Breaking Down My Favorite Journey Song

  • Опубліковано 13 сер 2022
  • In this livestream I breakdown and analyze my favorite song of Journey's 'Escape' Record.
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  • Douglas Waite
    Douglas Waite 14 днів тому +7

    Mother Father hit me hard because when it came out I was beginning to realize the fallibility of my family. Still hits hard. Not all of us made it through.

  • WisdomFolly

    The only way I can describe how I feel when I hear this song is "homesick." It really makes me miss the early 1980s like a long-lost love.

  • David P
    David P  +5

    Perry has one of the purest, clearest voices ever.

  • John Parkhurst

    Beato has no equal.

  • jkbaca41
    jkbaca41  +47

    Ah, "Still They Ride" is such a great song. I always thought the title track "Escape" was an underrated song from this album. I used to crank that one a lot.

  • squawk VFR

    Neal Schon is a master musician. His guitar work is out of this world. Love it!

  • Michael
    Michael  +317

    How “Stone In Love” didn’t make their Greatest Hits album I’ll never know.

  • Lee Cander

    I’m an operatic tenor and still one of my biggest influences will forever be Steve Perry. The freedom the man had with his voice is just inspiring.

  • Terri Wallis Meeks

    Neil, Jonathan and Steve were just pure magic

  • MrDaveaccord

    Steve Perry has one incredible voice, one of the best ever in Rock and Roll.

  • General Reevis

    Journey’s drummer Deen Castronovo does a great job singing lead on this song also.

  • Stewart Potter

    Rick is amazing, so genuine, and obviously passionate about music and what he's doing. Now this guy would be fun to hang with. Thank you Rick for all you do!!!

  • thumbthump
    thumbthump  +228

    Journey was so good when they were the current, hot, new releases, but Journey is like a fine wine that gets better with age. No one writes and sings like this anymore.

  • khakuda
    khakuda  +14

    Still one of my favorite albums ever. Vocals on Mother, Father still amaze me near the end where Steve is singing so high it is unworldly. Schon still one of the best.

  • Michael Rochester

    “Feeling this way, anytime” is the greatest journey song because it has the great Gregg Rolie vocals as well as Steve Perry and it goes from a ballad to a hard rock song. And it does it seamlessly. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it

  • Franco Spain

    Great to see journey getting respect. Once the press labeled them as ‘corporate rock’ actually for their merchandising, people used the term to undermine their music as such. These guys were all great musicians and Steve Perry is arguably the greatest voice in rock. Neal is up there too as a guitarist.

  • James G
    James G  +6

    Putting in a pitch for Journey's Infinity album. A true masterpiece.

  • J B
    J B  +67

    Journey Escape always brings me right back to summer ('82, '83?), throwing the frisbee with friends. Ozzy, Foreigner 4, Quiet Riot, Billie Jean, Friday Night Videos, sleepovers, sneaking whiskey from the parents' liquor cabinet....

  • TamiKat®

    Oh my God...

  • angellesambre1

    I believe this was their fourth single off "Escape". I was close to entering high school, and remember this song getting airplay on the mainstream FM radio stations. I have always loved this song...