Best Way to Practice Arpeggios

  • Опубліковано 9 сер 2022


  • Alexander Helt

    Duffer Brothers been real quite since since came out..

  • redfurydubstep

    Suhweeet thank you for adding the tab! Much appreciated I can’t wait to dive into this

  • MarcoZation

    Things got stranger when you heard that didnt they

  • Tyler Jarrett

    Wait is that stranger things 😂

  • Daniel Collins

    I appreciate the slow down and the graphic you do now. For the more challenged amongst us 🙏

  • KlaxonCow
    KlaxonCow  +41

    I've found the best way to practice arpeggios is to have an instrument and play arpeggios.

  • -Igg1 -

    Thx 4 the Tab👍

  • Wing Chun - Simple kung fu

    You make it look easy. I’ll give it a crack 🙏👍🏻

  • Binky Warren

    @rickbeato if I can suggest one metal CD for you it would be Focus - by the band Cynic. Please give it a listen. It's amazing. Influenced all these modern progressive metal bands.

  • Moment of Truth

    Great optics, haha

  • Quinn Smith

    ughhh i wish I could pause and rewind shorts lol

  • mark r. Devereux
    mark r. Devereux 14 днів тому

    Every note is in the chord and the 3 octave flurry of notes just sounds perfect.

  • Tim Powell-Morris

    Great stuff Rick, keep'em coming - we're watching and importantly, learning. 👊

  • Danut Danciu

    Sensacional !

  • Ski
    Ski  +2

    This sounds a lot like Marty Friedman (total compliment)!

  • serhii derkach

    What kind of sound effect is that ?

  • jbrewer461

    Sweet SG brotha

  • hamacaboy

    Rick is a god of music. Im still waiting for Ricks 2 hour improv which will be the greatest cross genre music album of all time

  • Keith Pratt

    This sounds freaking great Rick.

  • ralph ditchburn

    Insane arpeggio like guitar