ZOMBIES - Cast - Alien Invasion (From "ZOMBIES 3"/Sing-Along)

  • Опубліковано 14 вер 2022
  • There’s a new crew at Seabrook High this semester. is streaming now!
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    Music video by ZOMBIES - Cast performing Alien Invasion (From "ZOMBIES 3"/Sing-Along). © 2022 Walt Disney Records


  • DisneyMusicVEVO
    DisneyMusicVEVO  14 годин тому +2

    🧟Want more ZOMBIES?

  • Colleen McNaughton
    Colleen McNaughton День тому +54

    With the dance off that happens at the end, I love that the leaders of Seabrook are in the front leading to confront the aliens. Zed for the zombies, Addison for the cheerleaders and Willa for the werewolves. Perfection!

  • MsUnicorn__08
    MsUnicorn__08 День тому +17

    Zed and Addison Part was so good idk why💖💚

  • Steve Sharp
    Steve Sharp День тому +7


  • 🌸 Sydney N 🐬
    🌸 Sydney N 🐬 День тому +4


  • Ozi Swag
    Ozi Swag День тому +4

    It’s kinda cool that the aliens Lyrics are Blue and everyone else’s are Green

  • MusicVideoPlaylistChannel
    MusicVideoPlaylistChannel День тому +22

    ZOMBIES - Cast - Alien Invasion (From "ZOMBIES 3"/Sing-Along)

  • Joan Rooplal
    Joan Rooplal День тому +3


  • Maddie lee
    Maddie lee День тому +3

    i Love it its Stuck in my head

  • Tyra Weatherington
    Tyra Weatherington 16 годин тому +4

    I wonder why Addison's grandma just didn't tell them she was the map

  • Naomi licouss
    Naomi licouss 21 годину тому +2

    I love the songs and dances

  • Klayten Kraus
    Klayten Kraus День тому +2

    So we not gonna talk about how they all doing the griddy when walking towards each other?

  • Angelina
    Angelina 21 годину тому +3

    Addison and Zedd are great couple together

  • Charles Cirino
    Charles Cirino День тому +5


  • Michael Vera Suárez
    Michael Vera Suárez День тому +4


  • Vincent Alvarado
    Vincent Alvarado День тому +7

    Marvin the Martian: I claim this planet in the name of Mars!

  • Rerum Trading
    Rerum Trading День тому +4


  • Vincent Alvarado
    Vincent Alvarado День тому +5


  • Chocolate drop kim
    Chocolate drop kim День тому +2

    Exactly like that was incredible

  • Benny Bunny
    Benny Bunny День тому +3

    Lol, I thought it was “head back” not “hit back” until now 😂😂