    @theseventhgeneration6910 Рік тому +2

    At that point, anyone (else) was qualified, his resume was flawless. His family was a mess, it's was a perfect picture of modern America.
    In all honesty, now, looking back, I really don't think I would have been comfortable with him at the wheel of my personal vehicle. Much less running the epi-center of the free world. His Attenborough like attributes did him much justice at the very beginning of his campaign, his handicap; humbling.
    The saddest truth is that,as a result,our country is currently run by "the retirement home", along with their psychologically misdiagnosed staff that look after them. In order to get our country back, we need younger blood making the calls.
    Wise enough to handle war,
    young enough to still be inspired by their dreams.

  • @clifforddupray7108
    @clifforddupray7108 Рік тому +36

    Every time Trump talks she tries to talk over him Joe talks she listens to every single word unfair .

    • @Zug75
      @Zug75 Рік тому +6

      2 vs 1

    • @jamesswain2465
      @jamesswain2465 Рік тому

      You were expecting something different?

    • @rs_anime3662
      @rs_anime3662 Рік тому

      Those kind of persons rin the world.... behind the scenes

    • @LM10310
      @LM10310 4 місяці тому

      Spot on

  • @KellyCates0604
    @KellyCates0604 5 місяців тому +4

    Just watched the 2020 Trump/Biden debate. Who else has watched it whether for the 1st time or a 2nd time? It seems someone didn't keep up their end of what they would do if they won the 2020 election. It's been a shit show!

  • @yongzeyao1337
    @yongzeyao1337 Рік тому +6

    This moderator is so unfair... Biden had so much more time than Trump...

  • @iai2354
    @iai2354 10 місяців тому +23

    When biden could say more then 3 words before his brain needed a reboot

    • @babinspajz
      @babinspajz 7 місяців тому +4

      His brain is way past maintenance date 💀

    • @thomaschacko6320
      @thomaschacko6320 Місяць тому

      @@babinspajzDo you guys have anything to maintain or reboot? Oh, I forgot - you’re Trump fans!

    • @babinspajz
      @babinspajz Місяць тому

      @thomaschacko6320 Im an RFK Jr fan lmao not a trumptard

    • @user-ls2ge7om4h
      @user-ls2ge7om4h 8 днів тому

      @@thomaschacko6320stay mad liberal remember boys are not girls and girls are not boys dumbass

  • @intoit756
    @intoit756 3 роки тому +4375

    As a non American, this is highly *entertaining*

  • @meganbaker3825
    @meganbaker3825 Рік тому +6

    So .. 2 years later . .. we have a President who is in severe mental decline. A Vice President who does absolutely nothing. For those who voted for Joe.. Are you proud of yourselves now?
    "End of Quote - Repeat the Line"

  • @patriktor
    @patriktor Рік тому +2

    Real intended comedy could not compete with the level of comedy in this ”presidential debate”

  • @bareodin
    @bareodin 3 місяці тому +46

    If you're here for the lols, here are the timestamps:
    37:18 Nancy Pelosi dancing on the streets of Chinatown
    41:16 "We gotta be able to walk and chew gum at the same time"
    53:35 Joe the Big Man
    54:46 Epic Trump reaction
    55:20 "They spied on my campaign"
    55:28 "Mueller, 18 angry democrats, and FBI agents all over the place"
    56:00 Joe has houses all over the place
    1:06:12 Joe had a good relationship with Hitler
    1:24:20 "Who built the cages, Joe?"
    1:38:12 Trump can't see the audience because it's too dark
    1:38:27 "Abraham Lincoln here is one of the most racist presidents in modern history"
    1:49:03 "I know more about wind than you do"
    1:49:08 Windmills kill all the birds!

    • @trump827
      @trump827 3 місяці тому


    • @trump827
      @trump827 3 місяці тому


    • @akimboist
      @akimboist 2 місяці тому +2

      she was dancing on the streets in chinatown in San Francisco. what a living meme.

  • @DealthTheGreat
    @DealthTheGreat Рік тому +4

    1:42:21 Trump remains silent just to make Joe look more awkward

  • @KCCardCo
    @KCCardCo 5 місяців тому +4

    34:28 lock himself up in a basement😂😂😂

  • @funnyboy881
    @funnyboy881 3 роки тому +452

    Me Explaining why Im not the imposter

  • @thespiritmessage
    @thespiritmessage Рік тому +2

    1:53:11 moderator: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? *what she was thinking* I can't rescue you out of this one Joe

  • @LegacyandFierce
    @LegacyandFierce 2 роки тому +35

    1:47:09Biden unable to hold back his laughter, had me dying 😂😂

    • @charliebrown6072
      @charliebrown6072 5 місяців тому

      Same haha whenever I want a good laugh I come back to this debate

    • @AJ-wg7fj
      @AJ-wg7fj 5 місяців тому

      Yeah, people with dementia often laugh inappropriately. I don’t know why you find it funny, though.
      But at least the big guy enjoyed some big money while he still had his mind!
      Biden is going down in the next election.

  • @eileenannecummings9662
    @eileenannecummings9662 3 місяці тому +2

    "Here's what the deal ....."

  • @sjonm
    @sjonm Рік тому +1

    the passion with which he describes the his relationship with Kim 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • @dunia.fit94
    @dunia.fit94 11 місяців тому

    Why is he wearing a different tie than in the photo in the video? 🤔