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skibidi toilet 71

  • Опубліковано 25 лют 2024
  • while alliance were busy with cooking scientist, someone escaped
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    additional particles by HoovyTube
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  •  16 годин тому +1311

    I can’t believe how deep the skibidi toilet lore goes

    • @zdanz-ij4po
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    •  16 годин тому

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    • @TyrantZilla
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  • @calab_77
    @calab_77 12 годин тому +51

    Buen video 🎉🎉🎉

  • @ailo8625
    @ailo8625 4 години тому +50

    I really liked the video, chapter 71 and I also liked when Skibidi toitet the boss came out!!

    • @capuchin334
      @capuchin334 3 години тому +6

      i also liked how the sound cut out for 7 secconnds

    • @MisterRake87
      @MisterRake87 2 години тому

      I hope the next episode will show us G-Toilet differently.
      Not as a coward who immediately leaves the battlefield at even the slightest deviation from the plan, but as a leader who can stand up for himself and his charges.

    • @manthanvideoveg
      @manthanvideoveg Годину тому

      Hwo does he even make ?

    • @manthanvideoveg
      @manthanvideoveg Годину тому

      But ut8s nice

    • @Tav90
      @Tav90 Годину тому

      Don't translate
      געשאלטן און וועט שטאַרבן אין אַ ביסל שעה בלויז וועג צו האַלטן עס איז צו אַבאָנירן צו מיין קאַנאַל און ווי דעם באַמערקונג

  • @christophermartinez1423
    @christophermartinez1423 15 годин тому +104

    Gracias por el nuevo capítulo 71 dafuboon

    • @MiaMia-CheckMe
      @MiaMia-CheckMe 14 годин тому

      why do you all push these toilets??

    • @Gigachad-FR
      @Gigachad-FR 14 годин тому +1


    • @kailopez30
      @kailopez30 14 годин тому

      ​@@MiaMia-CheckMeu r crazy

    • @RXSY22_search_TG
      @RXSY22_search_TG 11 годин тому +1

      Under l6 yers 💋 my name

    • @Alancorleone
      @Alancorleone 6 годин тому

      ​@@MiaMia-CheckMethis toilets is over the line of the Allianz push again 😂

  • @Blue.cameraman
    @Blue.cameraman 2 години тому +7

    This episode was cinema, I liked the part where the skibidi Upgraded Hybrid buzzsaw

  • @GD_TriangularBeing
    @GD_TriangularBeing 5 годин тому +14

    First its orange justice, now its boogie down. Epic.

  • @nickwilliams7328
    @nickwilliams7328 11 годин тому +217

    That buzzsaw skibidi has been a menace for the past 9 episodes

    • @yourwibuu6125
      @yourwibuu6125 10 годин тому +14

      from only buzzaw now he had jetpack and laser 😂

    • @forgottenmemoriesofthepast
      @forgottenmemoriesofthepast 9 годин тому +13

      the way he just decimates everything he seen while looking cool is giving me some general raam vibes

    • @RXSY22_search_TG
      @RXSY22_search_TG 9 годин тому

      Under l6 yers love 😋 my name

    • @100mdodia
      @100mdodia 9 годин тому

      Nah he is the toddler

    • @user-oj7hb4hv4m
      @user-oj7hb4hv4m 9 годин тому +5

      Yeah he now had more two kanata behind his back

  • @warmachine4753
    @warmachine4753 2 години тому +3

    Bro this man turned this from a meme into a series

  • @SegaShorts_
    @SegaShorts_ 11 годин тому +9

    I have no words to describe it, the episode started off great, I love these series.

  • @songlike3690
    @songlike3690 3 години тому +5

    I love skibidi toliet❤

  • @MrBelles104
    @MrBelles104 9 годин тому +10

    Love this episode, I hope it can get a reupload somewhere else to not have any of the sound messed up. The official store is really cool too, I'm happy DaFuqBoom can sell his own merchandise!

    • @MisterRake87
      @MisterRake87 2 години тому +1

      I hope the next episode will show us G-Toilet differently.
      Not as a coward who immediately leaves the battlefield at even the slightest deviation from the plan, but as a leader who can stand up for himself and his charges.

  • @Ayi0fl
    @Ayi0fl 8 годин тому +8

    My greatest joy is watching his latest episode all my upset dissapear. this time what a wonderful episode!

  • @ailo8625
    @ailo8625 3 години тому +48

    This truly feels like a finale. Great job Dafuq!!

    • @zeddyytgaming1234
      @zeddyytgaming1234 3 години тому

      Fr bro

    • @itznjplayz4757
      @itznjplayz4757 2 години тому +1

      his name is boom not dafuq but whatever

    • @aishanshjaiswal9974
      @aishanshjaiswal9974 Годину тому +1

      Today is my birthday and I have no subscribers 😢

    • @Thailand29153
      @Thailand29153 Годину тому


    • @nacchaaaaan
      @nacchaaaaan Годину тому +1


  • @little_noobie355-ig9wu
    @little_noobie355-ig9wu 15 годин тому +8

    big respect for a normal cameraman for surviving 2 lasers from G-man

  • @gameplayindonesia15
    @gameplayindonesia15 2 години тому +1

    This animation is extraordinary, I appreciate it for you DafuqBoom👏👏👏

  • @SoulBoyDoesArt
    @SoulBoyDoesArt 6 годин тому +8

    I’m amazed for how the plot goes

  • @maribelelias653
    @maribelelias653 10 годин тому +60

    Buen episodio DafuqBoom ❤❤❤❤

  • @Gamingpc7844
    @Gamingpc7844 Годину тому +1

    Great job as always!

  • @Daheck_Boom21
    @Daheck_Boom21 16 годин тому +29

    The way this series quality has gotten better makes me happy

  • @Revin_Gamer780
    @Revin_Gamer780 3 години тому +31

    EBAAAAA, nosso G-man voltou depois de 50 anos, eu acho q o astral toleit é traidor

  • @user-qh7ct2nt6k
    @user-qh7ct2nt6k 14 годин тому +13

    The time skibidi toilet has been on from the first episode to the 71th amazing keep it up dude can’t wait for part 2 💪

    • @duchai9274
      @duchai9274 14 годин тому

      There is no part 2 in episode 71

    • @Nagger182
      @Nagger182 14 годин тому

      I have a feeling it’s gonna be episode 72 next, because this video is titled “71” not “71 (part 1)”.

    • @RXSY22_search_TG
      @RXSY22_search_TG 11 годин тому

      Under l6 yers love 🥰 my name

  • @MargaritaHilton
    @MargaritaHilton 11 годин тому +17

    This episode was very good, it revealed many of the community's doubts since episode 70, dafuq is always very good and always kind to the fans

    • @aishanshjaiswal9974
      @aishanshjaiswal9974 8 годин тому +1

      Today is my birthday and I have no subscribers 😢😢

    • @marquibalbuena3624
      @marquibalbuena3624 5 годин тому

      ​@@aishanshjaiswal9974Then get to damn work, you really cant be begging your ass for a subscriber.

    • @lmfao_sexybanana2679
      @lmfao_sexybanana2679 5 годин тому

      No way bro is taking talking toilets seriously 💀😊

    • @lz1na153
      @lz1na153 4 години тому

      @@lmfao_sexybanana2679he just said it was good how is it serious???.

    • @LegaxyMomento
      @LegaxyMomento 3 години тому

      @@lmfao_sexybanana2679 tf is ur user,u have no right to judge

  • @Euvolteipraficar
    @Euvolteipraficar 15 годин тому +7

    Alguém:"a perfeição não existe"
    DaFuq!?Boom!:"como é amigo?"

  • @zeinkosuta7113
    @zeinkosuta7113 4 години тому +1

    your the best youtuber i wish you got 40 milion. your
    vidios are so good i hope you your best youtuber

  • @user-eh8ui2co8h
    @user-eh8ui2co8h 7 годин тому +4

    Dude these scene shifts from one cameraman to another are so cool. What a great way to change locations.

  • @Maron-kyouwakoku_skibidi
    @Maron-kyouwakoku_skibidi 15 годин тому +108

    It was great to see the DJ toilet alive!

  • @user-yp9bq2sw7b
    @user-yp9bq2sw7b 4 години тому +2

    Broo dancing boogieee🕺☠️

  • @user-rf3mr9rx9b
    @user-rf3mr9rx9b 12 годин тому +7

    정말 재밌네요😂

  • @PI.gamer101
    @PI.gamer101 4 години тому +6

    UA-camr: *uploads a new episode which took hours and days to make*
    Random 9yr old's: Vote for part 71👇
    Me:They do not know pain

  • @Tv_556
    @Tv_556 13 годин тому +7

    It’s good to know DJ is alive when g man arrives he is spotted on the left side of g man

  • @technoswordneverdies5283
    @technoswordneverdies5283 3 години тому

    Amazing and the merch as well

  • @user-gf7gx4ls1o
    @user-gf7gx4ls1o 2 години тому

    I love skibidi toilet more please

  • @Auzl.
    @Auzl. 16 годин тому +11

    Ah yes the classic Extra Lasers Upgrade for Gman
    (yes I also noticed that the lasers are more powerful)

  • @user-zg6ug4bh6w
    @user-zg6ug4bh6w 4 години тому +2

    Ok I'm first watching this episode

  • @BaconPlayzYT3
    @BaconPlayzYT3 15 годин тому +47

    Ty boom again for these amazing episodes I've been watching your videos sense the first skibidi Keep up the good work da boom 👍

  • @Dr.Vadminka
    @Dr.Vadminka 2 години тому +3


    • @RBLXVoltixit
      @RBLXVoltixit 2 години тому


    • @princebaclayo8409
      @princebaclayo8409 2 години тому

      It just feels so guilty cause hes sad bro i feel bad for him

    • @user-gx3pj2me9z
      @user-gx3pj2me9z Годину тому

      Where show me time to see it perfectly but I saw from other youtuber and I know that he is injured

    • @user-gx3pj2me9z
      @user-gx3pj2me9z Годину тому

      I think it the screen needs to be bigger to see it I think it is at start or at the end

  • @UsaMancin
    @UsaMancin 15 годин тому +4

    Dafuqbom always brightening our day and good episode ❤

  • @Brucewayne14573
    @Brucewayne14573 15 годин тому +23

    This is an masterpiece ❤

  • @TheNPCwhoasked
    @TheNPCwhoasked 2 години тому

    OMG COLLECTIBLES?! also I love how that speaker man was sturdy xd

  • @Stairs123
    @Stairs123 6 годин тому +5

    This is crazy, although I would like to know if Skibidi toilet lets it crust 😊❤🎉

  • @nolanwong5894
    @nolanwong5894 11 годин тому +5

    please make more
    these are awesome

  • @christiandoles
    @christiandoles 3 години тому

    Ive been waiting for 71

  • @kidsbytes
    @kidsbytes 8 годин тому +4

    I love this dude who creates this content ❤🔥👍

  • @user-kr6pc4mc5p
    @user-kr6pc4mc5p Годину тому

    Nice video cho dafuq boom

  • @lexens4619
    @lexens4619 7 годин тому +3

    Increíble, G-man siempre sale bien peinado 😂

  • @ALEJO180_X
    @ALEJO180_X 13 годин тому +4

    Estuvo increible:)

  • @user-cl9kb6eu8b
    @user-cl9kb6eu8b 3 години тому

    that speaker man dancing was fire

  • @antv2650
    @antv2650 7 годин тому +16

    The best G man is back

  • @nishthaverma7601
    @nishthaverma7601 3 години тому +1

    Bro your content is so good so when are you making ep 72

  • @Bliztwashere
    @Bliztwashere 12 годин тому +2

    keep up the insane work!

  • @brandonvideosyt2195
    @brandonvideosyt2195 7 годин тому +78

    Me gustó mucho el video el capítulo 71 y y también me gustó cuándo salió el Skibidi toitet el jefe 👍🏻😎

    • @normand438
      @normand438 4 години тому

      Cállate niño..

    • @user-xy6qk8vs7y
      @user-xy6qk8vs7y 4 години тому


    • @user-xy6qk8vs7y
      @user-xy6qk8vs7y 4 години тому

      Tengo los peluches de skibidi toiled

    • @byswagonyt
      @byswagonyt 3 години тому

      ​@@normand438Dejate de joder, a ni tampoco me gusta, pero es contenido para niños, quienes te esperabas que esten? pibes de 20? si a el pibe le gusta dejalo en paz

    • @JuniorExpressymas777
      @JuniorExpressymas777 3 години тому

      ​@@normand438Tú También Cállate

  • @user-wz7qf9nd7c
    @user-wz7qf9nd7c 3 години тому +2

    you have legends jetpack dark speaker man

  • @MariaConcepcionMunozHuerta
    @MariaConcepcionMunozHuerta 12 годин тому +4

    Imparable quiero el siguiente capitulo

  • @user-no3lu8ex6n
    @user-no3lu8ex6n 6 годин тому +2

    Boom keep this work up I love the series!

  • @LuisFernando-ut8ns
    @LuisFernando-ut8ns 12 годин тому +2


  • @dedidumpu7317
    @dedidumpu7317 3 години тому +2

    Bro, you is Good❤

  • @Julie.Dickson
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  • @Apext-CODM
    @Apext-CODM 4 години тому +24

    Every skibidi toilet episode leaves us with a cliffhanger

    • @ThreeSheep69
      @ThreeSheep69 3 години тому

      Estoy triste porque hoy es mi cumpleaños y no tuve ningun suscriptor

    • @rcyr11
      @rcyr11 3 години тому

      ​@@ThreeSheep69 Bro you have 1k subs-_-

  • @Gamingpc7844
    @Gamingpc7844 Годину тому +1

    Loved it!

  • @hanxsthegamer
    @hanxsthegamer 9 годин тому +3

    The part that i love in the most in episode 71 is the speaker man dancing the boogie down when i see the speakerman dancing the boogie down i immediately go crazy

  • @Azi-vl4ml
    @Azi-vl4ml 4 години тому

    Hooray, the skibidists will win!!!

  • @LynnRaylon-pe6qz
    @LynnRaylon-pe6qz 11 годин тому +2

    Finally skibidi toilet 71 has comed up 🎉🎉🎉when i got back from school I went on my phone i went on UA-cam i clicked DaFucBoom his channel i saw 👀 a new video of skibidi toilet i clicked the video my favorite thing of this video was the three TiTans Together TV MAN And speakerman also upGraded cameraman my favorite titan is speakerman 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • @DaFuqBoommBackup
    @DaFuqBoommBackup 16 годин тому +25

    The atmosphere, landscape, characters and camera shots for the series improves drastically with every episode and it’s clear DaFuqBoom is learning how to emphasise certain feelings through body language Like the cameratitan’s expression at the end giving out a “bruh this shit sucks” sorta feel

    • @user-pu7si1ge7h
      @user-pu7si1ge7h 14 годин тому +5


    • @Cuco_Puffs
      @Cuco_Puffs 13 годин тому

      this is ass

    • @user-pu7si1ge7h
      @user-pu7si1ge7h 13 годин тому

      🪠🪠🪠🎧🎧🥺🥺🪠🎧🪠🎧🪠🪠🥺🎧🧑🏼🧑🏼 Diego

    • @RXSY22_search_TG
      @RXSY22_search_TG 11 годин тому +1

      Under l6 yers love 🥰 my name

  • @DevastatorXD03
    @DevastatorXD03 14 годин тому +11

    I'm amazed the amount of times Dafuq has been trending #1 whenever he posts a new episode 💀💯
    Its too hype, cant wait for the next episode

  • @blackmamba7376
    @blackmamba7376 Годину тому

    Better then netflix and any other series

  • @Masud_Editz
    @Masud_Editz 15 годин тому +13

    That speaker man didnt fail us with his sick dance moves, blud was doing the boogie down in the midst of war😂

  • @ailo8625
    @ailo8625 3 години тому

    Amazing work !!

  • @rare_man-dq7gp
    @rare_man-dq7gp 16 годин тому +1

    Thank you very much for bringing this series dafuq

  • @zaedynroyal9025
    @zaedynroyal9025 15 годин тому +8

    The lore just keeps getting better

  • @rubytripathi2760
    @rubytripathi2760 4 години тому +1

    Nice bro ❤

  • @meldytalamor6549
    @meldytalamor6549 3 години тому

    Hoorrreeey its realese and so legendary😊😊❤❤

  • @OPXI_350
    @OPXI_350 11 годин тому +2

    Great episode boom! You're good at it.

  • @JavierivanOlivaresmolina
    @JavierivanOlivaresmolina 13 годин тому +1

    Que buen episodio saludos desde México

  • @DUOBY
    @DUOBY 2 години тому +1

    That speakerman hit that boogie down!

  • @siktarcsaba2303
    @siktarcsaba2303 8 годин тому +1

    Skibidi toilet 71 was great, but i hope skibidi toilet 72 is gonna be more intense.

  • @ebanyt_chudik
    @ebanyt_chudik 2 години тому

    speakerman really hit that boogie down🔥🔥🔥

  • @Behram_xelilov
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  • @user-pe1lx7qj9v
    @user-pe1lx7qj9v 14 годин тому +4

    Espero que mañana haces la temporada 23 con escenas extras

    • @DiNOalEspanol
      @DiNOalEspanol 10 годин тому

      Los comentarios en español son spam y tú eres un troll.

  • @veronikaciappiwolf193
    @veronikaciappiwolf193 4 години тому +1

    Get this guy to 40 milll🎉🎉

  • @tingkwokpoon7224
    @tingkwokpoon7224 8 годин тому +2

    Epic as always

  • @Enig60
    @Enig60 2 години тому +1

    Olá sou seu fã 😅

  • @AntarcticAnt6
    @AntarcticAnt6 16 годин тому +2

    Amazing episode! 👍 Loved it! Can’t want for more episodes to come out!

  • @DaFuqBoommBackup
    @DaFuqBoommBackup 16 годин тому +18

    Im really surprised because i didnt think you would continue with this history as fast as it is, thank you for your work

  • @NelsonErint
    @NelsonErint 13 годин тому +1

    Awesome video dafuqboom keep it up

  • @user-mv4ye5dd8v
    @user-mv4ye5dd8v 2 години тому

    Ya quiero ver otro capitulo por fa dafuqboom porfa

  • @mememan2243
    @mememan2243 16 годин тому +48

    Gotta love them audio cut-outs

    • @peachsens4931
      @peachsens4931 16 годин тому +14


    • @Iamblueberry-nz4lt
      @Iamblueberry-nz4lt 16 годин тому

      @@peachsens4931 yea same here

    • @absolutegamer36
      @absolutegamer36 16 годин тому +9

      I thought it was a bug with my HDMI cord but no I guess

    • @UTTPOfficerRonaldoCR7
      @UTTPOfficerRonaldoCR7 16 годин тому +1


    • @d0tman
      @d0tman 16 годин тому +5

      @@absolutegamer36 why would a video cable cause your audio to cut out 🤦

  • @MisterRake87
    @MisterRake87 2 години тому +1

    I hope the next episode will show us G-Toilet differently.
    Not as a coward who immediately leaves the battlefield at even the slightest deviation from the plan, but as a leader who can stand up for himself and his charges.

  • @NDRWS
    @NDRWS 6 годин тому +3

    wasn't expecting a sequel!

    • @normand438
      @normand438 4 години тому +1


    • @vat1n456
      @vat1n456 2 години тому +1


  • @somayyehazizkhani1485
    @somayyehazizkhani1485 13 годин тому +1

    This episode epic thank you so much

  • @Gamingpc7844
    @Gamingpc7844 Годину тому +1

    Elite cameraman will be proud

  • @FreddyFazzz
    @FreddyFazzz 9 годин тому +2

    Yall is it just me or does some parts have the audio cut off, nonetheless amazing episode as always + can't wait for man vs Astro toilet, $h-- bout to go down

    • @AcrophobiaDemon
      @AcrophobiaDemon 9 годин тому +1

      (Some dumb ass) probably keeps giving him copyright claims. I just hate how this keeps happening.

    • @LianWasTaken101
      @LianWasTaken101 9 годин тому +1

      @@AcrophobiaDemon not yt, just some trend milkers who claim to own certain assets that mr.boom uses, like titan speaker man' s main speaker
      other than that, yt wouldn't give him a strike for some goofy ahh skibidi sound he uses for 3 seconds

  • @SuperUltimateSonicPlushCollect
    @SuperUltimateSonicPlushCollect Годину тому +1

    Who agrees that da fu boom is one of the best youtubers ever

  • @JesusMartinez-pt8rv
    @JesusMartinez-pt8rv 14 годин тому +9

    El episodio estuvo muy bueno:)

  • @Ella_Red
    @Ella_Red 15 годин тому +19

    I loved that speaker man did the boogie down dance!

    • @Cuco_Puffs
      @Cuco_Puffs 13 годин тому

      I fucking hated that part the most

    • @RXSY22_search_TG
      @RXSY22_search_TG 11 годин тому

      Under l6 yers love 🥰 my name

    • @samirmehmedovic6554
      @samirmehmedovic6554 6 годин тому +2

      ​@@Cuco_Puffs Seethe further, nobody cares what you think either way

  • @itstheshadowninja
    @itstheshadowninja Годину тому

    Jit im surprised they made a new ep but also there is two threats we still need to destroy g man….. and that magnet toilet that they couldnt beat

  • @RamCraftStudio8515
    @RamCraftStudio8515 13 годин тому +15

    The Episode is so Damn Fire! 🔥

  • @GdAlf383
    @GdAlf383 4 години тому +2

    This episode was fire🔥 great job Boom as always!

  • @Jasper-Couch
    @Jasper-Couch 12 годин тому +1

    the series came out sooo covered, keep it up dafugboom

    • @BAGBOOM11
      @BAGBOOM11 12 годин тому


  • @leandromunozalcantara3028
    @leandromunozalcantara3028 9 годин тому +1

    ¡Los mejores episodios dafuq boommmm!