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[슈취타] EP.20 TEASER

  • Опубліковано 23 жов 2023
  • 📆 슈취타 EP.20
    2023. 10. 30. 10PM KST
    #슈가와취하는타임 #슈취타 #SUGA #슈가
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  • @imbluedabadeedabeda

    BTS 는 우리를 결코 실망시키지 않는 K-pop 그룹입니다! 늘 BTS 를 응원해주시는 분들은 손을 들어주세요!

  • @Pars_
    @Pars_  +7

    I'm happy to see them respecting each other and making a friendship bond in this stage of their careers. SHinee was my first KPop idols. They literally introduced me to KPop. I'm so proud of all of them.

  • @neomuneochicken4585

    the fact that Suga is older than Taemin but Taemin debuted 5 years earlier is crazy to me

  • @raquelserpa2732

    Yoongi never disappoints when he has a guest, as he always manages to be cordial, kind, polite and manages to make the atmosphere light and the person super comfortable.

  • @aleesha9767

    Taemin is one of the most talented kpop artist. Hope we all can respect him and enjoy his music

  • @vj7393
    @vj7393  +285

    Lee Taemin and SUGA!! Finally, my prayers have been answered! My beautiful two worlds are colliding!! Love it!

  • @sylviawade4782

    Im looking forward to this episode I really love Jimin's and Taemin's friendship and Taemin reminds me of Jimin they have similar dancing stiles and they both have the sweetest personality too.

  • @proudpotterfan

    What a slap on the face for toxic armies lol. Glad to see two legends coming together to talk about art

  • @user-fq4ml6rz8v

    와 진짜 미쳤다 ....가슴이 웅장해지는 투샷이다🩵🩵🩵 찐막내랑 찐형아인데 둘이 친구야 ㅋㅋㅋ아 이 조합은 정말 미치도록 아름답고 어도로블 그잡채야!!! 사랑한다 꿍댕이 아빠야🩵🩵🩵🩵

  • @BangtanNoona

    I am beside myself with joy!!!! To artists and legends that I respect and admire! Talent recognizes talent. This episode cannot come fast enough for me. Anyone who is attacking Taemin, one of the sweetest, most gentle souls who has suffered so much, does not deserve to call themselves Army. He is a dear friend to our Jimin. Please respect this incredible artist and gentleman.

  • @haiyaaaxx8308

    As a Shawol and ARMY I'm so excited for this pairing and hope that fanwars can be kept to a minimal... I really wish not at all 😭

  • @giselacaceres7247

    Taemin... Un artista con gran trayectoria, sí asi es. , su concepto siempre fué único y original.. no necesita copiar a nadie . Porque él es Taemin.

  • @mythilichari

    Suga is slowly but surely making all the difference in the world in bringing multiple fandoms together. The friendships between idols that are mostly backstage and secretive are coming out in the open and I'm loving it! True fans only want their groups to be happy. And since that's coming across so well, Suchwita is a joy to watch!

  • @suna173.6jm

    for armys new to kpop this man is probably the best dancer in kpop no question. hes the #1 role model for so many young kpop idols. so be respectful and kind to a legend thank you

  • @vero23011916

    Los Amooooo Suga y Taemin 😍😻😘

  • @JemmieAleinnGalita

    I don't know how many times I have watched this trailer already. My heart flutters watching the both of them. I have been a fan of Shinee for so long way before I became an armyn and seeing them interacting it just makes my heart so full!

  • @ryu_huu
    @ryu_huu  +24

    SHINee my first ever kpop band which feels like family now and then BTS came into my life and they both complete it! Seeing them together is like ❤❤❤❤

  • @mindofcherry


  • @jbabie04
    @jbabie04  +173

    I've been into kmusic for over 12 years. SHINee was the third male group I got into but the first fandom I became part of. I became ARMY in 2014. Seeing anyone from SHINee and BTS together always warms my heart.

  • @dwimartiarifrahayu8488

    What a pleasant surprise, my 2 most favorite KPop male groups SHINee and BTS, represented by Taemin and Suga in Suchwita! Can't hardly wait for it to air!