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Jinjer - Outlander

  • Опубліковано 8 гру 2014
  • Hi there! For those who wonder the audio is not from the live performance just because there was no possibility to record it properly.
    Check out my channel / aaastandupandscream

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  • @brianmartinez2851
    @brianmartinez2851 7 років тому +6124

    I would be afraid to mosh at their show. Every guy in the pit would have wood and I'm not about to catch one of those to the jaw.

    • @MasterOfMetal16
      @MasterOfMetal16 7 років тому +446

      I literally spit out my fucking soda when I read your comment, and I thank you for that good sir

    • @zmdoor
      @zmdoor 7 років тому +14


    • @felad1r448
      @felad1r448 7 років тому +59

      I detected some good banter here

    • @sdny7111
      @sdny7111 7 років тому +85

      You ain't kidding best body in Metal.

    • @shaneknight895
      @shaneknight895 7 років тому +5


  • @hippylong
    @hippylong Рік тому +285

    In my humble opinion... This is the greatest voice in metal now... every molecule of her is top level...

    • @roblarne
      @roblarne Рік тому +4

      She's a hell of a long way off live to be fair. The amount she needs to cup the mic proves her technique isn't close to good enough.

    • @j.f.fisher5318
      @j.f.fisher5318 Рік тому +7

      @@roblarne If you really think that and aren't just trolling, watch Jinjer at Hellfest 2021 where she changed her grip on the mic to keep the top exposed (the original was taken down when the 2022 show went up but there's several channels which have re-posted it). Same sound. And the sound doesn't change when she's got one hand on the only fits halfway around or two going all the way around, because she's using good microphones. And sometimes she's screaming so loud she has to back the mic off 3-6 inches which totally defeats the purpose of cupping the mic. It is stylistic not technical. In her words, paraphrasing "If I hold the mic in the middle I feel like a russian pop singer from the 70s."

    • @j.f.fisher5318
      @j.f.fisher5318 Рік тому +1

      Yeah, I always get a big goofy grin on my face when I click some random bootleg and it has good sound and omg her voice.

    • @roblarne
      @roblarne Рік тому

      @@j.f.fisher5318 shes definitely at least semi cupping the mic in the hellfest2021 video. She does admitt to cupping the mic in serval interviews most live videos I see are a little bit embrassing such as resurrection fest. Based on the majority of the live performances she cannot be considered as being close to one of the best vocalists. I don't incudle the very heavily edited "live" studio performances.

    • @dylandeverick4081
      @dylandeverick4081 Рік тому +3

      shes got the pipes

  • @abdielalfonso4556
    @abdielalfonso4556 4 роки тому +754

    The first metal band who looks friendlier than they sound.

    • @jamesstephen7350
      @jamesstephen7350 4 роки тому +60

      that's the thing about metal bands and most fans, they look intimidating, but are typically the most friendly!!

    • @rickc2102
      @rickc2102 4 роки тому +7

      Sometimes a weapon is only a wall.

    • @addisoncrain6011
      @addisoncrain6011 4 роки тому +39

      You just described like 95% of metal bands lmao

    • @abdielalfonso4556
      @abdielalfonso4556 4 роки тому +14

      @@addisoncrain6011 idk, I would say most bands dress like they sound, it's super common to see them wearing black clothes, rather than Jinjer who in this video look very casual, nothing wrong with that, but it contrasts with bands that sound lighter than they look, say Slipknot, Rammstein or Ghost.

    • @addisoncrain6011
      @addisoncrain6011 4 роки тому +13

      @@abdielalfonso4556 That's an extremely limited view of metal. It's an extremely diverse genre and you named mainstream mall bands. Plenty of bands, especially today, are pretty casual looking. Between the Buried and Me looked like they belonged in a school chess club back in the 00s.

  • @jackmacmusic
    @jackmacmusic 3 роки тому +48

    This woman makes me feel all sorts of things. She literally couldn't be any cooler

    • @1Pineapple
      @1Pineapple 3 роки тому +1

      And at the same time I think it's impossible to be any hotter! 😄

    • @greaser3069
      @greaser3069 4 місяці тому +1

      I fucking know right this a new kind of feeling

  • @rickybailey2695
    @rickybailey2695 2 роки тому +167

    I am 60 and these 4 talented people have impressed me to the point of obsession yes Tatiana is always gorgeous, but the latest members are incredible music craftsmen and composers. Jinjer top of the playlist.

    • @thehelpdesk4051
      @thehelpdesk4051 2 роки тому

      Baby metal....
      No comparison

    • @tikhongilson3770
      @tikhongilson3770 2 роки тому +3

      They're like Meshuggah, but danceable.

    • @Kaktuskastl
      @Kaktuskastl 2 роки тому +3

      well spoken, granny! 😁 - me, i'm 56 and exactly thinking the same

    • @station08
      @station08 2 роки тому +3

      53 here and they're killin it !

    • @Skurian_krotesk
      @Skurian_krotesk Рік тому +3

      My dad is a 49 year old metalhead and last time i went to a live concert with him he said to me " i have never seen a band so perfectly on beat for an entire show in my entire life."
      Those people are dedicated perfectionists.
      Thats why they are my favorite band of all time.

  • @TheReptilianBrain
    @TheReptilianBrain 2 роки тому +110

    Imagine seeing this same set in the 1980’s…people would’ve lost their damn minds. Shit, even in the 1990’s this would’ve been insane.

    • @DouglasThompson
      @DouglasThompson Рік тому +1

      Imagine 8 years after it was released...

    • @nunolopes6204
      @nunolopes6204 10 місяців тому

      Since Meshuggah :) "Instrumental" of course

    • @maranathashalom9402
      @maranathashalom9402 3 місяці тому +3

      Imagine if a Leopard II tank rolled through the 15th centuries battle of Castillon. People would've lost their damn minds.

    • @jamierose6046
      @jamierose6046 Місяць тому +1

      This isn't exactly groundbreaking metal.
      Never heard of Death, Possessed, Cannibal Corpse or Deicide??
      This genre has been around since the 80's...

    • @ektoplasm2890
      @ektoplasm2890 9 днів тому

      ​@@jamierose6046yeah exactly. OP just shown his age.

  • @boomzoom8864
    @boomzoom8864 7 років тому +665

    I remember when i saw them first time. I was a security guard on one of their live shows. I heard a nice guitar riffs and great vocals, i came closer to stage to see the band...AND OH MY FUCKING GOD she was banging her head, with pink dreads and screaming like a devil, i was blown away.

    • @PetarKaser
      @PetarKaser 7 років тому +30

      you are worthy

    • @malicioussinger
      @malicioussinger 7 років тому +30

      BoomZoom no lie hardcore Godess

    • @staticxcky
      @staticxcky 6 років тому +4

      In reality you mop the floors and saw a flier

    • @Kaktuskastl
      @Kaktuskastl 2 роки тому +1

      have you been ready for that? 😀

    • @thedoomslayer5863
      @thedoomslayer5863 Рік тому

      @@staticxcky that was probably you kiddo lmao

  • @redbeard365
    @redbeard365 4 роки тому +46

    This band is freaking perfect. The vocals, the lyrics, the overall tightness. That bass player kicks all of our asses. His playing literally kicked my ass right out of my office chair and into the other room. Not to mention the lead singer. What dimension is SHE FROM? Wonderful. Just wonderful. God I love a good band.

    • @TheOneLTReacts
      @TheOneLTReacts Рік тому +1

      What a great question! Queen Tatiana hails from the Badass Dimension!

    • @alexanderflack566
      @alexanderflack566 Рік тому

      This is one of my favorite videos to introduce people to metal with:
      It's always entertaining, at least.

  • @dmixon69
    @dmixon69 2 роки тому +16

    Heilung and Jinjer got me through the last 2 years. Two awesome front women with two awesome bands giving something glorious.

    • @stevemack2004
      @stevemack2004 2 роки тому +1

      Love them both, man. Very primal.

  • @walmy305
    @walmy305 3 роки тому +17

    In the short time that I've come to know JinJer I've lost count how many times I've listened to this song.

  • @charlesmorgan6886
    @charlesmorgan6886 3 роки тому +52

    This band is all around the best out there. Every single one of the band members are masters on their own. And Tatiana you stoled this 54yr old man's heart completely.

    • @skullpan1102
      @skullpan1102 3 роки тому

      Charles Morgan from Franklin NC??????

    • @kakaizen6265
      @kakaizen6265 2 роки тому

      Spirit box is better

    • @thehelpdesk4051
      @thehelpdesk4051 2 роки тому

      Baby metal is the best

    • @masso392
      @masso392 2 роки тому +1

      There is no "best band" you can have a favorite band but everyone has their own taste.
      That being said Orbit culture is the best band atm :))

    • @danielbeck9310
      @danielbeck9310 Рік тому

      @@kakaizen6265 Spiritbox isn't even in the same universe as Jinjer.

  • @mikejerkins
    @mikejerkins Рік тому +9

    The concentration and discipline it took to play their instruments was incredible.

  • @itszozzy
    @itszozzy 5 років тому +3037

    This woman is basically perfect.

    • @jasonmiller6181
      @jasonmiller6181 5 років тому +56

      Honestly though. I haven't heard a bad song yet.

    • @meatchip4111
      @meatchip4111 5 років тому +26

      Meh. She is a ginger...

    • @chadlogansdad
      @chadlogansdad 5 років тому +24

      I do like them a lot, but I caught a part of that song where her voice was singing butterface wasn't by the microphone so that's either an overdub of a studio version or lip sync. I hate to find out either of those where the case

    • @zebes2694
      @zebes2694 5 років тому +35

      Yep sings good, looks good, screams good, moves good 10/10

    • @lexah
      @lexah 5 років тому +25

      This is their best song I you ask me

  • @shawnasvatos3184
    @shawnasvatos3184 4 роки тому +26

    I've been to two shows this fall U.S. 2019. Totally worth every penny, flight to Denver drove to Iowa. They are an amazing band. If you love heavy kickass groove metal they are the top band to see. The way they work perfectly together they will be one of the "greats."

  • @shanibmulkins
    @shanibmulkins 2 роки тому +11

    This woman's voice is just amazing!!!

  • @satanspit4101
    @satanspit4101 2 роки тому +28

    One of the better female vocals in metal. She has great range. Awesome band.

  • @rangerdoc1029
    @rangerdoc1029 Рік тому +11

    This was the song that broke my Jinjer cherry, almost 4 years ago. Still one of the best .

  • @krissypatterson7919
    @krissypatterson7919 Рік тому +5

    I love her! She kicks ass. Self confidence is through the roof!

    • @neilpatrickhairless
      @neilpatrickhairless Рік тому +1

      Wild part is that Tatiana is very introverted and shy. This side of her only comes out through the music

  • @midnight-2021
    @midnight-2021 4 роки тому +2207

    In just 5 years this band went from one of the best metal bands in the Ukraine to one of the best metal bands in the world.

    • @msmorelia50
      @msmorelia50 4 роки тому +57

      In your opinión maybe

    • @midnight-2021
      @midnight-2021 4 роки тому +110

      It is not just my opinion it is the opinion of many people. Many people including myself never heard of this band a year ago from today. But these last 6 to 8 months this band has gained more in popularity than I have seen for a metal band in a long time. They get millions of views for their videos in a matter of days after it is released which is very rare for the genre of metal, especially from a new band. This stuff usually only happens to the well established metal bands in the metal genre and the only ones that do better than Jinjer with very fast views in such a short period of time are the mainstream rock bands and the very popular mainstream pop bands. Jinjer actually has fans that usually don't like the metal genre that like Jinjer's music. I usually have a mixed opinion of the metal genre since I am more old school rock and metal from the 1970s to 2000s. But a lot of this modern black metal and death metal doesn't appeal to me because I can only tolerate so much of this 100% fast all the time with grawling, grunting screaming all of the time. Jinjer is one of those bands that does the screaming vocals but also does the clean vocals and mixes their tempo and timing in their music and this changeup of music keeps me interested for all their music. The 100% hardcore all of the time is boring for someone like myself. This is also one of the reasons that I love about these symphonic metal bands like Nightwish, Epica and Within Temptation and the folk metal bands like Eluveitie and Cellar Darling because they change their vocals timing and tempos a lot in their music. To me these bands are far better and more enjoyable then these hardcore extreme black metal bands that have 100% fast and 100% screaming in all their music. But to be fair some fans of this 100% extreme black metal stuff hate the bands that I mentioned above including Jinjer.

    • @dkyelak
      @dkyelak 4 роки тому +28

      Many people are saying!...........LOL just kidding. I have to agree since I just stumbled onto them a couple days ago. I can't quite identify it but they have that certain something that makes it seem like they will grow and become more successful than they are now. I am really impressed with how they look and sound in a live setting.

    • @valkyrie273
      @valkyrie273 4 роки тому +10

      Slipknot will always reign supreme for me...

    • @midnight-2021
      @midnight-2021 4 роки тому +22

      @@valkyrie273 Slipknot and their vocalist, Corey Taylor are master musicians. Slipknot is more than just a hardcore metal band and Corey can masterfully sing and scream. Would love to have Jinjer as one of Slipknot's opening bands in a future tour. I think a majority of Slipknot fans would love to see Jinjer as an opening act for Slipknot. Both bands are more than just a hardcore metal band and both vocalists do more than scream since they both can also clean sing as well. Most of these hardcore metal bands are fast only and scream only and that gets boring very fast for many people like myself.

  • @dimokumanov1531
    @dimokumanov1531 4 роки тому +17

    Solid drumming, incredible bass, amazing guitar and voice not of this world 🍻

  • @Luggi83
    @Luggi83 Рік тому +51

    The great thing about this band is they REALLY are this good live. One of the best shows I ever went to.

    • @CoriantonHalladay
      @CoriantonHalladay Рік тому +1

      I missed out on the most recent tour in the States. I won't miss the next one! Jinjer has officially become a bucket list band for me 🤘

    • @yu-gi-boy-tcg
      @yu-gi-boy-tcg Рік тому +1

      @@CoriantonHalladay it looks like there touring with Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin it should be insane.

    • @CoriantonHalladay
      @CoriantonHalladay Рік тому

      @@yu-gi-boy-tcg yeah I'm looking forward to it!! 🤘🤘

    • @Michelroedeerhunter
      @Michelroedeerhunter Рік тому +1

      Apart from the fact that in this very performance (the only one I know so far) she´s doing playback IMO. However she´s awesome, won´t argue with you about that.

    • @matthewramsdenh
      @matthewramsdenh 4 місяці тому

      I agree this is a badass performance but the playback and auto-tune is a live show killer, again awesome performance I just wished I knew what she sounded like

  • @joemanzo495
    @joemanzo495 4 роки тому +44

    The whole damn band is so talented

  • @ethos186
    @ethos186 4 роки тому +9

    Probably my favorite song by Jinjer, it’s lyrics and the grooves are so sick. I love Tatiana, her vocal range is still just ridiculous. Especially for no formal training and she never does rehearsals. Fucking love this band.

  • @hbzspapool5
    @hbzspapool5 6 місяців тому +7

    The band just knows how to bring the feeling through metal power!!!!

  • @chimera1049
    @chimera1049 7 років тому +88

    Her vocals are so crisp, holy fuck and then her screams just cut so clean god damn what a live performance! BRAVO!

    • @franzandre1182
      @franzandre1182 7 років тому +27

      But you know that the audio from this video is not live recordet?

    • @georgemontgomery5910
      @georgemontgomery5910 7 років тому +10

      Mrs Magnum Hog this is an over dub.
      but they still great live.
      just search Jinjer DVD trailer. they have a great live performance of exposed as liar. her clean vocals still sound on point

    • @reiniervanzwieten7092
      @reiniervanzwieten7092 6 років тому +3

      just search jinjer live nepalm records

  • @190359KS0168
    @190359KS0168 4 роки тому +8

    A truly amazing and creative group with the best female vocal lead in heavy metal.

  • @Lorris69
    @Lorris69 Рік тому +4

    The swing of her dreads at 1.40 😍🤘 My favorite song from Jinjer 😍

  • @arquimedesvictoria5736
    @arquimedesvictoria5736 2 роки тому +16

    AMÓ este grupo, por su técnica, esos riffs, su innovación! JINGER , Tatiana ❤

  • @danrono9725
    @danrono9725 4 роки тому +11

    I actually believe her when she says she's not from this planet.The vocal fry is unreal

  • @eduardomarin2453
    @eduardomarin2453 3 роки тому +7

    Wow! What a voice and what a band!

  • @vidmohit4684
    @vidmohit4684 5 років тому +642

    I think this woman has just become my favorite female metal vocalist.

    • @Kaktuskastl
      @Kaktuskastl 5 років тому +4

      ok, and which of the male singers would compete in your crazy fantasies?

    • @TotusTuusMaria1984
      @TotusTuusMaria1984 5 років тому +18

      Kaktus Kastl Zero. Because he said “female” metal vocalist.

    • @09052010boo
      @09052010boo 5 років тому +5

      tarja is untouchablle

    • @mortalhordewarrior9285
      @mortalhordewarrior9285 5 років тому +4

      @@TotusTuusMaria1984 hes asking as an extension. as in, yeah i dont even know what males could compete with her... randy made popular this style of screaming so id stay he still has her beat, but damn she is still the better singer AND vocalist

    • @TotusTuusMaria1984
      @TotusTuusMaria1984 5 років тому

      Nick i can see how you could extrapolate that from his statement. I still disagree with that extrapolation. He hasn’t replied so I don’t think he actually give a shit. Are you referencing Randy Blythe?

  • @tommanserable
    @tommanserable 3 роки тому +4

    I hope this band get the long term recognition they deserve

  • @mrtimratha
    @mrtimratha Рік тому +2

    that's one of the best, purest metal songs I've ever heard. Modern, classic. Aggressive. And as perfect a performance as I've seen of anything.

  • @martinp.7677
    @martinp.7677 3 роки тому +42

    Oh my God this is fucking incredible

  • @economistadiogo
    @economistadiogo Рік тому +6

    Holy F... Thanks UA-cam for this recommended band. They are great!

  • @cezarasouza
    @cezarasouza Місяць тому +4

    This lyrics are so good! Congrats! This is really a good band.

  • @jordanrichardson1485
    @jordanrichardson1485 6 років тому +21

    Found these guys a few weeks ago and I am in love, every time I listen to this song it gives me goosebumps and her scream at the end sends a chill down my spine...this band is something special and I hope they get the attention they deserve.
    Much respect to all members of Jinjer you guys are extremely talented, hope I get to see you live one day!

  • @MrFourthly
    @MrFourthly 10 місяців тому +3

    one of the best metal in the world, great vocal, best sound and great arrangements

  • @Tempest1816
    @Tempest1816 4 роки тому +4

    this song has been stuck in my head all morning. 🤘🏾

  • @TheCrazyCanuck420
    @TheCrazyCanuck420 2 роки тому +7

    Was watching Tati, went to take a drink and almost stabbed my brain with the straw... Ouch! It's great watching how far they have come along in popularity (not musically since they have kicked ass almost a decade already)

  • @schirikialpenquelle948
    @schirikialpenquelle948 3 роки тому +2

    I love her gradual transition to shouting in the beginning of the chorus in this one, so good...

  • @travismcelroy1240
    @travismcelroy1240 3 роки тому +2

    Saw them live in Austin Tx. Great band, heavy!!🎸🥁🤘🏼🎸🥁🤘🏼

  • @slurmsmckenzie5828
    @slurmsmckenzie5828 5 років тому +1251

    I think I'm the only one in these comments hyped by their bassist, dude eats

    • @casiocfx
      @casiocfx 5 років тому +25

      You shouldn't definitely be the only one. The bassist player is just awesome and adds an importat part to their sound. they produced a new EP and it's really good. A promising appetizer for their next album. Also they are touring in Europe often, so there is are many pssibilities to see them live

    • @donaldlamendola1392
      @donaldlamendola1392 5 років тому +26

      No your right, dude is a monster at the bass. As a guitar player One of the best things about the Pisces video i getting to see his skill.

    • @paavobergmann4920
      @paavobergmann4920 5 років тому +14

      You are not alone.......^^
      My first encounter was live, pretty much at the back of the crowd, and the bass line instantly caught me, and how perfectly it fit with guitar and drums. Before I even figured she was the only one singing

    • @yourlocalninja19
      @yourlocalninja19 5 років тому +9


    • @moustaphabalde7581
      @moustaphabalde7581 5 років тому +4

      nah bro i love their bassist

  • @LeonardoVala
    @LeonardoVala 2 роки тому +5

    Awesome band. It's really good. They are good performers and their vocalist is wonderful...!!!
    Greetings from Ecuador...!!!

  • @Kappazappa1
    @Kappazappa1 4 роки тому +8

    Love this track, I listen to it most mornings whilst heading into work, it's waaayyy better than Caffeine!!

  • @ShaneTheViking
    @ShaneTheViking 4 місяці тому +2

    Can't help but imagining sitting on the couch, chilling some evening, and all of a sudden from the kitchen, hearing "YOU NEVER PUT THE DISHES IN THE DISHWASHER!!!!"

  • @bbrowne
    @bbrowne Рік тому +5

    Awesome tune, whole band rocks...GREAT vocalist:)

  • @myv112
    @myv112 4 роки тому +5

    This band is the définition of TALENT

  • @therealforestelf
    @therealforestelf 7 років тому +61

    I'm seriously hooked to this song especially.

  • @wissemlaajimi7476
    @wissemlaajimi7476 4 роки тому +3

    A friend send me this video, and since that time I am crazy about this group, I went to the concert in Warsaw and it amazing, I love her voice ❤️😍

  • @BeakAbang
    @BeakAbang 4 роки тому +12

    I do love her screaming voice. She has beautiful voice.

    • @yakojjy
      @yakojjy 2 роки тому +2

      Looking good in those short shorts too.

  • @neppiesworld9432
    @neppiesworld9432 2 роки тому +5

    Love this band! Her pipes are the best!

  • @malcolmperez1790
    @malcolmperez1790 2 роки тому +12

    I have a feeling that this band will be going places someday

    • @TheHeartagram1985
      @TheHeartagram1985 2 роки тому +3

      I have a feeling that this band will be going places yesterday

  • @blindedfox
    @blindedfox 3 роки тому +235

    It's surreal to see Tatiana with almost no tattoos..

    • @jacobsteele7138
      @jacobsteele7138 3 роки тому +1

      Make it STOP!!!

    • @RedPill05
      @RedPill05 3 роки тому +48

      I think she's sexy as hell here in this video. Not a big fan of all the tattoos

    • @possum8220
      @possum8220 3 роки тому +3

      Now that you said that I can’t unsee it

    • @j.f.fisher5318
      @j.f.fisher5318 2 роки тому +1

      here's Tati with no visible tats: ua-cam.com/video/WWE8FS74t3I/v-deo.html - sound is rubbish though. Lots more really old Tatiana and Jinjer videos on that channel though. Vidcerts is another channel with a lot of really old Jinjer videos.

    • @possum8220
      @possum8220 2 роки тому +2

      @@j.f.fisher5318 Jesus that audios been through hell and back lmao

  • @thescourge6989
    @thescourge6989 6 років тому +84

    Jinjer has been my "current favorite band" for nearly 2 years now. First time I found them, this video popped up in my video suggestions and I saw the thumbnail and thought, "Damn, who is she?"......then I hit play. And I couldn't believe the vocals that were coming out of her. I proceeded to spend the next week listening to all of their music pretty much non stop and have been hooked ever since.
    Now......I just wish they'd come tour in the U.S because I have go to see them live one day.

    • @martinezbhx
      @martinezbhx 6 років тому

      blake knight Exactly same story here mate but I discovered them jus week ago. How the fuck that happened, I don't know. They've been in UK for few gigs, one of them in my city, just two months ago but didn't know them yet. Shit. Should discover them earlier. If you're from States, they starting tour ther and Canada this year. Very soon. So check the dates. Have fun :)

    • @ph1lthyvision
      @ph1lthyvision 5 років тому

      Cradle of filth and Jinger show last night. I'm still freaking out

    • @Misanthropic-King
      @Misanthropic-King 5 років тому

      They're touring the US now

    • @DillonHockett
      @DillonHockett 5 років тому

      Nearly identical experience here. They're very creative with their rhythms and style, and they're all great musicians. I'd happily listen to this music even without a vocalist. But then they have this incredibly fucking talented badass of a woman on vocals. Easily one of my top 10 favorite bands of all time.

    • @Khorzho
      @Khorzho 5 років тому

      Had a similar experience about a month ago with Pisces. Saw Tatiana in the thumb and said 'Wow... she's really exotic looking'. Watched the video... watched it again. And again. And Again... now I've sampled about a dozen of their songs... damn near all of them are fucking amazing!!! This evening I'm going to check their albums out.

  • @Heivenknight
    @Heivenknight 4 роки тому +9

    They truly don't have a single bad song

  • @1LIFE2ROCK24
    @1LIFE2ROCK24 2 місяці тому +3

    This band sounds better than you would hope ,when you press play ...fantastic.!!

  • @arpandas5668
    @arpandas5668 2 роки тому +2

    Kudos to the sound engineers !! Tight af performance by Jinjer !!!

  • @hjwright2843
    @hjwright2843 4 роки тому +1

    I'm in love!! Awesome vocals & band!!

  • @missmetalhead784
    @missmetalhead784 3 роки тому +8

    This song has one of my favorite break downs. 🤘🏻

  • @jonathand3016
    @jonathand3016 4 роки тому +7

    Just came back came back from the concert at Platteland, Centurion, South Africa 🇿🇦 They are one the best bands you will ever see live. They were on 🔥🔥🔥 Got to meet them as well. They are super friendly & down to earth.

  • @secti0n31
    @secti0n31 3 роки тому +2

    The lyrics of this song really speak to me on a personal and a philosophical level.
    Those shorts are speaking to me too, but they're saying something TOTALLY different.

  • @nmckaige
    @nmckaige 4 роки тому +5

    So like 20th time listening to this today, first time I ever heard this, I am actually speechless, that might be one of the heaviest songs I have ever heard. This band is epic. I am just, I can’t even imagine this life, I mean that sound is just so HARD and just full blown energy

    • @huggybearjohnson4197
      @huggybearjohnson4197 4 роки тому

      Yup yup I agree very much can be more agreeable to the sound of JINJER

    • @NateJay1987
      @NateJay1987 2 роки тому

      Heaviest song you've ever heard?? This is suuuuper basic. To each their own 😂

    • @nmckaige
      @nmckaige 2 роки тому

      @@NateJay1987 super basic as far as how technically hard it is to play? Huge slayer fan so I appreciate me so good intense music

    • @NateJay1987
      @NateJay1987 2 роки тому

      @@nmckaige vocals, guitars, drums, bass, literally everything about this song is basic. Typical song structure, weak bass lines, soft drums, no intensity and very bland...just my opinion

    • @NateJay1987
      @NateJay1987 2 роки тому

      @@nmckaige if you like 'heavy' and you like 'thrash'....check out Revocation , Summoning the Lich, Warfect...just to name a few. I'm used to listening to highly talented musicians, so when I come across stuff like this, it's just very unimpressive and elementary almost.

  • @mathieust-gelais6196
    @mathieust-gelais6196 3 роки тому +11

    Tidal just proposed me this song. Never heard of them. Now I'm going to listen to their albums.
    Side note: how can the bassist gig with a hoodie? Ha ha!

  • @marwar666
    @marwar666 2 роки тому +20

    I like the newer stuff, but this is still my favorite.
    The heavy riffs, changing rhythms, contrasting beautiful melodies and brutal screams and interesting lyrics, this is the essence of Jinjer.
    It's a shame they didn't play this most of the times I have seem them live.

    • @rangerdoc1029
      @rangerdoc1029 Рік тому +1

      Cloud Factory is still my favorite album by far.

  • @thedestroyer693
    @thedestroyer693 2 роки тому +2

    Wow!!! That was fkn bad ASS!!!!! 🤘🤘🤘 Great tone!!! My son was searching "talking Ginger" and this was a related video!! 😆 ROCK ON

  • @catacombrocks
    @catacombrocks 7 років тому +143

    Tatianas headbang at 1:40 is priceless.

    • @Lieutelant
      @Lieutelant 5 років тому +7

      I noticed that as well. Perfectly done.

    • @thegiantdiugh4744
      @thegiantdiugh4744 4 роки тому +1

      Lmfaooo her hair went 🔄

    • @ethos186
      @ethos186 4 роки тому +1

      YES! The part that stood out to me the most. Fucking epic.

  • @sirleviatandoom
    @sirleviatandoom 4 роки тому +2

    you are amazing Tatiana, a great singer and in a great band.

  • @helynoftroy2488
    @helynoftroy2488 3 роки тому +3

    What an amazing voice. Pure talent

  • @tatomisterio
    @tatomisterio 3 роки тому +2

    Don't know why youtube recommends me this after 6 years, but I really appreciate that xD

  • @4TheRecordoriginal
    @4TheRecordoriginal 3 роки тому +3

    I have watched this over 60 thousand times becuse the lead singer is so amazing gorgeous 😍 ❤ and great song 🎵 too I need to see them live

  • @eugeneeverard9717
    @eugeneeverard9717 3 роки тому +4

    Gawd DAMN! I’d go down on that like a refuge late for lunch! Portland Oregon, The Roseland make it happen. Pair up with Gojira and you have yourself a show!

  • @luismendes22
    @luismendes22 8 років тому +120

    love this vocalist

    • @elektrodemongaming
      @elektrodemongaming 7 років тому +2

      +Luis Mendes Love them all.

    • @failurecolor
      @failurecolor  6 років тому +1

      She's good indeed :) Accedently met her at the movie theatre watching Lost Highway by David Lynch)
      Check out the latest live ua-cam.com/video/3DFowTdAvao/v-deo.html

  • @multiestonian
    @multiestonian 4 роки тому +4

    Wow, this is amazing. One of my clan members is OSRS suggested Jinjer, and now i can't stop listening.

    • @swiggens9139
      @swiggens9139 4 роки тому

      dude fuck yea another OSRS bro

  • @farknfreakn9316
    @farknfreakn9316 4 роки тому +1

    One of the great metal tracks. Killer performance

  • @gibsongirl4443
    @gibsongirl4443 2 роки тому +4

    You rock I love the emotion that Tati puts in her singing😀🎤

  • @whester6040
    @whester6040 4 роки тому +1

    All great musicians, can't wait to see them in September!!

  • @nissan14asr
    @nissan14asr 4 роки тому

    I am watching these vids up and down... and alsways impressed by how talented each and everyone in this band is....

    @METALYOGAVEGAN 4 роки тому +7

    "The Goddess start to RISE" The amazing, beautiful and powerful voice of Tatiana with the best and talented musicians of JINJER.

  • @MrBluegreennrg
    @MrBluegreennrg 2 роки тому +4

    They perform like they wrote the book of metal music. Bravo!

  • @williampalmer1660
    @williampalmer1660 3 роки тому +1

    I like the mix of hard metal riffs and the singers switching between melodic RNB singing with clear power and raw metal screaming. Very dynamic and original.

  • @JinPatxi7
    @JinPatxi7 2 роки тому +1

    That riffs are perfect, just like Tatiana.
    I love them all🤩

  • @DrumMurse
    @DrumMurse 3 роки тому +6

    Listen Tati is was and will be a babe, but can we appreciate Eugene here for a minute? Mans got shredded since this.

  • @derrenleepoole
    @derrenleepoole 3 роки тому +1

    Hands down, one of the best songs from Jinjer \m/\m/

  • @jasonh7128
    @jasonh7128 7 років тому +102

    I honestly meant to click on a Game of Thrones video and as my page was loading, everything shifted and I clicked on this instead by accident. I've never even heard of this band. I might click on it more now.

    • @AwokenGenius
      @AwokenGenius 6 років тому +8

      Truth Seeker Yeah that happened to me on Pornhub one time and I ended up in the gay section :/
      I think my phone might be hacked.

    • @BloodyRoastBeef
      @BloodyRoastBeef 5 років тому


    • @kekelaward
      @kekelaward 5 років тому

      Yeah, yeah. Everybody uses that excuse./

  • @Jangocat
    @Jangocat 2 роки тому +7

    The band was way better then this audience could appreciate. Glad they are finally getting the global recognition they deserve.

  • @byronmilla9865
    @byronmilla9865 2 роки тому

    !! The singer a lady what a pearl 😍😍😍

  • @stephenryan825
    @stephenryan825 2 роки тому +5

    Amazing talent

  • @christyadams9235
    @christyadams9235 3 роки тому +2

    One of the most fun bands to see! I still haven't gotten my ass back after she rocked it off and I want her to do it again

  • @genchodaj7560
    @genchodaj7560 3 роки тому +2

    A very, very great song ! Tatiana is great , but the band left me speechless !

  • @dimerra5673
    @dimerra5673 7 років тому +433

    It's like a female Lamb of God with clean vocals.....Fuckin rad

    • @ilovedorkychicks9896
      @ilovedorkychicks9896 7 років тому +18

      I was thinking the exact same thing. She hits that crazy squeal in Words of Wisdom just like Randy does in Desolation.

    • @Harlotsbones
      @Harlotsbones 7 років тому +4

      Dimerra that was my comparison too lol

    • @mikezeitgeist2
      @mikezeitgeist2 7 років тому +1

      She's like another Karyn Crisis.

    • @kamikazetree2034
      @kamikazetree2034 7 років тому +3

      Dimerra she did a laid to rest cover

    • @girugaymesh
      @girugaymesh 6 років тому +3

      LoG had plenty of clean vocs these days...
      They're fucking terrible though. Damn shame :[

  • @s.j.villalobos9220
    @s.j.villalobos9220 2 роки тому +3

    What a voice!! Awesome

  • @Mikeynuts21
    @Mikeynuts21 4 роки тому +2

    Legs for days, dreads flying, insane vocals............ I've just "blown up on the launch pad".

    • @Mikeynuts21
      @Mikeynuts21 4 роки тому

      @Logan Perry don't hate on my sticky britches.

  • @Japan_Silent_Walk
    @Japan_Silent_Walk Рік тому +3

    I can't believe I hadn't known this band for a long time. So solid and cool.

    • @torunami
      @torunami Рік тому +1

      same i found them today through a friend! I also found your wonderful content!!

    • @Japan_Silent_Walk
      @Japan_Silent_Walk Рік тому

      @@torunami Thank you. 👍

  • @interstellar10
    @interstellar10 2 роки тому +3

    Wow! Haven't heard of this band before, but impressive. Totally wasn't expecting the vocals at 0:56.

  • @JJ-jg4rl
    @JJ-jg4rl 3 роки тому +1

    I love how you humans adore and worship my precious JINJEr

  • @przemoc19225004
    @przemoc19225004 5 років тому +1108

    once you get through how hot she is, you should really appreciate how great of a musicians they all are... for me it's the best discovery of 2018...

    • @robashton8606
      @robashton8606 5 років тому +34

      Damn right. These people are _seriously_ talented musicians. Bowel loosening riffing, amazingly versatile vocals and a rhythm section that's tighter than a vicar's dirtbox. Fucking outstanding.

    • @johnrichards7476
      @johnrichards7476 5 років тому +17

      Amen to that. That bassist is phenomenal. The whole band is for that matter

    • @joeldukes303
      @joeldukes303 5 років тому +4

      Damn she fine

    • @onerandombruh
      @onerandombruh 5 років тому +6

      Boy how right you are. It's impossible to not notice the hotness of the vocalist, but those guitar chops are certainly well crafted.

    • @mekelpekelekel1298
      @mekelpekelekel1298 5 років тому +1

      Weedpecker and their new record is amazing (it's called 'III')

  • @jameswatt3214
    @jameswatt3214 4 роки тому +1

    This is a perfect music video! Their shows must be amazing.

  • @robertmansell3667
    @robertmansell3667 5 місяців тому +2

    Just freaking awesome🤘what a band and the most PERFECT front woman a metal band could have,it’s like Phil Anselmo and an Angel had a baby 😍🔥🔥

  • @austins.2495
    @austins.2495 2 роки тому +1

    What a well rounded band, just excellent