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ROH World Championship: Eddie Kingston v Jay Lethal | AEW Full Gear LIVE! Tonight on PPV

  • Опубліковано 17 лис 2023
  • #AEW #AEWDynamite #AEWCollision
    AEW Full Gear LIVE! Tonight on PPV
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  • @juanoro-barcenas79495
    @juanoro-barcenas79495 22 дні тому +9

    Eddie Kingston deserves to be on the Main Show alongside Jay Lethal.

    • @linewalker
      @linewalker 22 дні тому +1

      Apparently, ROH Tags' more important.

  • @jawanfarmer1749
    @jawanfarmer1749 22 дні тому +1

    This is going to be a amazing match

  • @DrEarbuds
    @DrEarbuds 22 дні тому +1

    Once Jay Lethal gets the belt. He should have another Wooo off against Ric Flair . Make this a long and huge to launch back the 4 Horseman of some sort . You can have tournaments to see who would be part of this new Hourseman group

    @DOUBLE.OR.NOTHING 22 дні тому +9

    AEW IS BEST👏👏👏👏 lets go Full Gear👊

  • @user-pv4kl5zz3y
    @user-pv4kl5zz3y 22 дні тому +4

    And still ROH World Champion, Eddie Kingston 😄😄

  • @ahmedalaidid4639
    @ahmedalaidid4639 22 дні тому +4

    Eddie Kingston means🔥 business

  • @jason.waterfalls33
    @jason.waterfalls33 22 дні тому +27

    Can Jay finally move into the AEW World title picture?

    • @robbielyle3301
      @robbielyle3301 22 дні тому +10

      Sure let’s also move Pete Avalon, Jeff Jarrett, Matt hardy and Satnam singh into the world title picture too? 😂

    • @jason.waterfalls33
      @jason.waterfalls33 22 дні тому +6

      @@robbielyle3301 that wouldn't make sense. At least with Jay Lethal, there's some upside other than doing nothing.

    • @dangerwildman6006
      @dangerwildman6006 22 дні тому

      No. Tnt title is about it. Too many others.

    • @jason.waterfalls33
      @jason.waterfalls33 22 дні тому +3

      @@dangerwildman6006 like who? Wardlow? Hobbs? Tony Khan is doing nothing with them. If a new toy becomes available, he moves on to it. Hell, Lethal isn't even in the TNT title picture.

    • @fryinnbuyin8766
      @fryinnbuyin8766 22 дні тому +4

      I'm with you on this, man. Jay is easily a top-tier talent, but Tony has his favorite wrestlers he wants to do more than others. Granted, you can say that about every wrestling company, but most of the guys Tony keeps at the top are nowhere near as talented as Lethal.

  • @jamiebryant6000
    @jamiebryant6000 11 днів тому

    What would be even more better atmosphere is piro intro from it the fog / smoke In the coliseum get rid of some of them neon lights, cut back to the back with stunts, fights , mayhem, and humor.i mean aew is on tbs & tnt like my favorite wrestling organization of all time WCW CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING

  • @linewalker
    @linewalker 22 дні тому +4

    Can they devalue the ROH titles anymore? Vacate TV title over nothing. Now, this.

  • @TreeHouse2023
    @TreeHouse2023 15 днів тому

    Lowkey good ass storyline

  • @symphonyofgecko7768
    @symphonyofgecko7768 20 днів тому

    lets go eddie

  • @davidsmith7962
    @davidsmith7962 22 дні тому

    Jeff couldn’t win by himself to get Jay a shot at the ROH 🌎 title

  • @TheTruthWithN
    @TheTruthWithN 22 дні тому

    Lethal needs this win 😢

  • @preetpalsingh5104
    @preetpalsingh5104 22 дні тому +1

    The power of video packages

  • @shaokichowdhury6068
    @shaokichowdhury6068 20 днів тому

    ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston is defending his title against Jay Lethal. Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, Sanjay Dutt & Satnam Singh will be there tj give accompany to Jay Lethal. But who will be Eddie Kingston's side?

  • @railyardfilms6491
    @railyardfilms6491 20 днів тому

    Eddie rule's

  • @dannysormaz2283
    @dannysormaz2283 19 днів тому

    Looks like Jay Lethal is a little Jealous

  • @Grisna_25-
    @Grisna_25- 22 дні тому +2

    Eddie Kingston

  • @Dr_1212
    @Dr_1212 22 дні тому +4

    AEW Revolution Continues
    F the haters

  • @wrestlingwithjay3770
    @wrestlingwithjay3770 22 дні тому +2

    OMG!!! :)))

  • @silver47official
    @silver47official 22 дні тому +10

    A World Championship on a pre show? I would be fuming right now if I were Eddie. I suppose there are about a hundred championships now within AEW/ROH, they won’t have room for all the title matches! 😂

    • @linewalker
      @linewalker 22 дні тому +1

      They did give away Bryan vs. Suzuki on UA-cam preshow. And World Title matches sometimes start the program. So, not surprised.

    • @rossclutterbuck1060
      @rossclutterbuck1060 22 дні тому +3

      I see somebody doesn't watch the product and is just shitposting things h's heard elsewhere.
      AEW has 7 titles. That's it.
      Now, should the ROH World title be on he pre-show? No. But it's the pre-show, it literally doesn't matter, and it wraps up a filler feud before Kingston has a proper defence at ROH Final Battle next month.

  • @zombithe1st
    @zombithe1st 21 день тому

    *Why are they sending the best rasslers in the company to Diet ROH? This should've been on the main show*

  • @geoffreywillemsen
    @geoffreywillemsen 21 день тому

    1️⃣EDDIE 🤴STON AS 💍OH 🌎 CHAM🕵️‍♀️ON
    2️⃣👍Y LETHAL AS 💍OH 🌎 CHAM🕵️‍♀️ON

  • @luiszerom2964
    @luiszerom2964 22 дні тому

    People are already wakeup for this? and the breakfast?

  • @SirSybian
    @SirSybian 22 дні тому +1

    smack him around eddie

  • @billyc2493
    @billyc2493 22 дні тому +2

    1:46 that's Tony Khan.

  • @realamericannj1839
    @realamericannj1839 21 день тому

    Prince Nana and the Nanets.

  • @ramittaneja4002
    @ramittaneja4002 22 дні тому +3

    If Ronda Rousey join Aew that's gonna icing on a cake for Aew woman's division roster ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • @IvanCage2099
    @IvanCage2099 22 дні тому +2

    Eddie Kingston wats up will you won

  • @IvanCage2099
    @IvanCage2099 22 дні тому +4

    Jon Moxley won aew intercontinental championship tomorrow night at aew full gear Inglewood california 😅❤🎉

  • @khansklips
    @khansklips 22 дні тому

    I think this faction of Jay Lethal and Gang should be put in the main roster

    • @rossclutterbuck1060
      @rossclutterbuck1060 22 дні тому +2

      they are on the main roster. You should try watching the product sometime

  • @jjj_027
    @jjj_027 22 дні тому

    replace this with the jericho kenny and young bucks match and we’re good

  • @richiepereira5532
    @richiepereira5532 22 дні тому +1

    Eddie Kingston will win the ROH world championship and Jay lethal has no one to blame but himself and his group of stooges of Jeff and Karen Jarrett Sanjay Dutt and The jolly green giant Satnam