ok fine, I'll listen to the *MEGADETH* new album

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    @Megadeth dropped a new album and this song is pretty incredible!


  • Alex Hefner
    Alex Hefner  21 день тому +88

    I honestly didn't know Dave just beat THROAT CANCER...... what the fuck?!?! and he sounds like this?? holy shit...... incredible.

  • Sean Taylor
    Sean Taylor 21 день тому +219

    Mustaine is SIXTY. Guy has smashed throat cancer in recent years and is writing, playing and singing at the same time this kind of stuff. An absolute BEAST.

  • James Brummett
    James Brummett 21 день тому +376

    Alex with all due respect man Dave just beat throat cancer so for him to be still singing is nothing short of FUCKING AWESOME

  • psyguy Bri
    psyguy Bri 21 день тому +223

    I've been listening to Dave Mustaine sing since early 80's and all I can tell you is if you like the instrumentation on Megadeth albums and listen to them enough like I have over the DECADES, you get used to his voice. It would be weird to hear anybody else sing a Megadeth song.

  • Tom Rodriguez
    Tom Rodriguez 21 день тому +119

    Dave's never had the most "pleasing" voice but I've always thought his uniqueness is what I like.

  • Leanne Haishtaine
    Leanne Haishtaine 21 день тому +58

    I think the entire new album is incredible, you should check out the whole thing.

  • Robert Kidd
    Robert Kidd 21 день тому +130

    I have never understood having to choose one band over another they are both good so why not enjoy both? It is like only eating one type of ice cream, of course you have a favorite, but does that mean you never eat any other type?

  • Richard Bexborn
    Richard Bexborn 21 день тому +111

    Yo bro!! Fucking kickass! Have mercy on Dave's voice please... He just beat throat cancer! I think he carries really well. Check out Wake Up Dead and The Conjuring!

  • Bryan Findley
    Bryan Findley 21 день тому +52

    The GIANT difference between In My Darkest Hour and THIS song, is this is an ENTIRELY different band aside from Dave. That and the fact that production technology just keeps getting better and better.

  • Ryan  Kelly
    Ryan Kelly 14 днів тому +5

    I love Dave's voice because it's real and unpolished. Reminds me of the best punk.

  • Steve Auger
    Steve Auger 21 день тому +4

    So far the new Megadeth album is the album of the year. We need heavy rock ‘n’ roll like this right now

  • NuclearProstate
    NuclearProstate 21 день тому +22

    Definitely need to check out more from the album. I especially love Dogs Of Chernobyl, Mission To Mars and Killing Time

  • chase nowt
    chase nowt 21 день тому +25

    Sounds like evolved Megadeth with old school Megadeth thrash attitude. Very nice!

  • Bassmasta911
    Bassmasta911 21 день тому +44

    It's so weird because I feel that James Hetfield's singing makes all the Metallica songs blend together in my brain. That's why I love Megadeth so much, there are different "eras" and dimensions of Dave's vocals. From Addicted to Chaos/Trust type singing, to We'll Be Back/Dystopia singing. And then you have Sweating Bullets which is a whole other type of vocals. To me Megadeth will always be more interesting.

  • T Lee
    T Lee 21 день тому +8

    Dave's voice grated on me at the beginning too. Once you listen to them a bit though, it grows on you! His voice is definitely a signature one, and contrary to your first opinion, it's perfect for the band! Give their Dystopia album a full listen. You won't be disappointed.

  • aeugmk2
    aeugmk2 21 день тому +3

    Dave, and his cancer-free voice are absolute metal royalty forever.

  • Dean
    Dean 21 день тому +58

    You should check out the title track off the new album - The Sick, The Dying...and the Dead, it's got a bit more melody and swing so you might dig it more

  • Choobs X
    Choobs X 21 день тому +5

    Megadeth's instrumentation was always their strength and Dave's vocals were a means to an end; they needed vocals so he did them. That said, tons of great megadeth you are missing out on! Ashes in your Mouth, This was my Life, Breakpoint, 99 Ways to Die, Go To Hell. Later era Deth hasn't impacted me as much but How The Story Ends from End Game is a solid track

  • Pete Brown
    Pete Brown 21 день тому +38

    Great reaction Alex. Megadeth has always been a musicians musician band . Pick an era from the early K.I.M.B. to Peace Sells to R.I.P.( Best line up IMHO) to Countdown to Cryptic Writings to United Abominations ( you really should check out Washington is Next!) Endgame, Dystopia and the new album.

  • Pedro
    Pedro 21 день тому +2

    Sounds amazing, powerful riffs, good old Megadeth