Beauty and the Beast (From "Beauty and the Beast"/Official Video)

  • Опубліковано 4 бер 2017
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    How Does A Moment Last Forever
    Belle (Reprise)
    Something There
    Be Our Guest
    Days In The Sun
    The Mob Song
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    Music video by Ariana Grande, John Legend performing Beauty and the Beast. (C) 2017 Walt Disney Records

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  • Karina Lafayette
    Karina Lafayette Рік тому +13

    I wish Ariana Grande would sing more songs like this. She's in her element

  • Princess Jayden!

    Ariana and John's voices go so well together and their voices makes the song so soothing

  • Sophie Springs

    Am I the only one who didn’t know Ariana sang this? But John’s and Ariana’s voice fit together perfectlyyy

  • Otie
    Otie 2 години тому +8

    This song ages like wine, the older it gets, the sounds get better. Still one of best version of all Disney's classic song.

  • Gummygoo2
    Gummygoo2  +812

    I'll never get sick of this rendition its so fabulous. Their voices compliment each other so well its crazy...

  • Timeless Music
    Timeless Music 28 днів тому +59

    Her deep voice doesn’t need high notes to attract people’s heart. Her voice is healing

  • jt
    jt 2 роки тому +8

    I like how Ariana has a bunch of backup dancers and an gorgeous dress while John just has a piano but they both are killing it equally

  • dqre.devilyochii

    John and Ari are killing those high notes.

  • Mayara Cristina

    Tão perfeito, não consigo palavras pra descrever. Ariana e John cantaram lindamente. Essa música toca os meus mais profundos sentimentos. Me emociono real, quando escuto. Lembro da infância , Bela sempre foi a minha princesa favorita. 💛

  • Aditya Argalepa

    Tale as old as time

  • Alejandro Nava

    La voz de ariana grande es única 😻

  • Sam Brooks
    Sam Brooks 14 годин тому +4

    Ariana can sing any genre and still thrive. John too…

  • Pink Moon
    Pink Moon Рік тому +5

    The best aspects of this video:

  • Moonlightsadore ♡‹3

    i can't believe emma & ariana got to meet each other during this era. & john legend and ariana's voices blend so well together !!! this mv deserves more recognition.

  • Marina Higino
    Marina Higino День тому +9

    Apaixonada por esta música em todas as versões. Apaixonada pelo filme tbm.

  • GRJCLyon
    GRJCLyon  +419

    This was a beautiful remake and the video was incredible. HOWEVER, as much as I could listen to Ariana sign 24 hours a day and find her absolutely talented the original with Celine and Peabo will always be my favorite. The original brought goosebumps since it was released. This was just a very very very beatiful version of it being done.

  • conyy
    conyy  +8

    La voz de ari es única y tan angélical. Cada vez que la escucho me dan ganas de llorar, la amo mucho 💘

  • Kathleen M

    Ari’s voice is so good in this style and they sound so good together

  • Ridhima Gupta
    Ridhima Gupta Рік тому +19

    the fact that Emma Watson got to meet Ariana Grande and Ariana Grande met Emma Watson, they both are lucky girls. John Legend did amazing too.

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H  +202

    This is truly magical. She is so beautiful! John's voice fits in so well!!