Top 10 Taylor Hawkins drum beats

  • Опубліковано 4 кві 2022
  • Top 10 Taylor Hawkins drum beats
    This is for you Taylor 🤘 rest in peace, you legend! ❤️
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    You guys are amazing. Thank you so much!!


  • Tristan J. Cumpole

    For me, Taylor played exactly what needed to be played and made it memorable. Simple or complex, he served the music across a very broad creative range.

  • Tom McGrew

    Taylor was super-underrated. He COULD actually pull off some Neil Peart-type grooves when called upon but it wasn't what was needed in the Foos and he understood that so well. Still, he knew how to craft memorable drum parts without going over the top. Great tribute, man!

  • David RustyLouis

    Kickass tribute Samus🤘, exceptional playing & impression/example of Taylor's style. RIP Taylor Hawkins

  • Darfie
    Darfie  +145

    Always loved that build up in The Pretender, it's a simple beat, but it adds and adds. Great songwriting!

  • Doinstuffman

    I'm currently practicing Rope to do as a full drum cover. It's kicking my ass, but im determined to nail it.

  • Jamie Platt

    So glad that Louise has got a spot on this list !! ♡♡♡

  • Kellen Ivanuck

    I just listened to Low recently. The drumming in that song blew my mind, honestly there’s so many parts that Taylor plays that sound incredible to me.

  • m075

    Taylor really was one of those drummers who knew exactly how he should write the drums for a specific song. Always perfect. We'll miss him everyday. Amazing tribute ❤️

  • SeekerOwl

    Great tribute, rest in peace Taylor 🙏🏾

  • Knightmare66

    not a huge foo fighters fan but I can tell taylor put his heart and soul into the music he made

  • JDO Gaming

    Seeing Generator on this list was amazing. Another I'd ad is Erase/Replace, one of my favourite Taylor beats.

  • Yannis Gouras

    Kind of makes me feel bad that I've never been a Foo Fighters fan even though I love Dave Grohl it's always been for his work as a drummer not as a singer I didn't know how good Taylor Hawkins was

  • Sgt Tibs
    Sgt Tibs  +18

    Taylor Hawkins was one of my favorites! The energy and presence he had behind the kit influenced me to play harder with more passion. Awesome video!!

  • Chris Arceo

    Taylor was an amazing drummer! Fantastic tribute to a drummer that will be missed by many.

  • crz4rg
    crz4rg  +1

    I have to add Aurora to this list as Taylor said in interviews that it was the song that made him feel proud of his contribution to the band. It may not catch you with fancy beat but you can tell Dave & Taylor were locked in to some other realm, building to the crescendo. My thanks Samus for this awesome tribute!

  • GH

    An amazing tribute to an amazing drummer! R.I.P Taylor Hawkins

  • kristgeo

    Awesome! Taylor was such fun to watch. Such a talented guy. He will be greatly missed.

  • Kayne Craddock

    Taylor was an amazing drummer and could also sing a real talent gone to soon R.I.P Taylor your music lives forever.

  • VictorAV

    I love the beat of Arlandria too. Taylor punching the cymbals at the chorus always give me chills.

  • jitzwa
    jitzwa  +11

    i miss Taylor so bad man, truely one of my biggest inspirations for drums and role models.