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  • Опубліковано 31 бер 2023
  • RGN Rock/Metal radio live broadcast 24/7
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    My discord server: discord.gg/srn9fyu
    My Spotify: open.spotify.com/user/31mgzsm...
    Genres: Alternative rock/metal (mostly), but sometimes here you can hear some pop-punk, pop-rock or even power-metal and post-hardcore. I can't say that I like one genre over another, but it all rocks for sure :D
    This radio in nightcore mode: • Video
    If you want to roleplay - follow the link to the nightcore radio - almost always there's a lot of people to chat with.
    All of the videos broadcasting here is made by myself alone and can be find in this channel as a separate videos.
    Goal of this stream - sharing good music with other people. I know that you may not like some songs because of difference of tastes. But I still hope that you'll like it. I'm collecting songs depending only on my own taste, and a lot of people said that I have good taste in it (count of subscribes saying the same).
    Also you can contact me in discord if you want, it's much easier than youtube messages: discord.gg/srn9fyu
    I don't want to make any special rules (at least now) except one - no roleplays. If you guys want to rp - you can follow the link above and do it on nightcore stream.
    Also you must understand that here's mostly english speaking auditory, so if you want to chat here - use this language. I'm also not native english speaker, but there's some practice for people like me, right? (;
    Of course you would be banned if you would say some angry words without reason.If you want to say some rude words - then do it, but still respect the others.
    I would not ban you for some negative critics or something even worse, if this information would be objective. I'm always want to improve quality and content - and if you have something to say on this direction - then DO IT!
    The main direction for you - is make this chat better for talking. Don't let your interests and attitudes be higher than this. Respect the others, even if you don't really like them as a persons - maybe you just doesn't know them too well?..
    Alternative rock compilations by me:
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    I don't know what to write here at the bottom :0, so just thank you for listening, and I hope you would find some interesting music due to my stream/videos.
    Thank you.
    #RGN #RGNMusic